Yellowtard columnists now cheer Philippine President Bongbong Marcos

Never thought I’d see the day when a rabid Yellowidiot writes a praise piece for the president whom they have been ripping apart politically since 1986. PhilStar columnist Andrew Masigan writes in his piece today how his “worst fears about another Marcos presidency is looking more unlikely to occur”. Masigan further writes…

My fears, borne out of painful memories of impunity, corruption, cronyism and entitlement, were assuaged by Marcos Junior’s circumspect style of leadership. He seems careful not to make a mistake and is averse to disrupting stability. Sure, there is a good cop-bad cop scenario at play with Speaker Martin Romualdez playing the role of the latter. But all things considered, BBM has erred on the safe side in as far as socio-economic and geopolitical policies are concerned.

This marks a first in the political history of the country. In the politics of switcheroo, the Dutertes (led by former President Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter, current Vice President Inday Sara Duterte) are now the villains. To my mind, this is just the enforcement of the social caste, hence my mantra that the optics are excellent in the Marcos administration.

The noise in social media over the Marcos-Romualdez combine is not doing any side any good. The same is true with the resignation calls and the rumored destabilization plots. Been there. Tried that. Didn’t work. Best to bring it to the ballot and let the people decide. But don’t expect any tangible reforms any time soon. It takes political will to do that, with strongarm tactics thrown in.

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It’s like the ongoing public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization project. After all the protests and warnings about the deadline, the jeepneys are still on the streets. This says a lot about our government and the people. And this is also why we have been left behind by our neighbors and still beset with third world problems.

This is the same reason why you need a president who’s not a statesman but more of an enforcer. It’s the only way to get the bureaucracy to enforce the law.

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