Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines

Some Pinoy Pride stuff had been in the radar lately. Local media ran a feature on a recently appointed American judge with Filipino blood (though the woman, thankfully, said she is an American first). Some NBA fans were quick to boast that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has Filipino blood. But same as the judge, he is an American first. Many Filipinos recently raised hell over Katherine Ryan’s controversial joke about Filipinos being “experimented on” in the cosmetic industry, when it is apparently based on an impression about the sad truth about the state of children in our country. Filipinos always feel punctured or insulted when they are the butt of jokes. They believe nothing should get in the way of being able to walk with their head held high, proud and happy, lording it over others. Filipinos insist that they deserve to be proud and that the solution to our problems is to have more pride as a people.

Oh really?

I have always been strongly vocal against Pinoy Pride for a good reason: it will never save the Philippines.

Goes to show you that pride can fail (photo courtesy of Business Insider)
Goes to show you that pride can fail (photo courtesy of Business Insider)

Pinoy Pride seems to be the belief that Filipinos are a special people from the rest of the world, and thus deserve special respect. For example, they insist that no one has the right to make Pinoys the butt of jokes. And if Pinoys are not given this special respect, they were “cheated,” “insulted” or “oppressed.” Pinoys love to imagine that they are “oppressed” people in the world. But when they do things like post pictures of themselves wearing their employer’s clothes without permission (the maid in Singapore), slap a helpless Alzheimer’s patient (Jonathan Aquino case), steal from a US children’s cancer fund (Rene Ballenas pleaded guilty to larceny), make a loan in the U.S. then run home to avoid paying it, murder a famous fashion designer (Andrew Cunanan killing Gianni Versace), complain about someone else’s name (the Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia) or be on the defensive after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, you know they are far from “oppressed” or “deserving pride.” It’s more like they need therapy. If only there was a psychiatric treatment called Ego Therapy.

Back to Katherine Ryan: Why is it that Filipinos tend to be the butt of some jokes like this? Most obvious answer is that they are clearly doing something wrong. Else, there would be no reason for someone to create the Top 8 Habits of Filipino Jerks (the article implies that if you are insulted by Ryan’s joke, then you are a jerk!).

I also see a connection between Pinoy Pride and the tendency of our culture to be effete and boisterous when it comes to self-promotion. This self-promotion often comes as efforts to claim that being Pinoy is special and is the secret behind the success of some people. Pinoys will snag the chance to ride on names, such as as Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda, Manny Pacquiao and Lea Salonga. This reasoning probably came from a false syllogism:

Charice/Manny/Arnel/Lea are talented and celebrated.

Charice/Manny/Arnel/Lea are Filipino.

Ergo Filipinos are all talented and should be celebrated.

I’m a Filipino, so I am talented and should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, this all goes down the toilet when you find that these vocal “proud Pinoys” are actually cockroaches who are too lazy to work, go drinking all day and want to milk their relatives dry.

Truly, as fellow blogger Gogs says, KSP is the root of all evil. And this KSPness is just so prominent when demonstrated by Filipinos. It’s just too hard to not notice.

It certainly is ironic while the Philippines is predominantly Catholic, its greatest fault is the worst sin of all, pride. So it’s time to remind Pinoys about their beliefs. An article from Catholic.org, eloquently explains why pride is bad news for anyone. Although this is a Catholic article, it explains things in a way that any Christian – or person with religion – would agree with. I am confident that even an atheist, deist or agnostic or other non-religious would agree, pride is a major cause of wrongdoing in human society.

Then come some critics saying “GRP is negative, putting down the Filipino.” OK then, name an instance where a Pinoy Pride initiative actually uplifted the lives of Filipinos, and brought them out of dysfunction.


That’s the reality. Pinoy Pride never uplifted Filipino lives. Because Pinoy Pride itself is an act to cover up Filipino failings. It is a symptom of other attitude problems, such as sense of self-entitlement, emotionalism, anti-intellectualism and love of the underdog.

Let me lift an explanation from an earlier blog post, slightly revised: Pinoy Pride initiatives rise out of the imaginary notion that Filipinos are under attack. But way I see it, they are just attacking themselves. Filipinos are the ones declaring themselves inferior, and then imagine someone else saying it, like a foreigner. Based on this schizophrenic fear of a delusional enemy, they embark on Filipino Pride programs to try and push up their image. But these programs may involve covering up or denying the mistakes of the Filipinos. Thus, Filipinos actually end up pulling themselves down further.

Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines because it is part of the problem. It was never a solution. It leads to Filipinos acting foolishly and without wisdom, caring only to feed their ego. Acts of pride are self-deflating by nature, because they are acts of projection that highlight the person’s faults instead of strengths. People may believe they are showing strength or good traits, when in fact, they are showing serious flaws.

I believe we can never attack Pinoy Pride enough, because it is the cancer itself that continues to shoot down all efforts to improve our people’s behavior. Why is corruption so hard to remove? Because the people are too proud to change. Perhaps that’s why our countrymen are experiencing a moral crisis. We’re Pinoys, we’re already perfect, we’re special. So we don’t need to change.

And neither do the dysfunctions of our country.


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I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

Post Author: ChinoF

I stick with this blog because I believe, as my cohorts do, that many things Filipino embrace as part of their culture keep their society backward. And blogging freely to show that in a truly decent society, with true freedom of speech, even nobodies have a voice.

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Pinoy Pride is being creative in coating Vanilla cream on a pile of dung. It can never be denied the noblest Filipino value of supporting almost all their relatives like sending them to school, helping them to find jobs and even sustaining their daily subsistence. However, the negative result of this virtue is that most Filipinos become parasitic, irresponsible and pay little concern to value and respect things given to them and even to almost everything in their surroundings. Filipino Pride is very good at creating new terms to make desirable to the ear despicable behaviors like (to mention a… Read more »

Good read and a very good point but the question remains what then is needed to uplift the Philippines?

Jack C

We seem to prefer to leech off another successful Filipino’s success rather than get the gumption to pursue our own, individual success.

We don’t deserve our “Pinoy Pride” until we earned it ourselves. Otherwise, humility goes a long way.


what about the phenomenon called GRP pride? where GRP writers and their fans consider themselves superior to everyone else and are therefore too proud to accept when theyre wrong and need to change have you observed that? this cancer manifests in irrational hatred toward anything filipio especially any positive news about the philippines.


If pinoys want to wallow in pinoy pride then they have to learn to look at both sides of the ledger. Maybe they don’t because on the other side of the ledger, there are way more significant items that easily outweigh the trivial “pride” items. So of course the solution is either widen the blind spot or exercise selective amnesia. Anybody who sheds light on that is a hater and negative.

Johnny Derp

It seems that this is yet another epic FAIL for Mr. Sendong”girl” and the malacanang stooge group.


This comment is still gold:

“You can’t be proud of what you didn’t achieve, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into.”

Real pride comes from the COLLECTIVE. That also means CRITICAL THINKING and PROGRESS. I’m sure every typical Pinoy would respond like:

“Paano ba maging Proud to be Pinoy? Malay ko sa iyo. Hahahaha. ‘Di kita maintindihan dahil bobo ata ako.”


As if the Filipino race was a centuries old civilization that contributed greatly to the advancement of human knowledge. Hence, the Pinoy pride was conceived, for lacking actual contribution to the human race, clings to whoever gets recognised even if that someone has a tiniest bit of Filipino heritage in them.


This is a great article! Sadly, most Filipinos are in denial as sadly, ‘Yabang’ and ‘Pikon’ are hand in hand ingrained in our culture.

I am at a loss here. When I read your title, I’ll admit I was a bit offended but after seeing how you not only validated your point but also gave current examples of how we view ourselves as a collective, it’s no wonder we are disliked by our neighbors. Reading the comments made me see that we literally are kidding ourselves and how the world really sees us a people. How can we clam pride when we don’t even have a clear identity? A product of colonialism? Perhaps. I’ve met so many Pinoys in the US who have chosen… Read more »

I totally agree with this! Lack of education is also the cause of this Filipino pride. This should be taught to everyone.

I’m a Filipino but I will always be proud as a Filipino however what I hate about MOST filipino is they will a.) Always use “family” as an excuse for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING b.) Who HOPES to much that everything will come their way. Pffft. c.) Who ALWAYS uses ‘AGE’ that you should be well more respected and ALWAYS right. F off! World works TWO WAYS mate. d.) Authoritative, you CANNOT make ANY MISTAKES. Apparently, the older you get the more rights you have? Whatever. e.) They always BITCH about everything especially when they’re overseas. You can’t teach them and… Read more »
Ruwan Weerakkody

I really like to write essays like this.

I am so pissed off Dan Brown insultsted Maynila, calling its ‘gates of hell’. so disgoosted xD


I agree with the article, too much pride prevents us from seeing ourselves as part of the truth.

We need to learn to value the individual over the “race” or group. For example. when everyone fails an exam except for one, we should admire that person instead of saying that the guy cheated because he studied or didn’t let anyone copy his work.


Good read. To all the Filipinos whose only salvation is their pride.


If you are living in this country that has suffered so much pain, suffering from both the local government to the natural calamities that strikes the Philippines every year (needless to say how many times per year), then giving that edification and boosting the morals of Filipinos by being proud of the achievement of other Filipinos, then F*CK OFF YOU HATERS ESP THOSE FILIPINOS WITH CRAB MENTALITY!!! Get delivered from Spain’s inflicted virus in our culture! What evil can someone who is proudly pinoy can do to you??? STUPID BLOG THIS IS!


False pride is a mechanism for the avoidance of shame.

Vicarious pride a means to mitigate inferority.

“Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority”.
– Arthur Schopenhauer, Aphorisms


AGAIN!!! What harm can any Filipino do to you by being proud of their kababayan’s achievements???? even my neighbor who was promoted from being a lieutenant at the air force now a captain, i made sure to let him know i am proud of his achievement, and he was inspired to work harder and inspire other military officers as well… WHERE IS THE EVIL IN THIS??? haters will remain haters for they are the worst virus in our society. GET LOST!


Another self-hating article from self-hating Pinoys. Go f yourselves.

Fritz de Leon Zamora
F*ck this country. I think it’s true that “Pinoy Pride” is the cancer of this goddamn country. Some of our dumb-ass countrymen feel insulted when foreign people point out the problems in our country. They feel oppressed and insulted when it is really the truth. Just look at Manila. Dan Brown described it as the “Gates of Hell” in his book entitled Inferno. And guess what happened? You got it! The majority of our countrymen didn’t agree with it and reacted as if it wasn’t true at all. They’re like, “OMG, someone insulted us/ our country! We are a superior… Read more »