#PrayForThePhilippines! Rodrigo Duterte may become president and the #WestValleyFault may strike soon!

We all want to be scientific in the way we make our life’s decisions, right? So do the maths. On your way to work, what are the chances of you being killed by a goon of a dictator? Whether it be during the reign of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos or the prospective rule of emerging presidential candidate (and former Davao City mayor) Rodrigo Duterte, the maths tell us that you probably stand a bigger chance of being run over by a bus while crossing the street than being the victim of a hit from an agent of the government.

For that matter, ask the average Filipino schmoe what sort of human being he or she fears the most? It is likely that right up there in her list would be the neighbourhood manyak who hangs around the sari-sari store most afternoons or the random mugger waiting around the corner. Would a henchman wielding a government-issue pistol be up there in that list of people-to-fear? Very unlikely.

The fact is, very few people know people who were actual victims of “human rights abuses” perpetrated by state personnel. But in any cocktail conversation, four out of five times we are likely to come across someone who was or knows someone who was a victim of a violent crime perpetrated by a garden-variety Filipino crook.


Why then are people afraid of a Duterte presidency?

Because their “thought leaders” say they should be. It is the same irrational fear pussies who are afraid of flying feel.

Air disasters don’t bow to “human rights” law. They claim victims randomly. But even if they do, the actual probability of being in an air disaster casualty list is infinitessimal. You are more likely to die from diabetes — a disease that is well within your control to avoid — than in an air disaster; or under a Duterte presidency, much the same way that diabetes killed a lot more Filipinos than Marcos’s Philippine Constabulary troops did in all two decades of his “tyrannical” rule.

Indeed, even more bizarre is the way we’d invite a terrorist group like the Moro Islamic Liberation Front through our front door and cede a chunk of our territory to these thugs on one hand, then, on the other, cry bloody “Murder!” when the topic of a possible Duterte presidency is introduced in between servings of chicharon.

Even more baffling of all is the way this whole “West Valley Fault” (WVF) line that is supposedly looming underneath prime real estate in Metro Manila now strikes terror in the hearts of legions of Filipino ignoramuses. That fault has been there since time immemorial. One wonders why it is so suddenly a “trending” topic. Most laughable of all is the prevailing popular solution to it that Filipinos are tweeting all over the place: prayer. Yeah, pray for Filipinos. Please. They may one day cower under the guns of Duterte’s goons or be swallowed up by the evil WVF.

But don’t worry. God is all powerful and will “save” Filipinos from all Evil.

So Filipinos can rest assured. The stuff to fear that their moronic thought leaders and media mavens are telling them to fear can all be mitigated if we #PrayForThePhilippines.


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Sigh! I am compelled to read your GRP daily. I do not feel compelled to interject into what are clearly Filipino problems. You eventually will figure things out like all human beings do. I however live in Davao. My exit plan is simple, If Mayor Duterte is not in charge in Davao I will leave post haste. I am commenting because my country the U.S. has dared to once again attack his so called human rights record. I am African-America and believe me at 66 I am still just the N-word when stateside. No matter what my achievements. I have… Read more »
Mayor Sarah + Vice Mayor Rudy
Mayor Sarah + Vice Mayor Rudy

Is this what we want?!




Duterte is a federalist. If he runs on that, I may vote for him.

Robert Haighton
Are you refering to this one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valley_Fault_System_(Philippines) The Marikina Valley Fault System, also known as the Valley Fault System (VFS) in the Philippines, is a dominantly dextral strike-slip fault system that extends from Dingalan, Aurora in the north and runs through the cities of Quezon, Marikina, Pasig, Makati, Parañaque, Taguig and the provinces of Laguna and Cavite. Threat to Manila The fault possesses a threat of a large scale earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or higher within the Manila Metropolitan Area with death toll predicted to be as high as 35,000 and some 120,000 or higher injured and more… Read more »

Filipinos will die due to our stupidity and ignorance. Enough said.

Aquino himself has Goons roaming around. The Aquinos have been supporters of the NPA. Now, they support the : MILF, Au Sayaff, ISIS, and other Islamic Radicals. Aquino wants to give them a territory. Give in to their demands of Billions of Pesos, of your taxpayers’ money. So that, they can buy more guns, bombs, more recruits, etc…to terrorize us further. BBL Law is a stupid law…done by stupid people…to be enacted by stupid people. I don’t mind Duterte, if he runs for President. If he is tough enough to deal with the Islamic Radical, threathening Mindanao…then, so be it…… Read more »
Presidente Emilio
Only idiots pray and pray without doing a anything. Even God won’t listen to them. He might even say “Me again? Whatever happened to the free will I gave you? Don’t put all your problems in me!” Anyways, as for Duterte, I’ll reiterate. Please, for the love of democracy, DON’T put this guy into office. He might have political will, but he’s overstepping his bonudndaries more often. We already elected a president who’s prepared to sell land to terrorist. Don’t step lower by electing a guy who tolerate criminal activities of the enemies of the state — CPP-NPA — and… Read more »

Those Faaults traversing the Marikina Valley. If it traverses along the Batasan Pambansa and the Malacanang Palace. If it opens up; it would swallow the crooks in the Philippines. God would do us a favor…


I don’t mind Duterte running for President. Anybody can run for President.

Aquino, who is mentally retarded ran for President and won.


why is it that we are always left with choosing the “lesser evil”? i think, and it is just me saying, that we were given a chance to choose between good and not good during the last presidential election. i am talking about Gibo Teodoro. just thinking what if…???

We need to follow the rule of law, not the law of one man. Duterte may have a good heart, and he knows who the criminals are. Applying the Davao death squad to a national level means he will have to delegate his crime busting activities. Delegation means Duterte will not be the one calling the shots. We are not sure if the people whom Duterte will assign are infallible. Singapore is almost the same size of Metro Manila. I doubt if even Lee Kwan Yew’s tactics (the model of Duterte) will work in an area the size of the… Read more »

There is always something to lose. But maybe more to gain.

Why would I fear going outside the city if im a law abiding citizen? In fact, i feel more safe in Davao City when i spent a 3 day vacation there with my family. I would rather raise my kids in davao city and be educated / disciplined the dabawenyo way. I know davao city can make it if 60/40 in the constitution will be removed. And not following the U.S style democracy is better actually. Our constitution is based in U.S. so whatever the u.s is doing, we are here to follow. Fucking shit phl government wake up! I… Read more »
neil tristan yabut

wow, maths. so australian


Gentlemen, please tell me any other politician you know who is better than duterte in addressing a community problem. Please, anybody? Just say one..


Duterte repeatedly made it clear that he does not want to be president, and does not have the right qualities to run the country.

You know what? I agree with him! For someone who tells businessmen to include “revolutionary tax” in their budget if the want to do business in Mindanao, only shows he has no solutions for the even bigger issues besetting the country, and they are many and their categories are vast.

I would still opt for MDS and BBM. at least when they speak, it’s always how to solve the problems, not how to circumvent them.


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