Lea, Anne, and Onions

The Araneta Coliseum swarmed with Anne Curtis fans as the actress sang her way to musical stardom. The said concert, entitled “Annebisyosa,” took place last January 28, 2012, filling the coliseum with people eager to see Anne and her “newfound talent” in singing. Anne was well-received by Filipinos as she started dominating the music industry with her curves and charm. However, an authority in the said industry supposedly raised an eyebrow in the midst of these events.

Tony Award winner Lea Salonga wasn’t pleased with Anne Curtis’ latest career move. When allegedly asked about Anne’s new trade, Ms. Salonga stated the following:

Aaah…can you check your ears please? Really, if you are going to spend your money go to where you know you’re gonna have a good time and if you are a real discerning concert-goer you will go to where you know your ears will have a good time.

I don’t like going to concerts where people are out of tune, to be quite honest- I hate it, HATE it. I cannot stand it. I cannot listen to somebody out of tune for maybe more than 10 or 20 seconds . After that, I’m gonna kill myself.

At that point it’s like ‘Give me a gun, a razor blade, I need a way out of here and like quickly, you know? I feel that desperate to get out of the room.

I like to listen to people who make it sound so easy and there’s passion and you know that there was craft and a lot of thinking behind what they’re doing and I have such respect for that, you know? That’s what I enjoy.

When I leave and I go, “Oh my God! That was so awesome,” you know?

I don’t want to be like, ” Wow that’s two hours of my life I’ll never get back.” I don’t wanna have to say that. I don’t ever wanna have to say that to anybody, you know?

So the one’s who actually put a concert, put up something good so that the audience when they leave, you know? “That just changed my life, I wanna go back again. Are they gonna do it again in an hour, I’m gonna buy another ticket and go back in.”

That’s what a lot of singers try to achieve and that’s what I personally try to achieve…

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However, if Anne’s talent didn’t pass her standards, in return, her comments got the wrong side of the fans. In the aforementioned source, some Facebook users flooded the comments section with anti-Lea sentiments in defense of Anne Curtis. Lea was regarded as unethical for her blunt critique against the actress, and she was even criticized because of her alleged anti-Philippines statements. Fans even went further to speculate that Anne Curtis might even surpass Ms. Salonga in the future.

Amusingly, none of these baseless accusations hold water. That’s because the question asked to Ms. Salonga didn’t even address Anne Curtis in the first place. According to the singer on her Twitter account, the question was not about Anne Curtis’ singing, but about off-key singers in general. Furthermore, Ms. Salonga herself stated that she respects Anne Curtis’ fulfilment of her dream.

The question was, “What’s your opinion on people who sing out of tune?” I answered honestly. This has been going on a long time.”

“Truth is I said Anne says herself she isn’t a singer so I can’t be angry with her. She made a dream come true and I respect that.

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This changes the whole context of her answer, which is why the criticisms thrown against her are unfounded and irrational. Ms. Lea Salonga talked about people who call themselves singers while possessing no talent whatsoever. She expressed her contempt for arrogant “artists” who milk the music industry for money without producing any skill at all. For someone who’s a veteran in the field of music, isn’t such judgment reasonable? This is not appealing to authority (in case someone has any ideas), because she’s not even arguing. She’s offering her honest comments.

To prove the singer’s credibility, InterAksyon deleted its recent article regarding Ms. Salonga’s interview, acknowledging its mishap in covering the story. This also effectively nullifies the credibility of the rants of the onion-skinned fans, if there is any to begin with. You can check their apology here.

Clearly, this is a vivid glimpse to the mental bankruptcy of the Filipino society, assessing events with hubris and sweeping generalization, but hardly with rational analysis.

In a nation where standards for talent are steadily deteriorating, it seems the degradation of musical prowess might be proportional to the degradation of critical thinking.

So people, please heed Lea’s words in Twitter:

“So before anyone decides to launch an attack because of what I said, which I stand by, find out exactly what I said in full, and in context.”


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