Senator Franklin Drilon personal wealth in the spotlight

Money talks — and shuts people up. The challenge issued by embattled Chief Justice Renato Corona to 188 Lower House representatives who were behind the filing of a sloppily-written and practically baseless impeachment complaint against Corona virtually at the behest of Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III and Senator Franklin Drilon for them to sign a waiver to open their dollar-denominated bank accounts to public scrutiny is resonating across Philippine society.

Elements within the camp who have backed the cotinued extra-judicial assault on the privacy and reputation of Corona have latched on to his infamous court “walk-out” yesterday to bolster what had previously become a substance-starved movement to oust the country’s top magistrate. The movement, unfortunately for them, remains substance starved despite this minor setback. But to the sorts of minds that subscribe to the Black-and-White world of anti-Corona rhetoric, the word substance may as well be a Swahili word.

Whatever way this circus goes, it seems it is Senator Franklin Drilon who stands to lose the most. Throughout the trial, Drilon hardly even bothered to pretend to be an objective “senator-judge”, often taking it upon himself to plug conceptual gaps left gaping by the mediocre lawyering of the prosecution team. As such, his being singled out among the senator-judges by Corona and lumped among the rabble of 188 Lower House “representatives” is not a surprising development.

Drilon had himself been the subject of speculation that he is not above hiding allegedly unexplained personal wealth. A March 2011 report revealed that a 1,542 square-metre property in über-expensive Forbes Park Village in Makati City is owned by Drilon’s stepdaughter Eduarda S. Genuino, but: “As far as Forbes Park neighbors know, the property belongs to the senator”. The report goes on to reveal that the “Forbes Park land is being linked to the Iloilo International Airport Project which Drilon oversaw during the time of President Joseph Estrada”. More recently, a bit more detail was provided by The Daily Tribune in a March 2012 report

Documents earlier provided the Tribune also showed that Aquino’s chief Senate ally Sen. Franklin Drilon may have resorted to means to hide the purchase of a property at the country’s premiere rich man’s village Forbes Park.

Documents showed that in 2004, Eduarda S. Genuino, the single daughter of Mila Serrano Genuino and the late Vic Genuino, employed as an executive at Starbucks of the Tantoco Lopez family, purchased a foreclosed property worth P50 million at 17 Kawayan Road, North Forbes Park, Makati from the Bank of the Philippine Islands represented by senior vice president Senen Matoto.

The original owner of the lot was Amalio Montecillo who is married to a certain Manuel Montecillo. Genuino’s widowed mother Milagros married Sen. Franklin Drilon sometime in 2000.

The family resides at 49 Polk St. North Greenhills, San Juan M.M. which is also the residence of Sen. Drilon.

The source of the document asked how can a single lady with no other visible means of income aside from her Starbucks job purchase such an expensive property.

Of course this sort of “reporting” by the Tribune is not too different from the sort of revelations published with glee by “cooperative” reporters on esteemed broadsheets like the and on “social news networks” such as But then this is Philippine society where such factoids remain the de facto hard currency for passing judgment on people.

Taste of their own medicine? Not bitter enough, perhaps not quite the “cheaps tricks” that the Black and White Movement had made their new rallying cry, but good media fodder nonetheless.

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Manny Balane

Drilon and his ilk may feel high and mighty now, and even make a mockery of our laws, but certainly there is no escaping the law of karma! Your hubris will be shattered and your lies and deceptions will be exposed!

of course benigno there are lots of crooks in the government. you must process them one at a time. it is not an argument of one who got caught that he should be declared innocent because there are others out there who are as mendacious and as corrupt as the chief justice. cj corona was given his day in court, and you must give drilon also his day in court by charging him officialy so he can hire topnotch lawyers and defend himself like corona. congress in the case of cj corona was decent enough in bringing an impeachment in… Read more »

Baboy na, lapdog pa. HIPPOPOcrite.


I only see, both sides playing with our heads and not showing the genuine integrity that is required so for a public servant whatsoever, Man if the States has problems like this they would have defaulted a long time ago on their debt. I only hope I can see a group that will break the political entrenchment created by these IDIOTS. I DON’T TAKE CORONA’S OR AQUINO’S SIDE, DELIVER JUSTICE AND IF YOU PROVE YOUR IN FOR THE TASK YOU ARE FOR IN GOVERNMENT, THEN I WON’T COMPLAIN MUCH AT ALL.

Boy Mejorada

The home address of Senator Drilon is 107 Kennedy St., North Green Hills, not 49 Polk St.

I don’t know why this blog chooses to remain the biggest Corona apologists on the web. The truth is no one in Philippine politics is innocent—not Corona, not Drilon, not PNoy, not his mother, not Aguinaldo, not Mabini. Historically, our politics has always been an amoral struggle for power. It’s a game guys. The reason why Corona is on the stand now and not Drilon is the same reason why Erap was impeached: he didn’t play the game right. He was stupid. He made an enemy of the a highly popular president from day one, which culminated when he humiliated… Read more »
Loreta Galo

Sen. Drilon if u have nothing to hide take the challenge of CJ Corona

Hyden Toro

Porky Drilon is a ravenous and greedy Hacienda Luisita Swine…He refuses to sign the waiver. It just means one thing: he is hiding something…maybe 82 or more Bank Accounts. Maybe 45 properties or more…


Drilon is kamalmuks. I am sure he is hiding something. Sooner or later, he will also dump Pnoy for whoever he thinks will have the money bag next.

Winter is Coming

@ Entong and Impaler

He was the one who famously invited GMA to move Malacañang to Iloilo because “everyone loves you there.”


[…] he was among the first to resist and strongly condemn the CJ’s challenge. I guess he did have something to hide. Hey, I can see his house from […]


remember the Iloilo airport of “international standards”…