Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s day in court

Brilliant performance today from Chief Justice Renato Corona. He laid himself out in a manner ordinary Filipinos could relate with. The simplicity of his lifestyle, the straightforward manner with which he accumulated his wealth, and the looking-you-in-the-eye reaffirmation of his lack of any wrongdoing cut straight past the TV screens and struck hard the hearts of the viewing public — ultimately the ones who will guide how the Senator-Judges would decide this case. Corona lived in the same house in Xavierville where he presided over a household not dependent on servants to function. He made his fortune the old-fashioned way; slowly but surely making shrewd investments and practical expenditure. And he highlighted the obvious and long-evident lack of substance of the prosecution case. Political exercise indeed this trial is.

To his credit, Senate court chairman Juan Ponce Enrile paid months of “liberal” tolerance of Niel Tupas Jr’s bumbling prosecution team back to Corona to whom he granted enough latitude to make what many assumed would be his last stand. Almost three hours of testimony on Corona’s own terms would still have not made up for months of blatant insubstantial and downright flawed allegations and accusations, falsification and misrepresentation of evidence, and malicious black propaganda with the aid of cooperative media people and organisations mounted by the prosecution camp. But Corona used his time on the witness stand wisely nonetheless.

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Of course it all went pear-shaped from thereon. Corona, being the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court should have known better than to leave the witness stand without being discharged by the presiding judges. Did he “walk out”? Or did he fall sick? We’ll find out for sure tomorrow when and if he returns to face the court and subject himself to cross-examination.

When the smoke from the post-session fireworks display set off by folks fixated on what they have already decided to be a Corona “walk out” clears, we will be left with the challenge Corona issued to the 188 Lower House representatives who lodged the now infamous dud of an impeachment complaint that launched this circus, and Senator-Judge Franklin Drilon. Corona after all was never under any obligation to disclose his dollar-denominated bank accounts. But considering how adamant his accusers were that this was the “right” thing for Corona to do, the ultimate test for such “conviction” on the matter will have been a willingness on the part of these accusers to do the same. As such, Corona’s signing a waiver to subject his dollar accounts to scrutiny, invoking the nature of this trial as “political” exercise (as many Noted people insist it is), can rightfully be conditional.

The people also want to know. Perhaps their curiosity — no, their new-found sense of entitlement to the truth about dollar accounts held by all politicians — will more than make up for what admittedly was a bag of brownie points that Corona may have blown by leaving the witness stand without the court’s permission. Indeed, how the public decides to weigh in on this will ultimately determine how much of a legal exercise or political exercise this trial really is — and how much of what Corona bared about himself, the family man and his quintessentially Filipino extended family issues, resonates with the personal experience of the average Filipino televiewer.

Nonetheless, Corona owes it to the Filipino people to show up in tomorrow’s trial and face his accusers’ questions. If his legal team had indeed been providing their services pro bono throughout the trial, then he owes it to them to take serious heed of their legal advise. And from a broader perspective he owes us, those of us who truly believed that the very essence of Philippine democracy — its checks-and-balances, its due process, the integrity of its institutions, and the intelligence of its people — was being damaged, insulted, and gamed by a bloc orchestrated at such vast a scale we’ve so far seen.

We who had resolved to resist the mind candy of Yellowist rhetoric, bring it to light, and crystalise its true and dark nature using critical minds and level heads and not asked for anything in return, not be motivated by any political agenda, nor presumed to be subject to any tagline of any “camp” or clique or partisan affiliation but instead were united by a common approach to thinking the issues through properly are expecting Corona to be better than he was today. We expect more from him because he is, I believe, better than all of who seek to destroy him today. That a team of lawyers of such rare brilliance would stand by him, and a community of insightful campaigners, writers, and artists would apply the full force of their creative and intellectual energies to produce truly compelling ideas to underpin Corona’s position (as opposed to the loud mouths, empty platitudes, meaningless slogans, and quaint stunts contributed by the “other” camp to further their masters’ agendas) says enough about which one of the two constitutes the real winning team.

Of course, brilliance and careful thinking will always be an elite albeit minority camp in terms of numbers within any population. And this is why the bigger community of folk who harbour a perverse notion of what “majority” rule makes “right” will never grasp what it means to be right without being popular. This is, after all, a society that is a grand outcome of its long track record of seeing the wrong arguments win.

And by the way, the even more ultimate end of this is that it is really Senator Franklin Drilon who loses whatever way this circus ends.

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158 Replies to “Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s day in court”

    1. Muli na naman nating nakita ang malaFamas na acting ni Corona. Desperado na talaga kaya gusto idelay pa ang trial. Dapat maguilty na ito

      1. Hey, the idiot Vincenzo is back! You’re still a yellow ass-kissing idiot! Good to see nothing has changed!

        1. pati mga public figure alam na hindi karapat dapat na maging chief justice si corona. Dapat magresign na sya!

          @vicegandako 20h We have a Chief
          Justice from Harvard
          who’s not even a
          good public speaker.

          @vicegandako 20h Ang bagot ng speech
          m0 Corona!

          @iamsuperbianca 18h wala namang ganyanan. jpe respected him as chief justice, he must also respect the impeachment court and wait to be discharged. #CJonTrial

        2. @Vincenzo:

          Fact: They are also Yellow Zombies like you. All of them are anti-intellectual. All our IDIOTS.

          Sira na ang credibility mo when you include Vice Ganda on this. Even Michael V is funnier. 😛

      2. Vincenzo, so ini-cite mo si Vice Ganda ukol sa latest isyu with Chief Justice Corona.

        Tell me more how intelligent you are.

        *Condescending Willy Wonka meme*


        1. Nothing, really. Some Filipinos are a funny lot.

          I just found a new use for the adjective “brilliant”. Proceed with your arguments then, they are quite enlightening in a way the puffer fish can be eaten but with great caution.

          Just check other words from time to time though and do not limit yourself to the adjectives “malicious” and “vindictive”. For a change, why not use….brilliant.

  1. After I heard on the radio when I got back to the car that he “walked out” I was in disbelief. I really couldn’t believe he would do that after all of the effort his side/team went through to establish their “truth/fact”. But I assumed it was most likely health/medical related and apparently it is.

    I was surprised to hear comments immediately saying he is acting. Isn’t this the first time we have heard/found out he was a diabetic? So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt on the issue of his health. If it is simply the diabetic excuse the “Yellow” try to pin him down own, that stabilizes and will not make him succumb to confinement.

    A day or two the most should be enough to get you back on your feet.

    And as JPE said, his testimony/speech will have no bearing on the case without cross examination, and he has not been discharged.

    So people will get to hear the completion of direct, cross, recross and redirect (if need be) as well as questions from the judges (if they have). It will come. If it doesn’t, then as JPE said, they will decide based on the current evidence and assume the case is being submitted already for resolution. What have you now got to lose anyway for those just wanting things “NOW”?

    1. wow ang galing momng masalita dahil tuta aka ni arroyo at corona ….si corona matapos manira at magbintang ke morales at pinoy ay wala namang nasabi kung saan nangaling ang pera niya at dollar account ang sabe lang ay marami daw silang may ari nito pero hindi sinabi kung sinosino ang may ari ng pera at hindi rin ipinaliwanag ang dollar account ay bigla nalang nagkasakit gaya ng mga kinasuhan na tao ni arroyo at si arroyo at asawa nito nakakasawa na a ng mga drama nila nagpapaawa lang sila kung tinitigilan nilaang drama nila ay baka sakaling paniwalaan pa sila ng taong bayan ….puwede lang sila sa famas at hindi ko alam na maraton runner pala si corona matapos manira at magsinungalin ay b inanatan ng takbo buti na lang naisarado yung bakal na isliding door .kaya hindi nakalabas sabihin na diabetik sya ay sumama ang pakiramdaam kilangalang na bigyan bng sugar ay magpahinga ng iasang oras at puwede na ulit bumalik sa witness stand pero ang ginawa niya ay pasakay sa wheelchair at balabas agad kahit hindi papinaaalis ni enrile..

      1. in the first place it is not his job to discuss in full detail where and how he got the money because the prosecution failed to provide a basis for the discussion. Since the presented evidences were general, fabricated and unauthenticated, he may well discuss his earning in the same manner.
        kasalanan ba nya na he is a wise investor who has a better paying job before becoming a government official?
        is it not questionable that all three sources of so-called evidences are related? naku ha. dun pa lang it raises question as to why the 3 departments/institution are headed by one family.
        at least he was under oath when he made those allegations. what about those the CJ accused? accusation through media! what balls they have don’t you think? and in court only to be questioned and debunked. now that is what you call COMPETENCE on their part.

        1. maraming ninakaw si corona tulad ng amo nyang si gloria kaya marami ang gusto syang mapatalsik

        2. @Vincenzo: You have proof? Wala ka ngang maipapakitang evidence e.

          Sorry, pero those who wanted him to be ousted are the ones who wanted to destroy this country. Just admit it. 😛

        3. As usual vincenzo, you keep accusing yet you don’t provide any evidence. FYI, The burden of proof is ALWAYS on the accusers.

      2. dude, he actually educated the complainants on the proper process of acquiring evidences. to be lectured-again-in court is shameful.
        and yes, you love the show…so, enjoy! tsk tsk…
        nakakahiya naman sa prosecution, di nila nagawa ng tama ang trabaho nila despite crying in court that nabastos sila by the CJ by accusing them of using fraudulent evidences in court.

  2. GUILTY! GUILTY! Admit it Benign0, Ilda, tinola ang manok ninyo! At sus may drama pa.

    GRP is now like a pack of scurrying rats over today’s development. Time for damage control since you can’t defend that Chief Justice dollar-gorging pig. Same with AP and CoRRECT in case they plan to use their sites to defend CJ Corona.

    1. hahaha!!! best actor ng famas corona best actress arroyo best supporting actor enrile best supporting actrest horn ahahahah!!!!buking na abangan bukas kung hanggang ilang oras ang tagal ni corona sa witness stand bago magsakit sakitan ….abangan hahahahah!!!

    2. ang mga taong yan ang lalong sumisira sa ating bansa! dapat sumali na rin sila sa pagsuporta laban kay corona kung me konti respeto pa sila sa pinoy

      1. Blah blah blah, is that all you can say you stupid c*nt? you still don’t get it don’t you??? Evem after CJ testified, you still pronouce him as guilty. You really have a one track mind you stupid c*nt!!

        1. Pareng Anonymous, kalma lang, nahahawa ka na sa trolling style ni Vincenzo. This is what he wants. He wants us to lose our line of reasoning para siya ang lumabas na tama. Typical Yellow Tard social maneuver.

      2. Respeto sa Pinoy? Baka respeto sa mga KKKK ni Abnoy iyan? Why can’t you accept the fact were most Filipinos are idiots and misled by media?

        1. Kalma lang, pareng Daido. Nahahawa ka na sa trolling style ni Vincenzo. This is what he wants. He wants us to lose our line of reasoning para siya ang lumabas na tama. Typical Yellow Tard social maneuver.

          *The same thing I said to Anonymous

      3. @Nutzi Vincenzo

        Present your concrete proof that these people are destroying the country. Your haas CJ Corona is duly noted. You and your kind obviously adore the “great dictator” and will do everything and anything to perpetuate his evil directives and examples.

      4. Alam mo, marami kaming nae-encounter na anti-Corona, pero hindi sila ganyan ka-immature makipag-discuss katulad niyo.

        Si Nelson, okay pa, eh, at least his opinions are flecked with facts (though nakukulangan kami/nagda-doubt kami sa mga facts niya)

        Ikaw naman, Vincenzo, WALA NA AKONG NABASA NA MATINO SA IYO! Ang masaklap pa, nahahawa na ang ibang taga-GRP sa trolling style mo, para pag kami nagalit, mawawala na rin kami sa katwiran.

        In fairness, ha? Epektib iyang style mo. “Not sure if Vincenzo is being a social manipulator, or just stupid.”

        *Futurama Fry meme*

    3. yan lang lagi sinasabi nyo, paulit ulit, bumalik ka na lang sa PDI where you belong, andun yung mga utak lamok na kagaya mo na parang hindi narinig yung sinabi ni Corona…unfortunately kokonti na lang talaga ngayon ang “thinking pinoys” puro mga katulad nyo na lang na basta gusto lang mang gulo, si ronald llmas cguro nagbigay sa inyo ng trabaho…

    4. ano kayang gagawin mo pag na acquit si corona?..magbibigti?…what damage control are you talking about, i never expected an iota of rationality with the yellows pero kakaiba talaga yung kabobohan nyo no?…no amount of reasoning can make you see the light…sabagay, you have the “street mentality” pano ka nga makakapag isip?…regardless of your “lobbying” kumonti na ang mga anti corona ang natira na lang e ang mga walang utak na katulad mo…

    5. Are you sure Corona is guilty? If you wish to condemn, better be very very sure. The Good Book advises, “do not judge” for no reason. You condemn wrongly, you wrong a man. You wrong a man, you damn yourself. The laws of the universe will make sure you understand, by turning the table on you. How about you being accused of a high crime and you are innocent but everyone and the entire neighborhood thinks you are guilty as hell?

      Go ahead, condemn the man to the highest heavens, but as I said, be very very sure, or you will regret this hehehe

  3. The convenient excuse by those who want Corona to “hang” is that he’s the one on trial, so why should everyone else sign the waiver? These people obviously miss the point. If one government official is to be made accountable, then everyone must be too.

    This trial has brought to the forefront the double standard that Pinoys apply and take for granted in their lives. The illegal things Pinoys do are only illegal if someone else is doing it. For a person favorable to them, it’s protection of privacy; if not favorable, it’s admission of guilt.

    Are we truly indeed ready to grow as a people after this exercise, or will we allow this trial, where the prosecution’s evidence is anything but conclusive, to simply be another blip in the Pinoy’s history of failure?

    1. I actually like his conditional waiver.

      Kind of like him giving instructions, “If you really want to do this, let’s do it right for once.”

      Legally, he is not obligated but I believe he ended with the words regarding the waiver “..but I am no fool”.

      I think the reason for that is regardless of whatever amount those dollar accounts have, people may just want to go after it (even if hard earned) and his children lose what is technically for them.

      I read this article and I was surprised that it was what seemed to be a pending issue/question that has no legal answer yet. I think it can only be settled after this trial (regardless of the outcome).

      Problem is, anything prior to amendments to the law are not counted as “illegal” as they existed were technically legal prior to the amendments.

      I wonder what course of action would be taken regarding this question posed in the article.

    2. tama ka unahin natin si corona dahil sya aang maykaso pagkatapos yung iba naman ang kanilang isunod tap[usin muna si corona tigil muna ang mga alibi ng mga tuta ni corona kung hindi guilty tigil na angsakit sakitan ….puro na lang kayo palusot inilalayo ninyo ang usapan ng kaso …gaya ng mga democrat dito sa america puro paawa puro paninira ayaw sabihin ang totoo kaya natalo si GORE sa pagkapresidente dahil puro sya palusot at sinungaling pa..

      1. Warning, issued to commentor “somedude”:

        Your comment had been deleted for the threats of bodily harm to a fellow commentor that it contained. There will be no second warning.

        1. Everyone will respond to the commentor “Vicenzo B. Arellano” at their own risk as his comments may be subject to deletion on a case-to-case basis depending on the substance of their content.

      2. Diyan ka nagkakamali.

        Ang burden of proof, nasa accuser (ergo, the prosecution), wala sa nasasakdal (kay Corona.)

        So the prosecution must do what it legally takes to gather evidence from Corona’s bank accounts. I emphasize legally kasi hindi naman talaga katanggap-tanggap as evidence ang mga envelope na biglang lilitaw na parang wild na Pokémon.


        Matanong ko pala: Kung ikaw si Enrile, binuksan mo kaya iyong envelope?

    3. I disagree with you on the double standard.

      First, I agree that there’s an obvious lack of transparency in the system. The fact that US$ have absolute confidentiality and need not be declared is something that must be resolved AFTER the impeachment trial.

      In the meantime, there is one issue to resolve here – – – and that involves the issue of the impeachable offence that the Chief Justice is being accused of (Article 2). Let’s resolve that first….then the issue of transparency can be tackled later.

        1. Source for the record or what you’re spouting is all hearsay, idiot.

          Oh yeah, Corona even challenged Drilon and the 188 congressmen to show their SALN and other documents to the public.

        2. Vincenzo:

          Give us Corona’s dollar accounts or it didn’t happen.

          P*tangina, I should be hacking your computer na.

      1. Why tackle it later, when — it being an issue that affects every Filipino, that is, all of us — we can tackle it *now*?

        1. It is a separate issue. The one on trial is the CJ…not the other congressmen, etc.

          The later doesn’t mean in a year’s time or something….maybe what i should have said was . . . tackle it separately….rather than used the word “later.”

          Transparency is a valid issue. So yes, it is important and should be tackled.

  4. Well I say it’s GRP’s time to GET REAL and GROW UP of your anti-Pinoy juvenile delinquent ways!

    Sheesh, a whole group dedicated to oppose the country, regardless who’s in power? Defending Corona since ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’?

    I’m looking forward to Benign0 issuing his reply. In a wheelchair.

    1. @cjcoronsky

      Is Corona’s time in the witness stand finished?

      Is it at all concluded? Not yet right?

      Wouldn’t it also be prudent to say you are in an anti-CJ mindset and have already judged him.

      So panu kung natapos and the impeachment court decides to reprimand him only or acquit? Panu na?

      Ah wala, bayaran ang Senado, ganun ba? Porket hindi nangyari gusto mo?

      Look, not everyone thinks the same way, pero I expect adults to respect each other, at least try to a certain degree.

      Whose being juvenile anyway? Isn’t it you with how you are acting here?

      1. boo hoo hoo you. It’s all anti CJ remarks online now. If you’re still pro-CJ Corona you must be living in a cave until now.

        Better change your mind dude! I’m sure may caucus na sina Benign0 at Ilda ngayon. Survival of GRP at stake in all this pro-CJ stance.

        And if you don’t change your mind it’ll be much like Trip to Jerusalem – Benign0 and Ilda have already bailed out of CJ Corona and you, my dear sir, will be left standing. High and dry. Mwahahaha.

        1. Um, I don’t think you get my comment sir. Yun ang problema sa mga tao tingin may pro or anti lang na pwede magexist sa mundo.

          I am at this point neutral. Hindi pa naman kasi tapos e. Naiintindihan mo ba ang ibig sabihin ng hindi pa tapos o kelangan ko pa ipaliwanag sa iyo yun?

          I am neither pro or anti. That is the point. I am reserving judgement. I am against certain courses of actions by prosec, by def and some judges but it doesn’t affect my neutral stance still because the presentation of both sides is not yet concluded.

          Tulad ng sabi nila there is always 2 sides to the same coin/story. Sa ngayon naprisinta na ng kompleto yung prosec, ngayon yung depense patapos pa lang at si CJ ang huli nilang witness.

          Kung tapos na talaga ang presentation, tsaka lang ako makakapagdecide.

          Pero sa case lang ng SALN e decided naman ako, hindi naman kasi impeachable offense yun kahit sabihin mo offense. So para sa akin, no point in dwelling over the SALN sana.

          Ang gusto ko sana puntiryahin ng impeachment court talaga e kung may bias ba talaga ang CJ at panu ba nila papatunayan ang bias sa korte or walang bias.

          Yun sana importante, ang problema hindi naman iyon pinuntirya ng prosec so dun lang ba talaga sa SALN offense ang focus? yun lang?

        2. that’s not true….after yesterday’s revelation, i thnk maraming nakapag isip so happen na unlike the pro-abnoys na parang mga tsismosa sa kanto like their idol, the ones who understood corona are quiet and waiting with the earnest hope that the senator judges would vote using their head and not their hunger for money..look at drilon…porking porky na talaga itsura, with his 1 kilo jowls you could already tell he is living la vida loca…pag na acquit si corona what i suggest you do is sumama ka sa mga tropa ronald llamas at mag rally kayo sa edsa…tignan natin kung di kayo magmukang engot

      2. boo hoo hoo you. Sorry but it’s all anti-Corona sentiments in all the social networks. If you’re still pro-CJ you must be living under a rock.

        Stop defending CJ Corona! I’m sure Benign0 and Ilda are in a caucus now, committing more GRP firepower to a lost cause.

        Continue defending CJ and you things might turn out like Trip to Jerusalem. Benign0 and Ilda have already bailed out of CJ and jumped ship. Leaving you, dear sir, standing high and dry >:D LOL

        1. Um, so what if the “Social netowrks” are expressing an anti-CJ stance? I repeat, so what?

          He isn’t finish yet, you make judgements, assumptions already based on the beginning of his time on the stand already?

          As an old saying/parable goes,(something like this) a pebble, no matter how small, can make ripples in a big pond.

        2. And regardless of the outcome, people will have their varying opinions and that is ok. If our opinions are not the same, I ,or you, don’t really need to apologize for having a different view/opinion, unless you are not expressing that opinion properly and are being rude and uncivilized.

        3. social networks are probably invaded by the yellow media zombies paid to pin down the CJ…to make other people think that most people are thinking that way…well here in the Philippines…there are a lot of idiots in a majority…

      3. ang sabi mo ay hindi empeachsable ang saln.pero kasalanan parin yon gaya ng ginawa ni corona kay ong at yung kasama niya na kinasuhan dahil sa saln na mali ang pag fillup na pinakulong ni corona at yung babae na pinakulong din dahil sa saln dahil ba sya ay judge maykarapatan syang hindi ma empeach sya ba ay hari ng pinas tapos kayong mga tuta ni arroyo ay wala kayong pinagbibintangan kung hindi si pinoy karapatan lang ni pinoy na parusahan ang mga kurakot at sinungaling …para magbago ang buhay sa pinas ….

  5. GRP has been my most visited website since March and i have learned a lot from this site. I’m a call center agent trying to learn more things about this country, its government, and its people. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not smart. I havent even finished college. Im just a curious citizen. It has only been three months since been curious but i must say that i what i have found out so far has really been disturbing. let me quote what one person commented on this site..

    Neo: Why do my eyes hurt?
    Morpheus: You’ve never used them before.

    I’ve been waiting for a GRP article about what happened today in the Impeachment Court. 🙂

    All I can say is that i hope the Chief Justice wont be impeached just because he did not include in his SALN his dollar accounts. not unless they’re ill-gotten. If my source is correct, he’s not even required to include them because of a FCDA(please enlighten me about this). of course the prosecution would say otherwise.

    Today, the Trial had a lot of suspense, until he walked-out. I hope that tomorrow, the Chief Justice would make it up to us by answering more of our questions.

    More power to GRP.

    1. si mmarcos ay inakusahan nila ng illgotten wealth pero hangang ngayon ay hindi pa nila napapatunayan kung saan nggaling ang mga uyaman niya corona ngayon ay iniimbistigahan ng world bank sa pera na ibinigay sa kanya at saan niya ginastos ito ….ano ang palagay ninyo…idinamay pa niya ang mga anak niya na baka maimbistigahan din kung saan kumuha ng perang pambili ng property …tandaan ninyo kinalaban niya ang umbudsman sinabihan niya ng sinungaling si morales kailangang patunayan ni morales na hindi sya nagsisinungaling ..ganyan ang nangyari dito sa america kay president clinton na sinabi nila na sinungaling yung babae sa white house na nakipag sex siya sa apptentise na babae kaya hinanapan ng ebidensya ayung buking yung damit na suot ng babaeng naki pagsex kay clinton naipag bili ng malaking halaga ..kaya humanda ka corona sa sinabi mo na sinungaling si morales kakainin mo ang sinabi mo…damayng lahat ang fammilya mo…

        1. Vinsanity, did you create your account name to commemorate Vincenzo’s insanity?

          Yeah, Nelson. Da fuq did we just read?

  6. I admire Corona’s stand regarding this matter, but I think he could’ve handled the situation better than just “challenging” one of the Senator-Judges and the representatives through a conditional waiver, while seemingly walking out of the court without permission. I think it’s a bad move for him. The general public may just view him as “nagpairal ng pride” and being disrespectful to the court (which allowed him to continue his long speech just to prove his points, by the way), and ultimately he could be viewed as disrespectful to the Senator-Judges, for which he is at mercy with. Let’s not forget that some of these Senator-Judges would decide based on how the general public views the trial, aka they decide on the option that will make it beneficial for their own sake, or if you will, beneficial in a way that the majority of the public would gain their trust.

    1. I agree with you. For me, he should have at least waited for JPE to discharge him or at least take one of those long one-minute breaks. He already addressed the prosecution’s allegations with his own words, why stop there? He stood his ground for the longest time then suddenly this.

      Simpleng pagpapaalam lang naman sa judge. I’m sure they would have given it to him anyway.

    2. Maybe Corona was too weak to even do that. But yeah, I agree with you. He shouldn’t have done that.

  7. No fair judgement could be deduced from today’s proceedings. The Chief Justice presented a very strong opening statement but then stunned everyone by that ‘drama’ of his own making. Tomorrow’s resumption will decide the fate of this trial and I think a rational and intelligent person would reserve his personal judgement for tomorrow’s outcome.

  8. I think the man has no option but to fight.

    He laid out the truth and now asks all to follow suit. He is doing jiujitsu and turning the tables — “We are all on trial here”. Brilliant.

    The “walkout” will be forgiven and forgotten.

    What will remain is a ringing request: How about we all waive our rights and open up to the entire nation?

    The House and Senator must respond. The people will judge them on this very issue. It is now “the” issue.

    1. ano bang truth ang narinig mo wala naman sya sinasabi kung saan nanggaling ang mga pera niya ans sabi lang niya ay marami daw ang mayari pero hindi niya sinabi kung sinosino ang mayari …hindi niya inamin ang dollar account at kung hindi 82 bank account at 3 lang magkano ang pera .ang matagal niyang sinabi ay tungkol sa kasinungalingan ni morales at pinoy na kahit pinipigilan sya ni enrile ay tuloy parin sya tapos bigla nalang nagkasakit …na lumanang tugtigin sa mga empleyado na may kaso na gobyerno nabila nalang nakakasakit …alam mo ba kung sino sino sila …..

      1. How about you? Alam mo ba kung sino sila?

        You’re just a troll who shouts ‘GUILTY!’ kahit walang concrete evidences. Fact is evidence from anonymous sources are not credible at all.

        1. The source of the “evidence” that harvey pwet tried to present is obviously from one of Pnoys lackeys.

        2. He obviously wants a lawless country like the Old West only to make himself feel better. But let’s see if someone will challenge that “genius” on a duel and survives.

  9. I’m tired of the show, Noynoy Aquino use to divert his issues of his Hacienda Luisita, and to cover his incompetence…I still believe that Justice Corona is being used by a merciful God, to awaken his people. This is his sacrifice in life…we have all sacrifices to make, to improve our human species…we have many problems. Most of them, are made by our political leaders. Our leaders are the problems; posing themselves as solutions, to delude us all.

    1. puwede ba huwag mo ng isama ang dios dito !!isa ka sa empleyado ng SC kaya ganyan na lang ang sinssabi mo …sabihin mo na ke corona tigilan na ang drama at sagutin na lang ang itatanong sakanya ng walang drama ay paninisi at pagbibintang para matapos na ,,,….

      1. @Nutzi nelson
        I said it before. Your evil master stated that God is on his side. I said God is not on the side of Mr. BS Aquino. You adore an iconoclast of democracy. Just wait for it to snowball. There is already rising opposition against your “great dictator.”

      2. I’m not an employee of the Supreme Court. I’m not even in the Philippines. Another Yellowtard, who kiss the ass of his mentally ill master, Noynoy Aquino…

  10. Ang dami pa kasing dada. There’s just one way to explain everything which happened today. KASI GUILTY SI CJ CORONA!

    And sheesh keep God out of this dollar-gorging pig.

      1. Ah sus! Gusto mo pang i deny ang kanyang WALKOUT? That’s in contempt of court.

        Tapos pa wheelchair at hospital drama pa. What’s next, neck brace? Mana kay Gloria.

        1. I have to say, you are a complete no-brainer who simply blabs about the supposed conviction when it is yet to be decided upon.
          What most people do not understand about FOREX is it can be done even by amateurs without having to use a bank.
          Pwede ka nga mag Forex on your own without a “broker” using any online platform. The only reason why CJ placed the money in the bank is compounded ung pinasok nilang FOREX.
          Your blabbing of his guilt is so disgusting that you fail to consider other angles.
          If your so-called matuwid na daan advocates are true to their word, the challenge put upon by the CJ today on court will be complied to.
          May pa shake hands shake hands pa si Tupas and Bautista when the CJ was opening the topic about his cash deposit only to look stupid after him urging them to sign the waiver as well to prove that they did not miss anything on the SALN.
          Hypocrites on the loose.
          If you felt bad about the CJ leaving the court without being properly dismissed, we also feel the same. We are one in that matter that she could have exited more gracefully than he did. That is why, the author noted that his appearance in tomorrow’s trial is essential.
          Do avoid being closed-minded, will you?

        2. Vindictive and malicious idiots like you should be punched in the face.

          If you will observe the behavior of CJ during the last segment of his testimony, you will notice the extra long pauses and other indications that he was struggling to stay focused. This are extreme signs of hypoglycemia. If he didn’t do a quick exit, he might have collapsed in the middle of the courtroom.

          You’re saying that because what you wanted to see is BLOOD. Worse, you’re always going EMO over GMA and Corona, claiming that they ‘stole’ YOUR money, which is the government’s money to begin with. Inuto ka talaga ng media.

        3. see?..that’s the only thing you saw sa loob ng tatlong oras…it only shows how desperate and blind you are…yung walkout lang nakita mo?…really now?…sana ikaw maging hypoglycemic para malaman mo how this condition can disorient and make you feel very very bad fast…

        4. You obviously act like a whiny little kid. If you really are a true Christian, have you forgotten what God told you about not judging others only because you hate him/her? You see, Corona’s not the one smothering this country. You are thanks to your malicious and vindictive attitude. You don’t deserve to be free!

    1. si estrada ay pinayagan niyang buksan ang brown emvelop nag-walk out ang mga senador si corona ayaw pabuksan ang bank-account nag wolk out sa mga senador ginawang tanga ang mga senador …hahahahaah!!

    2. wow grabe pala ang sakit ni corona nasa icu na sino ba ang tinatanga nila ang kasama ko sa trabaho diabetic din pag low sugar sya ay nkumakain lang ng candy tapos na trabaho uli gayagaya naman si corona kay arroyo pero hindi niya matatanga ang mga tao dahil marami sa pinoy ang may sakit n diabetis hindi sila nagpapa hospital pag nag low low sugar sila ..akala ko ay doktor ang anak niya …makakalusot kaya itong drama na ito sa doktor ng arroyo hindi nakalusot siya pakaya na diabetic lang …matagal ang buhay ng mga diabetic patient dahil ang ina ko ay diabetic din at namatay sa idad na 90yrs old ..

      1. If you will observe the behavior of CJ during the last segment of his testimony, you will notice the extra long pauses and other indications that he was struggling to stay focused. This are extreme signs of hypoglycemia. If he didn’t do a quick exit, he might have collapsed in the middle of the courtroom.

        Gusto mong mangyari iyon, right?

    3. pati yang si midas naging spokesperson na ni corona eh ang trabaho nya sa korte suprema na nadadamay sa sitwasyon. walang delikadesa

      1. Ikaw ata ang walang delicadeza, eh.

        Requesting for deletion of the comments from this troll so he may never threaten again. Because Vincenzo wants to destroy this country. 😛

  11. Hello all.

    I decided to stay up last night to watch the CJ’s testimony.

    I think he made good points and the legal arguments about the confidentiality of dollar bank accounts and his singling out to divulge those accounts in the SALN were solid.

    However, what bothered me…and I think I haven’t heard or read anyone in the main stream media mention is this:

    Corona admitted he had those bank accounts. He didn’t admit the amounts. But he admitted that he had 34 accounts here, 15 there (I forget the nos. now). But he definitely said he had 34 bank accounts in one bank but that they were closed between certain periods or closed on December 2011, etc.

    To me, I wondered….why would even one have 34 dollar bank accounts in one bank. And in others, he would have 10 or 15? Closed or not, he did have them. Isn’t that someone very out of the ordinary to have that many number of bank accounts.


    Anyway, someone here might say that is irrelevant because they’re confidential anyway. Point taken. But the fact that he testified on it means that the issue now becomes open for cross examination. I am sure the prosecution will zero in on the fact that he actually had those accounts. He never denied they existed or fabricated. What he denied was that they all exist now and that he has 85 accounts now. But he never denied that at one point or another within the past 8 years, those bank accounts were existing.

  12. Corona’s grand opening statement was simply DRAMATIC. And in the latter part, it turned COMICAL. Other than that, his testimony lacks materiality.

    On his bank account waiver, he asked Senator Drilon and 188 congressmen who had impeached him to sign a similar waiver. But why did he ask only 1 Senator-Judge? Because he thought Senator Drilon was the only judge who would convict him? But if he dared all 23 Senator-Judges to do the same, it could have been more convincing.

    And why the grand walk-out? Among all the witnesses, he should have known better to remain at the witness stand until the Presiding Officer ordered to discharge him. After all, he’s no less than the Chief Justice! But whether the defense panel would admit it or not, it was the most stupid thing he did. It was clearly disrespect to the honorable Impeachment Court. And I don’t think the Senator-Judges will just ignore this historical walk-out by a Chief Justice.

    So aside from his legal theatrics, let me wrap up Corona’s day in court – the humdrum government conspiracy theory…the my-poor-family litany…the close-up tearjerker…the power-point presentation rehash…the signing of waiver with a “catch”…the chief justice wish-to-be-excused/supreme walk-out…and last but not the least, the hypoglycemic-wheelchair acting. Maybe he could explain these thespian things tomorrow? Hopefully. Though his seemingly staged testimony was moving at some point, it was not totally at all. But I must say that I did enjoy his “brilliant performance”. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. 🙂

    1. Hey, how was his testimony lacking material? Could you enlighten me, because I’m at loss there.

      The hell with that malingering rhetoric, though. Seriously.

  13. I just hate commenters who just comments for the sake of commenting without really putting up a good argument for their comments, just like this cjcoronsky. Please, if you can’t open up an intellectual good-natured discussion, please do your trolling somewhere else. Sheesh, don’t you have anything better to do with your life rather than trolling?

    1. I am willing to forgo the dramatics.

      To me, the crux was in his powerpoint presentation. Call it the battle of powerpoint presentations.

      He did not deny the bank accounts existed. What he denied was that he has 85 banks account now. In fact, he admitted that in one bank, he had at one time 34 bank accounts but that he had closed them already and thus, they no longer exist.

      Someone can say that anyone has the right to open as many bank accounts as he wants. But come on now. I think any objective person who has no knowledge of this impeachment trial will find it highly suspicious that someone would even open 34 bank accounts in one bank.

      Again – – – someone might shout “moot” – -because dollar bank accounts are strictly confidential….so the release of the documents are fruits of a poisoned tree and hence inadmissible. Sure.

      But the CJ testified and admitted he had those accounts at one point or another. He never said the bank accounts were invented, never existed or fabricated. What he said was they were closed and do not exist now. Because he testified on these matters, all these are now open for cross examination.

      I think the CJ has dug his own grave. I don’t know if I am missing something but no one in the media has even raised this point. I am sure the prosecution will raise this points during the cross examination.

      1. I would have to agree that his disclosures raised several items that may well be his downfall. There were loopholes. But the trial is still on going. I would suggest and wait until he gets to answer everything. That’s all we want, right? ANSWERS.
        But then again, there are 3 sides of the story, “theirs, mine, and the truth”. So we best well wish that we, the Filipino people, be enlightened enough to ensure proper judgement than just letting the media decide for us.

        1. we dont need to wait because corona is on his delaying tactics as always.

        2. @vincenzo

          as usual, you already condemned the person even after CLEARLY DEMOLISHING the accusations against him. Grow a brain you stupid f*ck

        3. Vincenzo,

          Morons like you will never change. What you think is right has already been clearly debunked and you’re STILL holding on to it.

        4. Delaying tactics?! Please pur in percentage the number of hours spent by the prosecution used this whole 5mons compared to the defense’s time in presenting evidence. They wasted time fishing for evidences and failing to study it.
          Sinong nag delay ng impeachment? Even the Senator-Judges allowed this “entertainment” to go on just for air-time. Sino ang kahiyahiya ngayon?

        5. @itchyBB

          no response…

          Mukhang natameme at hindi makapag isip ng sasabihin si vincenzo sa sagot mo bro.

        6. Fuck you in the ass, Vincenzo! I was having fun reading a good-natured intellectual exchange here! You, sir, ruined my appetite. Good day. >:(

  14. I find it funny that many Filipinos can’t look at the bigger picture when Corona calls on the 188 and Drilon to open their own SALNs as a requirement to opening to his. Though I’m really not supporting Corona personally, I’d support this call from him. I read comments from other sites that Corona was being childish, that he is the one of trial, etc. All lame excuses to me. If they have nothing to hide, why hide on that lame rhetoric, “I’m not the one on trial”, “I will not fall into his trap.” What trap? Oh c’mon, if they are really that righteous, then show their sincerity through the public scrutiny of their SALN’s. Others will comment, let’s finish first this trial, their time will come on the trial seat. I’d say show it to the Filipino people NOW. Why waste the good time of the Ombudsman with trialing all these government employees (especially the elected ones) when we can give them our own verdict through the ballot box. Anyway, no one believes anymore in our justice system, be it the SC, Ombudsman or the DOJ, so let’s just try them through our votes.

    1. dont support corona because he has a motive, to protect gloria at all costs. most pinoys dont want him in his position and wants a guilty verdict

      1. I find that claim rather illogical, man. What’s CJ to hold on to Gloria? I mean, kung tuso talaga siya like what you think, hindi ba dapat na ilaglag na niya si Gloria a long time ago since she stepped down? Clever people like him (presumably) won’t need people who would be at their disadvantage.

        Really? Most Pinoys want a guilty verdict? Show us statistics or it didn’t happen!

    2. ikaw ba ay pinoy gumising ka dahil matagal ng ganyan ang pinas huwag kang maniniwala sa sinasabi ng mga politiko at laluna ang mga judge dahil pera lang yan panalo kana sa kaso tingnan ,mo ang malalaking kaso nakakulong nanga nakawalapa at nabaligtad pa ang kaso ang mga ebidensya nawawala ang mga witness ay nawawala O napapatay kagaya ng mga witness laban kay arroyo..ginagamit ng mga pilitiko a ng salitang batas pag ka sila ang may kaso pero hindi naman sila nasunod sa batas na sinasabi nila

      1. Oh, Nelson. I know you hate those politicians as much as we do. Yes, we shouldn’t just believe them. But this impeachment trial isn’t one of those classic cases. You still have to consider the possibility that Corona is being persecuted, whether or not na may katarantaduhan siyang ginawa. Keep an open mind, and we will treat you well here.

  15. I now have the figures – – this is as reported by the Inquirer…and people can verify this based on the Cj testimony (PPT presentation):

    BPI-Acropolis branch, all seven accounts were closed in 2004 and 2005, and transferred to BPI-Tandang Sora and PSBank-Cainta

    BPI-Tandang Sora, all 18 accounts were closed from 2004 to 2007, and transferred to BPI-San Francisco Del Monte, and PSBank-Cainta.

    BPI-San Francisco Del Monte, all 34 accounts were closed from 2007 to December 2011.


    Okay, the 7 accounts….maybe I could let that go. But even at 7…that’s already a lot. But how can one person even open 18 dollar bank accounts…..let alone 34 dollar bank accounts in one bank (branch).

    Here in Canada, I have 1 US$ bank account. Our business has 1 dollar bank account.

    I can see businesses having several bank accounts. But an individual with 34 bank accounts in one branch….that is highly suspect.

    I know that there is no proof as to the amount. But let’s not kid ourselves…… will not have just $500,000 if one is going to open 34 bank accounts. So what’s the balance of each account . . . .$5000 each. Why open 34 bank accounts?

    1. he open and close his dollar account to hide his money if some one will trace and investigate the account that why he dont want to show the bank account,and how much he hide from the people of the philippines …did you know that world bank are invitigating corona for the money they gave him to spend for the SC..

    2. Thanks for the figures, man. But uh…are you confident on how accurate these are? Seriously, I’m not.

  16. Diyos na ang bahala sakanya matapos ang maraming pagbabanta sa kanya sa mga taong ang nais na hangad lamang ay sugpuin ang korupsyon

    1. That’s unrealistic. The best way to deal about corruption is to control it, not eradicating it. Then how about corruption on the lower levels? You’re on anti-corruption talk but PNoy having the biggest pork barrel is ok for you

      Hehe, ang BOBO mo pala e. Dapat IKAW ang sugpuin. 😛

    2. Sadly, God cannot do anything about man’s greed, kasi saklaw ito ng free will niya. We have to act out God’s goodness here on Earth, man. Peenoy is certainly not doing it right, man.

      I’ll bet you that I will drink a case of vodka, and still be a lot saner than you.

  17. Just a thought occurred to me just now……

    If the US$ accounts don’t have to be declared in the SALN, I am assuming though that he has to file tax returns and pay taxes on all sources of income.

    It would be interesting to see how much interest income he has.

    If the amounts prove to be too small – – – wouldn’t it likely mean that he has underdeclared things in his tax statements? I mean…..if one had 59 bank accounts (7+18+34 accounts – – as he testified upon) and have a very small amount of interest income, wouldn’t that make one wonder whether (a) he has 59 bank accounts with very very small balances or (b) he has a large balance but does not fully report the true extent of his income?

    1. What?

      Humbly requesting for this troll’s posts to be deleted since they don’t make any sense at all.

  18. “i am no fool” was a pointed remark aimed at the senator-judges.

    “the fight goes on” – i suspect the SC will soon enter the fray

    drillon has dollar accounts which are undeclared in saln. which was the indirect point corona was making.

    corona will not be back in the political kangaroo court and yes he was rightly showing his indignation at what has been a legal farce

  19. Kung wala namang talagang tinatago yang si baboy Drilon at yung 188 tongressman, according to their yellow logic they likewise should have no problem opening up their own bank accounts to the public for closer scrutiny. Double standard na naman ba kaya etong sila Aquino-Cojuangco at kanyang mga tuta?

    In the course of this trial alone, Corona has already made two milestone contributions or positive legacies to the public good: 1. Finally deciding for the distribution of HL to those poor farmers and 2. Challenging tongressmen and senators to open up their own bank accounts to the public—a real step towards genuine transparency.

    Eh BS Aquino’s legacy: the hostage crisis, irritating China, noynoying, Porsche, not honoring the separation of powers, and the list goes on…tsk tsk tsk

  20. davila: Ikaw ba ay wala ring dollar accounts?
    Drilon: What I can say is that I report my assets
    properly in my SALN.

    i.e – no dollar accounts reported because they do not need to be reported – as corona stated

    you never get a straight answer from someone with slits, instead of eyes you can look into.

    1. Yep. So what is Drilon and the tongressmen waiting for? Why not dispel everyone’s doubts and give their permission to open all their accounts?—Para nga matapos na (unless of course meron silang tinatago).

      So, they are able to railroad a case but unable to simply give permission to open their own bank accounts?!?

  21. BenignO:

    Finally, it has come to pass. This WAIVER advocacy is the sought-for “change” that I had been waiting for, and it had to come from an impeached official.

    The Impeachment Court can now decide to convict CJ Corona and immediately order his removal, but, henceforth, ALL public officials and employees–ALL, and not just the 188 “matuwid” prosecutors and Senator Drilon–should similarly execute the very same WAIVER that CJ Corona crafted.

    In fact, as I had suggested in an earlier blog here, ALL prospective appointees to ANY government office and ALL candidates for ANY elective office should attach a similar Corona WAIVER to their respective certificates of candidacy.

    This way, the Filipino people can finally be afforded the opportunity to eliminate from the rolls of public officials ALL the crooks and the liars.

    Meanwhile, after CJ Corona is convicted and removed from office anytime this week, the 188 “matuwid” prosecutors and Senator Drilon–including PNoy (the principal instigator and accuser)–should execute the same Corona WAIVER for ALL Filipinos to feast on and scrutinize.

    1. It has to be done NOW kasi makakalimutin ang Pinoy. Satisfy their entertainment, just like a kid, bukas sawa na… 🙁

      1. tama ka nakakasawa ang paulit ulit na HL ang depense ng mga tuta ni corona puro pinoy wala namang sinsabi na walang pera sa banko at walang condiminnium na binili si corona puro nalang pinoy pinoy ang sinasabi tigil na nakakasawa na sana sa susunod kong bukas ng website ay iba na ang mababasa ko yung may ebidensia ..

        1. At nakakasawa na rin ang mga ebidensya na nanggaling sa ‘anonyomus’ source. Di ba? 😛

          Honestly speaking, the Cojuangcos will die for their Hacienda Luisita. You want Corona out, then PNoy will appoint his own CJ and voila, the decision is reversed. You wanted a CJ na sunud-sunuran kay Abnoy.

          Tanga ka kung ung ebidensya na gusto mo ay puro haka-haka lamang.

        2. Sawa ka na pala e. So shut up.
          You got my post in the wrong context. But hey, that’s what you true blood anti-Corona are anyway.
          And btw, i dnt think ur dumb, u seem to understand english just fine @nelson. Nagtatanga tangahan and nagpapaka utak squatter (i dislike using that term) to say you represent the masses. What you are doing in insulting the intelligence of the Filipinos. If you and your mob thinks that most Filipinos think the way you do, you got it wrong. I take a cab almost everyday and man, they all think the economy is worse these days. Ask them why, the government is not doing anything to address what matters most. Many are offended that taxpayers money are being used for this circus when it is obvious that the prosec was unable to provide solid, undisputable evidence against the CJ. They just want this trial to end so that our politicians start to focus on what matters most: education, jobs, and security.

  22. Just curious regarding the number of dollar accounts the CJ had:

    If the reason behind having so many accounts was due to the PDIC insurance of Php 500,000 per account, then using an exchange rate of Php 42 per USD 1 would yield a US$ balance of roughly USD 12,000 per account. Multiply that by 34 and that would total to only USD 408,000. A far cry from millions and millions of balances being accused the CJ.

  23. There is one thing I can say about our experience with nuisance trolls. The thing speaks for itself. Their sadistic glee in the continuing use of black propaganda lies in painting CJ Corona as guilty before the completion of the trial is pure dark evil. Their dark master has given his directives and evil examples. They refuse to see the double standards of the “great dictator” as he continues to destroy the country. The CJ became ill in the course of the trial and they bear false witness by saying that he walked out. Truly I can say that the worst is yet to come. The boomerang was launched by the iconoclast of democracy. Watch it as it returns to hit back at the thrower. Opposition is building against BS Aquino. Watch it as it begins to erode his evil rule. I just hope he does not reap the whirlwind.

    1. I completely agree and this description completely hits the bullseye on vincenzo and his idiotic companions.

      In fact, the trolls here remind me of the enemies that you have to kill in the diablo series, easy to kill but they always come back even dumber than before.

    2. Der Fuhrer: I’ve also noticed that there are several of these PAID trolls suddenly proliferating. But let them be; that’s how their mothers earned a living too.

  24. Too bad on the diabetes issue, I hope he recovers.

    I believe him on this one because the gathering sympathy would have been better if he had allowed himself to faint on the stand.

  25. I wonder… Would the Inquisitors–er, prosecutors–have accepted Corona’s challenge? Should Corona bite it due to complications from diabetes, what would be the fate of the trial?

    Damn it, too many questions…

  26. you actually accepted corona’s self serving statements hook. line, and sinker?

    pathetic. pathetic. embracing intellectual dishonesty just for the sake of being in the minority. it’s not cool to be tagged as part of the yellow horde, right? because your shallow mindedness cannot comprehend that correlation does not imply causation; one can be anti-corona without being pro-pnoy.

    there’s a fine line between a gadfly and a simple hater. i think you just erased it with this post.

      1. try to grow some brain cells first and then come back here so we can have a more meaningful conversation

        1. If that brain cells means that I should be vindictive and having a mob mentality like yours then no thanks.

        2. Hey, Daido, calm down, man. Espresso is not like Vincenzo who doesn’t think before he posts.

    1. Yours is thoroughly pathetic because you get it from Rappler, which is a very questionable source.

      You’re on your anti-intellectual insanity because you’re a close-minded biased idiot who loves to be misled. You love to kill innocent people, right?

      1. “You’re on your anti-intellectual insanity because you’re a close-minded biased idiot who loves to be misled. You love to kill innocent people, right?”

        Do you even read what you post? Is this all there is to you? Can you just pause for a second and see if the ideas in this garbage you call sentence relate to each other? And then you have the temerity to ask what is funny.

        Eh, wipe that drooling first.

        1. Of course. Does that mean you’re also vindictive and malicious as the guy that I replied?

          Mark my words: if Corona will be convicted, THAT is the worst-case scenario that can happen. A PNoy-appointed CJ will have conflict of interest.

        2. “Mark my words: if Corona will be convicted, THAT is the worst-case scenario that can happen. A PNoy-appointed CJ will have conflict of interest.”

          Yeah right. Like Corona’s being “bulldozed” into position and his succeeding actions thereafter is not peppered with conflicts of interest, like his being impeached reflects his non-prejudice in the first place.

          But I got to hand it to you, you live in this make-believe world of yours with your own new meaning of words and worlds. I will not deny you and your ilk of that, so go on live it that way. No more comments from me.

        3. @Maligno: The only make-believe world that you keep on dragging me in is a world where all allegations and hearsays was perceived as truth and keeps on being manipulated by the media, isn’t it?

          Oh yeah, you can’t even accept the fact that Corona’s impeachment was all part of PNoy’s plan to get rid of him. Personal vendetta to be exact. I’m sure you have one, believing that he is ‘corrupt’ while never look himself in the mirror.

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