President Noynoy Aquino showed his vindictiveness during a speech for Pope Francis

Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino’s speech to welcome Pope Francis was outrageously inappropriate. It was so wrong. Some of us didn’t see it coming. It was shocking to hear him talk about himself and complain about how some of the members of the Church in the country are being mean to him. Who would have thought the President would use what was supposed to be a solemn occasion to badmouth his political enemies once again in the presence of the leader of the Catholic Church?

President BS Aquino wasted a rare opportunity to unify rather than divide.

President BS Aquino wasted a rare opportunity to unify rather than divide.

But quite frankly, we should have known BS Aquino would not miss an opportunity to blame the country’s previous administrators as well as his critics in his speeches. Putting others down is something he does in an effort to lift his own image up to those gullible enough to believe him. Sometimes some of us still get surprised at his insensitivity though.

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BS Aquino accused the members of the Church of turning a blind eye to the transgressions during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term:

He described as “a true test of faith when many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses, which we are still trying to rectify to this very day,” in obvious reference to his predecessor, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who is under hospital on plunder and graft charges.

“In contrast to their previous silence, some members of the clergy now seem to think that the way to be true to the faith means finding something to criticize, even to the extent that one prelate admonished me to do something about my hair, as if it were a mortal sin. Is it any wonder then, that they see the glass not as half-full, or half-empty, but almost totally empty. Judgment is rendered without an appreciation of the facts.”

First of all, was BS Aquino advocating for the Church to meddle in state affairs in his speech? It seems he was blaming the members of the Catholic Church for the corruption during the previous administration. Second, the record shows BS Aquino was not very vocal against corruption when he was a member of Congress during Arroyo’s term. In fact, he was seen to be an ally of Arroyo when he was still a Congressman even voting against playing the notorious “Hello Garci” tapes that could have contributed to achieving closure to the election fraud allegations against Arroyo during a congressional hearing. In fact, as a member of Congress, he could have done more to stop corruption because he was in a position of influence compared to members of the Church who do not have legislative powers.

It is worth highlighting how BS Aquino contradicted himself during his speech. At one point, he was admonishing the members of the Church for being “silent” against corruption and then the next he was complaining about them for being critical against his administration. He can’t accept that the reason he gets criticized is because of the corruption that is happening during his term.

It is indeed unfortunate that the Philippines is being led by a self-righteous man. Obviously, BS Aquino won’t even think Pope Francis’s call “to reject every form of corruption which diverts resources from the poor” was addressed to him and his own cabinet members.

Like a true statesman, Pope Francis was wise enough not to react to his host’s — BS Aquino’s — subtle tantrums against members of the Church in the Philippines. Regrettably, BS Aquino is not wise enough to realize that Pope Francis must know a thing or two about the corruption scandals in the current administration that has been making the news both locally and globally. I’m sure the pontiff does his homework before visiting a particular country and is also updated by his own clergymen. Plus, the result speaks for itself. No amount of window dressing can change the fact that despite BS Aquino’s slogan “where there is no corruption, there is no poverty”, poverty levels in the Philippines remain unchanged. Following BS Aquino’s logic, that means corruption levels also remain unchanged.

A lot of people are wondering if BS Aquino will ever stop blaming former Presidents for his own shortfalls. Former President Marcos has been dead for two decades now and there had been four Presidents after him but BS Aquino still blames him for the ills in the land. It has been three decades since he was ousted. Those three decades should have been enough time for the Philippines to be transformed from Third World to First.

Evidently, without the Marcoses or past administrators to blame, BS Aquino has only himself to blame for country’s problems. We all know that accountability is not a word that he is familiar with. He would rather continue to blame others and look like a fool in the process than accept responsibility for the lack of progress in the country.

Once again, BS Aquino has proven that he is not the leader that can unite Filipinos. He has turned an otherwise peaceful and unifying occasion into a vindictive one. It’s a pity Pope Francis had to witness the ugly truth about the Philippine president.

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]

105 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino showed his vindictiveness during a speech for Pope Francis”

  1. Surprise – YES, even if we shouldn’t because as expected he ALWAYS blame other people other than himself. Disgusted – YES, my husband and I cant help but close our eyes, cringe and do the face palm while listening to his tantrums. Inappropriate – YES, he is a disgrace, pathetic and stupid to have use this event to again show the whole world what kind of statesman we have in the Philippines. While other Filipinos try their best to act appropriately and maturely, he intentionally did the opposite! or should I say he is not in his right mind again, and someone forgot to give him his medicine to calm him down!

  2. Oh I wish Pope Francis will deliver an absolute disgust speech against that melancholic pwesident before he leaves this country.

  3. NYT, LAT, Boston Globe, WP, La Stampa, Vatican News, EWTN, America Mag, Denver Register, Telegraph, BBC, CNN, ABC,….this one completes the picture of what you have just reported. Please accept our apologies. Next time, we will vote a normal person as our president. Till 2016, however, please bear with us for inconvenience that an abnormal, a spoiled brat to be exact, may cause. Very truly yours, Filipinos

    1. Just to be clear, you do not speak for me. 🙂

      And if I ever apologize for the act the leader of this country have done I would do it to the Pope himself, not to the media or media reports.

  4. Ilda spot on as usual.

    Abnoy threw one of his petty childish tantrums while the Pope was beside him.

    It was ok for priests to criticize Marcos. Those priests are Saints.

    It was wrong from Priests to be silent during Aroyos time. They are sinners

    But those who dare criticize his Royal Highness Abnoy need to go to hell.


  5. What is ironic is that as the posterboy for the Pinoy condition, Noynoy seems to be lacking one Pinoy trait: Utang-na-loob. He fails to realize that the Church was very instrumental for his getting elected – the rise of his family for that matter.

    In the years leading to the 2010 election, a lot of priests openly campaigned for him in their sermons. One of the priests I heard claimed that as the son of his mother, he will do his best not to put her to shame.

    That was in 2010. Lets not get started about what happened in 1986.

    1. One cannot help but wish that the Catholic Church in the Philippines was more like the Pope and less like the friars of the past. Looking at that collection of Bishops at the recent Ding Dong wedding extravaganza; makes one wonder how they will celebrate the “Year of the Poor”? Perhaps, they will ask this president for SUV’s paid for at tax payer expense.

  6. ..”Though it’s hardly uncommon for progressive Catholic politicians to occasionally run afoul of various sectors of Catholic officialdom, it’s rare for one to use a papal visit to air those conflicts. No doubt, the speech will be a hot topic …..” (3rd from the last topic of John Allen, a well known Vatican expert in English media, in his long article for Crux, a subsidiary of Boston Globe) 》》》

  7. Aquino is the most corrupt and vindictive President, we ever have…he even surpassed Marcos in the rate of corruption.

    Aquino is immature, narcissist, self righteous and spoiled rotten by her mother, Cory Aquino.

    “may sira pa siya sa ulo”…”batugan pa…”

  8. If our president really represents the people, then he shows that Filipinos have no respect for guests, and thus, have bad manners. And we wonder why our country is in a shambles?

  9. Another great article Ilda!!! OMG with a facepalm… I just cannot stand that idiotic speech!!! I wish the Vatican and international press can read your article.

  10. I have just read the transcript of Aquino’s speech and it is certainly official now, if there was any doubt it has been removed,

    WHATTA FUCKIN DOUCHBAG ! at a welcome ceremony for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in the most populated Roman Catholic country in Asia, THE FUCKIN GUY DISRESPECTS HIS GUEST, THE LEADER OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE POPE !


  11. Question: Will the moron even think about an apology OR some type of public accomodation of the Pope ? U know, it is ill-decor to do such a thing as has been done. To each his place and as that it befits.To be small is one thing to be petty yet another but to be telling of one’s faults is to be on high ground. Maybe, the Filipino President will somehow redeem himself? OR will he just be his usual Fili-pinochio self?

    It is still a wonder that he actually did such a thing. Whatta fuckin idiot. Credibilty has gone from his place on the world stage, now to be an even bigger laughingstock.His Mother would be humiliated beyond mere disappointment.Someone should smack the guy till he comes to his senses.

  12. Everyone should understand that the Pope visited Malacanang as Head of Vatican City and not the Pope as Head of the Catholic Church. Don’t mix these two roles. The Pope should be courteous to the Philippine government as we welcome him to our home. During US President Obama’s visit to Malacanang, did he ever express bluntly to the Philippine government that we are currupt? The Pope can express where he is doing a sermon somewhere else e.g. Manila Cathedral. This is very discourteous to the host country.

    1. @ elish, where did you get that pile of dung from? The Pope visited the entire country as the leader of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, that is it. DUH-MEE !!!

      You are a typical FLIP-TARD always try to flip the script as if the person wronged has actually done the wrong, you are pathetic.

    2. Francis went here as an ordinary guy who want to use his influence to make people help the typhoon victims. Why would the fucking politicians, UST, and Ngoyngoy obligate him to give courtesy call and parade himself in espana? He went here as a philantrophic person, not as the head of one of the biggest cult in the world.

  13. This is no better than when Kris Aquino interviewed the cast of Spider Man 2. It’s always “all about me” in the end. What’s even worse is that all he can do about his failures is resort to the blame game.

    The blame game solves nothing yet so many Filipinos, especially leaders, resort to it. Playing the blame game only presents more problems and no solutions or answers.

  14. As soon as Aquino contradicted himself it became even more obvious to everyone that he was just trying to make himself look like an angel.

  15. “Good manners are a sign of dignity, not subservience”. But PNoy is too much of a spoiled, self-absorbed, vindictive whiner to realize that.

    On the other hand, the Pope and Cardinal Tagle were a class act. As Khalil Gibran once said: “The real test of good manners is to be able to put up with bad manners pleasantly.”

  16. I wonder where the Malacanang trolls are:

    Troll #1: “Eh, ikaw, ano nagawa mo para sa bayan?!”
    Troll #2: “Ang gagaling niyo, kayo na lang kaya mag-Presidente!”
    Troll #3: “Kampon kayo ni Gloria dahil binabatikos niyo si Noynoy!”

    1. Troll #4: “Comunista ka siguro!”
      Troll #5: “Gusto mo siguro si Binay for President!”

      I haven’t heard nor read his entire speech yet. But I’m guessing it is something that Eleanor Roosevelt would classify as “a discussion for people with small to average minds”.

    2. Troll #6: “The president was only telling the truth?”

      *The kind of troll who presents the drama of being baffled but is actually just craving to have someone agree with them.* Lol

  17. If you had an equal chance to deliver a speech as P-Noy, what could have been it’s content and by how many folds are you ready for the same criticism you and million of people are throwing and couldn’t agree with? Feelings are neither right nor wrong… RESPECT is something this nation seems to lack a lot, not intellectual (so it’s thought) and opinionated population.

    1. Well, obviously I wouldn’t badmouth my political opponents in the same speech for Pope Francis. You make it seem like it’s as if he hasn’t “reminded” us about the past in all his previous speeches. It’s one thing to do it with local audience but quite another when there are foreign dignitaries. We’ve had enough of the same thing. His speeches are nothing but full of hate. He just wants to grandstand and make himself look good.

      Besides, the more he mentions the alleged crimes of previous admins without resulting in criminal convictions, the more it loses its relevance.

    1. You are comparing apples to oranges. If you are going to make a blanket statement like that; back it up with evidence. Otherwise, you just seem as if you are shallow minded ideologue.

      1. A more apt comparison would be George Bush and Aquino.
        For example:

        1) Both were sons of ex-presidents. Both had mediocre achievements in their early years.
        2) Both demonstrated that the demands of the job were way over their heads.
        3) Both were cringe-worthy public speakers
        4) Both represented primarily the wealthiest people in the society
        5) Both refused to take responsibility for the failures that occurred in their own administrations.
        6) The welfare of the neediest continued to decline under their watch.

        1. I truly agree… No one is above reproach. I read Aquino speech. Wasnt that bad unless your anit-Aquino.

  18. The Pope visiting us, as he shares his blessings and sermons to all of us, is truly wonderful and moving. It inspires hopes and dreams. It helps on how to be positive amidst the challenges on the days ahead.

    It’s just a shame to know that the host and head of the country prefers the opposite… or would wallow in negative, victim-mentality drama.

    I already kind of expected that President Abnoy would be such a wet blanket on these events. He simply showed on how childish and petty he really is.

    Won’t be surprising if he’s even having an ‘inner tantrum’ upon seeing the Pope visiting Tacloban.

    He might as well play games and level up his elf princess mage character, etc…. or get a hair transplant to get his mind off in being an unhappy brat or being a victim. We can’t have him driving around in his sports cars to ‘relax’ though. Him going ‘beastmode’ on tv is already bad enough. Hahaha!

    1. But that is not all. That is not what a Pope is just for. There is more to his Holiness than just blessings and sermons. He’s not just a prop to make people happy. He is not just a provider of joy and aspirations. He is also the messenger of truth and the supreme spiritual adviser. As a messenger he also brings bad news. In fact, he is bad news to others. As spiritual adviser he is omniscient.

      A brief historical fact related to the Catholic Church’s participation in the development of democracy as well as the continuing struggle of the country to undertake reforms toward the betterment and promotion of the common good is a good start for the visiting Pope to enable him to understand better the country and its people.

      We all want him to see and hear everything about the country and, through the Catholic Church and gov’t., to have the first hand experience of what his flocks have been doing and the situation they are in. And who can do that better than the president of this county himself?

      His visit doesn’t mean we’ll limit our action to the pomp, grandeur and celebration of it all. That we’ll keep quiet amid the fanfare and formality of the occasion. That we’ll just sweep everything unpleasant under the rug. To be hypocritical while the Pope is here is the order of the day.

      I’m not buying it.

      Did PNoy spoiled the occasion for telling the truth? I don’t think so. I expect him to be candid with the leader of the Catholic Church, on or off camera. I can take the delusion of the masses and the faithful on the presence of the Pope in their midst but I will never allow our leaders, much less the president, to engage in hypocrisy by pretending that all is good and pretty in the country.

      I am not taking PNoy to task on his “Vatican we have a problem” speech. That’s fine with me. And I’m sure it’s fine with the Pope, who will be the first one to tell you to be honest to your self by telling the truth.

      1. Whoever you are, you must be deaf, dumb and blind to the follies of this administration. I pity you. I pity the country more, because of people like you.

        1. The ‘follies’ of this administration? I’ll leave that to PNoy apologists. Let’s talk about the ‘Vatican we have a problem’ speech by PNoy this article zeroed in. :).

        2. Whoever YOU are, YOU must be deaf, dumb and blind to the follies of this administration. I pity YOU. I pity the country more, because of people like YOU.
          Now it’s all about me. 🙂

          Hay, buhay.

      2. ..@jameboy….”I am not taking PNoy to task on his “Vatican we have a problem” speech. That’s fine with me.”

        That is also fine with me IF he stated a PROBLEM. But, just enumerating what transpired from Marcos all the way to him is hardly stating a problem. We are here talking of people at the highest level who already hear sad stories from their staff and lower levels in their day to day activities. P-Noy can’t be of the lower level since he, as the Pope, heads a sovereign state. (1) So a situational analysis already brings down the quality of the meeting. He was like a spoiled brat complaining: “Daddy, they hurt me — huhuhu, see I’m crying” What message did he deliver? IMPLICITLY, I (repeat, I) have a problem..even IF he WANTED to EXPLICITLY express WE have a probem.

        (2) At that level, policies, principles or doctrines are what should be discussed. NOT situations. STRATEGIES, NOT TACTICS!!! Did he do that? No.. a big freaking NO. Why? Because he has NONE. Please give me a policy statement, a declaration of principle, that is attributable to him. …..Well, he could have had one if he supported his slogan: Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap. But, a slogan will remain a slogan and cannot develop into a principle or doctrine if it is not backed up by organization, policies and control, plus the infrastructure that would support the same. We know he has not done this because (1) everyone complains of his selective justice; (2) a good many are afraid of Binay because nothing has been done to solidify the slogan into an unshakeable legacy. So, what message did he deliver? Implicitly, he takes everybody for a fool. Why? Because he is the son of heroes, Ninoy and Cory, he thinks he is entitled to that position. So, he must be a fool; that is why he thinks everybody is a fool. ….a slogan that remains a slogan in the long run leaves a bad taste in the mouth. With DAP and PDAF, that slogan became a betrayal — he has stabbed the country in the back.

        (3) And because he still insist that he has done something spectacular in spite of the foregoing, he is a narcississsssttt of the spectacular kind, and narcissism blinds, and it blinds absolutelty. Why? Because he can only see himself, he does not see others, which brings us back to the beginning — his mind could only appreciate situations, which was specifically his speech. SITUATIONAL. If he was in a multinational corp, he would have been given his walking paper a long time ago — he has the mentality of a lowly supervisor, not a CEO. And, that is the insult we are being inflicted day in and day out.

        And, you think the foreign media didn’t pick that up? You can bet your last peso they did. ….NAKAKAHIYA TAYO.

        1. @jameboy: Hmmm. You honestly sound more of a defensive admirer of president BS… in the guise of trying to make a subtle, impartial and intellectual point. (or whatever it was you seem to be insinuating?) *chuckles*

          The truth which you so highly regarded as, was totally outrageous. There would always be a time and place to address such concerns.

          But like a child deficient of emotional intelligence and failing the marshmallow test, the president brazenly opened up and raised his ‘ME’ concerns.

          It simply made him an idiot… a petty and vindictive brat. It even makes him no better than his attention seeking showbiz sister. If Kris Aquino made ‘sumbong’ that she had STD on national TV, Abnoy made the same antic… by making ‘sumbong’ on how he’s being bullied or not being supported by the CBCP. Hahaha!

          In your perspective, the president may not have spoiled the occasion. But with the stunt that he just did, that’s what his ‘truth’ bared about him or his character. Simple as that 🙂

        2. That is also fine with me IF he stated a PROBLEM.
          I think what he did was state the facts in a summarize manner and capped it with the message of respect for the Pope and his work and hope that he will continue to bless the Filipino people.

          Yes, if you are a Marcos or a Macapagal-Arroyo, you will really feel bad. But that’s the fact you have to live and not a lie you can protest against and expect people to come out to support you. I mean, it’s history and it is needed to be mentioned to show where we are now and where we intend to go.

          Even if it was a problem he spoke about, it would still be fine because, frankly, there is really nothing bad or wrong about it.

          What message did he deliver? IMPLICITLY, I (repeat, I) have a problem..even IF he WANTED to EXPLICITLY express WE have a probem. – Add
          You can interpret it that way. But I rather look at it in a bigger picture because clearly he talked about us, the country, and the struggle we’ve been going through. It cannot be avoided the “I” issue because, come on, Ninoy and Cory? Let’s give that to the president.

          I disagree on your idea that only certain matters can be discussed in the event that unfolded. Everything is actually open for discussion with the Pope. So long as there is no lies involve there won’t be any problem.

          Hindi ako nahihiya na ang presidente ay nagsalita ng katotohanan sa kaganapan sa bansa. Mahihiya lamang ako kapag sinabi ng Santo Papa na si PNoy ay nagsisinungaling sa kanyang mga sinabi.

          I couldn’t care less with the foreign media and I don’t see why they have to be dragged on this. I’m more on the substance of the event and not on its pomposity.

        3. @jameboy: Hmmm. You honestly sound more of a defensive admirer of president BS… in the guise of trying to make a subtle, impartial and intellectual point. (or whatever it was you seem to be insinuating?) *chuckles* – darkhorse
          Well, you are free to interpret my statements and disagree with it. You are very welcome. If what I say happens to contradict with yours it does not mean I’m for somebody else that you do not like or despise. I’m waaaayyyy over that. That is the Dongyan mentality.

          I do not defend the president. I just don’t see anything wrong with the speech he made in the presence of the Pope. I don’t buy the idea that there is a time and place to talk about facts. And I don’t know if there is a protocol that you can only talk of specific issues in the presence of the Pope.

          But like a child deficient of emotional intelligence and failing the marshmallow test, the president brazenly opened up and raised his ‘ME’ concerns
          There goes that ‘child’ analogy again. Poor ‘child’, he is always made to be the standard measurement of failure, stupidity and deficiency. Is that really how we see children in our society?

        4. Into substance and the bigger picture eh? – darkhorse
          I’m sorry if I brought you to a strange territory. I apologize.

        5. …@jameboy
          So, do we have an agreement that P-Noy DID NOT state a problem, or not? I am little confused now with your reply. I still maintain that he did not state a problem. I think he can’t state the problem because he has no clear understanding of the problem. Narrating a story is not stating a problem. It may be admitting that there is a problem, and I think that is precisely what he did — admitting to the whole world in so many words that his administration is in a terrible shape. But, WHAT is the problem? (And, we should not even question for a moment whether his narrative is a lie or a truth. It is inconceivable that he would tell a lie in front of an august body — that should already be a given and one that does not even warrant a thought.) So, let us just unpack briefly what he said.

          He talked about the Marcos era for two reasons: (1) to remind everybody that his parents were the freedom fighters to whom we owe our democracy (okay, we can give that to him; nobody is complaining), (2) to have a premise that the Church helped his parents in their struggle (still okay, I too can not object to that) From his premise re the Church during Marcos, he complained that the Church changed and just stood by while Gloria plundered the nation. Boom, sumabog na. As Ilda writes above, how can he complain about the Church when he too remained quiet during most of the term of Gloria, even supporting her a couple of times. If I recall correctly the falling out between the Arroyos and the Aquinos only happened towards the middle of Gloria’s 2nd term. There was a public clamor for Cory to go against Gloria because of the Garci Tapes. But, Cory hesitated because she was actually instrumental in the installation of Gloria via EDSA2. So when Cory finally acted and walked to Assumption College to organize EDSA3, there was no support. But, that got the ire of Gloria, and she started persecuting them quite subtly, but P-Noy took this personally — the reason he is persecuting her now not subtly. At this stage, has P-Noy stated a problem relevant to the present? Or, was he just talking history that has no longer any relevance?

          He proceeded to claim that while the Church remained quiet in the face of Gloria’s plundering activities, a good many local clerics began and kept on criticizing him during his own incumbency. (He could not understand why they would do that when he is the best that has ever happened to the republic. No, he didn’t say that, but what else was he implying?) So, has he stated a problem finally? ….Or, was he just whinning in the middle of a hallowed hall? — now made unhallowed by the tears of a narcissist. Or, was he just hoping that P-Francis would give some of local clerics a good dressing down? If that is true, did he expose his vindictivenes, a veiled rhreat in effect to his perceived enemies?

          He ended with kind words for P-Francis and Tagle. Now, can we take his nice words for the Church hierarchy as genuine good words, or just platitudes in the face of what I just described above? Be that as it may, did he miss a golden opportunity to play a statesman in a world stage? It would have been a fantastic way to recover from the blunders he had during Yolanda which was beamed to all in earth? Or, did he create more problems by blurring the lines in the separation of Church and State? In the case of the RH law, for example, this was tested to the limit. The Church maintained that it was the State crossing the line for the issue involved morality which is very much of the Church domain. The State maintained that it was not a Church domain for 20% of the population are non-Catholics. Could the speech been more meaningful if he touched on this subject so that in the event other hot button issues like Divorce and Same-Sex Marriages start shaping up in Congress, the debates could be more intellectual, rather than just being acrimonious as it was with RH?

          Nobody is holding back PNoy to talk about any topic. All Pinoys ask is that it be meaningful. Maybe, separation of Church and State would have been a heavy topic for that venue. But, he could have stuck with the theme for which P-Francis came: the Poor. This would have been an easy topic for the interests of both Church and State are joint in this regard. This has to be a priority of government for no economy can talk of sustainable growth unless it can expand its middle class, and where would you get that, but in giving underpriviledge class a good fighting chance to up their status. On the other hand, in the case of the Church, they can not talk of the soul if the body is not healthy and the stomach is empty — there is simpky no way you can talk of spirituality if the faithful has no choice but to worry about things basic to the physical body. How could such a faithful even comprehend things abstract, things spiritual, when even things material are incomprehensible? …More to it, there is today so much debate going on whether liberal democracy is exacerbating inequality since the “trickle down” is simply not working at all, whether it is the developed economies or the 3rd Workd. P-Francis has joined this debate via his last encyclical, and it would have been nice to have had a president talking about this, or is P-Noy simply oblivious to these things? Maybe these things just go over his head, and he just broadcasted via his speech he hates being called ‘Kalbo’ What a profound way to state a problem, I tell you, and it never ceases to amaze.

          Basing it from the pronouncements of P-Francis and the several press conferences with Tagle and Lombardi, the Vatican Press Officer, the nation is being urged to elevate the quality of public discourse, and they are insisting these things are urgent. Every time we talk about petty things,… the leaders, the intelligensia crowd, the academics, etc make the poor poorer since the lower class is dependent on the more priviledged ones to be those that initiate a change in mindsets. How can we change them if we cannot ourselves change. It is heart-warming that some in the media are responding in kind for if there was anybody to whom the words of P-Francis applied in between the lines, it is them, and some acknowledge this. Let us hope media could carry this long after the Visit.

          Diplomatically, Francis and Tagle had to ignore PNoy’s speech. It must have been a surprise to these two Jesuit trained guys that another Jesuit trained fellow was a “point-misser” if the two had to be blunt, they would still be forced to ignore the speech for it did not add anything to the overarching theme, or any other theme for that matter, that could advance the nation, state-wise, or spiritual-wise.

        6. Add,
          First off, I appreciate the effort on your part to break down PNoy’s speech and your interpretation of it. I cannot disagree on how you formulate your view based on the details of the speech. I can only present the opposite view of how I understood it and why I think there was nothing wrong with it.

          Like I said, it was a narration of historical facts which includes PNoy’s personal experience as the son of political personalities (Ninoy & Cory) that was in the midst of the struggle at the time. It is also about PNoy’s perception of the Church’s failure to remain an ally when he made this

          “…many members of the Church, once advocates for the poor, the marginalized, and the helpless, suddenly became silent in the face of the previous administration’s abuses”.

          We can interpret it any way we can but that was PNoy’s appreciation of the facts in relation to his being the leader of this country.

          Of course, the Church can always prove him wrong but all I can do right now is take it as it is. An expression of understanding and experience by someone who is in the forefront and knows what he’s talking about.

          But having said that, I would be frank with you that I’m not going to quarrel with anybody on the substance of the speech. Only PNoy and his people can do that. What I found strange and hypocritical is how some people condemn PNoy for the speech for making it in the presence of the Pope. They are implying that he should not have been vocal and just remain silent or not make statements deemed controversial. They did not realize that the Pope and all the Popes in history are no strangers to controversies or making controversial statements that garnered the opposite reaction.

          How can a speech on matters that the Pope can relate to be ‘nakakahiya’? How can a narration of one’s experience with the Church and its members be not a proper issue to talk about in the presence of the Pope? How can an appeal for unity and hope for cooperation (with church members) be a sign of vindictiveness?

          What I really saw in the events that transpired was not PNoy casting malice or rancor through speech but some people putting ill will on something that is actually nonexistent. And for what reason? Definitely, it is not spiritual. 🙁

  19. Pinoy is now a possessed man, like ex-justice corona, The HOLY SPIRIT got the best in him. Pinoy is now acts like child, telling us what is inside his mind and heart – the truth!!! He may think he saying this (lying) but what comes out of his mouth is the TRUTH and does what we all hear from a corrupt and insincere leader. He just place the noose round his neck, its just a matter of jumping,the HOLY SPIRIT won’t let go of him, until the wrong is right, Amen.

    1. Noynoy was an unaccomplished 50 year old then his mom died. He came in on his high horse condemning anything non yellow and never “dismounted”. Not sure why we are expecting anything this different late in the game.

      1. I am no fan of the president. Although, I once was. What I do not understand about GRP is that they take a great deal of effort to point out the character flaws and mindsets that exist in the Filipino population at large and how these qualities are hindering progress. Bravo. That type of analysis is important work. Then, they criticize the president for having the same qualities, himself.
        Hello…he was elected by them. Of course, he is going to be like them.
        GMA commentators are outraged by his speech to the Pontiff because they wished that just once, the president would NOT act filipino; and instead would act as if he is some kind of international statesman. To me, this is like being surprised when a football player beats his wife and children.
        HELLO? or being surprised when a beauty queen says something stupid in an interview. HELLO?

        People frequently gain celebrity status because of ONE outstanding quality that they possess. This is no guarantee that the other aspects of their person are also going to be outstanding.

        The same with politicians. They are frequently elected because of their membership in a political dynasty. This is their one outstanding quality. To expect them to be statesmen, charismatic leaders, keen political analysts, and to display the wisdom of Solomon, is hardly realistic.

        Aquino is frequently flayed for being a dishonest hypocrite, and for being a person who acts in an immature way. WHAT COULD BE MORE FILIPINO???

        1. @Sea Bee

          What I do not understand about GRP is that they take a great deal of effort to point out the character flaws and mindsets that exist in the Filipino population at large and how these qualities are hindering progress. Bravo. That type of analysis is important work. Then, they criticize the president for having the same qualities, himself. Hello…he was elected by them. Of course, he is going to be like them.

          Well, what is obvious to you and I is not obvious to millions of Filipinos. Filipinos haven’t realised yet that they deserve the government they elect. We’re simply trying to emphasise it. I hope you don’t have a problem with that. If you do, then you can simply stop reading GRP since you think you already know what we are going to say.

        2. People seem to be outraged because it was a special occasion and the president should have behaved in a special manner; even if this would be out of character for him. He should have been a sanctimonious hypocrite, like those trying to clean up the image of the city by jailing the starving street children. Do you think that this would be what the pope wanted? To pull the wool over his eyes and the eyes of the international press?

        3. Then what exactly did you mean by your statement that I quoted? It seems you are baffled as to why we are stating something that is quite obvious to you.

        4. @Ilda: Where did I say that I know what anyone was going to say? I based my remarks on comments that were said already. I never claimed to have the power of prophecy. Please show me the quote from my comments.

        5. Let me clarify:

          1) You know the style of the President. You know what themes he propounds. You know he is frank, confrontational and lacks diplomacy. You know he has a high opinion of himself and his family and their place in the history books. He has been this way consistently for the last six years.

          Why do you think that suddenly he would change his temperament and style, just because a foreign visitor is here?

          2) In many ways, the presidents displays attributes that can be seen in many citizens of this country. in particular, the love of mudslinging. Listen to the comments of those who have read your article: “he is not in his right mind” “melancholic” spoiled rotten by her mother” “fuckin douchbag” “clown” “petty” “abnormal” “unmarried”, etc.

          3) Condemning the president for doing the things that most Filipinos do, seems like flogging a dead horse.

  20. Yes i agree with your thoughts the President is certified spoiler of the “Festive Mood” and insensitive enough with the theme of the Apostolic Visit. During all his speeches he Mercilessly attack the previous administrations for the illness of the land. Common Mr. President move on justice is served and ongoing. Never never forgot mercy and compassion with justice.

  21. To become a good leader of a society must first be a good leader first in the family.But , Pnoy is unmarried so with this alone proves how he behaves like a brat boy.

    1. I’m happily single for one, so what does this have to do with anything? Oh I know — mud.

      Di mo naman kailangan maging pamilyado para magpakadisente, although being a parent can give you perspectives that are otherwise impossible to get elsewhere. Noynoy may have erred here, pero hindi dahil single siya o kalbo siya o naninigarilyo siya o kung anumang bisyo niya, but because he let his resentments get the best of him.

    2. Tama ka Edge kay Binay tayo sa 2016, madami na siyang natulungan sa Makati. Binigay niya ng titulo ang lupa sa squatters dito. He is the man of the people.Laking hirap si Binay kaya alam niya kung paano matulungan ang mahihirap and for sure he is not a brat but a hardworker

  22. BS Aquino cant forget Marshall Law and still blaming that era for corruption, injustice and being the root of poverty, adds up the previous administrations for their corruptions. Come on PNoy its been decades since Marshall Law still you cant see reality that you are one of those corrupt politicians

  23. Wow, PNoy still continue/remain to be Vindictive, and always blame throw (GMA or Marcos). Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the first 5 years of his term which up to now has no clear direction & still derailed.
    Why can’t PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he need to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again….
    How do people expect our President to be trusted in solving our problems when he normally waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.
    PNoy’s way to gain public support & acceptance will always capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors and merely Ride on the Legacy of parents that our people feel obligated to give him an equal level of endearment.

    1. Be careful what we wish for… so kung ayaw mo kay PNOY kay Binay na tayo babagsak… yun walang fingerpointing yun..? diba.

      mas ok na siguro yung fingerpointing kesa sa open ang corruption…

      for now i think we should be supporting PNOY instead of tearing him down.His confindants might not be trustworthy… but i truly believe he is not corrupt.

        1. As usual, thats another form of saying hindi ka nagnakaw pero siya ang nagbigay ng pera sa magnanakaw

        2. May hidden commission si pnoy sa bawat mabigyan ng PDAF at DAP kaya lahat ay tahimik dahil sabit sila bag nabuko..Kitam walang gustong mag impeached ke Pinoy dahil walang Audit sa COA maliban sa mga kalaban at biktima ng vindictive. “Hidden commission ,posible dahil lahat ng nasa congress ay walang comment sa govt ni pnoy”

  24. Bakit tayo ganito sa ating mga leader ng bansa natin? Wala na tayong respeto at paggalang.Sa totoo lang mga taong nag cocomment dito kapag nilagay mo sa puwesto sa gobyerno magiging corrupt din. Human nature is suwapang and power hungry. San ba nanggaling ang gobyerno diba sa mga tao din? mga ordinary citizens. Tama si Rizal when he said this.

    “tal pueblo, tal gobierno (as the people are, so is their government)”
    — Dr. Jose Rizal

    Wag tayong mag-malinis lahat, mga kababayan lahat tayo ay kasama sa problema ng bansa natin.. wala akong nakitang nag suggest kung paano gagawing maganda ang gobyerno puro grievance and murahan kabilaan … lahat magaling mag puna pero wala namang ideas, solutions and suggestions to improve the lives of our countrymen.

    1. Respect for the office is a prerequisite.

      Civility towards those in power is only good sense. Respect towards them? That’s another matter — if they want respect, they must earn it by the fruits that they bear.

        1. “Expert”? Lol, hardly (whether or not you replied in jest). If there are hard and fast rules one could stick to to garner respect, even I could become president.

          Not that I wouldn’t be honored, but let’s not.

      1. Sometimes when we play with words or engage in semantics we tend to end up being seen as hypocrites. Let me tell why and I hope nobody makes disrespectful response just because they disagree with what I said. 🙂 Here goes.

        On the aspect of public office, civility and respect are practically the same that interchanging them has become the norm. If you are civil to someone, whether you like it or not, it is open to interpretation as a sign of respect. You may deny it but once you act civil toward another there is respect there.

        Respect for those in power, sure. You respect the office therefore that respect extends to one who holds that office. HOWEVER, that will only hold as long as that person proves otherwise.

        The ‘if they want respect they should earn it’ line is a bit standoffish. It projects arrogance and unfriendliness. We often hear/read such line when someone is expressing frustration or disappointment on a public leader/officer. But in reality we don’t actually exercise such motto. Our culture dictates to us that it is proper to accord respect to one who holds office. Hence, our mentality and approach starts from that credo. Like it or not, it’s true.

        Why is that you might ask. Well, office is power and power DEMANDS respect. There’s no ‘earning’ of respect when we talk of power. The Office of the President, for example, is a powerful office irrespective of who sits there. The president, by virtue of his office/power, demands respect from you. Same goes with other offices. Shocking but true. 🙂 If he is a great president, no problem, the respect has always been there even before he occupied the office. If he’s a jerk, well, the respect has just been removed. He will have a problem with his people because he made them take back their respect. He just forfeited an important component that has been accorded or extended to him by virtue of the office he occupies.

  25. I am non- pinoy , white and living in USA. It amazes me
    how many people in the Philippines are anti- Obama
    and generally side with the Republican Party here in
    the States. If it weren’t for the ” liberal” Democrates such
    As Obama, very few Filippinos would have been able
    to immigrate here and eventually become citizens.
    Most Republicans resent immigrants and try to institute
    laws to impede them in any way.
    I don’t agree with what the President there said, but he was
    elected by the people. And if the elections and politicians
    In the Philiipines are corrupt – the people need to clean
    house there before they blame the best President America
    has seen in decades. Sad the most loyal Catholics in
    Asia also tend to be the most hypocritical.

    1. “Best US president in decades” is too much — but when your predecessor is that Dubya (have pun with that), you can be forgiven for thinking that.

    2. Because it is most Filipinos dream to be not just American but a white blue eyed and blond American. Obama is a huge mind f@$# to them.

  26. How can we elect good and honest people to lead and represent us when they have no chance in winning elections? Yes, the Philippines is a democracy, but it’s a democracy only of the elites. The country is run by 40 families (the very top elites) and they are all corrupt. 80% of the wealth belongs to only 2% of the population. How can we change that?

    Is it time for Revolution? Or again Dictatorship?

    1. Which brings us the question: Is the Democratic system the right system for us?

      I have no quarrel with what you said for things really have become a cycle already. The same privilege and influential people gets to occupy the same offices. Only the faces change.

  27. Guys, guys, guys! Cut the Penoy some slack, okay? Everyone knows what ails him, right? So, that horrid speech he spewed in front of the Pope is just a reflection of what goes on in his fevered mind.

  28. Haven’t we been supposedly moving forward since then? President Cory Aquino- wasn’t it grand as it last” Now her son, the president.And there is another Senator Aquino again.Other millions must have felt helpless as they were hearing some statements made by President Aquino in his welcome address infront of a most revered guest, His Holiness Pope Francis

  29. There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end up broke and alone.

  30. The worst President the Philippines has ever had..iniaangat ang sarii sa pagsira sa naunang Presidente …sa halip na baguhin wala ng ginawa kung ang manisi ng ibang Pres ..kay siya tinawag na Blaming President

  31. Wala ngang nagawa buhat ng maging congressman hanggang maging senador..Wag na tayong maghanap pa na me gagawin ito as president, kitam walang iiwang project sa susunod na presidente..Mayroon pala si pinoy na ipamamana sa papalit.Ang deficit.Sa susnod, wag boboto sa my Dugong Cory at Ninoy

  32. We can,t blame pnoy being a vindictive coz he knows majority of the people didn’t vote for him last 2010. Smartmatic made him a president.

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