Corona impeachment: Prosecution team is incompetent not just underdogs

Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona is richer (only) by eight million pesos according to an ABS-CBN headline report. This is shocking news, indeed. This means that the embattled Chief Justice won’t be able to afford to purchase even just a second hand Porsche similar to the one President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) bought in 2011, which reportedly cost P4.5 million. In fact, Corona can forget about having a mid-life crisis and buying himself any sports car at all. At the rate he accumulates his wealth — through investment properties instead of dipping his fingers into public funds – Corona will neither be included in the Forbes rich list nor given membership to the poshest country club in the country meant for the rich and famous before he retires.

Seriously, eight million pesos is nothing to boast about in public, really. No wonder, CJ Corona was confident he had nothing to hide in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN). On the contrary, I would say that he must have been slightly embarrassed at the thought that people would discover that he is not even “rich” enough compared to some of his peers.

Indeed, if we can rely on some data cobbled together from different sources by Get Real Philippines Community netizen Amy Lee, we will find Corona rather impoverished by the standards of his colleagues in the other branches of government…

I don’t understand why ABS-CBN News, which is said to be owned and operated by people close to the Aquino family is misleading the public about Corona’s supposedly ill-gotten wealth. They are reading things that are not even on Corona’s SALN. Last I heard, it’s not a crime to invest in properties. In fact, investing in properties is one legitimate way of accumulating wealth.

The allegations that CJ Corona hadn’t been filing his SALN since the start of his membership in the Supreme Court has been proven false. And the allegations that he had “enriched” himself during his time as member of the Supreme Court is also false. It is crystal clear from his SALN that he is paying for his property investments by instalment and any earnings from those properties are only on paper due to the fact that the appreciation in value of those properties can only be realised if he decides to liquidate them. Which means Corona won’t even be able to buy anything worth even one million pesos without liquidating any of his assets and without the approval of his spouse.

His SALN, which ABS-CBN News have published does not indicate that he had amassed “ill-gotten” wealth. Where the prosecutors got the idea that CJ Corona had “enriched” himself and had amassed “ill-gotten” wealth is a mystery considering they haven’t even seen his SALN until the third day of the impeachment trial. What has been proven in the proceedings is that they were making baseless allegations using their suspicion and broadcasting it to the public using mainstream media, which includes media networks ABS-CBN News and The Philippine Daily Inquirer. It is worth emphasising again that both are said to be operated by people close to the Aquino family. Indeed, Philippine media can sometimes cause more problems than they do good.

It was a good decision on the part of the defense team not to allow CJ Corona to testify. If the treatment of Supreme Court Clerk Enriquietta Vidal by the members of the prosecution team and some of the Senator judges are any indication, Corona would be bullied and mistreated too. We all know how these so-called “statesmen” conduct themselves during congressional and senatorial hearings. Some of them seem to take the opportunity to act like rabid mad dogs aggressively intimidating persons of interest as if they are superior beings when in fact, they are supposed to be working for the people. Their kind of behaviour is usually evident in people who lack substance and harbour delusions of grandeur. They try to hide their incompetence by acting boorish or rude just to distract people from their own shortfalls.

Speaking of incompetence, the prosecution team is justifying their incompetence by saying that they are underdogs compared to the defense team. They said that despite having ABS-CBN private lawyer Mario Bautista and a total of 59 private lawyers who are said to have volunteered to help. It’s a bit weird that they admit being the “underdog” because being an underdog means one who is expecting to lose or struggle. The question is, where did their confidence to file the impeachment case come from? They shouldn’t be struggling now if they had a solid case to begin with.

It is beginning to appear like the prosecution’s main reason for filing for impeachment was merely to humiliate CJ Corona into resigning. It probably didn’t occur to them that they would have to present the so-called compelling evidence they spoke of with the media in court. They are certainly learning the hard way that the due process involves dealing with facts and not fiction.


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The prosecution team is a bunch of hungry dogs (in filipino “asong ulol”). One – Rep Quimbo of Marikina – I am from Marikina and in all honesty he is also a corrupt politician hungry for attention as he is planning to run for higher office in the next elections. Marami siyang ninakaw na pera sa pag-ibig fund before and fraud cases as well which involves milllions of money. I know where he lives before and now he is living at a very private and expensive subdivision. Saan niya kaya kinuha ang perang pambayad niya sa buhay na meron siya… Read more »
‘Politics has nothing to do with fair play. It is bound up with hatred, jealousy, hypocrisy,boastfulness, disregard of all rules, and sadistic pleasure in witnessing defeat. In other words, it is war minus the shooting.’ George Orwell – adapted Vidal – will not win employee of the month. Karen jimeno – miss photogenic Drillon – prosecutor and spokesman. Also wants to be judge, jury, and executioner. Already building the scaffolding Political process – the rights of the individual and due legal process dont apply ABS-CBN – providing the prosecution with 5 abs-cbn lawyers free! Mmmm Conflict of interest – ask… Read more »

so what ever happened to the no-loopholes and airtight case with tons and tons of evidence then?
its more pun in the philippines indeed…


klaro na man ang bias ng ABS towards PNOY…as clear as water yan…i DONT WANT TO WATCH THEIR NEWS PROGRAM

Lord Chimera
The Yellow cabal was expecting Corona to breakdown under the onslaught of distorted facts, falsehoods and name-smearing campaign. Unfortunately for them Corona prove to be more tougher than expected and now that the clash have come to the impeachment process. One can see that they were more or less unprepared for such an eventuality and are now floundering in the process of directly facing Corona in the trial. You all know that said onslaughts thrown by the Yellow cabal are quite formidable. The manpower and resources mobilized is quite remarkable in terms of sheer effort(competence and smarts are not barred… Read more »

Poor dude. He’s literally poor compared to most lawyers.

There’s still that sudden spike in his 2009-2010 assets though. Must be the 7M he lost back in 2003 coming back as a failed investment.

1) Perhaps it is also incumbent upon Pnoy to explain to his bosses how come he accumulated P4.8M in a matter of 6 months immediately after becoming the Chief Executive of an impoverished country. Certainly his salary as president won’t be able to explain that increase (about 20% annualized). 2) Philstar and GMA News are also biased in their reports and manner of reporting although to a slightly lesser degree. 3) I am not a lawyer but from my standpoint, the prosecutors are clearly on a fishing expedition and witch hunting. Article 2 is based merely on speculation and assumption.… Read more »

the whole thing may come down to the undervaluation of properties in saln.

it will be enough for those who want to convict.

but the ‘concrete evidence of 45 properties’ has shown the prosecution have nothing but a lack of integrity and are really conducting an audit and hoping to find something as they go.

i thought such fishing expeditions were not allowed.

next tax returns and then bank accounts


we beg to differ from what??? why is this article not showing impartiality… eh di kayo na ang senator-judge


I think that if the house prosecutors had a smidgin of competence, or even just basic decency, they wouldn’t be on the side they are on right now.

Der Fuhrer

Can we publish or send the bar graph of the dictator Aquino to the social networking sites like facebook? 50.2M and 55.0M is a giant leap for his unexplained wealth! Please guys send the comparison to Noynoy Aquino’s official facebook account and watch him wilt in the bright light of truth. 🙂


May we are giving them too much credit by calling them a “Prosecution Team”. Lets see… the administration is a student council, right? Then this team should be “Hall Monitors” perhaps?

Hyden Toro
Corona is not rich in U.S. standard. Noynoy Aquino is very rich, and it is amazing…his wealth went to the Roof of the Bar Graph, in his two years term…112 Billion Pork Barrel Fund has to do with it…Noynoy Aquino is the Crook here. The ABS-CBN and all networks media informations that provide sanitized news for the Noynoy Aquino regime are doing it, because the owners vested interests. The Lopezes has many companies with juicy government contracts…and they may have interest also in the hacienda Luisaita ownership…It’s a biased Media , we have…the purpose is not to inform us, but… Read more »
@Hyden Toro A 22 million pesos, is just an equivalent of U.S. $500,000 . A common yearly salary of a tenured professor in a good university in the U.S. Technical men and Researchers earn more than that a year…U.S. Filipino Doctors who are specialists can earn that also in a year… That figure is from the SALn and is already a sum of all his assets and liabilities, not just his salary. The prosecution lawyers and politicians could’ve easily been earning so much more than Corona. The prosecution is fishing for volunteer witnesses who are prejudiced enough against Corona that… Read more »
Der Fuhrer

Observe some of the senator judges as they act like the prosecution. Lack of fairness and impartiality in siding with the prosecution’s train of thought is a ground for inhibition.


[…] source: Corona impeachment: Prosecution team is incompetent not just underdogs | Get Real Post […]

Joshua T.

Them? Underdogs? I don’t think so.

I mean, the guys at the pro-prosecution camp have ALL the resources needed for them to throw eggs and tomatoes at Corona, even though I predict that these will not affect the outcome of the trial.


I recently watched the news today and good thing, some Filipinos already noticed how the prosecutor team and also how the Senator Judges questioned the witnesses. some of them also thinks that Corona should have a fair trial, I guess they are seeing the big picture now. Hope that more of them thinks this way.


If the Senate really were seriously smart about the trial, they’d have dismissed the case the moment the persecutors said “We’re not prepared with…”


To all of you guys. . . Still’ Corona is not fitted. Prosecution is just doing their job. Of course when we follow technicalities in court, definitely we will not be able to know the truth. The Defense will just object and block any presentation of evidences. Good thing Senators-judges are allow to question and cant be objected. At least theres a way we could find the truth. After all, Prosecution admits that they lack practice in Trial Law. . . . . Its better if we’ve just abolished SUPREME COURT!!! Shame on all Arroyo appointees. . . !!!