PNoy showed what a sore loser he is in his 6th and last SONA

Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino’s last state of the nation address (SONA) was pathetic. The captive audience had to sit through a series of blame-games, videos of individual testimonies mostly praising the current administration and, just when you thought it was over, the President enumerated all the people he wanted to thank for supporting him. It was a long drawn out congratulatory speech thanking and patting his allies on the back.  It was actually insensitive of him to talk on and on without thinking of the comfort level of the audience. It was not surprising that he was booed in the end. That booing was actually the best part of the SONA.

noynoy_aquinoI could have won big time had I put money in my prediction that his last SONA would include blaming former President Gloria Arroyo. I mean, it wouldn’t have made any sense for him not to blame Arroyo on his last SONA because he had been blaming her since his first SONA so, why would he stop? He sure did not disappoint in that regard.

But it doesn’t matter how prepared one is to hear BS Aquino blame Arroyo and his other predecessors, it’s still as shocking as ever. It’s so apparent why he wants to paint the previous administrators in a bad light. It’s his way of looking good in comparison. Unfortunately, this tactic of his often backfires. I don’t know if it’s because he is dense or arrogant but he should have realized by now that the people have gotten tired of his speeches focusing on the shortcomings of past governments. He just ends up highlighting the fact that he didn’t do his job to improve the situation. After five years, the people expect him to do something other than complain about his predecessors.

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It would have been nice had BS Aquino given credit to previous administrators as well despite their shortfalls. After all, he is still using their policies. And if they really didn’t do anything right, he would have had a harder time achieving the economic gains he trumpeted throughout his term. The truth is, it was some of the reforms during Arroyo’s term that helped boost the economy that BS Aquino is enjoying today. Just to reiterate a previous point, David Pilling, Asia Editor of the Financial Times in his blog post Philippines: assessing the ‘key man’ risk raises the question of what happens after Aquino’s term ends in 2016. Pilling makes two assertions that bring to question Aquino’s place in history:

(1) Much of what the government of President BS Aquino had achieved over the last four years is primarily attributable to Arroyo’s legacy

In truth, some of the macro-economic improvements have been the fruit of policy changes outside his administration, particularly at the central bank. Although his predecessor, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, was deeply unpopular and accused of overseeing a corrupt administration, much of the improvement in economic fundamentals can be dated to her government.

(2) Circumstance, perhaps more than policy, has driven economic growth

Very healthy levels of remittances from abroad and strong domestic demand mean the economy is shielded more than most from external shocks. The country, where half the population is 24 or under, is entering the sort of “demographic sweet spot” that saw other Asian nations prosper.

But BS Aquino doesn’t want anyone to realize this. He wants people to think that the economic “miracle” immediately started on his first day as the President. He probably thinks everyone is stupid enough to believe him. He also downplayed the role of remittances from overseas contract workers as if the country is not relying on these anymore. It’s as if Filipinos are not leaving in droves due to lack of opportunities in the country. He was a bit delusional painting it that way.

BS Aquino also conveniently omits the fact that he put a lot of projects on hold that were initiated by the previous government. Now he is claiming that Arroyo neglected a lot of things. This includes putting on hold the construction of the Metro Manila Integrated Rail Terminal or Common Station among other things. The proposal encompasses the proposed terminus of LRT Line 1. It is the planned interchange station that will connect LRT-1, MRT-3 and the terminus of the proposed MRT-7, which will run from North Avenue, Quezon City, to Araneta-Colinas, San Jose del Monte in Bulacan via Commonwealth Avenue and Quirino Highway.

BS Aquino also blames Arroyo for neglect of the Metro Rail Transit, which has been allowed to degenerate into ruin by his government under Department of Transportation Secretry Jun Abaya. Instead of apologizing for its poor condition, BS Aquino even praised Abaya despite his mismanagement of this vital facility. One wonders if there is some kind of bromance going on between the two because the President can’t even admonish him the way he would someone who is not an ally.

What’s equally appalling about BS Aquino’s last SONA is his use of visual aids showing old scandals linked to the previous administration. He doesn’t care if the allegations against Arroyo have not been proven in court due to lack of evidence; he still wants to show she is “guilty”. This is utter disregard for rule of law. At one point he showed a photo of the previous Ombudsman Mercedita Gutierrez on the big screen. It was that all-too-familiar classic trial-by-media that BS Aquino is known for on show again.

Yes, BS Aquino was again trying to destroy the country’s already fragile institutions by depriving individuals of their right to due process. Only his friends and allies can enjoy the idea that one has the right to be regarded as “innocent until proven guilty”. His goal is to paint his political enemies as monsters so he can look like a saint.

I will leave the rest of the analysis to other political pundits who, as Manila Times columnist Ben Kritz put it, were busy sharpening their knives during his speech.

107 Replies to “PNoy showed what a sore loser he is in his 6th and last SONA”

  1. acknowledgements and two sentences blaming the previous administration and i was out of the house in a jiffy..

    1. Hanggang sa huling sona, pinakita niya ang pagiging isip bata at kawalan ng talino na mamuno sa bansa. Siguradong sinadya niyang purihin si Abaya dahil iniinis niya ang mga critics. Punyeta ka ngoyngoy ay abaya angkakapal ng mga mukha ninyo dapat tanggalan kayo ng benefits sa mga kagaguhan ninyo sa gobyerno salamat at huling sona mo na ito dahil sobra na ang kamaganak inc. Wag kang magpatutsada kay Binay dahil pareho lang naman kayong nepotismo ang pinagyayabang. At kung talino rin lang, mas may laman naman ang ulo ni Binay kesa sayo. Tumahimik yung tuta mo sa senado na puro allegations at walang ebidensiya dahil nademanda ng mas magulang na magnanakaw. Dapat maimbestigahan din si Trillanes kung paano siyang nagkaroon ng maraming kotse sa ilang taon lang niya ng pag-upo. God help the Philippines kung tatakbo si Kris dahil obvious naman na may pangarap din ang isang yun sa pulitika.

  2. He should have thanked his mom for the last six years of the presidency since she gave birth to him and then thank her again for legitimizing Jojo Binay and never wavering on that endorsement. Thank you Cory for six years of moronic and vindictive and six years of conniving. All in all , 12 years of corruption.

      1. Your idol Noynoy is the one with the same old song. Who rode in on his high horse despite no accomplishments in life yet shoots down everybody who disagrees with him with no logic whatsoever . Binay will be new and I give credit where credit is due. Cory . Nobody else does that nimrod. Cory’s genes went into that dummy Noynoy and her stamp of approval blesses Binay to this day. And you can’t stand my statement for its accuracy.

    1. Pareho kasi silang gago ng nanay niya. Nagbubuhat pa ng bangko, akala mo naman may magandang nagawa ang pamilya nila para sa bansa. Isama mo na si Ninoy na nagtago at barkada pala ng mga NPA. Kaya siguro kating kati si ngoyngoy na mapasa ang bbl dahil may utang na loob siya sa malaysia at kay iqbar. Kung totoong may death note, alam ko na ang mga pangalan at political family surnames na ililista ko doon.

  3. Our economy which benefits the few is a result of an elitist economic policy planned right from the start. Don’t blame PNoy coz his economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Arroyo’s. No land reform, capital market liberalization, low wages and more. Don’t blame Arroyo coz her economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Ramos’. Erap never got to serve his full term. Don’t blame Ramos coz his economic and social policies are merely a rehash of Cory’s. Don’t blame Cory coz her economic and social policies are merely a continuation of Marcos’. Don’t blame Marcos coz his economic and social policies were implemented at the behest of the IMF in 1980 but halted after the Aquino assasination, at the displeasure of that great bulwark of third world finance. Don’t blame IMF coz they’re merely working on behalf of the family. Don’t blame the family coz they really needed the money. To quote Allen Ginsberg, it had to be capitalism. The vortex of this rage. This competition. Man to man.

  4. There goes the usual sour grapes again. Why don’t you guys grow up? I mean, you’re taking yourselves too seriously that nothing in what you say and write makes perfect sense. It’s fine to criticize out of constructive intention but to do it repeatedly out of hate is something else.

    PNoy is not a perfect leader and the country is not paradise now but that doesn’t give you the license to demonize him especially when you yourselves have nothing to show to make you credible or even believable than him.

    Moderation is the key. Criticize if you must because you want to correct and help. Don’t do it out of spite and personal insult. You’re not perfect guys and proof of that is the dwindling number of your members here because of the growing notorious reputation of this blog.

    1. You are talking to grownups. Criticism is warranted because the guy simply did not do his job. It is the duty of every citizen in a democracy to criticize their leaders to hold the leaders into account. The constructive criticisms of today’s leaders are warranted because the country is dirt poor despite all the resources and financial aid it received through the decades.

      Lastly, I find your call for moderation simply abhorrent. It’s like saying we have to moderate judgments that are given to murderers. At least murderers kill a couple and are then put away. This administration and the ones before it saw murders of journalists, its soldiers, and its citizenry, with justice simply not being served.

    2. Sorry, son. But people like you are the true definition of sourgrapes because not just you’re missing the point but I see your delicious butthurt tears. Proof? Your post, son.

      ‘PNoy is not a perfect leader and the country is not paradise now but that doesn’t give you the license to demonize him especially when you yourselves have nothing to show to make you credible or even believable than him.’

      Nice hypocrisy you got there, prick! Seems you’re fine of about giving Noynoy the license to demonize and blame her predecessor? That’s pathetic. Because the fact is that…

      “Real leaders never play the blame game.”

      Set your priorities for once, trollfag. 😀

      1. Slowly dying?
        On the contrary, it’s still live and kicking.

        If its slowly dying then why are you, trolling here?

        You wouldn’t even be here if your boss didn’t assign you to troll this site.

        You wouldn’t even be here if your boss
        didn’t find this site to be a threat to his propaganda now would it?

        Your existence here merely proves our statement that your boss, would be doing a good job if he were sending trolls like you to spread propaganda.

    3. Another point misser and a real-life paid hack on the loose. The real title of Noynoy’s SONA is this:

      “Sisihin si Gloria V: The Final Insult”

    4. he’s a public servant who gave away taxpayer’s money to buy blind loyalty and obedience from his cohorts. and that’s just one of the many stellar highlights of this idiot’s incompetence and you’re calling for moderation?

      what rock have you been living under these past years?

      insult is the only thing left for ordinary citizens when a train to run over that scumbag is not available.

      1. tomas, proof!

        You’re credibility is still missing after all these months that I had been denied access here. Poor soul. 🙁

        1. Proof? There’s a LOT of them yet you chose to live on your own ignorance.

          Gullible fools like you who believe in the Aquino Hype Machine are the poorest of souls. 🙁

        2. Sus naghahanap ka pa ng katibayan kung ikaw ay umaasa lang sa mga propaganda machines ng minahal mong panggulo like abias-cbn at crappler. Anlaki mong uto-uto dakilang mangongontrang jigs.

        3. “tomas, proof! ”

          such audacity from a fanboy of someone who uses propaganda against his political enemies as “proof”. =) troll harder.=)

    5. Hoo boy, it seems we have yet another rehashed troll lurking around and this one is just like the others before him, a gullible paid hack

      You can troll all you want but it still won’t hide the fact that your president is still incompetent.

      Don’t deny it, your trolling days are numbered bucko.

      1. Don’t just call names reason out and show why you are alleging something you have no idea of.

        That’s the reason why I said there is some growing up to do with some people here. 🙂

        1. You think you know what you’re doing, troll?
          You obviously didn’t even read the entire article.

          Think about it, why would Aquino send trolls(like YOU, for example) to spread propaganda if he is indeed doing his job properly?

          The fact is that his last sona is just another blame game.

          Don’t believe me?

          Just notice how he opened his speech with blaming the previous administration.

          If he is so sure of his abilities as a president, why are those problems that he mentioned, getting worse by the minute?
          Why hasn’t he done anything in the past 5 years of his “rule” to solve them? Like for example, the MRT problems that started under HIS administration.

          Don’t try to give me that bullsh#t about him being the reason of economic growth, since he is obviously just using the gains from the previous admin and grabbing credit from them.

        2. Says the dakilang mangongontra who also happens to miss the article’s point only because it’s “attacking” his precious “great” leader. Hindi ka na ba nagsawa sa pare-parehong linya ng minamahal mong panggulo kada sona nya? O ganyan ka talaga kabobo?

    6. Hey elementary-minded dimwit. Masakit makarinig ng kritisimo ano bobong pinoy? Who is noybita for you? Your “god”?

      1. Domo-kun, this is what I meant by people “worshiping” politicians and celebrities. It goes beyond mere admiration and becomes an outright religion in its own right.

    7. Hey Joeygoggy are you just too chicken enough eh Noytard? How is the blog not being moderate? The blog is here to show everything WRONG with PNoy and I guess you are just asking us to get away from issues like DAP, PDAF, SAF44 disaster and all the crime she must answer for as much as every other guilty politician.

      1. Not to mention that promise his boss made to get run over by a train if his touted improvements for the mrt aren’t implemented by 2015.

    8. We’re criticising public servants out of love for the country. Meanwhile, you are asking us to stop because you love PNoy so much.

      We know the President’s job is hard, which is why we were extremely surprised when Noynoy applied for a job he is not fit for.

      1. @Ilda

        That is already to be expected from some troll like Joeygoggy/Jigs, who still can’t convince anyone here.

        The old appealing to emotion trick isn’t working out for him.

  5. I dare you to say what you said in any country in the First World and you will be called out for it.

  6. Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. You just let it loose. It will know how to defend itself.

    Once again, the people have been invited to the circus (SONA). They said it was the last show for the season; the next season will involve another lion tamer. In the last other shows of the current season, tamer and lion didn’t coordinate well. People came, curious if he has finally learnt from his blunders; after all, it was his last show. Unfortunately, this show was worse despite the additional props.

    Experts tamers allow lions to be just, well, lions. It is, after all, a lion show. People come to watch the lions; maybe, a little bit of the tamer. But, if the lions did their act well, the credit and accolades will be to the tamer.

    But, they booed him; why? Because he tried very, very hard to steal the show from the lions. There he was with his usual chair (the Office of the President) and his whip (presidential power). But, we don’t know if he knows that taming is not just about chairs and whips, but also more importantly, about having a good psychological frame of mind in order to be able to read what the lions want. He didn’t read the lions well, so the lions were just all over the place uncoordinated. Strange, surreal, mysterious, but they didn’t even look like real lions. It was a pathetic sight.

    What we don’t know is if the crew behind the production are related to the making of the ad of Tide laundry detergent where Vic Sotto, the comedian, is the lead commercial model. That type of ad is called comparative advertising where they compare Tide with another detergent.

    How is it that this tamer was trying very hard to compare himself with the previous tamer? The worst part was that he was using the whip of the previous tamer. How did we know that? Because engraved in the handle of the whip, it read: Gloria’s economic policies. Still, he was trashing the previous tamer. So, how is it that this tamer looked very much like Vic Sotto? That we will never know; that he had the gall, or kapalmuks, to present himself as a tamer; but more strange, people thought he was a good one. Now, more and more people are admitting they were wrong.

    It was supposed to be a lion show, not a stand-up comedy. It wasn’t funny, though, he has poisoned the well, so to speak, and the circus air is no longer the same — when lions cannot be lions.

    We are pretty sure the next time he gets near the lions, they will devour him; at least, it looks that way now. Aren’t we glad it was his last show? Next time, please don’t allow a tamer by the name of PNoy, or anything that has a semblance of that, or anything corollary to that.

    So, again, to those who have the ambitions of being the tamer, it is important to remember: TRUTH IS LIKE A LION. YOU DON’T HAVE TO DEFEND IT. YOU JUST LET IT LOOSE. IT WILL KNOW HOW TO DEFEND ITSELF.

      1. Thanks, Ilda, that means a lot coming from my favorite Net Queen.

        One can be insightful when one is commenting on an article that is already insightful and penetrating. 🙂

        Now, Palace says PNoy suffered a vertigo while delivering his SONA. Hahaha. Palace does not know when to stop… ah well… ahh, never mind, or I’ll be ranting again.

        1. Vertigo? Probably from too much nicotine. I hope he gets better soon. We wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

  7. What do you do, when you don’t have any accomplishments to show? Blame others…

    Aquino is suffering from Depression. Now, it is aggravated by Delusion.

    Agood kick on his rear will bring him back to his Realities..

  8. His minions should thank him, for making them very rich. Not the other way around…he thanking his minions.

  9. The audience were equally pathetic clapping away every 60 seconds. No difference between them and North Korean generals who clap Kim every 60 seconds.

    Next year they’ll all be back clapping the next President every 60 seconds.

    As long as the gravy train keeps running and they can keep on stealing they will keep on clapping.

    Weak country, weak people

  10. BS Aquino is a sore loser. Me and him made a bet, and when he lost, he refused to pay up.

    BS Aquino always been a poor sport and a sore loser…any other behavior might encourage him repeat performance. Again and again.

  11. Just like what Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

    I find this article more subjective (obviously) than what it’s trying to portrait about the latest SONA; IMHO.

    1. “the captive audience had to sit through a series of blame-games, videos of individual testimonies mostly praising the current administration and, just when you thought it was over, the President enumerated all the people he wanted to thank for supporting him. It was a long drawn out congratulatory speech thanking and patting his allies on the back. It was actually insensitive of him to talk on and on without thinking of the comfort level of the audience. It was not surprising that he was booed in the end. That booing was actually the best part of the SONA.”

      What is so subjective about that? :a) blame game – check b) cue the violin strings drama – check c) boo- check. d) patting only allies on the back – check. BTW your hero Noynoy is the epitome of subjective. Would not know how to handle somebody he has differences with to save his life. Oh , if you want objectivity then tell me objectively Noynoy’s qualifications for his current position. The one he objectively bungled .

      1. Considering that the blame game is getting old, President Nobita is just like a little kid blaming his dog for eating his homework.

      2. I think someone has a reading comprehension problem. Atat lng ng atat lng ng atat, wala namang nagawa sa bayan. 2015 na dong/inday.

        The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

    2. So is his blaming the past admin for our country’s issues not subjective then? What the hell is your major malfunction you failipino?

  12. You don’t get it? Cause you don’t read. Trolls don’t read, just copy paste to fellate the master they serve financed by taxpayer money. Noynoy in his campaign did not spend one word talking about his accomplishments because he had none. He talked about his mom and destiny. Two things he had NOTHING to do with. Yesterday there were a litany of problems he created and did not bring up. Why? Spend time on someone who was not president for 5 1/2 years. Nice priorities from a person who was so useless in life he has to hire online trolls to ” improve” his online standing .

  13. The culture of this site is you’re above the average Filipino if you’re anti Pnoy or anti-Filipino. So much for false pride, eh.

    1. The culture of this site is not to take the words of an unqualified moron elected only because his mom died at face value. You may not like that culture but that is a “you problem”. Colin Cowherd forever!

    2. Yellow Zombies have their own culture: to TROLL on this sites so that they can get paid for $$$. So much for being a paid hack, eh.

    3. Yeah right and your “great” leader’s culture of blame games and credit grabbing is far more dysfunctional and retarded you malakanyakanyang paid hack.

        1. Btw wag ka nang magtago sa pangalan mong iyan rick. Ganyan na ba kayong mga bobong pinoy kadesperado?

  14. The only thing that perked my interest was his mention of the Anti-dynasty law. Then I realised that its probably too late to push it considering how little time he has left in office. I guess he was just compelled to say it because he wanted to please the crowd.

    On a side note. Pinoy praised his K+12 law I have a bone to pick with this. I have a lot of friends from the academe and they say that the K+12 is going to be a nightmare in practice. Noble in the spirit of the letter but considering the Dept Ed has a lot of fundamental problems needed to be addressed first such as (drum roll) rampant corruption, I doubt law will be properly implemented. I mean they can’t even get the basics right like proper facilities, book, and decent pay for teachers.

    As someone who once worked as a contractor for the government for a couple of years (I quite because it was so dirty) I can see this K+12 law will be used as an excuse to get bigger budgets for construction projects for things new buildings and new education materials for the sake of “compliance.” Call me cynical but to me its a veiled money making move.

    1. @Ponse

      Yeah, unfortunately PNoy couldn’t be bothered with details to back up his claims. He relied on hand-picked testimonies from individuals who have nothing but praises for him.

      I don’t even think he knows the implication of the K-12 program. He doesn’t have kids to worry about. He cannot relate to the problems other parents will go through.

      1. Right again, IIda. His K-12 move is linked to CHED suggesting an added year in University for certain degrees.

        It’s a demographic thing. Too many kids will be graduating too soon and the job market can’t absorb that many graduates, so they extend the length of education, never mind how it impacts the people.

  15. The ‘Li’l Girl’ and her family are thieves.From ZTE, to Helicopters to everything in between.
    STOP pandering to the thieves while throwing the other thieves under the bus. It makes you look bad, you dont need a criminal conviction to know that the Arroyo’s are just as big, maybe even bigger, scumbags than the Aquino’s.
    Wrap your head around the fact that they are all thieves, if you want your credibility back.

    1. Then why mention the Lil’ Girl at all let alone every single SONA. Here is why. Noynoy had no accomplishments ever. So talks about LIL girls in hope of some recognition. Whether its his mom or his predecessor. For all GMA’s faults, she did not dwell on her moron predecessor. Besides I am sure you consider DAP and using it to bribe Congress/ Senate for a favorable Noytard outcome as a minor infraction.

      1. @ Gogs, Ilda et al…, Wrap you head around this: They are thieves. A thief is a thief is a thief. It will soon be someone else’s turn to do as Aquino has just done and Arroyo before him and E-CRAP before Arroyo and so on….

        SO, do you suggest out of naivete, audactiy or sheer stupidity that the people who are in elected office in the country are NOT THIEVES ? BWAH HA HA HA!!!! Go on record,here and now: Which is it? and then consider this, if you like:
        Then WTF do they go so far as to kill each other during election season? WAKE-UP, they need the boot but the people haven’t got what it takes to rid themselves of the plague.

    2. Nah she was already not guilty for those accusations. Why only limit to arroyo? Did she killed your dog? What about your precious pwesident’s own crimes like pdaf and betrayal of public trust?

    3. @The Spainard

      What do you mean “stop pandering to thieves”?

      What makes you think that? Just because I mentioned some of GMA’s projects and highlighted PNoy’s tendency to violate individual rights doesn’t mean I am pandering to thieves. BTW, none of the cases against GMA have been proven in court.

      1. there was this time when gma then trying to secure financial aid / loan from the world bank. world bank says we are over drafted, no more loans.. GMA quietly floods most of metro manila when someone ordered to quietly unman the pumping stations resulting to s great flood thst hit the international news….when it was barely raining? her plan worked and she was laughing all the the way to her bank. pnoy was getting huge $$$ out of the BBL deal. you guys need to kiss and shake your hands. pnoy and his previous predecessor(s) are the same. the only measuring stick to rule who was worst is checking their respective bank accounts overseas.

        1. @ Tabzidozi de guzman, YOU ARE CORRECT. I have been saying what you finally said for a long time.

          Ilda thinks that just because it ‘was not proven in court’ (when the people who are being investigated are in charge of the investigation, and the entire investigation’s ending is already written before it is started, LOL!!! because of this and the fact that these people are also writing the laws they are violating) that these people are not thieves, she sounds like one of them and that is why Ilda is pandering to thieves.
          Or have a look at their USDollar accounts, OH WAIT….you can’t…why is that again? The thieves don’t want you to know they are thieves ,WTF?

  16. Forget all the blame game and credit talk – that’s just white noise in the SONA speech. Filipinos just love to waste their time on talk that goes nowhere. What we should be discussing is if there is truth to the claimed “improvement” under PNoy’s watch.

    Economy-wise, did Juan’s situation improve? PNoy kept hammering us with data and testimonials to back him up, but do you indeed observe a general movement UP or Down?

    PH is a cadaver in a coma on life support. pNoy claims the eyes are beginning to twitch – sign of life. Is it true? Or are the they twitching coz the worms that lie beneath have begun to hatch out of their eggs?

  17. Just a clarification the boos were directed at the militants.

    Well, if Ms. IIda is entitled to her opinions in cyberspace, Mr. Aquino is also entitled to his own biased 2 hours of fame. Seriously, why bash a leader when the collective problem is that of the people?

    1. Correction to your correction: Makabayan bloc booed first immediately after PNoy’s speech and then Franklin Drilon booed the Makabayan bloc’s protest.

      Seriously, the leader is a reflection of the people so therefore, there is a need to highlight the people’s mistake in voting for someone incompetent and vindictive like PNoy.

      1. Boo who who… Thanks for the further clarification of the booing.

        Ok… let us see and rewind the clock. Let us assume that Pnoy is indeed incompetent, then based on the last 2010 result. Erap would be president again!!! So are you saying that Erap would be more competent and non-vindictive? Let us again go further and assume that Pnoy and Erap died before the swearing into office. Are you now saying that Villar is more competent than both and less vindictive? Its easy for you to judge based on hindsight but really were any of the choices better? And that is my point. As you say, the leader is a reflection of the people and based on the 2010 top 3 poll results for president. All were incompetent and vindictive.

        1. Your comments about Erap and Villar are based on your own assumptions. More importantly, they are not the subject of the article. The article is discussing PNoy’s incompetence, arrogance and vindictiveness, which are already evident. This is not hindsight. I have been warning people about his tendency to blame others since 2009. You need to go to GRP archives to read my old articles if you don’t believe me.

          There were other choices back then aside from Erap, Villar and Noynoy but the people limited their choices to the most popular ones.

        2. Erap admitted to pocketing queteng money. Villar had to defend himself against the insinuation that he had the public run thru to benefit his villages. These are NOT my assumptions. This article clearly would blame any president who was not seen as favorable by the author as incompetent, arrogant and vindictive. But my point, is that what you accuse on PNOY would be equally applicable to other because THERE ARE NO BETTER CHOICES.

        3. I never said they were angels. I only said you are assuming they would be like PNoy. I don’t think they would be as vindictive as PNoy. You don’t have to believe me.

          You’re only saying “THERE ARE NO BETTER CHOICES” back then because you don’t like the others. That’s your opinion. Don’t force us to believe you.

        4. Hi, IIda. I saw your comment and I would like your opinion. Are there any REAL leaders in this country? Is there anyone outside of the Political or Dynasty Class that can step up and lead? I like Senator Miriam Santiago, but I think the job would stress her too much. Your thoughts??

        5. Yes, there are real leaders. Unfortunately, some of them do not bother to apply for the Presidency because they know the people won’t vote for unknowns.

        6. @ IIda, Understood,thank you. Actually, if we find a good leader, no point in wasting her (or his) talent in the Presidency; Politicians and the Dynasties would stop any reforms. Quiet Private Power is a better reform platform. CHEERS

      2. I agree, IIda, the President is very predictable. As I was reading the SONA text, his review of past mismanagement of the country, I recalled what Isaac Newton said “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”. acknowledging he was building on progress made by his predecessors.

        Considering the legacies left by past Presidents, Aquino is a midget standing on the shoulders of midgets, and his mention of a 12 year old P 700 Million Scandal made him appear to be even smaller.

        This is not meant to incriminate or criticize; it’s just an observation of the way things are.

        Obviously, if we want real progress we’ll have to do it ourselves, fund it ourselves and vote for ourselves.

  18. In fairness, PNoy marched through his 5 years under the banner of anti-corruption. Whether genuine or not, it had at least a positive effect of making the entire world believe that the PH is finally getting its act together. now we are investment grade rated which brings more jobs for Juan. That I will concede is something I can credit to PNoy as a legacy. The genuiness of his “Daang Matuwid” is beside the point.

    The fact is – if your platform is that of curbing corruption – it is bound to take off and get the country a bit higher. Succeeding presidents should take this cue and continue to trump “incorruptibility” but next time with genuiness of heart.

    At least PH politics is evolving. Once we get to the level of ” incorruptible” government officials, we can then move on to “competent”. It’s a growth process. for now, I’ll be happy enough to have a “glorified ombudsman” for president – if only to save on the billions we are losing to corruption each year.

    The above analysis should connect the dots as to how Bashing at Li’l Girl actually creates more jobs for the common Filipino (inclusive growth).

  19. In fairness, PNoy marched through his 5 years under the banner of anti-corruption. Whether genuine or not, it at least had the positive effect of making the entire world believe that the PH is finally getting its act together. now we are investment grade rated which brings more jobs for Juan. That I will concede is something I can credit to PNoy as a legacy. The genuiness of his “Daang Matuwid” is beside the point.

    The fact is – if your platform is that of curbing corruption – it is bound to take off and get the country a bit higher in altitude. Succeeding presidents should take this cue and continue to trump “incorruptibility” but next time with genuiness of heart.

    At least PH politics is evolving. Once we get to the level of ” incorruptible” government officials, we can then move on to “competent”. It’s a growth process. for now, I’ll be happy enough to have a “glorified ombudsman” for president – if only to save on the billions we are losing to corruption each year.

    The above analysis should connect the dots as to how Bashing the Li’l Girl actually creates more jobs for the common Filipino (inclusive growth).

  20. Tapos na ba ang SONA? LOL. Galing ng article na ‘to. Kung nakinig sana siya sa mga critics n’ya hindi naging disaster ang huling SONA niya na ang layon lang yata ay i-impress mga tao. Siguro magkapatid ‘yong i-demonize si GMA at pagkakabit sa pangalan niya ng mga projects nito. Hehe. IMO, anyone can easily claim that what PNoy reported are all lies. Walang transparency eh. All those figures walang link to any proofs na magpapatunay roon. Isa pa anong ginawa niya to achieved those things, naaliw na rin siya sa pagkukwento at pagbigay pasasalamat (siya na siguro ang the most thankful President, ang daming araw at oras para magpasalamat talagang itinaon sa SONA) sana dinetalye na lang niya paano nila trinabaho ‘yon. O kaya para hindi siya nahirapan, sana gumawa na lang siya ng before and after photo presentation. Before, walang foreigner na nagtatambak ng truckloads of garbage sa bansa. After his 5 yrs of governance, tambakan na ang Pinas ng basura ng Canada. Before, ang Scarborough shoal ay isa pang isla. After his 5 yrs of governance, military base na ito ng China isama mo pa ang ibang Spratly Islands (syempre example lang ‘yan. Pwede naman n’yang ipakita ang positive changes in colorful evidences kung meron talaga). Apart from GMA’s original economic developmental projects na itinuloy lang niya, sana ipinakita niya ‘yong administrasyon niya mismo ang nagpasimula at nagdulot ng malawakang pagbabago. Dami n’yang issue na pwedeng tugunan sa loob ng halos anim na taon – better disaster preparation and aid, more and advance military facilities and training (local innovation/manufacturing), mitigating floods, advance o better transportation system, local employment, boom for local businesses, solution for energy crisis, renewable energy source, food self-sufficiency, etc. Sabihin na nating nag-focus siya sa pagtuligsa ng korupsyon pero naging bias pa rin siya. Pero sige, ito na ang magiging pamana niya sa susunod na administrasyon. Pagtuligsa sa korupsyon so pasensya na s’ya dahil dahil do’n, sasalang pa rin siya korte para tugunan ang issue sa cash gifts na ipinamudmod n’ya pati ang unconstitutional DAF at PDAF. Hindi niya rin natugunan ‘yong iba’t ibang korupsyon sa iba’t ibang departamento ng gobyerno at pangit at mabagal na serbisyo ng iba’t ibang ahensya ng gobyerno. Sabihin na rin nating inilakad n’ya ang pagkakaroon ng more jobs abroad para sa mga Filipino. Contradicting naman ‘yon sa sinasabi n’yang rise of local employment kasi umaalis ang mga tao para magtrabaho sa ibang bansa. Kahit factory o production operator jobs pang-OFW na e. Hindi n’ya rin natugunan ‘yong issue sa minimum wage at low benefits ng mga mangagawang Filipino (ini-spoil n’ya sa cash gift gabinete n’ya kaya ayan sinisipag lang magtrabaho kung may lagay). ‘Yong fair land distribution ng ilang bahagi ng Hacienda Luisita, nangako siya no’ng bago-bago pa siyang pangulo, na idi-distribute sa mga magsasaka iyon. Paalis na siya sa pwesto, natupad na ba? Sa halos anim na taon ang dami niyang pinalagpas kasi gusto n’ya lagi siya tama at siya lang magaling. Hindi niya pinagtrabaho at pinag-isip mabuti mga kapadrino niya. S’ya, s’ya, ilang buwan na lang naman at bababa na sa pwesto ang hari. Panahon na rin ule ng bagyo baka naman may naitatago pa siyang bala. Good luck sa kanya. We’ll be counting the days. Pasensya na sa mahabang rant. Nakakabwisit lang talaga ‘yong SONA. Hanggang sa huling sandali binibilog mga tao.

    1. mismong foreign aid para sa tacloban etc tinira pa. I see pnoy much worst than hitler and his cleansing the world to an unified order campaign resulting to millions of death. pnoy did not do anything and all the while he was aware he could have. cannot blame him? but he was president..who else do we blame? ourselves?

  21. I would like to add that macro economic data is one difficult beast to determine causal relationships. So, attributing this to GMA and this to PNOY is futile. In fact, following your logic, we can attribute further reforms probably started in CORY’s term, FVR’s term and Erap’s terms in office. So where does one stop and the other begin? One thing I can say, If you plot GNP growth during both GMA and PNOY’s terms they were both out of control with huge AND unpredictable swings that neither administration’s NEDA was able to forecast. In fact, today, NEDA needs to lower its growth forecast because they have been sticking to a higher number when the rest of the world has forecasted a lower growth. This shows that we cannot control growth at least in the Philippine context. Hindi natin strength are forecasting — tingnan niyo lang ang PAG-ASA na anything goes ang forecast. If there is anything to be learnt from recent events in the Eurozone with regards to Greece, the Europeans were more or less divided on what to do because they could neither jointly predict nor determine the causal analysis on whether a 3rd bail out would solve the Greek problem. And here we are, Pinoys with less than the brainpower and experience in economics so confidently predicting what economic results belong to GMA at what belongs to PNOY.

    1. This then means that the PNoy admin claim that they are behind the behaviour of the country’s economy over the last 5 years also does not hold water.

      1. Yup. I never really thought of his admin as experts in job creation and poverty reduction. If we Filipinos really wanted that, we should have elected the Chinese leaders in China responsible for the double digit year on year growth that Fahreed (GPS) of CNN claims was the ONLY country in the world to successfully reduce poverty in the last ten years.

    2. “Aquino or any leader could not claim he reduced poverty or improved lives as “seeds were already planted years before.”

      – Clarita Carlos

      1. You know I voted for PNOY for a simple reason. I thought he would NOT steal. And that remains to be seen but so far so good. I do not think of him as the best leader nor even competent or intelligent. But, I felt that ERAP with 20% of the vote would steal again and I could not trust Villar who might steal to maximize his business interests. I could not trust Gabo because he was part of GMA’s stealing establishment. Nick Perlas was cuckoo — he projected himself as the next Savior (one man can make the difference messianic craziness) and even that other guy that the Catholic Church supported who was such a green horn without a credible track record.

        1. Corruption is not just about direct stealing of public funds; it’s also about a lot of things like patronage politics, selective justice and incompetence that result in mismanagement of public funds. PNoy’s brand of patronage politics have resulted in massive funds being stolen by congressmen involved in pork and DAP scams. PNoy inadvertently encouraged members of congress to steal funds through their pork allocations. Even after the Supreme Court declared pork illegal, PNoy still included “lump sum” in billions in his next budget that can be spend using their discretion. The public is helpless in stopping them from using those as campaign funds in the next election.

          Your reasons for not voting for other candidates in 2010 are lame. They come across as illogical. Just because Gibo was GMA’s cabinet doesn’t mean he is bad. You can actually say that PNoy was GMA’s ally for years. Noynoy kept accepting pork barrel without complaining about its illegality and Noynoy said no to the playing of the “hello Garci” tape, which eventually led to the case being dropped.

        2. Orlando. Do I hear you correctly?
          1) Not stealing is good
          2) protecting those that steal is good.
          3) Using public money to bribe Congress / Senate to manipulate the outcome to favor his own family is good.
          4) Not stealing but sleeping in one’s job (as evidenced by the output) is good.

  22. Now if you guys really want to reduce poverty, well the painful lesson is that each Pinoy has to be productive and produce a good or service that the whole world is willing to die for… example: the Iphone, the IPad, facebook, etc. or even the newest aventador. Being the world’s biggest supplier of rice, blue collar teacher and nurses, etc. will not cut it. Take Singapore, with a slightly bigger economy than the Philippines has a GDP per capita (though imperfect as measure — I still its is the best determinant of individual wealth that is readily available) of US40k a year versus the Pinoy who only has a GDP per capita of US3.5 a year. So purely from a GOAL setting perspective, if you want to break out of poverty the individual Pinoy has to increase his yearly income by at least 10 times to be on the level of singapore.

    1. Good point. But we can’t make world-class products using stupid corrupted minds. The only REAL way to reduce poverty in this country is to re-program (or to use a stronger word –> “BRAINWASH”) the minds of the next generation with THE

      For the rest of the hopelessly corrupt and incompetent, we’ll just have to wait till they all die out within the next 30 years.

      “PH now” (point-A) to “Singapore today” (point-B) in 30-years can be realized!?!?! The audacity to hope… It’s not all negativity in GRP right?

    2. WOW, Orland, I’m glad to see a comment with some solutions. Like you said, we can wait for an amazing miracle export or we can look for significant economic realignment internally. I agree, GDP is an imperfect measure, but 30% labor in Agriculture comprises only 11% of the GDP leaves lots of room for growth and Poverty reduction. We’re looking at diverting farmers into energy crops that will pay each farmer with a single hectare US 18 K year, and turn the crop into electricity that can be delivered at P 6 kWh. That’ll help farmers out of poverty and Power for 1/2 price will be high demand. Of course, MERALCO and ERC will have issues with that, but they deserve to be embarrassed.

    3. we don’t even have the basics like decent roads.. the philpost EMS tracking system of parcels is not even working for some time now. the slightest rain and its waterworld on most parts of the country. very bad drainage plan. poorly lit roads. the only grassroot industry working for us is labor and thanks to the growing population about to burst. our respective private businesses may be working or thriving. beef up on education programs..or we may just be a farm for human organs. pnoy like the last manager for the lack of a better word, is useless. half of the senate has plunder cases looming over their head. the governing force is a big liability. we have a bunch of tora tora planes and 2 or is it 3 new aircraft under pnoys ownership to defend us from china. poverty is when mang pando with 8 mouths to feed adds a few more and remains jobless. those mouths in time create more mouths to feed and most of them remains jobless resorting to vice ganda wowowee escapism.

  23. the country has not move a bit in terms of growth. sideways backwards but not ahead. the roads are now systematically being ” repaired ” to siphon funds like a last final blow to close their accounts composing of public funds. Daang matuwid is a big lie, he knows that. the sad fact is..and any fellow who has sat down on this and thought of growth prosperity and welfare of the nation knows the sad truth..there is no better choice of a leader. for a country that goes to church regularly, rich man poor man the hardworking the lazy. we are all stuck in this hole . the poor is growing in terms of numbers.. there are no grassroot industry for them to thrive on. there is clearly no one in the office that is courageous enough to be unselfish. pnoy is clearly tooo lazy to even think of a plan at all.. stealing? u bet. the Philippines may be the land of the smile for the white folks but it is stinking and ugly. let the truly able and with heart stand up please.

  24. The guy is a POS, just like GMA and E-RAP: THIEVES, every last one of them.
    If you want proof, find the used helicopter’s and I will show you.

  25. This President lacks the most important trait that a leader should have “VISION”. Goals should be set. The State of the Nation (SONA) should be the directed on what we have achieved and how much more we need to achieve our goals, not backtracking on the lapses of previous administration, smearing campaign and blame game.

    What we need is to move forward, not backwards, not even running in circles. PNoy is an epitome of a dog chasing its tail. I laugh at people depending his integrity, What a bunch of hypocrites (Hypocrisy is the exact opposite of Integrity).

    One of their tag lines is ” mahirap ang maging presidente” ” puro kato walang nagawa, bakit kayo ba may nagawa para sa bayan” “hinde lahat eh kasalanan ng presidente” etc.

    I do not know if these are paid trolls, or our society has become dumb, thanks to a dumb leadership.

    All I can Say is ” OO, mahirap maging presidente, kasi ikaw ang pinakamataas na tao sa bansa, kahit hinde ikaw ang direktang may kasalanan, ikaw pa rin ang dapat nangunguna sa pag-ayos nito, dahil nasa iyo ang authority. May nagawa ako sa bayan ko, dahil nagbabayad ako ng tax, na halos lamunin na ang sahod ko sa leche na tax na yan, kaya ako nagrereklamo kasi sa laki ng tax na binabayaran ko, ni wala man lang akong makitang improvement sa buhay ng Filipino. Na ang nagawa ko para sa ikauulad ng Bayan ay walang kinapuntahan. Bakit kaming mga simple Filipino sinasabihan nyo ng “Hinde mo kasalanan na mabuhay ng mahirap, kasalanan mo kung mamatay ka ng mahirap” sana iaapply din natin ito sa pinagmamalaki nyong presidente. “OO hinde nya kasalanan kung may namana siyang problema, pero kasalanan nya kung hinde nya ito nagawan ng solusyon”

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