Why Do Pinoys Hate Discipline So Much?


Before I begin, I’d like to share a few of my experiences…

Mardi Gras

It was Mardi Gras in Olongapo and I was standing in line with some of my friends at the entrance. It was getting kinda late and I was getting sleepy. Unfortunately, I’m not really big on city-wide parties and I usually tag along on such events for the sake of camaraderie.

Anyway, while we were second to the last group, another group comes up and speaks to the guard and ticket-seller at the entrance.

“Let us in,” said the woman in charge of the group.

“Ma’am,” said the guard to the woman. “You’re gonna have to get in line like everyone else.”

“Don’t you know who I am?” said the woman. “I’m a personal friend of the mayor! I could have you fired for talking like that to me!”

The next thing I know, the woman was allowed inside with no consequences of any kind.

Public Dinner

My close friends and I were having dinner at a scenic spot in SBMA. We were having a good time drinking booze and eating pizza when another family came by to eat near us. They were okay and exchanged banter with one another while we kept to ourselves. However, they didn’t stay very long and left shortly afterward.

When my friends and I were leaving, we stuffed our garbage in a bag we brought with us and put it inside a dumpster a little further off from where we had our dinner. Then we saw the place where the family had been sitting at and were utterly shocked at the mess they left behind. Styrofoam containers lay open on their table with at least one of them lying on the ground with its noodles spilling out. Plastic bags lay scattered all around their table with some being blown away by the wind. Finally, a baby’s diaper lay on the ground, it’s contents visible for all to see.

Deciding we couldn’t just leave things as they were, we went to the trouble of picking up the trash on and around their table. As for the diaper, we used a stick to pick it up and hastily carried it over to the trash can. After we were sure that we had taken care of everything, we left.

Bachelor Party Pub Crawl

My friend was getting married so we decided that we do a pub crawl on the night before his wedding as our version of a “bachelor party”. While sitting outside an outlet of 7/11 in SBMA, we saw a father and son hurrying to somewhere on the other side of the street where there was a large hotel.

At first, I didn’t understand what was happening when the father faced the hotel in a standing position with his legs apart. Then I realized that he was actually urinating with his son, who was probably eight, watching him. When he was done, he got his son to do the same thing. When they seemed finished with their business, they left hastily.


Truth be told, the three incidents mentioned above are actually just a very few examples of the dysfunctional behavior in just about every Filipino. It’s almost like just a few tiny drops of water in an endless ocean of dysfunction and stupidity. These days, it’s almost commonplace to see people who like to cut in line, litter everywhere like there’s no tomorrow and urinate in public places like it’s nobody’s business. Worse yet, when people like these are called out, they get angry and act as if they are the victims in the situation whose rights are being violated by the authorities.

What’s really sad is that a lot of Filipinos like to clamor for “change” and “discipline” even though not many want to make an effort to change and discipline themselves. Instead they go on and on like an out-of-control fire alarm shouting things they can barely even understand. And then, when things don’t go their way, when the changes require them to give up some of their enjoyable but clearly destructive habits, they cry bloody murder. This is one of the reasons the Philippines has always been locked in a state of mediocrity and a cycle of self-destruction.

More often than not, the cause of this cultural stagnation is none other than our “Pinoy Pride”. Yes, that hollow arrogance that festers in the hearts of every Filipino. This is the part of us that champions self-entitlement and the uncontrollable urge to show off even when one has so very little to offer. Thing is, why should one change after all when the current status quo has a lot of benefits to be had? Why should one discipline oneself when wanton and possibly illegal activities are so enjoyable? Our “Pinoy Pride” insinuates that we deserve special treatment (even when we clearly don’t) and laws in our country are simply “optional” and not “mandatory”.

Growing up, I couldn’t help but notice so many people who champion dysfunction over right and proper procedure and attitude. For many of the people I’ve met over the years, committing a crime isn’t as wrong as being caught. Yep, that’s right. For some, it isn’t cheating isn’t really wrong as just about everyone does it anyway. What’s wrong for these people is getting caught while cheating.

So you see ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t really matter who wins the coming election. No matter who wins, if we the common people still can’t change ourselves for the better, to put aside our petty issues and selfishness for the greater good, then we still lose as a nation. If we continue to shun discipline, then we might as well throw in the towel now because nothing will ever change for the common Filipino. Unless we accept that we too fall under the purview of our country’s laws and rules and make necessary changes to our lives, then the Philippines will remain dysfunctional and dystopian for countless decades to come.


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I am renting a separate room in one villa here in my work place and we are all Filipinos living inside. There’s a message posted by our landlord on the door gate “Keep the door closed”. One time, upon entering the villa, the door gate is slightly agape, after I entered, I closed it. One lady approach me and said “Kuya bakit mo isinara ang pintuan?” Then I replied “May instruction kasi na dapat laging nakasara ito”. The lady looks at me frowning, uttered “Ang arte mo Kuya nandyan kasi sa labas yung isa naming kasama may binili lang”. I… Read more »
I think one major reason Pinoys deliberately flout the rules is that so many of the country’s rules and regulations are (or historically have been) nonsensical or plainly designed to cause harm. They therefore assume that any imposition of authority is not for their own good (as it is in functioning countries) but simply to beat them down. And a lot of the time, they’re absolutely right. Unfortunately, Pinoys are now firmly convinced that laws and rules have no other purpose except to screw them over. So they couldn’t invent (or enforce) a proper legal code, or functioning bylaws, even… Read more »
I agree with you on your points. You took all of the words out of mouth and added some of your own. I do think that some and just some of the littering is caused by lack of garbage cans in public. Urinating in front of a hotel is so brazen, lol. I can understand urinating while travelling on the road. People who think of themselves as “higher-placed” than others can also just die, we do not need such selfishness in our world. They should understand that the world is not about them but about coexistence with others. And people… Read more »
What is the reason that the Filipinos are undisciplined people? I’d found this website that on why we, the Filipinos doesn’t have discipline: http://faq.ph/why-so-many-filipinos-lack-discipline/ But the question now is will the Filipinos have a hope to become a disciplined people? Well the answer are if you’d read the link of the website that I’d shown it to you, these will be the opposite on how to discipline ourselves: 1) Use democracy wisely and don’t just take it for granted as in we will use democracy to kill people, to rape women, to steal money, ignore the traffic lights, etc. But… Read more »

That’s because “Discipline” prevents Failipinos from exercising their aristocratic/Colonial Mentality (hambog) attitude and and self-serving/Crab Mentality (kanya-kanya) way of life. Failipinos are just too ‘fucked up’ of a people to think as one nation; and would rather sell their own country, people, and souls to Satan if they stand to profit from the deal.

Thevreason is how paretents educate their kids. But I can’t blamethe parents because they don’t know better. I am a German husband of a Filipina, so I have observed both ways of education. In Germany kids get every sunday a defined amount of pocket money. A 5 year old may get around 2 Euro (100 Pesos.) But it’s just enough to buy a 200g pack of candies or two scoops of ice cream. If the money is over: No more candies for the rest of the week. But if money is left the kid can use it as additional to… Read more »

A lot of our problems stems from poverty and few employment oppurtunities we have, children are left to survive with yayas and grandparents who either spoils them or are trained to watch mindnumbing teleseryes, kids being reprimanded for putting things away or cleaning their mess because yayas are being paid to that.


Another problem is that, it’s also the absurdity of rules in establishments that make Filipinos “undisciplined” (e.g. bringing food in the cinema that’s not popcorn, heavy bureaucratic nonsense/red tape that makes processes redundant).

If Filipinos would at least use their heads better than just making rules that seem utterly stupid and unnecessary, maybe we’d manage this country better.

“Sa ikauunlad ng Bayan. Disiplina ang kailangan…” this was a slogan in the Old Martial Law days of Marcos. I think Marcos was right. Filipinos have the subconscious thought of entitlement. They can break into lines, because they know whose who. They can leave their mess; because somebody will pick up for them. They can urinate anywhere; because, everybody else, is doing it. What I cannot understand is: if Filipinos are in foreign countries. They are as Docile as Sheeps, to follow the foreign countries laws. I have yet to see a Filipino, urinate anywhere here in America. He/She will… Read more »
Dima Kapaniwala

Pinoy pride is dysfunctional while pinoy humility is the functional reasonable behavior among those growing silent yet beginning to be assertive.

My own psychoanalysis: I would say belief that rules screw one could be brought about by local teachings about “colonial mentality.” There is the sentiment that foreigners are only there to screw you and the colonizers set rules only to take advantage of you. So that carried over to today, and Filipinos have this subconscious belief that rules are there to screw. It’s probably fueled by some myths about rules, like that one about the barong said to have been ordered by the Spanish on indios to reveal concealed weapons, but that proved to be untrue. But then I also… Read more »

I’m and everyday commuter, and it is annoyingly funny that jeepney drivers will insist to drop their paasengers to the proper loading unloading zone as if they absolutely follow the rules, but when collecting passengers anything goes. And those passengers who feels entitled that they should be drop wherever they want, it was so annoying that i just make a laugh out of the situation or it will kill me with stress.

Walter P. Komarnicki

it’s all about ‘delayed gratification’ starting from a very early age:


For filipinos, following rules means infringing on their freedom.

Simoun Ybarra

I do not agree with the first statement of the last paragraph of the article. It WILL MATTER if Duterte wins the election because he said that he cannot do it alone and need the discipline and help of the citizenry to institute the drastic changes needed by the country. And if it will take his iron hands to instill discipline to the people, so be it.

Spot on, this article really hit the spot. It has always baffled me as to why I always here comments from Filipinos, usually negative ones whenever there is someone following a simple rule. I specifically remember when I was in a remittance center there was a lady in front of us arguing with the teller. Something about the id that she had then after a while she left shouting if I’m correct “Ang aarte ninyo! ” Now what I don’t understand is why would they even proud of displaying such attitude? It’s bizarre especially when it seems it’s normal to… Read more »

only a bloodbath can change all this.


Why is discipline important? Discipline teaches us to operate by principle rather than desire. Saying no to our impulses (even the ones that are not inherently sinful) puts us in control of our appetites rather than vice versa. It deposes our lust and permits truth, virtue, and integrity to rule our minds instead.

I also do not completely agree with the article. Discipline comes from top down. Someone to enforce it while others follow. If the leader is crooked, expect the citizens to also be crooked. Same thing if a parent does not know how to discpline his children, then all efforts thereafter are forsaken. Therefore, the leader and his immediate followers should be straight and proper for all his subjects to follow. Filipinos need an iron hand leader for him to enforce proper discipline. If it requires deaths, then so be it. People criticize Duterte for openly willing to kill the bad… Read more »
Chris Cunanan
As much I love my country, I have to say that Filipinos are mostly hate discipline but not all. I actually love law, order, and discipline for I believe on it’s importance in our everyday life. Most Filipinos are usually stubborn as mules . Unless they’re afraid of you and know you mean business, they won’t even listen to you. If you ask me, I would pick a real dictator like Lee Kuan Yew or Ferdinand Marcos any day than the people who currently mess up our country. We do need a strong leaders like them to make significant changes… Read more »