President Noynoy Aquino showed his vindictiveness during a speech for Pope Francis

Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino’s speech to welcome Pope Francis was outrageously inappropriate. It was so wrong. Some of us didn’t see it coming. It was shocking to hear him talk about himself and complain about how some of the members of the Church in the country are being mean to him. Who would have thought the President would use what was supposed to be a solemn occasion to badmouth his political enemies once again in the presence of the leader of the Catholic Church?

President BS Aquino wasted a rare opportunity to unify rather than divide.
President BS Aquino wasted a rare opportunity to unify rather than divide.
But quite frankly, we should have known BS Aquino would not miss an opportunity to blame the country’s previous administrators as well as his critics in his speeches. Putting others down is something he does in an effort to lift his own image up to those gullible enough to believe him. Sometimes some of us still get surprised at his insensitivity though.

BS Aquino accused the members of the Church of turning a blind eye to the transgressions during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term:

He described as “a true test of faith when many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses, which we are still trying to rectify to this very day,” in obvious reference to his predecessor, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who is under hospital on plunder and graft charges.

“In contrast to their previous silence, some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticize, even to the extent that one prelate admonished me to do something about my hair, as if it were a mortal sin. Is it any wonder then, that they see the glass not as half-full, or half-empty, but almost totally empty. Judgment is rendered without an appreciation of the facts.”

First of all, was BS Aquino advocating for the Church to meddle in state affairs in his speech? It seems he was blaming the members of the Catholic Church for the corruption during the previous administration. Second, the record shows BS Aquino was not very vocal against corruption when he was a member of Congress during Arroyo’s term. In fact, he was seen to be an ally of Arroyo when he was still a Congressman even voting against playing the notorious “Hello Garci” tapes that could have contributed to achieving closure to the election fraud allegations against Arroyo during a congressional hearing. In fact, as a member of Congress, he could have done more to stop corruption because he was in a position of influence compared to members of the Church who do not have legislative powers.

It is worth highlighting how BS Aquino contradicted himself during his speech. At one point, he was admonishing the members of the Church for being “silent” against corruption and then the next he was complaining about them for being critical against his administration. He can’t accept that the reason he gets criticized is because of the corruption that is happening during his term.

It is indeed unfortunate that the Philippines is being led by a self-righteous man. Obviously, BS Aquino won’t even think Pope Francis’s call “to reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor” was addressed to him and his own cabinet members.

Like a true statesman, Pope Francis was wise enough not to react to his host’s — BS Aquino’s — subtle tantrums against members of the Church in the Philippines. Regrettably, BS Aquino is not wise enough to realize that Pope Francis must know a thing or two about the corruption scandals in the current administration that has been making the news both locally and globally. I’m sure the pontiff does his homework before visiting a particular country and is also updated by his own clergymen. Plus, the result speaks for itself. No amount of window dressing can change the fact that despite BS Aquino’s slogan “where there is no corruption, there is no poverty”, poverty levels in the Philippines remain unchanged. Following BS Aquino’s logic, that means corruption levels also remain unchanged.

A lot of people are wondering if BS Aquino will ever stop blaming former Presidents for his own shortfalls. Former President Marcos has been dead for two decades now and there had been four Presidents after him but BS Aquino still blames him for the ills in the land. It has been three decades since he was ousted. Those three decades should have been enough time for the Philippines to be transformed from Third World to First.

Evidently, without the Marcoses or past administrators to blame, BS Aquino has only himself to blame for country’s problems. We all know that accountability is not a word that he is familiar with. He would rather continue to blame others and look like a fool in the process than accept responsibility for the lack of progress in the country.

Once again, BS Aquino has proven that he is not the leader that can unite Filipinos. He has turned an otherwise peaceful and unifying occasion into a vindictive one. It’s a pity Pope Francis had to witness the ugly truth about the Philippine president.

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The Theme of the Papal Visit is “Mercy and Compassion”, which is known by all, Pnoy, clearly doesn’t have.

Jim DiGriz

He is suffering from foot in mouth syndrome…

Surprise – YES, even if we shouldn’t because as expected he ALWAYS blame other people other than himself. Disgusted – YES, my husband and I cant help but close our eyes, cringe and do the face palm while listening to his tantrums. Inappropriate – YES, he is a disgrace, pathetic and stupid to have use this event to again show the whole world what kind of statesman we have in the Philippines. While other Filipinos try their best to act appropriately and maturely, he intentionally did the opposite! or should I say he is not in his right mind again,… Read more »

Oh I wish Pope Francis will deliver an absolute disgust speech against that melancholic pwesident before he leaves this country.


NYT, LAT, Boston Globe, WP, La Stampa, Vatican News, EWTN, America Mag, Denver Register, Telegraph, BBC, CNN, ABC,….this one completes the picture of what you have just reported. Please accept our apologies. Next time, we will vote a normal person as our president. Till 2016, however, please bear with us for inconvenience that an abnormal, a spoiled brat to be exact, may cause. Very truly yours, Filipinos


Ilda spot on as usual.

Abnoy threw one of his petty childish tantrums while the Pope was beside him.

It was ok for priests to criticize Marcos. Those priests are Saints.

It was wrong from Priests to be silent during Aroyos time. They are sinners

But those who dare criticize his Royal Highness Abnoy need to go to hell.


Dick S. O'Rosary

What is ironic is that as the posterboy for the Pinoy condition, Noynoy seems to be lacking one Pinoy trait: Utang-na-loob. He fails to realize that the Church was very instrumental for his getting elected – the rise of his family for that matter.

In the years leading to the 2010 election, a lot of priests openly campaigned for him in their sermons. One of the priests I heard claimed that as the son of his mother, he will do his best not to put her to shame.

That was in 2010. Lets not get started about what happened in 1986.


Boiled down to its essential components : “I’m telling!”


Blame Game…Aquino trademark. His Hacienda Luisita serfs are living below poverty line…


..”Though it’s hardly uncommon for progressive Catholic politicians to occasionally run afoul of various sectors of Catholic officialdom, it’s rare for one to use a papal visit to air those conflicts. No doubt, the speech will be a hot topic …..” (3rd from the last topic of John Allen, a well known Vatican expert in English media, in his long article for Crux, a subsidiary of Boston Globe) 》》》

Hyden Toroxx78gh

Aquino is the most corrupt and vindictive President, we ever have…he even surpassed Marcos in the rate of corruption.

Aquino is immature, narcissist, self righteous and spoiled rotten by her mother, Cory Aquino.

“may sira pa siya sa ulo”…”batugan pa…”


If our president really represents the people, then he shows that Filipinos have no respect for guests, and thus, have bad manners. And we wonder why our country is in a shambles?


Another great article Ilda!!! OMG with a facepalm… I just cannot stand that idiotic speech!!! I wish the Vatican and international press can read your article.


I have just read the transcript of Aquino’s speech and it is certainly official now, if there was any doubt it has been removed,

WHATTA FUCKIN DOUCHBAG ! at a welcome ceremony for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the most populated Roman Catholic country in Asia, THE FUCKIN GUY DISRESPECTS HIS GUEST, THE LEADER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE POPE !



The yellow clown leader did it again. President for 4 years and still no sign of brain development lol!

Peter Vandever

Get out the altar boys, the pope is here. Hope he doesn’t rape them too bad.

Question: Will the moron even think about an apology OR some type of public accomodation of the Pope ? U know, it is ill-decor to do such a thing as has been done. To each his place and as that it befits.To be small is one thing to be petty yet another but to be telling of one’s faults is to be on high ground. Maybe, the Filipino President will somehow redeem himself? OR will he just be his usual Fili-pinochio self? It is still a wonder that he actually did such a thing. Whatta fuckin idiot. Credibilty has gone… Read more »

Everyone should understand that the Pope visited Malacanang as Head of Vatican City and not the Pope as Head of the Catholic Church. Don’t mix these two roles. The Pope should be courteous to the Philippine government as we welcome him to our home. During US President Obama’s visit to Malacanang, did he ever express bluntly to the Philippine government that we are currupt? The Pope can express where he is doing a sermon somewhere else e.g. Manila Cathedral. This is very discourteous to the host country.


This is no better than when Kris Aquino interviewed the cast of Spider Man 2. It’s always “all about me” in the end. What’s even worse is that all he can do about his failures is resort to the blame game.

The blame game solves nothing yet so many Filipinos, especially leaders, resort to it. Playing the blame game only presents more problems and no solutions or answers.


As soon as Aquino contradicted himself it became even more obvious to everyone that he was just trying to make himself look like an angel.