5 Big Reasons Why President Aquino Will Never Be Able To Vilify Senator Marcos

It certainly seems that President Aquino is really worried about Senator Bongbong Marcos’s ever growing popularity. Indeed, according to some, Senator Marcos’ vice presidency is assured this coming election. Now, truth be told, it’s quite obvious that President Aquino is still stuck in the past and still eyes the Marcoses warily, thinking them responsible for the death of his parents. He would like no better than to see Senator Marcos discredited and demonized before the public and lose any chance of holding on to any kind of political power. That’s why you’ll notice the allies and associates of the Aquino family going out of their way to remind people of the alleged “horrors” of the Martial Law years and spouting slogans like “never again” which, to me at least, seems to be a ripoff of the motto of Holocaust victims.


Anyway, try as he might, I strongly doubt President Aquino will be able to effectively ruin Senator Marcos’s reputation as a politician and a statesman. Media organizations allied with the Aquino family can spout whatever black propaganda they want about Senator Marcos but, from the looks of things, will only further infuriate audiences who are fed up with the Aquino administration’s incompetencies and inadequacies. Of course, I don’t really agree with the idea that Senator Marcos will win for sure but I also think that President Aquino will have to rely on more than just malicious slander if he really wants to discourage people from supporting and voting for Senator Marcos.

As always, don’t just take my word for it though. After all, I wouldn’t want all of you calling me out on just spouting a lot of hot air. Here are five things that President Aquino needs to overcome if he plans to make Senator Marcos look bad, or at least, look worse than the current administration:

Senator Marcos Is A Self-Made Man

Okay, truth be told, “Marcos” is a household name and just about everyone has at least heard of them. However, take note how many, especially the Aquino family and their media allies, go out of their way to demonize the Marcos family. Indeed, even now, many of them claim that the sins of the father are also the sins of the son and that Senator Marcos should apologize for all the said “atrocities” that took place during the Martial Law years. I’d like to say that if this were indeed the truth, President Aquino should also be held accountable for his grandfather’s betrayal of the Filipino people to Imperial Japan back in World War II but I digress.

Thing is, President Marcos made his way up through school, the Senate and Congress through his own hard work. He has few, if any, honorary titles like our current president, meaning he worked hard to make something of himself and didn’t get to where he was simply through the popularity of his namesake. Also, he is now running as vice president of the Philippines without using the death of any of his loved ones to boost his popularity.

Senator Marcos Has Actual Achievements

On we go to his actual performance as a politician. As a congressman, he passed bills that helped improve the accessibility of medicine for our countrymen and, as a senator, he authored senate bills against drunk driving and human trafficking. This is in direct contrast to President Aquino’a lack of any bills he has passed on his own during his time in the Senate.

Now, Senator Marcos’s bills might not seem like much to some of you but I’m gonna go out of my way to explain why I think they’re important. Did you know that drunk driving kills more people than natural disasters? Okay, can you imagine the horror that can ensue if a fully loaded jeepney is being driven by a heavily intoxicated driver? Also, did you know that many of our countrymen are being exploited overseas are being exploited as slaves by foreigners after they were duped into thinking that they would become well-paid OFWs outside their country? Can you imagine the horror of being a sex slave in the Middle-East?

Senator Marcos Is A Progressive Thinker

Another thing to note is that Senator Marcos doesn’t allow his family’s past to tarnish his current work and vision. While I doubt he’s perfect, he seems to have a genuine plan for both his career and his constituents. He is a man who looks forward to tomorrow and how bright he can make that tomorrow.

Now, compare this to President Aquino who does nothing but play the blame game whenever he’s given the chance to talk. He goes on and on about the “horrors” of Martial Law and how his predecessors, namely former President Arroyo, has ruined the country even though he seems to be using the latter’s plan for economic growth which he claims credit for. President Aquino can’t seem to even think about the future of the country he’s supposedly running as he’s too entrenched in the past and his childhood.

Senator Marcos Is A Mature Person

Note how Senator Marcos seems to take everything in stride even though people continue to vilify him and his family. In the end, he almost does what he thinks is best for his constituents and works hard at making something of himself and his role as a politician. When he meets with media personnel and common people, he behaves appropriately and treats people with respect and dignity.

Okay, now take a look at President Aquino’s constant grinning even in inappropriate circumstances like the death of the SAF 44. Note also his tendency to make excuses such as saying that “he wasn’t invited” to the memorial service to the victims of Yolanda in Tacloban. He has shown little empathy for his people if he has even the slightest amount of it.

Senator Marcos Is NOT A Loser

Alright, maybe I am going to far with this one but I just can’t help myself. Of course, we all know that Senator Marcos is already married but don’t forget that this too has its own significance. Marriage isn’t simply about two people coming together, you know.

By being married, at least you can show people that someone has their full trust, respect and love in you. It’s not simply about someone “shacking up” with you. It means that someone out there is willing to share their life or perhaps even soul with you because you mean that much to them.

So you see, what can we expect from a 50-year-old spoiled brat of a boy who has yet to know how to act like a right and proper human being around others?

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Robert Haighton
Come on, you must be kidding about your last “reason” (being married). The Dutch prime minister (the highest political position one can get in my country) – by the name of Mark Rutte – is single. He is not married and not in a relationship. So his credentials are untrustworthy? Mark is a member of the liberal party VVD (that is right wing, in political terms). I can even use the reason of being single as a benefit. A single person (not being married, not being in a relationship) can put ALL his time (incl his spare time) into politics… Read more »

Very well said..


is it true the great grandfather, a general of emilio aguinaldo, also charge of treason?

ren car
let us not forgrt that James Buchanan and Grover Cleveland were also not married when elected as presidents. Erap was married but he was banging his mistresses left and right, as well as other senators and congressman. I agree that the sins of the father are not the sins of his son. As a matter of fact, I heard true stories of how Marcos was evil, even Jackie Enrile but I have not heard a single story that bong bong was evil. in fact, the stories I heard about bongbong were all GOOD – and I mean every single one… Read more »

I’d say this blog has officially jumped the shark.

All of the most respected commentators lowering their standards of good governance to that of the hoi polloi … simply on the basis that Aquino is hopeless.

I suppose a drowning man will grab onto any piece of flotsam that drifts past.


all that matters to me is that BBM is intelligent than aquino.


Couldn’t agree more Grimwald! We really have to move on and vote someone based on their good track record and not because he/she is the scion of this or that family. Albeit only a few, there are really genuine people who only want to serve the country–I look at Senator Richard Gordon, Senator Juan Flavier, Senator Sonny Angara and see the same drive in Senator Marcos.He would be a good VP.

ren car
yoshi, hindi makakain ang freedom of speech. To even bring it up is purely stupid. You nincompoops do not even get my point. You go on your stupid and ignorant rants and resort to all kinds of falacious logic. There were no little or no squatters during marcos? are you delusional or just a blatant liar? I lived in manila during the marcos regime and there were squatters all over metro manila. There were many places whom people were afraid of venturing to because they are squatter areas and dangerous. it is a fact that poverty exists before, during, and… Read more »
Mystique Girl
I didn’t experience Martial Law, I don’t think it’s all bad as what I have learned in school and media. I base my opinion on my own understanding. As I observed, the Liberal party, the Aquinos are just bleaches, eager to spot the faults to their opponents for their publicity. Corrupt, fine, investigate it, but why all the suspended alleged officials are replaced by Yellow party members? Fishy eh? Yet when, those Yellow, got the same issues they are untouchable, just like Abad, blamers when it come to their failures. This may think back to ML, its not that bad,… Read more »

“Also, he is now running as vice president of the Philippines without using the death of any of his loved ones to boost his popularity.”

Noy had his shot at making this nation great again. Obviously, he failed… and miserably I might add. The man is oblivious of the true status of his people, and prefers the allure of statistics as the yardstick for being a good leader for its “ease of use.” He can keep saying “The economy grew,” but unless people feel his words and see them coming to life, he is nothing but a story teller. And what is good in a leader who fails to see if his comrades are eating 3 full meals a day? To check if the Filipinos… Read more »
Alfred M

well said

Kari Normann

Noynoy cannot the following: Link

Love the cover picture Grimwald/Benign0. Chip off the Old Strongman Block. The guy actually became governor (just short of management on a national scale) – which adds to his arsenal, and even making him more qualified than Binay and Duterte (mayors). But I guess people are not ready for a Marcos president yet. So he’s taking it slowly. He’s made very calculated moves going up the ladder – resembling a determined suitor’s slowly but surely progressing courtship of lady playing hard-to-get. He has ideas of his own – like green energy (windmill farms) in Ilocos, and promoting tourism from China… Read more »
Mark Tzuckerbergg
True!Edsa Revolution will no longer the issue,its now about tyranny!Funny when those media org. try to divert our mind but seems every one knows what was the real…not what is written in a history book..We still using those infra.projects that Pres.Marcos left…And how i hate those Catholic officials and their associates…keep bashing Marcoses,branded him and his son…MEN!PARANG SI PONCIO PILATO NA SILA NUN!…DIBA NILA ALAM NA ISANG MASAMANG UGALI ANG PANGHUHUSGA SA ISANG TAO…KUNG GANUN PALA YUN KASALANAN NG AMA KASALANAN NARIN NG ANAK!AKALA MO KUNG SINONG MGA PERPEKTO ANG MGA TAONG YAN!…Sabagay ang mga nagpahuli naman talaga kay Kristo… Read more »
The views and comments have really shown the maturity of the Filipino people in lieu of Phil politics. Most of us are really fed of the all the rhetoric and blame gaming that the administration has been doing for the last 6 years (or 30 years after the strongman had left the Presidential seat). The Filipinos are looking for accomplishment and actions from the Govt. Despite of the countries high taxation, the Govt. failed to deliver and address the basic services (Red Tape, Housing, Nutrition, Transportation, Communication etc) that the common public deserves. Instead they will argue that at least… Read more »
It is a detailed contrast of the opposites, of Benigno Aquino III,and Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. Aquino is Gay, hiding in a closet. A man in his 50s, and still looking for a wife?…his libido is not working anymore… Aquino is a spoiled rotten boy, who cover himself, of the supposed “heroic” and “sainthood” false achievements of his parents. He cannot show , any achievement of his own… Aquino has no good accomplishments. However, he bought honorary degrees, to show to people, he has accomplished something. He thinks; because, he is rich: he can buy all things; including: honors, degrees and… Read more »
ren car

aquino is gay? U based that on what? your flatulence? even if he is gay, so what? damn, u r an ignorant shit of bigot!

ren car
so some of you are saying thst the media is being controlled by the government? Hmmm.. isn’t that lovely that all anti- noynoy can freely speak their minds? There are the marcos black propagandists:apologists but that’s okay. at least u have not been arrested nor murdred for speaking against the government. Isn’t freedom grand, even for the poor? Did you also know that Marcos controlled media outlets, and he only approved report that are favorable to him? As a matter of fact, there are many scholarly articles about the atrocities and the thieveries of Marcos. Then again, you nitwits would… Read more »
ren car

mike, na realize ko kung gaano ka ka inutil at mangmang ng sabihin mo na lahat ng pinapatay o pinakulong ni macoy ay mga komunista o kriminal. Napa kainutil mo pre, as in grabe, over, super duper. Can you cite your source with your idiotic claim, or hinugot mo lang sa bahay tae mo mga mangmang na pinagsasabi mo? okray kabobohan mo pre as in nakaka impatso. Pre, konting research naman dyan, konting basa. putak ka ng putak puro kagaguhan naman pinagsasabi mo. member ka ba ng samahang ilokantot?