Over 200,000 EMBO Residents Taste Bitter Loss of Makati Citizen Benefits

New years typically begin with new hopes and new dreams, but this will not be the case for over 200,000 former Makati Citizens living in ten EMBOs or enlisted men’s barrios that have been given over to Taguig City by Supreme Court Decision in 2021.

The former Makati Citizens knew this was coming and if they could have prepared for the loss of their benefits from the Makati City Government, they surely would have — only they aren’t like residents of Makati’s posh villages. For EMBO residents, these benefits are a literal life line — sans health insurance and private pension benefits which only but a few could really afford.

Makati Mayor Abby Binay, daughter of former Vice President Jojo Binay, certainly would have sent memos warning her clan’s former voters that Makati would no longer be footing the bill for their kids education, their dialysis treatment, free hospitalization, medicines for life-long diseases, and others.

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But, why even waste postage costs for memos?! Exactly 140 recently elected barangay leaders of the EMBOs took their oath of office before Mayor Abby herself on November 2023! Represented were the barangays of  Cembo, Comembo, East Rembo, Pembo, Pitogo, South Cembo, West Rembo, Rizal, Post Proper Northside, and Post Proper Southside.

Certainly a strange event considering that these barangays are now supposedly under Taguig City!

But here’s the thing that’s probably not so strange and only an old time Makati resident would know, especially having been so close to the Binays for decades… These barangay officials probably owed their political careers to the Binays and benefited from the largesse of the Binay political dynasty.

How did one story go? I can’t remember if it involved generous allotment from the city or a piece of whatever pie. Nevertheless, whatever it was, it was certainly enough for these officials to troop to Mayor Binay’s office for an oath taking ceremony.

But… but… but… Their barangays are now under Taguig and even they also took their oaths of office before Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano, it would make the other oath taking ceremony frivolous — thus the issue would ensue of which oath taking ceremony took place first.

Aaaah.. so early in their term and already mired in controversy. From a strictly political point of view, it doesn’t do these barangay officials well to act in seeming defiance against the Supreme Court as well as Taguig City where they now belong.

The Taguig City Government, on the other hand, had not been remiss in its efforts to provide for its new constituents — albeit encumbered intricate legal issues.

According to an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, which I will block quote here:

In September last year, the Taguig City government turned down Makati’s proposal to establish a credit line to ensure that Embo residents would continue to have access to the latter’s health centers and OsMak. It cited concerns about ownership and contended that the proposal went against the directive of Health Secretary Ted Herbosa to exclude ownership matters from the transition process.

Taguig, on the other hand, has its own health program for residents. According to the local government’s website, it provides free dialysis and medicines for the sick, especially senior citizens. There are also newly established “super health centers” that offer free diagnostic laboratory services and can respond to the “immediate health needs of its citizens,” it added.

In May, it entered into a multi-year agreement with St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City to extend further medical support to residents who may avail themselves of hospital services for medical and surgical cases if endorsed by the City Health Office. The transfer of jurisdiction over the 10 Embo barangays from Makati to Taguig has not been without problems.

In August, the Department of Education (DepEd) was forced to take over supervision of the management and administration of 14 public schools caught in the turf war between the two local governments. This was after Makati City accused Taguig officials of trying to take over the schools without a writ of execution or legal order.

It is a pity that, from the looks of it, Makati is playing up the misery of its former “citizens” to make Taguig City look bad.

4 Replies to “Over 200,000 EMBO Residents Taste Bitter Loss of Makati Citizen Benefits”

    1. That’s what it called on some of the villages north of Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City and it was opened 70 years ago by the late president Ramon Magsaysay as a gift to the enlisted soldiers who had sacrificed to fought the rebellion against the Hukbalahap or Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon or League of Nation Against the Japanese who are the communist rebel group that later rebelled against the government after World War II and also for the Filipino soldiers who’d fought during the Korean War in the early 1950s which was the first project of former president Ramon Magsaysay.

    2. Before what mrericx said, in my understanding, the EMBOs were the American soldier’s barracks during the American occupation period. Notice that they are all near Fort Bonifacio, former Fort McKinley. One would know that following nostalgia or history pages on Facebook or the Internet.

  1. The Binays are the worst and most useless political dynasty in the Philippines. Notice they will only feature Makati CBD’s skyscrapers (which was master planned by the Ayala family and private corporations not the Binays) in their campaign ads. But they hide the squatter and slum areas of Makati like Olympia, Bangkal, Pio del Pilar, EMBO, ie. all the shit areas of Makati the Binays don’t want you to know about. That is the REAL Makati.

    The only time they care about the slum and EMBO areas is for elections because that’s where the bulk of their votes are. Not the wealthier people of the CBD and upper class villages of Makati. Good to see the Binays are pretending to care.

    40+ years in charge of Makati and zero improvement in their baliwicks. LOL. Ah but Binays voters get free cake. Gotta entice the masses somehow.

    What about that mishandled Makati subway project that was doomed to fail because the Binays wanted to be in charge of that rather than a national level agency? Good to know Makati’s voters paid taxes on a project that started, stalled and is now dead in the water.

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