Filipinos have had enough of “leftist” groups denying they are linked to the CPP and the terrorist New People’s Army

It is quite ironic that the biggest “crime” today’s Opposition accuse the incumbent government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte of is to invite the Chinese government to exert undue influence on the Philippines. The fact is that a key element of the Opposition — Filipino communists and their puppet organisations in the Philippines’ university campuses — were the first to extend a welcome mat to the People’s Republic of China.

A report on militant organisations published on the Stanford University website describes how the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) is founded on the premise that China is the source of both ideology and resources to effect violent revolution in the Philippines. The report also shows the history of the CPP’s lame efforts to solicit support from other terrorist organisations around the world.

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From its 1969 establishment until the 1976 normalization of Philippine-Chinese relations, the CPP-NPA received support, weapons, and funds from China. However, even though the CPP-NPA modeled its armed struggle on China’s own Maoist movement, Chinese support for the CPP-NPA seems to have been limited. The CPP-NPA also sought support, weapons, funds, and training from like-minded groups overseas, including the Japanese Red Army (JRA), the Maoist factions of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the Sandinistas, the Communist Party of El Salvador, and many other organizations…

Most disturbing of all is the account of the Stanford report of events that sealed the record of the CPP and its terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA) as an enemy of the state as well as the baffling way that its current ally, the Liberal Party (today known as the Yellowtards), contributed to the twisting of facts that led to a confused record of these events.

In February 1971, [CPP founder Jose Maria] Sison met with CPP-NPA Central Committee members to discuss his plan to attack a Manila rally of the Liberal Party, which opposed President Marcos. The purpose of the attack was to provoke another government crackdown and ideally gain support for the CPP-NPA. On August 21, three CPP-NPA members threw four grenades onstage at the rally in Manila’s Plaza Miranda before fleeing the city to a CPP-NPA camp.

Even back then, the confused nature with which the Philippines’ political leaders respond to clear acts of terrorism was on exhibit. Rather than be unified across partisan interests in condemning a bald atrocity perpetrated by a Cold War enemy the Liberal Party, instead, blamed the attack on the government of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Liberal Party members blamed President Marcos for the attack, which had killed much of his opposition. Marcos, who blamed the CPP-NPA for the bombing, responded by suppressing leftist political activity and suspending habeas corpus. These measures marked an increase in Marcos’ power. In response to Marcos’ repression, hundreds of student recruits joined the CPP-NPA. [27] [28] Meanwhile, Sison denied that the CPP-NPA had been involved in the attack.

Things haven’t changed much in the last half-century since.

Today, it is interesting how the current Yellowtard-led Opposition, its lackeys in Big Corporate Media, and its circle of so-called “activists” dishonestly water down the nature of the CPP-NPA as terrorists and enemies of the state. They denounce “red tagging” of leftist groups as a “ploy” perpetrated by the government to endanger the lives of members of these leftist groups. However there has been no categorical denial of links between the CPP-NPA and these so-called “leftist” groups coming from any of their leaders. The same Stanford report, for example, describes current party-list group Bayan Muna as “a political party connected to the CPP and other groups in the Communist movement.” According to a recent ABS-CBN News report Bayan Muna is part of the Makaybayan bloc of left-leaning party-lists that include “Gabriela, Kabataan, Anakpawis, Migrante, and Alliance of Concerned Teachers.” Like most other mainstream reports and discussion surrounding these “leftist” organisations, the report stops short of describing these groups as being linked to the CPP and the terrorist NPA.

To be fair, the ABS-CBN News report includes statements from Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who “called on Congress to expel members of Makabayan bloc at the House of Representatives, saying it has become ‘the milking cow of terrorists’.”

Indeed, another party-list group Akbayan — a current Liberal Party ally — was cited in a GMA News report as having origins that “can be traced to the division of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its allies in the 1990s. Akbayan was formed by those who refused to be associated with both factions.” Yet in its “Brief History”, Akbayan is dishonestly mute on that otherwise noteworthy aspect of it history…

After twenty years of dictatorship under the Marcos regime, formal democracy in the Philippines was restored in 1986 through a broad “people power” movement. This democracy, however, proved to favor only the political and economic elite of the country. The moving force behind the anti-dictatorship struggle–concerned citizens and progressive groups–has been relegated to the periphery of decision-making and policy implementation. In response, social movements, trade union groups, and political organizations have emerged to challenge state policies through lobbying and pressure politics.

Despite the dynamism of Philippine movements, formal institutions of democracy remained in the hands of the few and the wealthy. It was within this context that the idea of building an alternative, a citizens’ political party, first emerged. Social movement groups wanted to be part of the formal processes of government. Akbayan was thus conceived as an effort to institutionalize people power and thereby deepen Philippine democracy.

Consultations on the party-building project began in 1994. Throughout the country, pro-democracy groups were enjoined to help shape the party concept and strategy. Aspirations of various sectors–labor, peasants, youth, women, gay and lesbians, professionals, overseas Filipino workers, urban poor–were discussed and consolidated into a program of governance, while ad hoc structures were formed in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Four years later, in January 1998, Akbayan was formally established through its Founding National Congress. In May of the same year, the new party tested its strength by participating in the local and party-list elections and won seats in the House of Representatives, and several local government units.

One could understand now why the current Opposition had lost an entire nation in 2016 (and had become today’s Opposition) and, in the lead-up to this year’s election, continues to lose. The Opposition have not learned important lessons. It continues to campaign on the back of personalities rather than ideas and is flagged by a coalition — laughably branded the Otso Diretso team — that essentially stands for nothing of consequence. Worse, the broader Opposition is stained by both the Yellowtards and the crooked stigma of Philippine communism. At a time when Filipinos need direction to navigate their new-found economic prosperity, the Opposition are, instead, hooked on irrelevant disaster-mongering.

Filipino Opposition senatorial candidate Gary Alejano resorts to lame stunts to prop up their flagging campaign.

The biggest enemy of economic prosperity is political instability. It is quite bizarre that an entire Opposition campaign would be constituted around pitching — and even inciting — that wealth-killing instability. Worst of all is the manner with which the Opposition is in bed with the most nefarious antitheses of the principles that underpin the unprecedented wealth being created in the Philippine economy today — communism.

If the Opposition want to remain relevant, they will need to seriously re-invent themselves by ditching the tired and downright dangerous rhetoric that fuels their doomed campaign today — the victim mentality of the Yellowtard narrative, the Cold War violent revolution espoused by the communists, and the perverse Filipino brand of liberalism that devalued the erstwhile noble concepts of “human rights” and “equality”. To win back the Filipino people, the Opposition will need to be demolished and re-born and their links to communist terrorists dissolved.

20 Replies to “Filipinos have had enough of “leftist” groups denying they are linked to the CPP and the terrorist New People’s Army”

  1. The Opposition is a laughingstock nowadays. Even the Yellowtards would ally themselves with the Reds and outright deny all they want. They’re digging themselves a hole in this.

    And what’s worse is that there are people who would vote for Otso Diretso not because of platform and stuff but out of spite against Duterte.

    I’ll just pick up my popcorn…

  2. The leftist is anti-individualistic and brainless. He/She is not the sort of person who has an inner sense of confidence in his/her own ability to solve his/her own problems and satisfy his/her own needs.

  3. The Philippines is a corrupt ‘Kletocracy’ at every level of society. There is no ‘Democracy’ and the elections are a pure fiction.
    Anyone with a brain would either get elected or get out of the country, immediately !
    There is only one thing wrong with the Philippines, and that is Filipino’s ! it is sad to say that the people are their own worst enemies but it could not be a more true observation.

    1. the United States of Marauding Americans serves as an excellent role model
      for some deluded Filipinos over the ensuing years since 1946.
      Filipinos who look up to and readily adopt flawed Yanqui ideals
      of freedom, democracy and self-determination
      all prettified with self-anointed sense of exceptionalism.
      from JewHollywood propaganda films, US SupremeCourt-mandated homosexual culture,
      to compulsive rapacity/duplicity inextricably- linked to chronic pharmacological abuse.
      _the indelible visage of the VERY UGLY AMERICAN_a monster in benevolent clothing.
      their bizarre behaviour elicit endless awe and wonder, if not outright contempt.
      you only have to study and learn from their history of vicious plunder
      beginning in Jamestown, Virginia
      and persisting in Venezuela.
      and Filipinos would forever break-free
      from the shackles of pathogen-infested Yankee bondage.

  4. Well, for all practical purposes the Opposition is already “dissolved” – dead by its own brainless bitching and insincere posturings. They supposedly have lawyers – the effeminate-looking Pilo Hilbay and Chel Diokno, and master opportunist MacRomy Makalintal – and look what they’ve come up to. Gary Alimango is the quintessential dude, and so is the fake economist Mar Roxas of Korina Sanchez fame. Samira Gutoc looks so gutom of power but she’s all bluster. Erin (or is that Irene?) is the lackluster progeny of illustrious lawyers and politicians and that’s it. Neri Colmenares is a pinko. And then there’s the biggest bum of all – Bam Aquino, the backscratcher with the name and face only that he’s used to his personal advantage. The Opposition is a goner, forever consigned to the ash heap of history.

  5. before we can say they’re a goner, they have to lost a bloody revolution they’re setting up. they will never give up hacienda luisita, which started all these mess.

  6. It is the same tactic that the political oppositions of various factions are using to destabilize the government of Pres. Duterte. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, is using the NPA-CPP, and other leftist groups. They include the, “Liberation theologists” : Roman Catholic Bishops, priests and nuns. They have also alliance with the “Fake News” media, as their propaganda machine. The gullible Filipinos are dumb down by this propaganda media. Political opportunists, who want to get elected, with the thought of stealing from our taxes and getting rich, ally themselves with the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. The universities , like the University of the Philippines, that have been leftist, ever since, are also their allies.

    On the other hand, the NPA CPP get funds from these opposition candidates. Or they themselves, run for offices, and get elected. They use the fund , they get thru corrupt means to fund the leftists organizations.

    It is a SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP, between the leftist and the oppositionist, that have evolved in the Philippine political scene. It started from the time of Marcos Sr….It is still with us . Unless, we can fight this evil “political animal”, with various heads. We will remain, as is, for many years.

    “There is no substitute for victory.” , stated Gen. Doghlas Mac Arthur, during the Korean War. If they would had listened to the good old Mac. North Korean threat to the world, would not have existed.

    Same situation we have, only different time !

  7. That idea that opposing a despot is heroism is now proven wrong these days. You could oppose a despot, but actually have vested interests of your own. So when the despot is ousted, the who ousted also becomes a despot (French Revolution, anyone?). Also, one man’s despot is another person’s benevolent ruler, so you best not try to oust the ruler they like, because you end up looking pretentious. Perhaps these ideas of doing something for “heroism” is worth slamming, because people want to be “heroes” for vanity’s sake, not because they want the world to be better. Also, they might have that mindset of “I am entitled to what is beautiful for me, and if it offends me, I must destroy it!” Again, that’s what real despots are like.

    Also, these youths should get rid of the idea that just because you believe what you know what is right, you should force it on the world. That’s what despots are really like, and these impressionable probably don’t know that they are becoming so. Perhaps, as I wrote before, their old fuddy-duddy parents believed in the same thing, so they thought they should do the same.

    Perhaps motherhood statements such as “the world belongs to the youth” have to be stopped or challenged, because these are likely leading to the young people’s heads getting swelled.

    Some people may have been part of these front organizations while not sharing the communist ideals, but had best be careful. Capitalism (or more like the free market) is perhaps one of the reasons worldwide poverty had reduced. Anti-capitalism is not a “noble cause,” but another exploitation of hate to manipulate people. If they want a better world, it’s better to apply it to their own lives instead of forcing it on others.

    1. Ah yes, another thought that came to me was that of “Sin of omission.” For example, these youth joining insurgent groups assuming they can change the world by doing so believe that if you don’t speak up against a despot, or if you don’t even try to change the world by joining the armed group, you’re a rotten person. So they decide to protest thinking it is the right thing to do, to avoid being labeled “rotten.” But that would make them a victim of their own ideas, they are afraid of what they would do to other people being done to them. I also think they have the wrong idea about “sin of omission,” and I personally would like to criticize this concept.

      Basically, if you see a beggar and don’t give, then you learn he died later on, some would accuse you of being guilty of the sin of omission. I disagree. First, would not giving money actually be the cause of death of the beggar? Common sense says that could not be. And could regularly giving him money help him? What if he spends in all on liquor and not on needs such as food? What if you find out he has a family and does not give any support for them? No one’s obliged to help someone like that.

      Real solutions are long-term. If you want to help the beggar, you would take him off the street, help him find a job, keep on revisiting him to see that he’s secure and on his way to self-sufficiency. Now, can you do that? I’m sure only a very few actually do it.

      As I said before, if you don’t do anything to help someone without malice, there’s nothing wrong with that. It is the malice, not the lack of action, that is the real wrongdoing. Example of malice, you pass by a beggar and think, ah good for you, hope you die you scum. The problem is, how can you determine whether a person thought that? You can’t. Some try to assume what someone thinks based on their actions. That’s what the so-called activists are doing. Well, if you found a person has malice, should you badmouth that person or try to punish them yourselves? No, better just let them sort their own problems for themselves. The so-called activists are the likely punishment-mongers, wanting someone punished just for what they assume someone else is thinking.

      So these “activists” believe not helping the poor and loving capitalism and business are evil. So they join the insurgent group to make these their “punishment squads.: But they’re out of their league and deserve whatever beating they get. They should stop worrying about how others live and should focus on their own lives.

      We probably also should question this idea of “sin of omission” because it now sounds to me like it was made for fault-finding and guilt-tripping. People should be taught that instead of trying to attack and ruin other people who don’t do what they want, they should just focus on what they themselves should be doing.

  8. I read the entire article and I could not believe how you twisted it. Im also surprised at how fast the comments and conclusions came based on your twisted presumptions (but im beginning to believe its intentional).
    If theres one thing I can say to you people, that is: pls read the source very carefully before you make such comments.
    I thought its the not-so intellectual people who are mostlikely to fall victims of disinformation. Its highlighted on the first line of second pharagraph and no one bothered to click and read this source before they comment.
    Believing a lie is an insult to ones intelligence, unless you are so used to it.
    Im sorry benigno but its just dissappointing.
    How did you know these people wouldnt care to read your source?
    How you linked communism to a political party is not even close to subtlety- its utterly ridiculous.
    I dont adhere to any political party and most certainly Im glad Im not that gullible to believe just about anything.
    I almost believed it but after reading, i felt you almost betrayed me..
    No wonder we are all so divided.

    1. The source is from a Stanford University website. What more cloud you ask for?

      Now what’s next, are you gonna say that the militant groups that belong to so-called Makabayan bloc are not connected to communism w/o ever realizing that it’s all obvious and it’s in front of you all the time? Or perhaps you didn’t know your history?

      Sorry, but you twisted your own words and you’re here just to react.

      1. I wont debate with you. I leave it to them to read it for themselves. This is just shocking..
        I never liked Liberal Party they dont impress me, but certainly all the more I dont like liars!
        I knew it, somethings wrong with the articles, kung hindi O.A. misleading.

        1. I dunno why, but are you from the Left or something? I really have no idea what is misleading are you talking but what is not misleading is about the leftist groups and about their constant denial on their links to CPP-NPA. The Left is always associated to socialism, communism, and anarchism. That’s history, mind you.

        2. So now I get it. The more comments the bigger the paycheck?
          My God. This is how you people earn money? Mabel and Machchaser, and zizoufan, i knew youre just one person..
          You are unbelievablY EVIL

        3. ^Now you’re slandering someone. As the saying goes:

          “Small minds discuss PEOPLE. Average minds discuss EVENTS. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

          So only care more about NAMES and not IDEAS. You’re unbelievably EVIL. Just as the EVIL LEFT.

        4. Alright, what kind of accusation is this?

          What if some tells you that these names you mentioned have zero paychecks or never earned money or anything? If anything, it’s ‘the more the comments, the better is the exchange.’

          I always remember that there are people who accuse this site and the authors being paid hacks of the Marcoses. I’m used to that but at the end of the day, they never provided any proof. I bet what you’re gonna say next is that people with no jobs should never make a discussion in this site.

        5. @DIO
          If youre not one of them (wc by the way yoi sound like) you will read the source and compare this article, notice the omissions and how the author twisted it.
          Theres no way you can prove theyre paid and thats why theyre just bloggers, theyre never accountable to any disinformation.
          So now i believe troll army exists..

        6. If youre not one of them (wc by the way yoi sound like) you will read the source and compare this article, notice the omissions and how the author twisted it.
          Theres no way you can prove theyre paid and thats why theyre just bloggers, theyre never accountable to any disinformation.
          So now i believe troll army exists..

          And bloggers write what they want to write. It’s either you take it or leave it.

          Oh yes, troll armies exists on both sides. Same goes for disinformation, mind you.

        7. @DIO
          Two things for you
          1. I maintain Partisan endorses blind, prejudiced and unreasoning allegiance to a party. This is self explanatory so basic that even a highschooler can grasp instantly without question.
          2. This article is based on Standford University Chronicle on Mapping Militant Organization, and simple glimpse of where the author maligned it could have made your respond differently but you choose to believe what comforts you.
          You sort of say “i prefer other sources than mainstream media”, but when asked to look at where this article you so believe is based on, you pull out the yellow card and your back ready to grapple in the endless rigmarole of words.
          3. The Chronicle describes the turn of events from when cpp npa were founded, it points how the communists mastermind the bombing of plaza miranda that wc led to blaming Marcos and in turn recruited hundreds of students that which then inspired the proclamation of martial law. The Chronicle stated facts from 1968 to as far as 2015.
          It included the events in the mendiola massacre that which is so similar to Plaza miranda. Reading the origin, nature, interests and objectives of the communists, one could see these two events can be related for they are similar in nature and clearly how it served the communist party. I dont see how the author linked the liberal party to communism and you think Im colored yellow?
          Everything is in the history that which you prefer to twist and at the present situation right under your noses.
          Its rather clear that the current situations in the last 3years point to the same direction the communists are trying to pursue:
          1. Distrust in the Government
          2. Chaos and division among people to finally submit to a new form of government.
          3. Distabilize the core religous faith.
          4. Malign the Mass Media, break the common major avenue of communication and so for false ideologies to penetrate.
          5. Expel US influence and other international friendship ties and so for easier intrusion.
          6. Drown us with debts and interest as a legal way for final ownership.

          If theres one thing left of us, that is our character as pain in the ass to handle and conquer. If you give up what used to be as united and fall trapped in their obvious pursuit, then this unthinkable indeed will happen. Call it nutcase; I call it a wake up call before its too late.

  9. What a find! Stanford in its mapping militants actually published in its profile that the NPA bombed Plaza Miranda. So saying Marcos did it is false news. Take that, murderers and liars!

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