Was Jeffrey Laude a prostitute who concealed his true gender in the practice of his trade?

As expected, gay activists are now all over the case of the murder of transgender Jeffrey ‘Jennifer’ Laude. According to Benjamin Pimentel who wrote about the incident in the context of Gay Pride in his Inquirer piece Death of a Filipino transgender, “Despite progress and victories on many fronts, violence is still a frightening reality for [the LGBT] community. This is particularly true for an institution that is poised to play, once again, a bigger role in Philippine affairs, the US military,” after citing the case of the death of Jeffrey Laude allegedly in the hands of a US military serviceman on shore leave in Olongapo City. Pimentel further writes, “Details of the murder have yet to surface, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to speculate that this gruesome crime is rooted in a culture of narrow, violent machismo.”

US Navy in the Philippines: Neck deep in the proverbial brown stuff
US Navy in the Philippines: Neck deep in the proverbial brown stuff
Perhaps. But what Pimentel conveniently omitted in his piece was the possibility that Laude had possibly deceived the suspect who, presumably, was looking forward to a roll in the sack with a Filipino woman. The testimony of Laude’s companion on the night of his murder makes it highly likely that the US soldier who allegedly killed Laude is a heterosexual male expecting a heterosexual encounter. Mark Clarence Gelviro, was reportedly asked by Laude “to leave before the foreigner could discover that they were transgenders.”

Add to that an even more recent Inquirer report that Laude had a German boyfriend “of two years” that he had met over the Internet and that they were planning to marry in Thailand as soon as they had finished “working on their documents to finalize their union.”

Why then would Laude be accompanying a US Marine to a hotel room in Olongapo City on the night of his murder if he was already engaged to his German boyfriend?

Some clues to consider lie in the way his relatives described him. They reportedly described him as the family “breadwinner” who was “paying for the education of youngest sibling Rex, and also provided for their family’s other needs.” So the rather confronting answer to the above question as to why he was with a US Marine that night is the possibility that Laude was engaged in prostitution and other, shall we say, technologically-enabled income-generating activites that may necessarily involve foreign men from affluent countries.

Prostitution, defined by Philippine Law as “any act, transaction, scheme or design involving the use of a person by another, for sexual intercourse or lascivious conduct in exchange for money, profit or any other consideration,” is illegal in the Philippines. Sex workers are regarded as “vagrants” under Article 202 of the Philippines’ Revised Penal Code (RPC). Heavy penalties for people convicted of engaging in prostitution are also spelt out in Article 341, “The penalty of prision mayor in its medium and maximum period shall be imposed upon any person who, in any manner, or under any pretext, shall engage in the business or shall profit by prostitution or shall enlist the services of any other for the purpose of prostitution.”

This, of course, does not excuse perpetrators of homicide. However, it would be prudent for Philippine activists to refrain from being too quick to turn Laude into a posterboy for their causes and the entirety of the US military the bad guy in this media circus.


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tail buster

I really like your point of view benign0. With all due respect with the LGBT community, indeed they will jump on the situation as this to dramatize their cause at the expense of Jeffrey Laude.


I share your point of view actually. I do not excuse what the suspect did but I also don’t condone lies and infidelity (might be the case here). If only Laude’s been truthful in the first place. Anyway, RIP to her.


This isn,t the first time this year violence has been done to a member of the LGBT community. Just recently, in a similar crime,a Cielo Mercado,another transgendered woman from Caloocan was stabbed 18 times and there hasn’t been any fuss about the case. And even a few months before that, two homosexuals were also murdered in their own homes, also by men.In fact, nothing has been done about both cases apart from a few features in the news.Why all this fuss now? Are these activists selective of the causes they fight for?


liliqouis, not selective who they fight for, but selective who they fight against.


Maybe, they just want to make sure that the Philippine government doesn’t let the killer go just because he is a US Navy personnel. And so what if Laude deceived the man, is that an allowable excuse for murder?

Q Belul

The tone of your article (above) makes it seem you believe the victim deserved to be brutally murdered.

triple r
supposed world’s most powerful military can’t even conduct intelligence to make an informational video or fact sheet warning troops that there could be undercover trannies in olangapo or subic? well, what does one expect from the same military-industrial complex that brought the world the war against saddam (who it turns out had no weapons of mass destruction)? i say first world people should be held up to first world standards. the US clearly could have and should have known that there could be lying trannies in olangapo and subic and could have and should have warned its testosterone-charged troops to… Read more »
As a heterosexual male, if this happened to me, i wouldn’t resort to murdering the victim, but i would surely beat him/her up real bad. Maybe the US marine just wanted to beat up the victim and didn’t mean to kill him/her. I would understand his situation because i would really be angry too. And we all know how people can be blinded and lose all sense of reason when filled with anger. Sure there are certain markets for transexual prostitutes, but they are a niche group. If the victim was truthful from the very start, maybe he/she would still… Read more »
Flim-Flam MAN
The scenario is exactly that the U.S. Serviceman thought the guy was actually a Woman. When he found out Laude wasn’t a Woman, and that Laude was scamming him, and thus making a fool out of him: The Marine murdered the ‘Hoe’. Laude practiced to deceive and paid a heavy price, way too heavy a price for what he/she was doing, but the tangled web he/she weaved is the result of the deception he/she purposely engaged in. The U.S> Marine will never be put in a Filipino jail cell and MAYBE will see a U.S. ‘Courts Martial’, but then again,… Read more »

The american should be busted. If he was fooled, slap the the other dude down hard core. Dont kill him. I DO have a problem with the pandering though. Laude had a d#ck and a set of b#lls. That qualifies “her” as a “he” to me. I dont care what he thinks he is, biology rules, legally.


I’am appalled on how some people here are justifying homicide/physical violence tendencies on the grounds of having a prostitute (allegedly) be discovered as a transgender. Critical thinking just took a really big hit.

You decided to buy one? then prepare to take the risk. (STD, getting mugged, transgender) If you can’t handle it then just surf porn and go fap with yourself.

And yes the media isn’t exactly divulging the whole picture here, but hey that is just media being media. The crux of the matter is someone was killed and therefore someone must be charged with homicide.

ok, let’s try some (trans)gender reversal. you’re a homosexual male and want to have a good time. you pick out some young man, hit on him for hours and because you two ‘click’ you decide to take it to the bedroom. while making out, you reach down and discover that your partner isnt packing a package. Isnt it just plain false advertising not to declare your anatomical gender before engaging in such acts? Not to mention unfair to your partner? It doesnt matter if youre straight or gay, it works both ways. If you love your partner too much to… Read more »
Hyden Toro2083

If that law on prostitution would be imposed in our country. The Jails would be overflowing with prostitutes and their patrons.

Child prostitution, and other kinds of prostitutions are tourist attractions in our country… some of the Police, also sideline as “bugaws”…

The killing of Laude is a tragedy. However, it is a lesson for those people in the prostitution trade; that you cannot get away from deceiving people, and committing fraud…you may pay for your life in some instances…like this one…

First, there is no excuse for murder. However, a lot of things that may have lead to the act must be considered. I am gay, and though I don’t engage in prostitution, a lot of my friends do, so I have an idea how the trade goes. The GI, after learning about him being a transgender could simply ask him to leave and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, it is within his right. However, IF (a big IF) Laude is indeed a prostitute, then it must follow that he was in it for the money. What if, after being… Read more »
Sea Bee

Wow….A few of you seem to feel that someone who commits fraud or deceit deserves death. That seems to be a odd attitude for people who live in a society that is riddled with dishonesty from top to bottom. The real feeling that you hold is that he deserved death because he was a transgender; but you don’t have the guts to admit it. Say it. Stop beating around the bush. Gays should be killed. They deserve death. Stop the BS. Be honest.


Although we are not sure that Laude is practicing prostitution to make ends meet, in my opinion it is quite frustrating if anyone who had committed a crime in the Phils could not be tried in the Philippine court. The discussion here I think should not be contained in the discourse of gender/deception/prostitution. Regardless of the tragic incident that happened, I guess we really need to revisit some points of the Visiting Forces Agreement to ensure that the agreement is not really one-sided.


What’s with all this he/she reference shit? It has X and Y chromosomes. It’s a he no matter how you dress it up!


The mostly homophobic comments here center around justifiable anger due to the ladyboy deceiving the guy by pretending to be a woman.
All of you might reconsider since 2 USED condoms have been found in the room.
Draw your own conclusions and engage your brain


Ok, I’ll say it. This ladyboy was a lying piece of $hit and Nobody really gives a flying f@ck that he’s dead. He wasn’t shot with a firearm while unarmed, he wasn’t stabbed stabbed in the back, he willingly chose to “challenge” another man’s honor and he lost. End of story, the fag is dead.


the tranny may have committed a crime(prostitution) but is already dead..
the marine committed a crime(murder) and should be punished(be it the Phil. or in the US)
end of story..
why make it something big? looks like they just want the attention