PNoy showed what a sore loser he is in his 6th and last SONA

Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino’s last state of the nation address (SONA) was pathetic. The captive audience had to sit through a series of blame-games, videos of individual testimonies mostly praising the current administration and, just when you thought it was over, the President enumerated all the people he wanted to thank for supporting him. It was a long drawn out congratulatory speech thanking and patting his allies on the back.  It was actually insensitive of him to talk on and on without thinking of the comfort level of the audience. It was not surprising that he was booed in the end. That booing was actually the best part of the SONA.

noynoy_aquinoI could have won big time had I put money in my prediction that his last SONA would include blaming former President Gloria Arroyo. I mean, it wouldn’t have made any sense for him not to blame Arroyo on his last SONA because he had been blaming her since his first SONA so, why would he stop? He sure did not disappoint in that regard.

But it doesn’t matter how prepared one is to hear BS Aquino blame Arroyo and his other predecessors, it’s still as shocking as ever. It’s so apparent why he wants to paint the previous administrators in a bad light. It’s his way of looking good in comparison. Unfortunately, this tactic of his often backfires. I don’t know if it’s because he is dense or arrogant but he should have realized by now that the people have gotten tired of his speeches focusing on the shortcomings of past governments. He just ends up highlighting the fact that he didn’t do his job to improve the situation. After five years, the people expect him to do something other than complain about his predecessors.

It would have been nice had BS Aquino given credit to previous administrators as well despite their shortfalls. After all, he is still using their policies. And if they really didn’t do anything right, he would have had a harder time achieving the economic gains he trumpeted throughout his term. The truth is, it was some of the reforms during Arroyo’s term that helped boost the economy that BS Aquino is enjoying today. Just to reiterate a previous point, David Pilling, Asia Editor of the Financial Times in his blog post Philippines: assessing the ‘key man’ risk raises the question of what happens after Aquino’s term ends in 2016. Pilling makes two assertions that bring to question Aquino’s place in history:

(1) Much of what the government of President BS Aquino had achieved over the last four years is primarily attributable to Arroyo’s legacy

In truth, some of the macro-economic improvements have been the fruit of policy changes outside his administration, particularly at the central bank. Although his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, was deeply unpopular and accused of overseeing a corrupt administration, much of the improvement in economic fundamentals can be dated to her government.

(2) Circumstance, perhaps more than policy, has driven economic growth

Very healthy levels of remittances from abroad and strong domestic demand mean the economy is shielded more than most from external shocks. The country, where half the population is 24 or under, is entering the sort of “demographic sweet spot” that saw other Asian nations prosper.

But BS Aquino doesn’t want anyone to realize this. He wants people to think that the economic “miracle” immediately started on his first day as the President. He probably thinks everyone is stupid enough to believe him. He also downplayed the role of remittances from overseas contract workers as if the country is not relying on these anymore. It’s as if Filipinos are not leaving in droves due to lack of opportunities in the country. He was a bit delusional painting it that way.

BS Aquino also conveniently omits the fact that he put a lot of projects on hold that were initiated by the previous government. Now he is claiming that Arroyo neglected a lot of things. This includes putting on hold the construction of the Metro Manila Integrated Rail Terminal or Common Station among other things. The proposal encompasses the proposed terminus of LRT Line 1. It is the planned interchange station that will connect LRT-1, MRT-3 and the terminus of the proposed MRT-7, which will run from North Avenue, Quezon City, to Araneta-Colinas, San Jose del Monte in Bulacan via Commonwealth Avenue and Quirino Highway.

BS Aquino also blames Arroyo for neglect of the Metro Rail Transit, which has been allowed to degenerate into ruin by his government under Department of Transportation Secretry Jun Abaya. Instead of apologizing for its poor condition, BS Aquino even praised Abaya despite his mismanagement of this vital facility. One wonders if there is some kind of bromance going on between the two because the President can’t even admonish him the way he would someone who is not an ally.

What’s equally appalling about BS Aquino’s last SONA is his use of visual aids showing old scandals linked to the previous administration. He doesn’t care if the allegations against Arroyo have not been proven in court due to lack of evidence; he still wants to show she is “guilty”. This is utter disregard for rule of law. At one point he showed a photo of the previous Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez on the big screen. It was that all-too-familiar classic trial-by-media that BS Aquino is known for on show again.

Yes, BS Aquino was again trying to destroy the country’s already fragile institutions by depriving individuals of their right to due process. Only his friends and allies can enjoy the idea that one has the right to be regarded as “innocent until proven guilty”. His goal is to paint his political enemies as monsters so he can look like a saint.

I will leave the rest of the analysis to other political pundits who, as Manila Times columnist Ben Kritz put it, were busy sharpening their knives during his speech.


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acknowledgements and two sentences blaming the previous administration and i was out of the house in a jiffy..


He should have thanked his mom for the last six years of the presidency since she gave birth to him and then thank her again for legitimizing Jojo Binay and never wavering on that endorsement. Thank you Cory for six years of moronic and vindictive and six years of conniving. All in all , 12 years of corruption.

Our economy which benefits the few is a result of an elitist economic policy planned right from the start. Don’t blame PNoy coz his economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Arroyo’s. No land reform, capital market liberalization, low wages and more. Don’t blame Arroyo coz her economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Ramos’. Erap never got to serve his full term. Don’t blame Ramos coz his economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Cory’s. Don’t blame Cory coz her economic and social policies are merely a continuation of Marcos’. Don’t blame Marcos… Read more »
There goes the usual sour grapes again. Why don’t you guys grow up? I mean, you’re taking yourselves too seriously that nothing in what you say and write makes perfect sense. It’s fine to criticize out of constructive intention but to do it repeatedly out of hate is something else. PNoy is not a perfect leader and the country is not paradise now but that doesn’t give you the license to demonize him especially when you yourselves have nothing to show to make you credible or even believable than him. Moderation is the key. Criticize if you must because you… Read more »
Critical Thinker

I dare you to say what you said in any country in the First World and you will be called out for it.

Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. You just let it loose. It will know how to defend itself. ***** Once again, the people have been invited to the circus (SONA). They said it was the last show for the season; the next season will involve another lion tamer. In the last other shows of the current season, tamer and lion didn’t coordinate well. People came, curious if he has finally learnt from his blunders; after all, it was his last show. Unfortunately, this show was worse despite the additional props. Experts tamers allow lions to… Read more »

What do you do, when you don’t have any accomplishments to show? Blame others…

Aquino is suffering from Depression. Now, it is aggravated by Delusion.

Agood kick on his rear will bring him back to his Realities..


His minions should thank him, for making them very rich. Not the other way around…he thanking his minions.


The audience were equally pathetic clapping away every 60 seconds. No difference between them and North Korean generals who clap Kim every 60 seconds.

Next year they’ll all be back clapping the next President every 60 seconds.

As long as the gravy train keeps running and they can keep on stealing they will keep on clapping.

Weak country, weak people


Magpapasagasa daw si Abnoy at Abaya sa tren. Abangan natin.


BS Aquino is a sore loser. Me and him made a bet, and when he lost, he refused to pay up.

BS Aquino always been a poor sport and a sore loser…any other behavior might encourage him repeat performance. Again and again.


Just like what Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

I find this article more subjective (obviously) than what it’s trying to portrait about the latest SONA; IMHO.

You don’t get it? Cause you don’t read. Trolls don’t read, just copy paste to fellate the master they serve financed by taxpayer money. Noynoy in his campaign did not spend one word talking about his accomplishments because he had none. He talked about his mom and destiny. Two things he had NOTHING to do with. Yesterday there were a litany of problems he created and did not bring up. Why? Spend time on someone who was not president for 5 1/2 years. Nice priorities from a person who was so useless in life he has to hire online trolls… Read more »

The culture of this site is you’re above the average Filipino if you’re anti Pnoy or anti-Filipino. So much for false pride, eh.

The only thing that perked my interest was his mention of the Anti-dynasty law. Then I realised that its probably too late to push it considering how little time he has left in office. I guess he was just compelled to say it because he wanted to please the crowd. On a side note. Pinoy praised his K+12 law I have a bone to pick with this. I have a lot of friends from the academe and they say that the K+12 is going to be a nightmare in practice. Noble in the spirit of the letter but considering the… Read more »
The Spainard

The ‘Li’l Girl’ and her family are thieves.From ZTE, to Helicopters to everything in between.
STOP pandering to the thieves while throwing the other thieves under the bus. It makes you look bad, you dont need a criminal conviction to know that the Arroyo’s are just as big, maybe even bigger, scumbags than the Aquino’s.
Wrap your head around the fact that they are all thieves, if you want your credibility back.


Thank you, Ida. You couldn’t have said this any better. What a lousy douchey president we have!

Max Alvarado

Another Sona Another Blame game what a such a retarded president

Forget all the blame game and credit talk – that’s just white noise in the SONA speech. Filipinos just love to waste their time on talk that goes nowhere. What we should be discussing is if there is truth to the claimed “improvement” under PNoy’s watch. Economy-wise, did Juan’s situation improve? PNoy kept hammering us with data and testimonials to back him up, but do you indeed observe a general movement UP or Down? PH is a cadaver in a coma on life support. pNoy claims the eyes are beginning to twitch – sign of life. Is it true? Or… Read more »
Orlando Gomez

Just a clarification the boos were directed at the militants.

Well, if Ms. IIda is entitled to her opinions in cyberspace, Mr. Aquino is also entitled to his own biased 2 hours of fame. Seriously, why bash a leader when the collective problem is that of the people?