Why is Filipino “patriotism” so CRINGE?

One is consistently hard-pressed to get an authentic stand-up-and-put-hand-on-heart-with-welling-eyes vibe when called to emit a bit of patriotic signals for the Philippines. The latest such attempt to reel in some “love of country” sentiment comes in the form of an all-too-familiar “people power” stunt pulled by “non-government coalition” Atin Ito (“this is ours”) which set out to send that message to China through, the Associated Press reports, a flotilla of “100 Filipino activists on wooden boats” aiming to “distribute food packs and fuel to Filipino fishermen about 58 nautical miles (107 kilometers) southeast of Scarborough Shoal and then sail back home”.

Media reports point to a certain Rafaela David, President of militant Akbayan Party as the “lead convenor” of the coalition. In what is evidently a “report” that echoes the Chinese government’s position on all matters South China Sea, Global Times described the stunt as a “plan to stir up trouble” and its organiser a “hired gun” of the United States’ military.

Although it publicly claims to be an independent Philippine organization pursuing peace, the actions of the Atin Ito coalition are more akin to a “hired gun” serving the US strategy in the South China Sea. In fact, its ability to coordinate resources within the Philippines, as well as its intricate relationships with pro-American figures in the US military and Filipino politics, all highlight that it is far from a simple Filipino civil organization.

Interestingly, the “hired gun” of the US allegation issued by the Chinese is ironic considering that Akbayan traces its roots to the Philippines’ Communist Party which, through its terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (in a force widely dubbed the “CPP-NPA”) had for decades been waging a violent “revolution” to topple the Government.

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Akbayan has long made known its anti-US position on most matters.

Considering too that Global Times cites how “Philippine naval vessels or Philippine Coast Guard vessels were also often seen accompanying Atin Ito’s activities in their previous activities in the South China Sea”, it is worth noting that Akbayan is staunchly opposed to the administration of President Bongbong Marcos and had, in fact campaigned hard to have Marcos disqualified from the 2022 national elections.

The political agendas that underlie these spectacles are the least of what is disturbing here. The more notable point here is just how pathetic such displays are. “Patriotism” in the Philippines is traditionally a victimhood appeal and not one that revolves around a true fight for the country’s sovereign identity. In the specific case of this Atin Ito stunt, the sight of “wooden boats” and wretched fishermen being placed before the Goliath is unlikely — and likely not intended — to move China. Rather, this is but another one of those habitual practice of provoking a response that would then be framed as the actions of a “bully”. Thus explains the presence of those “journalists on four boats” accompanying these activists reported by AP.

The Chinese evidently don’t understand the core nature of Filipinos. In the Philippines things happen really more all for show. Personal convictions hardly ever form part the major part of what motivates any sort of Filipino undertaking. This is why no progress of true substance sets in in Philippine society. All we get is a resounding national cringe whenever we get a load of these circuses.

13 Replies to “Why is Filipino “patriotism” so CRINGE?”

  1. Why bother being patriotic to a sinking ship called Philippines? Abandon ship, migrate now, save yourselves.

    Philippines is not being brought down by Chinese nor Americans, the Filipinos themselves are causing Philippines descend into chaos.

    PS: It’s funny that when I bash the Philippines here, some people get mad or throw insults at me, but it’s fine for other peoples to bash the US. What’s with the double standard?

    1. The us empire a garbage dump. Toxic to the world. Vile and degenerate. War industry imperialists. Colonialists go home . Say no to wasps.

      1. See? When people trash talk the USA here, nobody gets mad, but when someone does the same to the Philippines, some people get mad and will insult the person who did it to Philippines. Why so bias and double standard?

        You know what else? The USA is better and more honorable than Philippines will ever be. The corruption perception index is one proof of that. Unlike a garbage country called Philippines, the US values competence and intelligence. Philippines is just hell, a crap hole which is a cesspool of corruption.

    2. Filipinos need to learn to be accountable for the fortunes of their own country. Blaming “imperialism”, the US, the Chines, Satan, God, the President, or any person or thing perceived to exercise powerful influence on their lives is becoming old…

      1. “Filipinos need to learn to be accountable for the fortunes of their own country.”

        But, guess what, with every reckless input that this character above spews, for starters, where the above statement is directed to, he clearly does know how to process accountability.

        I mean, how can one be inclined to learn something from someone if one’s incination, due to dead end hubris, is to teach everyone… irregardless of how bad one’s teaching or advocacy is.

        To bash and complain habitually isn’t a proof of a higher level of power over others but only of an entitlement. It also indicates an inability and/or incapability of a loser to solve anything.

        1. Note: Just to clear things out, I wasn’t referring to benign0 with the phrase “this character above”.

      2. @benigno
        Do you mean filipinos as individuals or as a nation? Alot of things and persons/people are powerful influence on what and how your own life as an individual is and will become. And sometimes you cannot distinguish or separate these two (nation and individual citizen). Because if we always could then each and every citizen of the world would be rich and have a happy, contented life. Can you counter-argue this by giving an example of how a human life is not being powerfully influenced by others/things? Then please do.

      3. @BenThere, I always refer to Filipinos as a collective. There will always be exceptional Filipinos and mediocre ones. But taken overall, the track record as far as collective achievement goes speaks for itself. Filipinos are hardly known to have delivered any sort of collective achievement over their entire history.

      4. Filipinos in general are just pretending to be patriotic but they really have no patriotism because they’re more loyal to the politicians they idolize and political parties they support than the country.

        The USA and China will not destroy the Philippines. The Philippines will be destroyed by the Filipinos themselves including both ordinary civilians and gov’t officials because Filipino society loves corruption which is why Philippines is very corrupt.

      5. @NoData, yes I did notice that on various social media threads. “Patriotism” expressed by Filipino “activists” and partisans is almost always framed by personal loyalties. This is likely because, beyond personal loyalties, there is not much to work with when it comes to anything the Philippines stands for. Defining a vision for the Philippines agnostic of political personalities seems alien to the Filipino mind.

        1. Not to mention they get mad when someone criticizes the politicians they idolize. It’s easy for Filipinos to brand gov’t critics or critics of their idols as traitors, being involved with illegal drugs, leftists, etc. Do those people really want to give up their freedoms of speech, press, expression and right to air grievances with the gov’t?

          Double standard is still a huge problem among Filipinos in general. A largely noticeable example of that is when Tulfo berates, disrespects, cusses at or shouts at other people, his supporters cheer him and bash those people he berated. If someone does the same to him or even just criticizes him for his wrongdoings, his supporters will get mad at that critic and will say that he’s arrogant and disrespectful. I still don’t understand why criticizing Tulfo is seen as arrogance.

          Saying things to gov’t critics like they’re just lazy and they should just work hard instead of criticizing is just enabling gov’t inefficiency and incompetence by giving the gov’t a “blame-free” card.

  2. A real Nationalist will not subcribed to the class struggle concept as a pivot for “National Unity”. National Socialist don’t distinguished the Society into classes. It promotes a National Unity based on a Racial Folk or Community. Not just a hollow “unity” based on abstract concept such as “Nationalism”. But on the idea of the MakaLahi MakaLipunan Sambayanan is the appropriate Ideological foundation…

    Ariel Eric Robedizo / AERO

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