Filipinos, it’s time to take back our Government!

It’s been a while since there was anything in the mainstream media that was worth reading. One can’t even read some of the articles for mere entertainment value alone because most of the columnists are either too politically correct or too scared to go straight to the point of what they are trying to say that they might as well be writing a blind item for being so wussy.

I often get annoyed at the articles for being too nice about the country’s incompetent public officials. For some reason, there are Filipino journalists who are even fond of writing in poetry style and generously quoting from the Bible, with emo written all over it — William Esposo, anyone?


In fact, just before 2010 drew to a close, there were so many articles that claim to view the past year as a year of “hope” and “change” for the Filipino people. It was enough to make me schedule an unplanned hiatus from all the nonsense.

Anyway, who can blame most Filipino writers and journalists for not showing enough balls in their writings? Assassins that rival Jason Bourne riding on their cheap motorbikes with their equally cheap guns always come out of nowhere on cue targeting even two-bit journalists.

These guns for hire routinely gun down journalists who say or write stuff that could potentially improve the unnatural order in the Philippines. But then who would want to die for ungrateful people anyway? Or a people who lack the ability to learn? If Jose Rizal were alive today, I bet he would have used a different approach after seeing how the Filipinos have turned out after all the trouble he went through.

To a certain extent, the role of many bloggers nowadays is to interpret the articles or news items found in the mainstream media. bloggers in particular interpret the subtle messages that simply fly over the average Filipino’s head. Some of us have no grand plans beyond merely venting our frustrations over the obvious incompetence of our public officials and the mediocrity of the Filipino people.

And there are some who do have a bigger agenda, advocating change in the policies in the Philippine government or calling for a change in the system itself. But like any group of like-minded people who came together on the basis of shared ideals, we will always have our differences in the way we view how we can achieve our goals.

To lump us all in one mold is a mistake that a few of our detractors tend to make. Michael Ngo Dee is one such a dude who made that fatal mistake. He wrote the blog, An Invisible Wall and tried to question the blogger’s agenda. To wit:

So Antipinoy thus far is a disorganized group without a goal or a role in society. So far, all I hear antipinoy doing is be the pinoy-basher.

Well guess what? You can bash all you want, but without real SOLUTIONS that CREATE VALUE, Antipinoy is not and will not be the change that the Philippines needs and the vision of the Philippines it wants to create. The Antipinoy will just be like every other pinoy, all balk and no walk.

Michael Ngo sounded like someone straight out of high school in the way he delivered his indictment of bloggers. I take that back, we get a lot of high school student readers who actually get it. We get his sort of childish appraisal every now and then in this forum.

For his and everybody else’s sake, I will try to explain the meaning of what we do in scientific terms. The process of evolution might shed some light into why people do what they have to do even without knowing what peoples’ goals are and even their own roles in society.

Questioning the blogger’s role in Philippine society is like questioning the role of the sun to the planets that orbits around it. By itself the sun does not have a purpose. It’s just there. It’s just a big ball of nuclear blasts; one of the billions of stars in the universe. But if you look at how it affects life on Earth, you will realize that without the sun, our planet will be nothing but a barren sterile wasteland.

When the sun shines “the electromagnetic radiation that plants receive from the sunlight that reaches Earth and penetrates its atmosphere is the key ingredient in a process that is called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is important because it is the way in which plants derive their energy.

“Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, algae, and some forms of bacteria convert energy from sunlight in the form of electromagnetic radiation into energy in the form of simple carbohydrates. In order to do this, plants require water, carbon dioxide, electromagnetic radiation, and light-absorbing pigments such as chlorophyll. Photosynthesis takes place within plant cells in organelles (structures) known as chloroplasts. The result of the process is that the plant takes light from the sun and turns that light’s energy into energy that the plant can use to grow and to stay alive.

So in short, the sun basically creates all this activity just by beaming light onto Earth. All this activity fueled by the sun is also what drives the process of evolution. Evolution results in increasingly complex structures (life forms) that dissipate the sun’s energy through their activities.

Similarly, is just one of hundreds of blogsites in the blogosphere. Blogs derive their energy from news from the mainstream media. Bloggers require readers to feed off their energy and the process of evolution takes place when a reader’s views and beliefs change as a result of how they interpret what they read. Just like plants, by itself, it may seem like a blogger’s only purpose is to grow but if you take into consideration how it affects others, you will realize that its existence affects other people in a society.

Michael Ngo also thinks that we are disorganized. Heck, he has no idea! His statement however, is a very good indication that he expects a lot from us. I hate to disappoint him though. He has set for himself a very high expectation of us, which is not good for him and his followers; the higher the expectation, the bigger the fall.

This might be news to people like Ngo, but it would have been obvious to others that we are not a political party or a full advocacy organization. We enjoy zero funding from the outside. It’s a bit surprising that he wants our group to get elected. I would say his ideas are a bit of a disappointment, for someone who can actually string a sentence or two together.

What Michael Ngo needs to understand is, we simply exist because of natural ebbs and flows of events, just like in the process of evolution. Suffice to say, our mutual disgust for the dysfunctional culture of the Filipino brought us together under the Get Real Philippines banner. Yes, the recent election in which Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) won by a majority vote (if you don’t believe that the election was rigged) served as a magnetic force that generated all the activity in this blogsite. Ngo’s request for us to run for office is equivalent to moronic statements made by the average commenters in the comment box anywhere that simply say, “Kayo kaya ang maging presidente!” for lack of any coherent rebuttal to criticism made against the government.

I would say that the activities generated by are more or less in the same mold as the Tea Party movement in the U.S. The Tea Party Movement as referred to by the Net, is

[…] not a national political party; does not officially run Congressional candidates; and its name has not appeared on any ballots, but it has so far endorsed Republican candidates. The Tea Party movement has no central leadership but is composed of a loose affiliation of national and local groups that determine their own platforms and agendas.

The Tea Party movement in America has always been used by protesters particularly the anti-tax protesters. The movement was highly responsible for getting the Republican Party back on its feet and getting reelected in the House of Representatives because of their anti-Obama policy stance. It endorsed reduced government spending, lower taxes, reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit, and adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution.

The leading cast of the Tea Party movement in the U.S. argued very effectively for people to take back the government and their actions have succeeded in putting their agendas back on the table. But just like any movement, its cast and crew will eventually part ways once the shooting of the film is over. To quote TIME magazine on a recent write-up about the Tea Party: “But now, the party that argued so effectively for smaller government is headed to Washington, where so many other waves have broken and receded. Having remade Congress and with a GOP presidential nomination up for grabs, the Tea Party is about to learn that rallying against its enemies is easier than choosing among its allies.

The Tea Party had a goal and a role in society. They exist or reconvene when they are needed. They naturally go back to their daily lives when they think that it is time to move on to a higher purpose.

In a sense, the movement called exists because there is a need for Filipinos to take back their government. We might seem disorganized because we are underfunded. It would be naïve for people like Michael Ngo to believe that we do not need funds to make a difference in society. People still need to eat and have a life. If we didn’t have our day jobs and had all the time to focus our energies on politics, we could do more.

Unfortunately, there are huge drawbacks in accepting funds from a sponsor. When that happens we begin to be constrained by these sponsors’ own agendas. At least, by volunteering our time writing our articles, we have the freedom to say whatever we want to say. However, if we really wanted to take this movement to the next level, it would be best to organize a fund raising event. This would make things legitimate and organizing any protest or bringing our cause forward will be more efficient.

With prices of goods and services going up, this is the best time for Filipinos to put their differences aside and band together in an effort to take their country back from the hands of their incompetent public officials. Whoever did not vote for Noynoy Aquino in the May election — and we invite with open arms also those who did — should join forces and protest in unison in order to put pressure on this government. The government has obviously fallen into a stupor because of their high popularity ratings. Even more obvious is that they know that they can rely on the President’s family and friends to boost his ratings even more with the use of their media empire.

To be fair to Michael Ngo, he is not the first to question our agenda. Some people, even people who most Filipinos would consider “intelligent” because of their degrees from Oxford and/or Brown Universities (or wherever else) have even labeled us a member of a Leftist group just because we are critical of PNoy. It goes to show that some Filipinos still fail to use their common sense despite their expensive education.

Frankly, I have a feeling that part of the reason why people like Michael Ngo feels like all we are good at is writing about the dysfunction of the Filipino society is because he does not see any real difference in what we do. Well, guess what? When you are up against media giants owned and operated by friends and family of the incumbent president, that’s all we can do for now.

Right now, we rely strongly on our readers and hope that they will help us ride the next wave to bring us closer to our goal, which is to create a more efficient, prosperous, and stable Philippine society.


Post Author: Ilda

In life, things are not always what they seem.