Miriam Quiambao on homosexuals and transgenders

Poor former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao (Miss Universe 1999 First Runner Up). She’s recently been swamped by a deluge of online “feedback” on a quip she made about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community in a recent episode of ABS-CBN talk show “The Bottom Line” with TV personality Boy Abunda. According to Quiambao, “Homosexuality is not a sin but it is a lie from the devil. Do not be deceived. God loves gays and wants them to know the truth…”

Quiambao who also admitted that she is “not a pastor” also harbours strong views about a recent ruling by the governing body of the Miss Universe beauty pageant allowing transgender (i.e. formerly male then surgically transformed into female) contestants to participate in the pageant. “In my humble opinion, transgenders should not be allowed to join the MissU because it’s only for REAL women.” Quiambao was quoted as saying over Twitter ealier.

And the Inquisition begins.

As usual, this being Philippine society — the last bastion of medieval thinking in 21st Century planet Earth — the wrong arguments on what are really no-brainer issues engulfed the ensuing chatter of the “intelligentsia” sparked by Quiambao’s public insights. And this being Get Real Post, the only bastion of common sense in Philippine society, the following counter-intuitive ideas (to Filipinos at least) are hereby put forth:

Belief in an “evil force” — conversation-ender du jour

It seems that the underlying issue here is belief in some form of evil force or personification of said force most commonly known as a (or the) “devil”. Quiambao invoked the mythical agenda of “the devil” to illustrate her personal position of how gayness stacks up in her personal hierarchy of moral rightness. Funny thing is that the chumps who actually took offense from this rather bemusing pronouncement themselves exhibited the renowned smallness of the Filipino mind by putting so much value in what said fabled “devil” has to say about sexual orientation.

Take “the devil” out of this quintessentially Filipino “debate” and we go all Shakespearean — much ado over nothing. Fortunately, there is so much nothingness that Filipinos so skillfully turn into the piles of somethings that keeps the national economy afloat by keeping many of our politicians and TV personalities employed. There is a silver lining to the darkness cast by Pinoy thinking.

A surgical strike on sensibility

Inclusion of transgenders in formerly all-female “beauty” contests raises many issues. One key issue is the obviously surgically-enhanced nature of transgender physiologies. As of this year, surgically-engineered human specimens are now allowed to participate in a contest that is all about feminine “beauty”. Does this open the contest to female contestants whose otherwise natural feminine assets are also surgically enhanced? According to “thought leader” Carlos Celdran, Miss Universe, after all, is a beauty contest and not a “vagina contest”. Is Belo Medical Group doing an IPO sometime in the future? Vaginas, it seems, have become but a technical loophole that begs lucrative technology solutions in today’s world.

For the beautiful, the world is an oyster

This Quiambao circus has proven yet again: people take more of their validation (or offense as the recent case may be) from words uttered by beautiful people. This kind of says something about people who react to “insights” on certain sensitive topics issued (often in a glib manner) by celebrities on national television. Does celebrity or physical beauty necessarily confer a degree of weight to the opinions of people who possess either one or both?

Winston Churchill and Stephen Hawking will most certainly beg to differ on that notion.

But this is the Philippines. The unfortunate reality is that one’s face and knockers are potent credentials in an age of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube insta-fame, specially in societies where a capacity for thinking is seen more as an embarrassment rather than an asset. Add to those a talent for dressing like a moron and routinely making one’s self the centre of meaningless public spectacles and you have a more-or-less complete profile of the future cadre of elite opinion-shapers that will lead Philippine society further down the path of mediocrity it had for so long blazed for itself.

What separates great minds from the pin-sized ones that dominate Philippine society is the ability to remove personalities, non-sequiturs and plain noise from the debates that suck all productive motivation from an already wretchedly impoverished society. It’s not hard. You just need to think.


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Brilliantly done and great article.


Idol talaga kita Kuya Benigno eh! 🙂

Bill Steffen
Good article but I don’t know where I really stand on this subject! I think homosexuality, gays, transgender or Whatever it is we are talking about is inherently wrong, I guess cause I am Roman Catholic I do believe that homosexuals, gays, transgenders or whatever it is we are talking about have rights! Where these rights begin and end though, I do not know! Everyone has their own thoughts on this but again, I don’t know what I REALLY feel about it! What you are taught as a child in a Catholic family has a lot to do with my… Read more »

I’ll stick to the notion of “child-bearing is the essence of womanhood/woman’s beauty” when it comes to “beauty pageants”. Miriam only expressed her flawed ‘witch-hunting’ opinion and still it depends on the Ms. Universe pageant if they will truly allow transgenders into the contest or not. They should prepare for a wave of criticisms of they choose the former.

Very enlightening article.

nelson ongpauco

if miss universe allow the transgender to joint the pageant it will be unfair to the female because of text vote all the gay and lesbian will vote becAuse they will support the person .and he will win.whats next lesbian joining mr universe .willshe be shirtless to show her chest.trummpe is republicant and he is afraid to be sue for disscrimination

Jon Limjap
Quiambao is deemed to have a credible position in this argument not just because she’s beautiful but because she’s the woman who got the highest marks in the competition in question in recent history. If that’s her personal position we can’t really take it against her, but in any logical argument invoking either God or the devil is ALWAYS problematic. Her being a staunch Born Again Christian (many of whom lean towards fundamentalism) doesn’t help. As for the issue: I don’t really care. A beauty contest is a beauty contest is a beauty contest: whatever we say it stands for… Read more »

God created MAN and WOMAN, that’s ADAM and EVE. NOT ADAM and STEVE or BUTCH.

Domingo Arong

BenignO: I think Quiambao was merely articulating the view–or the apprehension along the “inch-mile” saying–that the exception often becomes the rule later.


As much as I disagree w/ Miriam and dont mind gays, I respect her beliefs. She can believe in fairies and mermaids for all I care. Its just one human being’s opinion at the end of the day. I don’t get why people esp the so called atheists and gay “activists” give a lot of f*ck about it. It’s not like she’s lobbying congress for something against gays and to promote the idea of angels and devils, is she? Lets just move on with our lives. Jeez plenty other things to be mad about…

edgar g. mayor
THIS THING CALLED HOMOSEXUALITY BASED ON GOD’S WORD Homosexuality is like all other sins that we know today. Sins like murder, rape, robbery, fornication, gossips among others. It is a by-product of the sin of Adam and Eve; an inheritance from the sinful Adam. To some, their predominant “inheritance” from the sinful Adam might be murder. To some others, it might be rape and so on and so forth. Similarly, homosexual tendencies are the predominant “sin-produced inheritance” to some others. Now, all of these sins even the homosexual tendencies need to be submitted to God for solution in Christ Jesus.… Read more »
edgar g. mayor
The Garden of Eden was intended by God to be a paradise sans natural calamities and all kinds of sin and criminality that endanger man’s life and from there He would transform man to the perfection that He intended Him to be – the very image of God even His Son Jesus (Romans 8:29)that Jesus might be the very first born among many brethren. Along with such plan, were to have everything that they need and would mot labor to live and eat – no sickness, pain, tears and sadness even among others. All the problems that we now find… Read more »
edgar g. mayor
And you Jenny, by your honesty and unbiased view of homosexuality and not by insisting any so-called rights that are not biblical prompt me hard to give you all my respect. You have, I must say something good going there in terms of a healthy view of your sexuality and this too, gained you my respect without trying even as the first time you gained my deep respect. And along your example is how people should earn respect from others – by speaking and accepting what is truth for you know what, when we speak and accept that which is… Read more »

I definitely and only agree to the word of God. Meriam is simply telling the truth, those guilty or wont accept the truth from the word of God will surely comment.

GOD SAYS IN the Old Testament: Leviticus 18:22 (KJV) Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (TAB) Huwag kang sisiping sa lalake ng gaya sa babae: karumaldumal nga. PARAPHRASES FROM biblestudytools.com: “You must not have sexual intercourse with a man as you would with a woman; it is a detestable practice.” “Never have sexual intercourse with a man as with a woman. It is disgusting.” “Don’t have sex with a man as one does with a woman. That is abhorrent.” GOD SAYS in the New Testament: Rom 1:24 Wherefore God also gave them up to… Read more »
Dear Miriam, Congratulations on standing up for the truth given by God in the Bible! Literally interpreting the Bible is what we should really do. The word of God is the word of God. Those who believe in God shouldn’t doubt the Bible: each word in the Bible, each punctuation mark, each syllable was written by the owner and creator of the universe, period. I love your zealous and unwavering faith that everything that the Bible says is true and that we should follow it. I know that we should take the Bible as it is. There’s no doubt that… Read more »
Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” It is surprising (and almost unlikely) for this celebrity to call out what is so wrong with humanity today. Listen, the only way that you change the system is to change the soul. Humanism fails as is Marxism and all other man-centred ideologies, where ultimately, they corrupt. And to all of you who mistaken people who take Christ’s teachings as fundies- think it over there. If we don’t hold to the Truth, inevitably, it will lead to the days as in Noah’s time where everyone is so self-centred,… Read more »
sige condemn others mga righteous people and let them live according to your beliefs. pwede ba wag kayong magmalinis. at kung bible at bible lang din mas masahol pa ang condemnation ng God nyo sa mga heterosexuals but you still continue to sin more bitches. also, yung kinoqoute nyo ay mas maraming mako-qoute sa bible about mga nakasulat dun na nakakatawa na lang sa ngayon. moral lesson is, dont believe everything in the bible. it is the word of god according to the people na may pakinabang sa kanila. sinulat ang bible ng tao after 70 years from jesus death.… Read more »
rey andrion

Beauty contests, naturally, should not allow trans genders to join because of the fact that they were surgically engineered. The same thing applies to females who had undergone reconstructive procedures like boob enhancement etc., must also be barred.

Isn’t it bad that the competition will not be based on natural beauty but rather, on who is the most skillful cosmetic surgeon? 😀

Bill Kasi

Planet Earth doesn’t really care what kind of person we are. Life had evolved into many branches of species, and planet Earth remains beautiful. Our belief system sometimes just complicate the simplicity of life.