Recalling Senator Tito Sotto’s Pepsi Paloma connection


Pepsi Paloma was best known as one of the “softdrink” beauties along with starlets Coca Nicolas and Sarsi Emmanuel in Philippine Cinema of the early eighties. Her career and life were tragically cut short after an unfortunate alleged crossing of paths with comedy stars and noontime variety show personalities Joey de Leon, Richie d’Horsey, and Vic Sotto. Vic Sotto is the brother of now Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto who himself was a famous showbiz celebrity. The man who was to become Senator of the Republic starred alongside his brother Vic and Joey de Leon in various productions. The trio are well-known for their billing as “Tito Vic and Joey” with d’Horsey often joining them in supporting roles…

Although Tito, Vic and Joey started their trio via Discorama and Student Canteen, it was the sitcom Iskul Bukol that gave them nationwide fame as comedians. Soon after, other TV and movie producers came knocking on the trio’s door. In 1979, Tito, Vic and Joey started hosting for the noontime show Eat Bulaga! which was pitted against the more established Student Canteen hosted by their former colleague (and now competitor) Bobby Ledesma. Not long after, Eat Bulaga! toppled Student Canteen from the ratings.

In 1982, Paloma who was aged fifteen at the time reportedly approached then Philippine Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile for help, claiming she was raped by de Leon, d’Horsey, and Sotto. Enrile referred Paloma to the law firm Angara Abello Concepcion Regala & Cruz Law Offices (ACCRA) where the late former Senator Rene Cayetano was at the time a senior partner. Cayetano took the job of legal counsel to Paloma in a move that would catapult him into the media sportlight of the time…

[…] Rene Cayetano first gained prominence in 1982 when he served as pro bono counsel of the late sexy starlet Pepsi Paloma, then 15 years old, who said she was molested by television hosts Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon and Richie d’ Horsey.

Apparently Cayetano did not have much of a chance to show off his attack-litigation skills in this case after some sort of deal was brokered behind the scenes…

The case was amicably settled after Vic’s brother, Vicente Sotto III — now a senator and personal campaign manager of presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr. — intervened, prompting the three celebrities to issue a public apology in open.

There was speculation at the time that the fallout from the episode severely impacted Paloma’s career after producers would no longer touch the starlet with a ten-foot pole following the incident. Amazingly, the careers in the entertainment industry of the accused continued to flourish despite the scandal (and, of course, Tito Sotto went on to become a powerful Philippine Senator) — a testament to the deeply ingrained culture of impunity in the Philippines. Paloma reportedly went on to hang herself under circumstances which, like most of her life, were presumably “shrouded in mystery”.

Could Paloma’s descent into showbiz persona non grata status after the close of the case have precipitated a slide into suicidal depression? More to the point: Did the famous comedy trio of Tito Vic and Joey along with D’Horsey have anything to do with a possible blacklisting of Paloma in the industry?

Whatever it was, and if the hands of the Sotto brothers somehow had a place within the “mysterious” circumstances of Paloma’s demise, the ultimate outcome — the case simply going away, in every sense of the phrase — certainly favoured the boys in this instance.


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What made it the more fatal is she’s just a baby, a kid at that. Tenderloin in the hands of maniacal Pinokyos wherein his male ego dictates of machoness; contrary, it is actually predatory in nature rampant in Da Pinas society regardless of stature. Nothing new, the moneyed silenced their deed by all means, and what gets published in the salivating public eyes is nothing more but a showcase. The poor and ignorant who have nothing except those attributed with good ass-et al, To Whose Learning Were Of Wowowiee And Dramaticons Based, aspire to be upthere in economic totempole [by… Read more »
germi sison

Pepsi Paloma was among the exploited innocent young girl by a movie star manager. None of those young girls ever succeeded as movie star like Amalia Fuentes or Susan Roces or even of lower bracket. The reason Pepsi committed suicide was her feeling unloved. There were many of suicide in entertainment world like her. Remember Marilyn Monroe?


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Ross Flores Del Rosario
Jericho Aguasin Catu

First off, I’m a male homosexual. It’s impossible for Joey to molest Pepsi because Joey was my boyfriend at that time


e bold star nman din cya e. kung ginalang nya katawan nya at ndi binilad sa madla e di irerespeto p cya. nababastos ang babae dhil sa sarili nya.


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Hala sige pagtanggol nyo pa mga KANGUSO.. Mga demonyo naman pala yang tatlo.. kakadiri..


ay nako pinagtakpan lang yan nila kasi my pera sila!!! They can do anything because they have all the resource.Kawawa ang bata! imagine 15years old..lang puso! They are wolves!

Marami nakong nababasa tungkol sa case na to and seriously nakaka-bigla.Hindi ko mauwasan na di maapektuhan. Nakka-inis namn kung sino pa yung tao may backgriund pa ng ganian at parang wala lang nangyare sa nakikita ko ngaun.. Pepsi is haunting them right now


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Why is Vic Sotto, an admitted child gang raper, so popular??? His crime in raping Pepsi Paloma with Joey de Leon and Richie d’Horsey could have gotten him executed back in 1982. Instead, Paloma is dead and Sotto is rich, famous and powerful. There is no justice in the Philippines.


Come again Virtud? Understood it though, but there are so many semantic errors with it.

Anyway that’s how things goes here in the Philippines, money pays it all, even to extent of oppressing the weary more.

Silka Papaya Tax Evasion

Have you guys seen the Silka Papaya Iya Villania Scandal?


@virtud was able to express himself in English. He’s fluent but not proficient at all. For him to become an effective communicator, he needs to consider the people reading his comments. I still commend him for his effort in using different expressions or words. It’s just probably his way to exercise his vocabulary. Let’s give this to him.

About the issue, it’s really intriguing. I can only say to statements: “The victim is the witness of the case.” However, “decision has already been made.”


Naging linguistics forum itong post na ito. Kakaaliw. 🙂


Well said, Gogs. Just to remind everyone who has forgotten: Ninoy Aquino.


The case was settled. In short, we’ll never know what really happened. Was it really rape or an attempt by Pepsi Paloma to extort money from Tito, Vic and Joey? If it was really rape, then, Paloma shouldn’t have settled but pursued the case until the 4 comedians were jailed. Well, we will never know as Pepsi hanged herself.