An alliance between the Yellowtards and the Marcos dynasty forms the Philippines’ new ruling oligarchy

In his Inquirer piece “Media, politics, and foreign relations”, columnist Randy David illuminates the recent media re-circus surrounding President Bongbong Marcos’s alleged history of drug use…

It must have taken no small amount of pressure by the former president to get [Senator Ronald “Bato”] Dela Rosa, his erstwhile police chief, to initiate an investigation into an alleged cocaine session involving Mr. Marcos that supposedly happened 12 years ago. Well, the senator is seeking re-election, and he may have been inveigled into thinking the Senate investigation could give him media exposure. But how to make something musty newsworthy again—that was the challenge. The new spin had to come from something previously unreported. That is where movie actress Maricel Soriano, in whose condo the 2012 cocaine session was supposed to have taken place, came in. Soriano’s appearance at the hearing—and whatever else her supposed link to Mr. Marcos might suggest—was more than enough to land Dela Rosa’s investigation in the news.

Perhaps just the most recent of his small contributions to efforts to undermine the credibility of the current admin but, in this one, David misses the real issue which is the performance of the Marcos administration thus far. You can’t help but think that his mindset is Marcos is the lesser evil when compared to the “demonic” former President Rodrigo Duterte, which is why he makes light of the accusation of drug use and the brouhaha over the mess of the secret agreement, initially being pinned on Duterte and what appears to be now, another one by the Marcos administration with the Chinese.

Marcos’ cocaine use is the worst kept secret in the alta sociedad of Manila. This began back in the day when they lorded it over Manila’s social set, with their extended barkada of children of Marcos government officials and cronies. It’s old news. The only issue which makes it relevant is how it can be tied in to the prevalence of drugs during the administration the late former President Noynoy Aquino, seemingly under the protection of its highest officials, all the way to Malacañan, which many have linked to the death of then Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo and the filing of charges against its former Justice Secretary, Leila De Lima.

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Robredo had been building up dossiers on government officials involved in illegal drugs and gambling. This was found out by Undersecretary Rico Puno who belonged to the Samar faction in the administration of then President Noynoy Aquino. It was precisely the reason why he was given that appointment. The dossiers were part of Jesse’s grand strategy to become President in 2016.

One of the sterling traits of Yellowidiots is hypocrisy. The fact that Marcos is pro-US and intends to demolish the Duterte brand is enough common ground for the Yellowidiots to stop branding Marcos as a thief. They implore him to give the victims of the drug war justice by handing Duterte over to the International Criminal Court (ICC), if and when the time comes. The Araneta family to which First Lady Marie Louise “Liza” Araneta Marcos (née Marie Louise Cacho Araneta) is more Yellow than pro-Marcos which is another reason why the Yellowidiots have hope.

Those who voted for the UniTeam didn’t expect this to happen. They were looking forward to an end to political divisiveness. Unfortunately, what we have now is more of the same. The optics are excellent in the Marcos administration but governance is sorely lacking and while government working with the private sector should be a positive development, the signs are there that this is just another specie in the evolution of cronyism, which never actually became extinct, even if the late former President Cory Aquino said she would put a stop to it.

Marcos graces the 2012 opening of Chololos Bar and Grill partly owned by his wife’s brother Martin Araneta.

Perhaps this is why Globe Telecom is brazen enough to slap a transaction fee even if you’re transferring money from your BPI account to your GCash account or simply buying load for your Globe prepaid SIM. Pati yung limang piso o piso di pa pinatawad.

This is why critical thinking Filipinos aren’t enamored of the excellent optics and the press releases churned out by the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) about all the good Marcos is doing. They long for Duterte who protected them from such abuse by the oligarchs. You get the impression that Marcos is weak and the reason why that is so is because you know he’s not the only one making decisions of national importance. The leadership is a triumvirate of the president, the wife and the cousin. What will become of the country with the unholy alliance between the Marcos’ and the Yellowidiots?

Panahon lang ang aantayin para makita natin kung saan pupulutin ang Pilipinas sa loob ng natitirang araw sa pamumuno ni Apo Lakbay. Ang mahalaga ay ang hindi pag boto sa kanilang mga kandidato sa darating na halalan.

5 Replies to “An alliance between the Yellowtards and the Marcos dynasty forms the Philippines’ new ruling oligarchy”

  1. As usual, it is all about vested interests first before the needs of the country. And no matter what press releases there are that make the PBBM admin ‘mabango’ truth is, ‘lumalabas yung ng mga baho’ that proves his indecisiveness and gullibility. In a way, you can also say that his leadership also is a mirror of another ex-president, PNoy, whose administration was tainted with scandals left and right–especially drug dilemma, the SAF 44, the Luneta Hostage Crisis, the pork barrel scam, MRT derailments, among others. Which is so unlike the Presidency of PRRD where peace and order reigned supreme, more infrastructure projects took place via ‘Build Build Build’, our tax system was reformed under the TRAIN program, strong support for the cooperative movement and its potentials in poverty alleviation by transferring it from the Department of Finance to the Office of the President, and the way he handled the COVID-19 pandemic which made our country have a smooth transition from the ‘new normal’ to the ‘renewed’ normal. If only, if only PBBM heeds the advise of PRRD who made him win the Presidency (instead of treating him and his camp with scorn), learns from the mistakes of PNoy and opens himself up more to the changing global socio-economic shifts by making PHL less dependent on the US and much more nonaligned in our foreign policy (the way the late great Carlos P. Romulo advocated for and implemented during the time of his late father), then confidence in his leadership will be regained. And he has four more years to shape up . . . unless the worse scenario will prompt him to ship out. That’s a harsh reality he will have to consider amidst the fiascos taking place under his helm.

    1. I would like to challenge the notion that Duterte “made [BBM] win the Presidency” though. I think it was the structurally dysfunctional Opposition that handed the last national election to BBM — or would have been Sara Duterte had she decided to run for president. If the latter opted to step back to allow the incumbent admin slate to “unite” then she does so in the interests of ensuring the Yellowtards don’t return to power.

      Either way, the idea that these dynasties (whether they be Dutertes, Marcoses, Aquinos, Robredos, Cjuangcos, Aranetas, or whoever) are materially different from the other is just a manufactured perception that fuels these petty — but ultimately inconsequential — political bickering fits we see today. These ways these camps differ are only shavings off the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Underneath is substance of common denominators amongst these clans. What’s good for one or the other is overall good for the Philippine elite and, in the overall scheme of the status quo, that is all that really matters ultimately.

    2. I disagree that Duterte made BBM win the presidency because Duterte didn’t really support his candidacy. In fact, Duterte called BBM a weak leader before the elections.

  2. Ever since that visit to Australia by Leni & BBM at the same time by “coincidence” immediately after the 2022 election results. I suspected they had a common master.

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