Tardic Wars: No New Hope for the Philippines

Just like the way the Yellowtard-Communist Axis was torn by infighting between the two woke factions that lend it its name, what was once the “Unity Team” is now ripped apart by the petty mudslinging between one or another narcissist “influencer”. To be fair, the “Unity Team” was no more than an election winning construct not too different to the failed “1Sambayan” coalition cooked up by retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio, former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, and former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario.

The obvious key difference between the Yellowtard 1Sambayan project and the Unity Team of then presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos and his then running mate Inday Sara Duterte is that the latter flew and went on to bury all the rest in the 2022 national elections. The other, even more confronting point to make about the former, is that red flags were already flying in abundance around its earliest inception that should have led its convenors to reflect more on what it would have taken to win this important election.

Back in 2021, Get Real Post contributor Ramon Ortoll wrote about how 1Sambayan was already “problematic on many fronts” and cites the indictments issued against this ill-conceived movement issued even by Yellowtard academics. One good example was Cleve Arguelles, Assistant Professorial Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at De La Salle University, who observed…

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The [1Sambayan] movement is primarily made up of the old guard in the respective groups — well-regarded but possibly out of touch with the Duterte public. To some the coalition’s messaging is overly moralistic and elitist. Its slogan ‘Tapat Na Pamumuno’ (Honest Leadership) resembles the lacklustre Liberal Party’s ‘Disenteng Pilipino’ (Decent Filipino) in 2016 and the previous administration’s slogan of ‘Daang Matuwid’ (Straight Path).

To be fair, behind the failure of 1Sambayan was that “Old Guard” Arguelles pointed out that, by then, was well understood and recognised. Having overseen an era characterised by a popular worship of “heroic” and “martyr-saint” characters propped up the Aquino-Cojuangco clan, it was easy for most “thought leaders” to take stock of the liabilities of what was then a broad “opposition” to the incumbent camp in the lead up to 2022.

The the road to the demise of today’s “Unity Team”, on the other hand, was paved by more contemporary elements. Whereas some semblance of historical ideological differences marked the conflict between the Yellowtard-Communist Axis and the now-defunct Unity Team, today’s “debate” is underpinned by bitterness between former close allies — more akin to the animosity jilted lovers feel for the former loves of their lives. As such, there really is no space for compromise because the goal is not to debate but to validate or, worse, vindicate one’s self.

The Tardic Wars pitting Marcostard versus Dutertard today pulls the Philippines’ political discourse to new lows. Whereas the “thought leaders” of the Yellowtard-Communist Axis represented institutionalised dishonesty and, as such, presented a formidable intellectual challenge that demanded the application of exceptional imagination and creativity amongst those who begged to differ, the personalities that lead the Tardic camps of today only make our stomachs turn — elicit cringe, perhaps — and not much else. It’s always a sad sight to see the “victors” reduce themselves to forms of life lower than the cretins they beat.

5 Replies to “Tardic Wars: No New Hope for the Philippines”

  1. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal interests that these ‘Tards’ have, over the interests of the country and the Filipino people. Even though they are united against what they purport to be their greatest threats–PRRD, the Uniteam and those who do not jive with their political philosophies–at the end of the day, they cannot even find common ground on how to make themselves a truly working opposition, which effectively captures the hearts and minds of Filipinos. In short, these Tards are more on politics and less of policies. It is also in this light, as the author cited, their incessant tactic of portraying themselves as the ‘victim card’ via Ninoy’s martyrdom, Cory’s suffering, etc., etc. have become so annoying and counterproductive which have made many potential voters turn AGAINST them. Yes, I was one of those several thousands (and I can say it precisely, thousands) that stood vigil in EDSA 1 in 1986; but like many of those who were there, got very disappointed and frustrated with Cory’s weak leadership which put the country steps backward vis-a-vis our more prospering ASEAN neighbours. If only these Tards re-examine themselves of what really went wrong with their kind of leadership that, and allow me to repeat it, zeroes in on the three ‘I”s: incompetence, insensitivity and indifference.

    1. Indeed, common ground used to be a a shared aspiration to crush the Yellowtards. Now that this had been achieved, the truth about Philippine politics emerges — that there is no shared aspiration amongst the “victors” in the 2022 elections to move the nation forward. That is a sad indictment of the Philippine “nation” overall. There is no Philippine Nation. Only an island populated by retards and ruled by an elite class watching them bicker over loyalties to their patriarchs — all while they laugh all the way to their offshore banks.

  2. benign0 being a doomer as usual I bet the little boys didn’t give the nonce some bugging, hey maybe try not bitching on this little site and live like a normal being and don’t use the free speech argument god knows you don’t deserve it

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