Ph Congress: The country’s ‘Biggest Criminal Syndicate’ according to BizNews Asia

The shame of being governed by what many now regard as a den of thieves is hitting fever pitch! BizNews Asia Vol.11 No.14 featured a photo of Philippine Congress in session with the caption in big bold letters “The Philippines’ Biggest Criminal Syndicate.”


The Manila Bulletin cited it in its article Magazine labels Congress ‘biggest criminal syndicate’ and featured what seems to be a legit photo of a saleslady holding up the same magazine edition showing this cover. The article reports…

The September edition of the weekly business and news magazine zeroed in on the controversial multi-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) of lawmakers that went to bogus non-government organizations, as well as the key agencies and personalities involved in the alleged scam.

The magazine cover was first shared by journalist Ira Panganiban on Facebook, and was captioned : “And this is how we look to the world! Downright embarrassing.”

The photo has been shared 4,656 times as of this posting, and has been repeatedly shared by other Facebook users.

In late August of this year, no less than Philippine Senate President Franklin Drilon himself proposed that Congress be abolished as public outrage over the corruption scandal intensified…

Senate President Franklin Drilon said that while the PDAF would be abolished as declared by the President, each lawmaker would still retain their right to direct a portion of the annual budget (P200 million for each senator and P70 million for a representative) to a hospital or a road project that they desired.

“What will happen if we will not take a direct hand (in the identification of projects)? Let’s just abolish Congress then,” he said.

Drilon said the only difference from the reviled pork barrel system and the President’s plan was that these allocations would be made during the regular public hearings on the budget in Congress and that the funds would go directly to the implementing agency and not to nongovernment organizations. The NGOs handle the implementation, monitoring and reporting under the current system.

The legislative body along with the country’s Executive branch led by President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III from whose office the inclusion of the pork barrel in the national budget proposal originates is under increasing pressure to abolish this practice.


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The land of thieves. The so called honourable (puke in disgust!) politicians is robbing their own countrymen. Indeed it is an embarrassing country! Shame on these pigs as well as the voters who put these pigs in the position.


*are robbing

romanao magtangol

Its appalling! the politicians envolved should emmidiately resign from their offices…if their not because they are shameless anyway…People should carry them away from their offices and dump them in the middle of murky water of Pasig river…They should join their cohorts and let them rot in the dark, stinky and disgusting prison….


nakakahiya lang, kung sana madali lang mag migrate tagal ko ng linayasan itong pilipinas, napaka walang kwenta ng mga humahawak, puro magnanakaw. kawawa yung sobrang hirap sa buhay. nasaan na yang mga naakusahang mga senator at congressman na yan, dapat isama na yan kay napoles para mag reunion sila.

At first I thought this cover was not real. But come to think of it, this perfectly describes the despicable and truly atrocius acts of many politicians. Sa tagalog, nakakasuka, kasuklam-suklam talaga ang pinaggagawa ng mga halimaw, matatakaw at gahaman sa pera at kapangyarihan. They all deserve the death penalty for depriving us, the Filipino people, not just the poor, but all Filipinos, of the benefits, the services, the defense capability of this country just so they could amass tremendous wealth. Nakakahiya sila, puro galing sa nakaw ang pinapakain, pinapagpaaral, pinapang bakasyon at kung anu-ao pa. I-enjoy nyo na yan,… Read more »
kimberly canlas

buti n lang nasa saudi nako hehehehe pasensya na mga kabayan pero ang malas lang ng mga pinoy kung pwede ko lang itakwil ang pilipinas ignawa ko na dahil sa mga kawalanghiyaan ng mga politiko at sa mga botante naman napakabobobo nyo kayo ang bumoto sa mga yan kaya yari kayo ngayon hahahaha

Rogelio Lim

Mukhang tatlong magnanakaw na senador lamang ang makukulong. Ito ay sina Enrile, Estrada at Revilla. Ang karamihan sa mga magnanakaw na senador , congressman, at government officials na kasapi ng KKKK ay hindi kakasuhan kaya patuloy silang makapagnanakaw sa 2014 budget. Kaya dapat alisin ang lahat na pork barrel mapa Kongreso o pork barrel ni Noynoy dahil nandiyan pa ang mga mandarambong at hindi na sila mapagkakatiwalaan. O kaya alisin na lang ang Kongreso at Pangulohan.


this ought to be good for the exchange rate. I am looking forward to 50:1 against the US Dollar.


kahiya hiya ang Pilipinas sa pinag-gagagawa ng mga mambabatas na yan. Tama din siguro yung mungkahi ni Atty Macalintal na buwagin na yang Kongreso at Senado. Wala namang maipasang matitinong batas. Puro internet at mga netizens ang pinag-iinitan ng mga yan.

Wala na ngang magawang tama ninanakawan pa ang bansa..

Thomas Jefferson

Looks like the Philippine Political Mafia is finally exposed by Biz News Asia. Let the guilty criminals among them be made accountable! To think that those guilty even support terror/criminal/bandit groups. Remember the NPA campaign fees and/or campaign to win? The guilty fund shooters too to eliminate any opposition in their provinces and respective bailiwicks. The godfather of the pork is BS Aquino with the biggest amount in excess of 1 TRILLION PESOS. BS gave all the benefits and advantages to the MILF. He is also for the NPA.

———- Well, well, well.. just another day for everybody else because once again we have a source of national pride. “D ba sabi sa TV ito ay pwede nating ipagmalaki sa buong mundo.” The biggest criminal syndicate is actually the people who were voted and elected by the’s like wow that is absolutely awesome. If ever a foreigner would ask me what am I proud of my country, I’d say we are a country whose leaders support legalized plunder from top to bottom, whether they are rich or poor everybody has a share of the tainted pie. I am… Read more »

nakakahiya, nakakasuka at nakakalungkot! kung hindi naman baboy at buwaya itong mga mga magnanakaw na pulitikong ito eh napakahampaslupa nila hindi na nakontento sa sweldo at kapangyarihan nila at nakuha pa nilang magnakaw ng pera ng bayan! NAPAKAHAMPASLUPA NILA SOBRANG GAHAM AT UHAW SA PERA’T KAPANGYARIHAN! dapat sa kanila hindi na ikinukulong kung hindi dahan dahang patayin ng taong bayan! grabe sila! nakakahiya na ito!

The good thing about with what is happening is that the govt is no longer hiding these from the public. I hope we continue this practice of letting the corrupt get discovered and put them in jail! If this practice goes on, it will become part of our political culture of hating corruption, even cyberbullying those who benefited (Isama pati mga anak nila! Like the son of Gen. Carlos Garcia and Jean Napoles who are having luxurious lives abroad). We should make everyone feel that corruption is SHAMEFUL. Let us ostracized them, make their world oh so small. Stop the… Read more »

Ayaw ko man sanang maging kahiya hiya ang Pilipinas sa buong mundo pero sana ay hindi lang BizNewsAsia ang sumunod na magpublish ng storyang ito. Calling Times, CNN, BizNewsWorld, etc… to publish this news so that these “honourable” thieves in the philippine congress and Senate will be put to shame in all corners of the world.


I’m been told that one of the reasons the dollar to peso exchange rate has improved is because of that poster above, huge with drawls of cash from banks and investments getting pulled, foreign countries see no will for change very little outrage and no action and feel it’s only getting worse, like N Korea those in power will never let go the reins because that would mean a very poor lifestyle and they would need to get a real education and skills.


Sino po ang kilala ninyong mga politiko sa ating bansa na considered na mahirap?


drilon is trying to campaign that pork barrel aka as pdaf don’t be abolished instead he want it changed to another name and he want the system how the congress and senate will spend it.he is really a pork . very fat pork.even how the people of the republic is begging that it will be stop fat man like him fight the idea,.


As of April 2013, the national government’s outstanding debt stood at P5.309 trillion, an amount representing 48.9 percent of the gross domestic product. – The Philippine Star

-Hindi ba pwede dito muna ilagay yang PDAF na yan?


Sadly, these courrupt politicians will go through convoluted excuses, instead of resigning, just to get around the scam they’re getting into.

Walang hiya talaga sila!


Si Drilon? hitsura pa lang pork na pork na ang dating. He dared to abolish congress, he should go ahead. Now na.