The #BeastModePresident! The New Official National Cringe

In an attention grabbing stunt, the President Vowed Not to Smoke for a Day for the Papal Mass scheduled for today January 15, 2015. Not to say that such a sacrifice was not worth the PR it was intended for, I could not help but think that perhaps he thought the presence of The Vicar of Christ was not worth the cigarette that he was puffing on.

Tita Cory must be turning in her grave! The rest of the public had their stomach turning as well when he started spewing his usual spiel of blame that went all the way back to the conquistadores, to Marcos, Former President GMA and now the clergymen who are critical of his administration. Thank you Mr. President as you have now made us more famous again. Your stunt has just been published in the New York Times at the time of this writing. Your bald head was not even worth talking about, but you did!

It should not come as a surprise that there was much more irreverence where that came from. #BeastMode douchebaggery culture has been elevated and dispensed from the highest office. The highly revered was not spared. The spectacle had me wincing from the screen as he continued on and on with his blame and the lambasting of the clergy to high heavens. Whatever happened to Filipino Hospitality when we could not even spare quarters to invited guests and his party? Discourtesy was given in exchange for the historic courtesy visit. Surely we can treat our guests with dignity and perhaps just proper protocol. I could not fathom what must have been going on in his mind if there was anything going on in it at all. If we were to blame the speechwriter, then someone must be hanged for his disservice to the nation.

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Where the obvious display of partisan colors can be overlooked, we cannot help but ask for better leadership in a country so divided by opinion and social stratification. Perhaps we could have just gone along with the Pope’s unifying message from the Gospels and a genuine concern for God’s people. Perhaps we could lay aside some issues of the past and tread progressively into the future? While the Philippines has become a little bit more than a blip on the map in recent days, are we not blowing the opportunity for gaining some respect for ourselves?

As I would like to see the glass as “half-full,” as he would have said, it is now harder to swallow the fact that we are staring through the bottom of the glass. Empty!

42 Replies to “The #BeastModePresident! The New Official National Cringe”

  1. My husband and I shared the same reaction as you..we cant help but close our eyes, cringe and do a face palm reaction while he was reading his speech. His speech regarding “blame” towards political enemies are uncalled for, improper and rude, not to mention very stupid during this historic event! Very unlikely comment/speech from the head of state.

  2. That was petty. Fucking petty. Just when the event called for rising above petty grievances and quotidian quibbles, the President had to hammer on his enemies in the Church using the Pope as an excuse. He might be right about his advocacy of birth control, and right to distance himself and his administration from the Catholic Church, but what he said — that is not the time or place to air all that dirty laundry.

    Fucking petty, indeed.

  3. This is another good example of why we Filipinos fail to make any progress in this world. We keep taking things too personally and make a personal show of what should otherwise be a public event.

    Really, it sickens me to say that our President is no better than his whore of a sister when she interviewed the crew Spider Man 2. It always has to be about THEM when it’s supposed to be about EVERYONE!

  4. I could not believe my ears when I heard the drivel spewing from the mouth of the President at such an important meeting. Did no one ever tell him “not to wash your dirty laundry ijn public”? Where were his advisors and speech writers when this was put together. It is shameful and a complete disgrace for the Philippines people. Shame on you BS Aquino, you should know better! Someone better haver a word with His Holiness’ key people and apologize profusely for this insanity!

  5. That bishop made the “should wear a wig” comment in 2012. Its now 2015. Most people would’ve forgotten, but out commander-in-chief remembers such useless remarks, one would think he has more pressing issues to think about.

  6. im not even a catholic, but what abnoy did is stupendous. didn’t they have a closed door meeting right before the address??? why not mention the issue there?? more showbiz presidents, anyone???

    he keeps on bragging about issues brought up by past administrations…was yolanda a disaster brought up by such? was trhe governments “timely” response caused still by past administration?

    filipinos really know how to pick their presidents and leaders 🙂

    oh wait, why not watch vice ganda’s interview with him. that seems to be more mind blowing 🙂

  7. Doesn’t the Theme of the Papal Visit, Mercy and Compassion? Maybe Pnoy does not know what it means. It’s a complete disgrace to Filipinos, being headed by an ignorant fool. We were watching the coverage and was like,”WTF?” with a complete facepalm.

  8. This one and his interview with CNN’s Amanpour brought the same feeling, I wanted to throw something at the TV monitor at the same time that I wanted to sink into nothingness in the sofa where I was. Pwede ba, Malacañang, he can have his missteps, mistakes, or faux pas kung tayo-tayo lang; wag naman kung nandyan ang army ng foreign media. We will be hosting this year the APEC which is bigger media-wise; can somebody pls give him a flu, a fever, anything that will make him miss that event.

  9. Filipinos are self righteous, irresponsible, cannot take responsibility and immature. This is true to their leaders…

    1. I will repeat what I said to David below — huwag mo kaming lahatin. Nagpakatanga si Noynoy noon — but we did not egg him on into error.

      See the difference.

      1. Pallacertus–Bad performance during a congressman to senator…Very god of being the president of the Philippines..Baka pag VP ay doon siya magtatrabaho

  10. Well At Least He Showed The TRUE COLLORS OF THE PHILIPPINES…FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE, And You Wonder Why The World See’s No Use For The Filipino!!

      1. First Let Me Reply With,
        There Are 100,000,000 Filipinos (As Celebrated With A Complete Waste Of Intellect)
        That Said When I Say Filipino I Mean 99,000,000 Filipinos Including You Pallacetus and The Current President Mr. BullShit or (BS). Because…….

        Pinatunayan Mo Lang Sa Iyong Sariling Reply Na Tama Ang Ibig Kung Sabihin.

        1)Una nag reply ka sa wikang english at hindi tagalog.( ang pinaka walang kwentang lingwahe sa buong mundo.)

        2)Pangalawa sa loob ng tatlong minuto nag iwan ka ng reply sa wikang english. at
        3)pangatlo ibig sabihin talagang isa kang typikong pilipino na pamamaraan at nagpaka sino ka na parang mas lamang ka sa lahat,at sa prosesong yan lalo mong ipinakita na wala kang respeto,walang pinag aralan,at wala kang kwenta sa mundo. at pinakauna sa lahat hindi yan galing sa sarili ko kundi galing mismo sa mga pilipino at pinatunayan sa araw araw at sa buong mundo na mas sibilado sila sa pamamaraan.

        Not Trying To Be Uneducated or Something That I’m Not I Had My 9 Year old Daughter Translate My Reply Into Filipino For You To Prove My Point..GET REAL, BE REAL!! And Yes That Goes Out To All 99,000,000 Million Filipinos Including You!

        1. You looking for a Netfight or something? Napaka-productive naman. Sobrang-sobra. But to address a few misconceptions:

          1. I replied to your indiscriminate and vitriolic in Tagalog and not in English.

          2. Di ako nag-kumento kontra sa asar mo bago noon. Not in any language.

          3. I didn’t know Tagalog is banned here, kahit ba papalit-palit ako ng wika dahil kapritso ko.

          4. Noynoy did a petty stupid thing in airing his beef against certain Catholic priests in the presence of the Pope, but the Pinoy masses didn’t egg him on into error.

          Intindihin mo kahit iyon lang — huwag mo kaming lahatin dahil lang may ginawang katangahan ang Pangulo. Not all of us are fools and idiots, nor are all of us foolish and idiotic all the time — to say otherwise is itself foolish, to attempt to codify it in your interactions with Pinoys like me is idiotic, to “make it your maxim / and load it with lead” is your clothe yourself in a superior certainty that you do not and cannot even begin to claim to possess.

  11. The interview/speech or whatever it was ,I’ve not seen…but it seems about right for the idiotic leader of such an idiotic country to make such ill-timed remarks in the presence of such a great Man, upon the world stage for all the world to see and therefore judge.
    As if the RP’s President attempted to exalt himself in the eyes of the world, the idiot has but humbled himself and show the entire world what an idiot he is, and the fact that his nation let him do it? The Filipino looks just as ridiculous.

    1. Short of mind reading and then shouting him down (which is even more discoeurteous to a visiting head of state), what do you expect those of us who were watching to do?

  12. Wasn’t surprised of the idiotic thing he did in front of the pope though, it’s already expected that he’s going to do something so stupid like blaming the past administration, blaming marcos and blaming the clergy too

    This latest f+=k up certainly gave the pope a bad impression of Aquino.

  13. The President of the Philippines is a certified resident of LaLa Land with dual citizenship in Neverland. He lives in the past- ergo, an inept leader with a vengeful persona.

    1. As Usual MCHTexas, You Have Given Us A 100% Bulls-eye On The Mark Meaning in Your Exquisitely Humorous Way..We Needed That, Thank You !!

  14. “Beast mode” wat?

    The one certain thing that is “beastly” about him is that he looks like that “Beast” villain from that comedy film Kung Fu Hustle.

  15. The thing is, did PNoy lie before the Pope? Did he speak with invented facts and innuendos just so he can hug the limelight for himself? Or did he simply talk of the truth? And I’m not talking about the truth that you or I agree or disagree with I’m talking about the truth in PNoy’s own perspective. It was his observation and if he think that he needs the Pope to hear it, hey, to whom you can confide the truth better than the Pope?

    I’m not defending PNoy for there are people who can do that better than me. And it’s not my business to shield anyone from blame or criticism. My business is to present the other side of the equation. My focus is on the criticisms of what PNoy has done in the presence of the Pope.

    So what if he talked politics? He’s a politician. He did not talk about pure church matters nor even point a finger to the Vatican. He merely talked about his experience and observation (and also frustration maybe) with church people who he praised in past works and also chided for what he perceives as its silence from past abuses. What’s wrong with that?

    Have you heard/read the political speeches of Pope Francis made both in the past and present? Have you read his scathing criticisms of the Vatican bureaucracy? Of the ‘haggard’ Europe? About Brazil’s church for ‘exodus’ of the Catholic followers? About Italian mafia? His criticisms on this and that matter or issue, etc.?

    You think the Pope was shocked hearing those things from PNoy? I’m not saying stop the hypocrisy.

    Just stop it, please. 🙁

    1. dont defend the bastos one, u know thers proper place and time for everthing to talked about, what panot did is to look himself better and in the limelight instead of the victims of yolanda and the poor people, he use that opportunity to show to the world that he was epal! to blame all previous administration as if to say to the world that he cannot do for a change bcoz of his INCOMPETENCE!

    2. Hang on Noynoy, Noytards will always have your back no matter how wrong you are. Yes out come the sponsored Noynoy apologists funded by taxpayer money. The guy is socially inept and only attracts ignorant zombies. No offense. Noynoy’s speech if you called it that was meant as perfume for his stinky administration. Thing is he ain’t addressing Noytards like you. Noyatrds ain’t got no humanity and no intellect. No taste either.

    3. Frankness is nice, spontaneity is nice — but there is a time and there is a place for both, and Noynoy had that when he had his private meeting with the Pope. What he did, though understandable (and I sympathize with his desire to distance himself from the positions the Catholic Church has taken over the years), was unjustifiable and unnecessary.

    4. There’s only so much you can do to defend a vindictive POS like PNOY. Just admit he’s dun goofed with his speech and quit trying to rationalize his immature behavior.

    5. jameboy -U right there contrary ,the congress has no ground to impeached this malignant cancer because he was very useful for the corrupt government officials specially LP and NP members..Actually the congress are looking a replacement, same attitude like pnoy so the happy days (DAP/PDAF) will continue for another 6 years
      Binay is not qualified (because of masyadong MAGULANG) but Mar ! yes isa pang me topak
      No to Grace Poe

  16. With that kind of speech it only shows that he could not move on…Come on its already halfway before the end of his term and he is still so engrossed in blaming the previous administration…A person who blames his predecessor means that he’s not done enough in
    his time because there were no stories to tell about himself…

  17. Wow, PNoy still continue/remain to be Vindictive, and always blame throw (GMA or Marcos). Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the first 5 years of his term which up to now has no clear direction & still derailed.
    Why can’t PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he need to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again….
    How do people expect our President to be trusted in solving our problems when he normally waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.
    PNoy’s way to gain public support & acceptance will always capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors and merely Ride on the Legacy of parents that our people feel obligated to give him an equal level of endearment.

  18. Wow, PNoy still continue/remain to be Vindictive, and always blame throw (GMA or Marcos). Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the first 5 years of his term which up to now has no clear direction & still derailed.

    Why can’t PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he need to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again….

    How do people expect our President to be trusted in solving our problems when he normally waste time and effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.

    PNoy’s way to gain public support & acceptance will always capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors and merely Ride on the Legacy of parents that our people feel obligated to give him an equal level of endearment

  19. Vindictive and divisive PWEHsident is all that he is! Another shame added to his long list of shameful acts. And yet there are people who thinks he is the best!

    1. Russell Rodriguez –U think the next 2016 president will do the same thing,point finger on him (Abnoy) or still point finger to GMA if grace Poe,Binay or Mar replaced him after his term

  20. Shall I tell you what the real evil is? To cringe to the things that are called evils, to surrender to them our freedom, in defiance of which we ought to face any suffering.

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