Isabelle Daza barred from ‘sexy’ photo shoot by beauty queen mom

According to an ABS-CBN News report, former Ms Universe Gloria Diaz (tile holder, 1969) caused a commotion in an attempt to “save” her daughter Isabelle Daza from a “sexy pictorial” being shot for a men’s magazine. The commotion reportedly left Daza “in tears”.

Isabelle Diaz Daza is currently an actress, print, ramp, and commercial model in the Philippines. Fondly called “Belle”, she is currently a member of GMA 7’s roster of young talents and was introduced to the mass media entertainment audiences during a dance number in noontime show Party Pilipinas on the 17th of April, 2011. On August 2, 2011 Daza was launched as the New Face of Sophie Paris Philippines.

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Mother and daughter are reportedly not in good terms. Earlier, Daza was said to have requested a separate dressing room during the taping of a television commercial in which she and her mother were to appear.

In the Philippines, the term “sexy” is often used when referring to an exposure of skin for the purpose of titillation. There are many definitions of the term however, many of them having nothing to do with lasciviousness and more to do with healthy sexuality and a dignified and tasteful manner of its assertion.

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Most beauty pageants require their contestants to model swimming attire at one point in the competition or another. This is premised on the idea that an integral part of feminine beauty has to do with body proportions, symmetry, luster of skin, and height. As such, “swimsuit competition” sections have remained a standard feature of beauty contests, and the body proportion standards with which contestants are judged are also applied even to transgender (formerly male) contestants who are now allowed to participate in some such franchises.

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3 Replies to “Isabelle Daza barred from ‘sexy’ photo shoot by beauty queen mom”

  1. What! The mother does not want her daughter to join the lucrative meat market where herself benefited? Isn’t it folks like her usually push their daughters for the easy money?

  2. bakit ganoon diba si gloria ay nakilala sa bold na pinikula na pinaka magandang hayop na naghubad sya ba,kit ngayon pinagbabawalan niya ang anak niya na magpasexsy hindi naman pair yon sa anak niya .

  3. It’s all mother and daughter gimmick. I don’t fall for that crap too easily. Such gimmickry add more zeros to her paycheck. They do this kind of cheap publicity in showbiz all the time. What made them the exception?

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