Video of ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes praising ‘good friend’ Tony Tiu during launch of Agri-Tourism Park emerges!

A video emerged yesterday showing “senator” Antonio Trillanes IV congratulating his “good friend” Tony Tiu on the launching of the SunChamp Agri-Tourism Park. Trillanes, in the last several days had been insisting that Tiu was being used by current Vice President Jejomar ‘Jojo’ Binay as a “dummy” or “front” to conceal his “ill-gotten wealth”. Trillanes asserts that Binay and Tiu are in cahoots in using Sunchamp Agri-Tourism Park, as a holding company for a 350-hectare property in Rosario, Batangas that Binay supposedly owns — the subject of a media circus that has been raging for weeks.

No less than the venerable joined the fray splashing a front-page panoramic aerial photo of the property, an act described by Manila Times columnist Rigoberto Tiglao as a travesity of journalism. Tiglao writes…

And what’s the PDI’s basis for these screaming headlines and striking photos of an estate that beats Imelda Marcos’ lifestyle?

There are no land registration documents, as in the case of police chief Alan Purisima’s ‘rest-house;’ no report on it in Binay’s SALN, in contrast to Purisima’s case. In fact, the town land registrar issued an official affidavit that Binay had no properties in the area.

That Binay and his family own it is solely, entirely, completely based on the allegation of one and only one man: his former vice mayor who became his sworn enemy when Binay didn’t allow him to succeed him as mayor of Makati and, instead, had his son run for the post.

And that allegation has been labeled a lie by a respectable businessman Tony Tiu, who heads the corporation running the estate, which is an agritourism park.

The whole trouble with Congressional “inquiries” is that they achieve absolutely nothing — certainly nothing within the scope of its real purpose which is as a tool in the aid of legislation. Perhaps Filipinos should ask “senator” Trillanes what the legislative agenda is underlying the use of million-peso Senate time to launch these “inquiries” into Binay’s alleged “ill-gotten wealth”.

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Then again, now that this video had emerged, perhaps we should ask the “senator” what his definition of “good friend” really is.

One virtue we could credit Trillanes with is consistency. He is a consistent turncoat, evidently to his “good friend” Tiu and, in his colourful past, to his own government. Of Trillanes’s involvement in several acts of rebellion in the early- to mid-2000’s, Amando Doronila observed how…

Trillanes appears unrepentant he had taken up arms against the government — an offense that in other political systems would have led to instant execution by a firing squad.

This attitude does not herald a smooth adjustment of Trillanes’ mindset to civilian ways of doing things in a democratic and consensual milieu once he is granted amnesty with concurrence of Congress, allowing him to take his seat in the Senate.

Convicted-then-pardoned rebel leader now 'senator' Antonio Trillanes IV

Convicted-then-pardoned rebel leader now ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV

Unrepentant. This is an attitude thrust in front of a people who are famously characterised by a quickness to lynch those who they perceive to have delivered even the slightest offense to their “pride”. Apparently, the fact that Trillanes had deliberately risked hundreds of civilian lives in his military adventurism back then did not seem to bother Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III who, in one of the first of his projects as president in 2010, granted the convicted mutineer a presidential pardon. This is an excerpt from Proclamation 50 granting “amnesty” to Trillanes and his mob taken from the ABS-CBN News site

WHEREAS, it is recognized that certain active and former personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and their supporters have or may have committed acts or omissions which may be punishable under the Revised Penal Code, the Articles of War and other laws in connection with July 27, 2003 Oakwood Mutiny, the February 2006 Marines Stand-Off and the November 29, 2007 Manila Pen Incident and related incidents;

WHEREAS, there is a clamor from certain sectors of society urging the President to extend amnesty to said AFP personnel;

WHEREAS, Section 19, Article VII of the Constitution expressly vests the power to grant amnesty upon the President;

WHEREAS, in order to promote an atmosphere conducive to the attainment of a just, comprehensive and enduring peace and in line with the Government&rsquos peace and reconciliation initiatives, there is a need to declare amnesty in favor of the said active and former personnel of the AFP and their supporters; […]

… in other words Malacanang recognises that Trillanes and his mob have violated the law; and as such have given the following reasons for this amnesty to be granted these bozos:

(1) Because there is a “clamor” for “amnesty”; and that,

(2) Because the President can; and,

(3) Said “amnesty” is “needed” to foster “a just, comprehensive and enduring peace”;

The rationale of this “amnesty” boils down to (a) a motivation stemming from popular pressure, (b) availability of the power to do it, and (c) some vacuous nebulous goal. You wonder then where exactly is this daang matuwid, the “straight-and-narrow path” promised by President BS Aquino when he campaigned for the highest office in the land.

22 Replies to “Video of ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes praising ‘good friend’ Tony Tiu during launch of Agri-Tourism Park emerges!”

  1. Trillanes… one of the ‘men’ , along with Jinggoy, who excessively badgered Gen. Reyes with innuendos of accusations of corruption that may have contributed to his suicide.

    innuendos that until now havent been proven in a legal court of law…
    and Gen. Reyes is dead..

    unrepentant? Totally.

    1. BWAH HA HA HA HA ! General Reyes was NOT guilty, he was actually the CBCP pick for the Pope.

      “not proven in a court of law’, is the battle-cry of the guilty in the Fail-ippines. it is sooo difficult to get evidence and then get that evidence to a trial that no one is ever ‘proven’ guilty. The thieves no it, and hide behind it.

  2. Trillanes no longer has any credibikity. He is a consistent rumor mongerer and perpetuator. He lis a consistent liar, and only in the Philippines does one like him become a senator. Come on, just after the 2014 SONA he goes around spreading chismis about a coup plot? What for? And where’s the coup?

  3. LOL, where is the justice, LOL ! People sometimes say: “I just want to know where I stand,” ,yes…well, go play in traffic and I will tell you where you stand. Ya fuckin idiot.

  4. Trillanes is a willing “tool” of Aquino…same as other military personnel, who revolted in favor of some political personalities.

    You can see this, by the “juicy” positions they held , after they were pardoned. Some ran for political positions, and won.

    The election political circus has began. We will see more “actions and happenings” in the next few months.

    I’m tired of these idiots…they don’t have any platforms…all they do is “Politics of Destruction” to each other…

  5. Fairly obvious that traitor Trillanes is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    If he lived in the western world he would not even get a job as a road sweeper. Here he wants to run as VP.

  6. this video appeared long before the binay fiasco happened. trillanes was invited to this event before he knew anything about it. he even mentioned this event in one of the hearings and was obviously peeved that he was used by that company.

    1. At ni hindi man lang siya nagtanong kung sino si Mr. Tiu, wala siyang background information sa kanya? Military man ba yan? para kasing wala siyang natutunan sa pagiging career military man nya noon.

    2. I agree. The senator addressed this and said that Tiu being his “friend” doesn’t mean he will just let the latter go. During yesterday’s hearing, he also addressed Tiu’s supposed 150k donation to his campaign. Trillanes said that it doesn’t matter even if Tiu donated 1m.

      If I may, I think one of the greatest problems pervading our politics is the concept of utang na loob. It’s so culturally ingrained that many of us think it is just right to have favors to trade. Plant a seed here, plant a seed there, harvest them when needed; but you can’t let personal relationships blind your sense of duty. I have to side with Trillanes on this one.

      The uploading of that video is also very suspicious, don’t you think? Taken way back in August but only uploaded now by a new account (Agri TourismPH). Coincidentally, it’s also the only video they have.

  7. Trillanes is a political opportunist. A confirmed YellowTard…no military combat experience; except a staged revolt for Aquino against Arroyo…

    Dumb Filipinos!!!

  8. ..those were d days when d senate was a stable of brilliant & principled men.. for now, pray for God to w/hold His wrath over d liars that fooled d filipino voters.. D senate has now turned to be a laundry room for p_noy.. its full of laundry men, not law makers.. d senate hearings are p_noy’s safe white-washing machine..where is d napoles, abad, purisima, etc. headaches of malacanang?

  9. No permanent friends in politics. VP Binay knows this too well but Senator Trillanes is a hardboiled Senator. He is like a hound who will not stop at anything he puts his mind into. Unfortunately for Tiu, the Senate inquiry revealed his affilliation with a corrupt politician like VP Binay

  10. Binay’s spin doctors at work here, obviously. Attacking Trillanes will make the man more angry. Binay should show up. He doesn’t have to tell the truth or admit to anything. He just needs to meet and face his accusers who seemed to have opened a can of worms about him.

  11. wahahaha, e kahit naman sino politician, kung iimbitahan sa isang event, kahit dun lang sila unang nagkita, kala mo kung sinong matagal nang friends.

    the dialogue used by Trillanes is super passe, na kailangan natin ng added evidence to prove that they are really good friends. otherwise, inimbitahan lang to sa piyesta, at nagpapasalamat lang yung tao sa imbitasyon at libreng pakain.

  12. Nobody believes Roberto Tiglao, a lapdog of GMA.
    He used to write with Inquirer and most of his piece
    are nonsense and full of inuendos only.

  13. Trillanes was set up to grace the Sunchamp inaugural. The senator had explained his presence there during the previous committee hearing. It’s Binay who has a lot to explain but the Dark Evader is just evading the whole issue.

  14. Senator Trillanes based on his past tract record is a very dangerous person not to be trusted by the filipino people.remember when
    he did a backdoor negotiation with China which was castigated by then Sen. Enrile.

  15. Trillanes probably called him ‘good friend’ because Tiu contributed money to his campaign, that’s all. You must be truly naive if you thought politicians mean it when they call someone a ‘friend’or ‘kapatid’ or ‘my people’.

  16. to all TALANGKA, viewing channel 5 was a hundred percent straight to the people broadcast not like other tv station wherein they edit their news interviews before it shown to the public for political means. . To mr trillanes, what is your legislative agenda in using taxpayers million of pesos sa walang kakwentang kwentang imbestigasyon .youve betrayed your good friend tony tiu as well as your comrads,oakwood,west philippine sea, puro gastos walang nangyari. . . PWE

  17. SA ginawa ni trillanes na ito.para nakikita ko
    na siya ang susnod na sec of defense or chief of the staff of the phillipines.hehe

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