Do Your Country a Favor: Get Out!

Stuck in the middle of traffic, inching your way like a tortoise every few minutes while staring at the sea of red tail lights at a standstill on the massive virtual parking lot that’s before you as far as the eye could see, you slam the driver’s wheel asking yourself “Why am I even putting up with all this shit?!??!”

Every day, Filipinos are getting more and more pissed off with the situation. It is not difficult to come to the conclusion that a burgeoning growing population of 100M with roads, public transport systems, and infrastructure that cannot keep pace with it will leave you with crammed urban areas just bursting at the seams.


Filipinos must ask themselves some very fundamental questions:

  1. Do I value my short life this lowly to be wasting 2-3 hours on what should be a 30-minute commute?
  2. What crime did I commit to deserve jail time in all this traffic and congestion in the Philippines?
  3. Is this the Filipino dream that I had worked so hard in school for all these years?
  4. Is it worth enduring all this inconvenience when there are greener pastures waiting out there for me?

I know of parents who practically have to wake up about 4 A.M. and travel in the wee hours of dawn just to avoid the morning rush to bring their child to school. Then there is an engineer who takes 3 hours to get to work + another 3 hours to get back home. Man, that’s already almost a full day’s work, and that doesn’t even count the 1-hour lunch break!

It’s just a matter of time till we come to the end of our fuse and say we’ve had it. Next time you’re stuck in traffic or trying to shove your ass into a jam-packed LRT coach, you may find yourself blowing up inside to finally accept the fact that: The best thing you can do for your country is to Get Out!

By leaving the Philippines, you not only do your country a favor, you also do so for yourself because you deserve better. But how is that so?

The Big School Model

To help you on your journey to getting out of the mind trap many Filipinos fail to see, you will need to take a radical paradigm shift in how you view your country. As in the sci-fi movie The Matrix where the main character Neo realizes that the world he had been living in was all just a big virtual hoax, we all have to see things with a bigger telescope or from the vantage point of a hiker on a mountain top.

The key is to think of the Philippines as merely a big giant school.  The primary institution in the Philippines is the school, with every other component of the economy and society just there to support it. Transport, working parents, food, energy, housing, and public services are all in place to provide support to educational institutions that will turn little toddlers into fully profitable college graduates, ready to take on real jobs out in the global arena. This new working class of young men and women constitute the primary product of the Philippines – the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

Now, government officials, the elite oligarchy and mind-conditioning media (as well as many perverted religious institutions) have made the entire system in the Philippines such a rotten hell-hole that our national product (the graduates, potential OFWs) end up just throwing up their hands in despair and scrambling to get out of the country. They want people to multiply like rabbits and eventually leave – it is the goal, by design. By your leaving this country, these sharks are up to feast on all the benefits that go with it. But more importantly, it is you (the OFW) who stands to gain even more.

  1. Less traffic/congestion – Your getting out of the country will mean one less car on the road and one less ass standing in line on an ATM or jeepney queue. The sharks need not spend so much on additional infrastructure – saving them on development cost (and you know what they like to do with “savings”).
  2. Remittances – The sharks are well aware of the overseas Pinoy’s longing and yearning for relatives and friends back home, so you are bound to send back money to them, which will fuel the local consumption-driven economy – cash that will be feasted upon by the sharks and big mall and fast food owners.
  3. Advanced skills – Learning the advanced real-world techniques and tools of the trade in the host foreign country makes up for the substandard education, facilities, and training in Philippine schools. No better way to beef up your resume, eh?
  4. First-world values/mindset – By immersion and assimilation into a new foreign culture, you are transformed in your mindset to adopt the advanced work ethics and values of the host country, eventually correcting the “stupidity” that you got infected with while growing up and studying in the Philippines.
  5. Local jobs – By leaving the Philippines as a skilled worker, you contribute to easing out the local unemployment rate by opening up your vacated position for a person who may have the misfortune of not getting qualified to work abroad.

In addition, more travelers in and out of the country will mean bigger business for the airlines (also more people for the sharks to victimize with scams in the airports).

Missing old friends? All is not lost when you work outside the Philippines. If you choose a country like Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, you can actually go home very frequently (via budget airlines) owing to its proximity and common time zone.  And there is always the Skype app running on lighting fast broadband connections abroad which you can cheaply enjoy to stay connected with relatives/friends at home.

Note: Besides, why worry about past friendships so much? We need to learn to let go of friends in the same way we let go of high school batch mates to enter college, welcoming new sets of friends. Don’t get stuck in the past. It will only keep you from reaching greater heights.

Finally, outside the Philippines, you can enjoy the amenities and perks that come with a fully functioning society that is able to provide reliable undisrupted world-class public services, and not have to endure all the dysfunction in the Philippines that can drive anyone mad.

P.I. – A Hostile Land

In addition, you need to realize that the Philippine archipelago is not really a land ideally meant for human habitation.

Just consider the extremely harsh climate and environment: roughly 10 typhoons a year, searing heat almost all year round, sticky sweaty humidity, active volcanoes & earthquake fault lines (Pacific ring of fire), unpredictable El Niño, and flood-inducing torrential monsoon rains. This natural-disaster-prone un-conducive working environment called the Philippines is an accursed land – most likely due to some karmic debt of its corrupt and self-centered people.

This leads us to consider the dysfunctional zombies who populate it. From the lowliest pedicab driver to the bozo clown sitting on the highest post of the land, everyone is “crazy”, lacking in the basics of common sense and logic. No wonder you’ll get the “worst airport of the world” title, high-death-toll sea disasters that can only happen under the watch of the grossly negligent/incompetent, mind-dumbing programs/shows that zap brain cells, and cities/towns that look like an open stinking dump site littered not just with garbage but lethargic self-entitled squatter-mentality half-dressed criminal-looking tambays. Corruption, crime, mishaps, rebellions, and failure upon embarrassing failure fill the daily news.

Greener Pastures Await You

In contrast, a whole new world awaits you on the other side of the fence – a safe, convenient and orderly world where you can enjoy four seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn) in crisp cool “air-conditioned” outdoor weather most of the year, along with the fruits and cuisine that change with the seasonal cycle, opportunities to see world-famous sites with new-found friends, and the fulfillment of working on a job that pays handsomely while enjoying the latest tools of the trade with world-class professionals.

Life doesn’t have to suck. It’s a free country.  You may not have had the freedom to choose your parents or the land of your birth, but you do have a choice on how you face bifurcations along this short road of life. Don’t let the patriotic guilt trip haunt you on your need to stay (with chants of “your country needs you”), ‘coz the Philippines actually stands more to gain with you OUT of the country than you being on its soil in the body to forcibly cram yourself in with all the other swarming chaotic zombies.

Get a life. Get out of this doubly accursed land. And when you think it’s finally retirement time after working, saving a lot, and enjoying a long fruitful life abroad – then maybe you can start playing Gary V’s old familiar nostalgic song “Babalik ka rin.” But one thing’s for sure, you will be coming home with a superior first-world mindset that this logic- and values-deficient country is in dire need of. So why endure a loser situation today, when a win-win option is right before you?

Go for it – Get Out of the Philippines!


Post Author: zaxx

Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.

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You can avoid Manila traffic by not living in Manila. There are literally greener pastures in the countryside, and even the other cities are less insane. (Still the Philippines though, so not a clean bill of mental health).

Juan Reyes

Yes. Fuck yes I will. I want my parents to retire in a place where no one will harm them and I want my future family to grow up in a first world society where going to school and paying for it is not a pain in the ass. Hope is pretty much outside the Philippines.


Wow, Great Article


Success does not judge one man for being worthy above another. Success doesn’t choose you because of your family name or existing wealth.

Success is taken by the man, who has made himself ready for its arrival. And although I am not there yet, I have to leave this place, called the FAILIPPINES, to become such a man.


Well said, done and already immigrated to Canada with my family 2 years ago…Starting a life again but worth it and so so much better…

Gagong Lipunan

What’s with the change of tone? I thought you wanted to improve this shithole? Now you’re encouraging the people to get out? BAD IDEA! Hahaha!

You really think once these people get first-class education they will return to their homeland to give back? HA! Not a chance in hell! That’s too naïve of you, zaxx.

Reading this article, I think you’re finally started to believe me. This republic is BEYOND saving.

Jim DiGriz

It’s actually the peoples fault. Filipinos endure, endure and endure. Like a flock of sheep. They complain to each other, but fail to make their voices heard where it matters.

Writing how upset you are on Facebook wont change things.

In any other country government buildings would be on fire already. Not here.

As long as there is no massive push from the people, Government will do nothing. NOTHING!

So shut up and continue to endure and suffer…

…or stand up and shout as loud as you can, I WONT TAKE THIS SHIT ANY LONGER!

vagoneto rieles
In all major cities around the world, ‘people-movement’ within the city is limited to government-operated mass transit systems. From New York City, Paris and Barcelona to Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong, and others… whose populations vary from 5 millions to 18 millions…city-owned/operated buses, trains, trams and sub-ways, are the only ways to move people to their destinations, safely and efficiently. To these cities’ governments, the movement of their citizens is much too important to just leave to private business whose sole motive is profit. Manila, however.. like Karachi and Dacca.. among other ‘backward-looking’ mega-cities.. seems to be an exception. So..… Read more »
“Go for it – Get Out of the Philippines!” And that’s not what I want, I want to be a good & better Filipino citizen by making a better Philippines in an ethical, systematic, vigilant & prosperous way, and I know we can do this if we could work together and we could love our country rather than ourselves and don’t be too selfish. In order to to this, then watch this short satirical but meaningful video called LAGLAGAN NA courtesy of Juana Change. P.S.: Very coincidental about that title, “LAGLAGAN” and yes, we should get rid of bad systems… Read more »

Then what’s the point of having GRP?

Walter Paul Komarnicki
Walter Paul Komarnicki
our family chose to come here so my son could finish his education in a values rich Catholic environment, and so he could learn the language. in almost 7 and a half years here, we’ve rarely met anyone brazenly dishonest, although there have been a few folks who’ve ‘borrowed’ and forgot to return the item, but that’s life. or maybe we’ve simply not been mixing in the right circles. it’s an attitude thing, maybe: you may say ‘bahala na’ is a real pejorative downer, but someone else may see such an attitude as akin to stoicism. I may criticize the… Read more »
I have done that, a few years ago. I have migrated and continued my education in the U.S.A. I will not come back, anymore. The Philippines is cursed land with: stupid people, that don’t want for change and improvement. The Filipino political leaders, who are mostly the Oligarchs, want stupid Filipinos, to populate the country. So that, they can continue to rule; and exploit its natural resources, for themselves, their cahoots and their families. The Filipino leaders, don’t have to do anything, during their terms of office, to improve things. Look at how Aquino is doing…he is sitting on his… Read more »

I would agree that leaving is not necessarily a solution. It’s just that some have the choice to do it, and can do it. As for me, though, I can’t get out easily, so here I stay, making my stand and trying to do something here before things really force me to go. But for some, at least they get jobs with better salaries abroad, and if only they could finance efforts to improve things at home. Too bad that usually goes to family survival.


I will never go back here, maybe just to visit sometimes, but very rarely, or maybe even never. I would just take my parents over with me, I don’t want them to retire in this shit hole.


I just can’t wait to permanently live elsewhere. Canada is probably my first choice. Enough is enough, and time to finally have a better life and better opportunities elsewhere.


And I will retire in the first world. Why come back here when you already live aa better life in the first world? Why start a whole new shitty life again? Just stay in the first world in never come back, like me. Also, I will have a spouse from there, so yeah.

And I will retire in the first world. Why come back here when you already live a better life in the first world? Why start a whole new shitty life again by coming back here? Just stay in the first world, live a much better life in better surroundings and people, and never come back, like me. Also, I will have a spouse from there, so yeah. Fixed a few errors, and added a couple of things. Anyway, I can’t wait to FINALLY get out of here! It’s my biggest dream to finally leave and move to either Canada, Australia,… Read more »

2 more months to go and I-AM-OUTTA-HERE!!!

I’ll still return from time to time as I am helping out the local Animal Welfare Groups but THAT’S IT!

Pinoys, sadly, are a very UNTRUSTWORTHY lot and for over 30+ years I’ve wasted my life here, I’ve only come to call 15 Pinoys are good and true friends.

The rest…SCUM!!!


Typo – “I’ve only come to call 15 Pinoys AS good and true friends.”