VP Sara, a Toothless Dog without Confidential Funds; Go, Bato to lose re-election bid

The truth about Vice President Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte’s previous and proposed confidential funds is that it was and would have been used to fund her bloated political machinery to keep her relevant, in power, and within striking distance of the Presidency in 2028.

Her massive popularity wasn’t really naturally born out of her character and deeds as a leader of Davao City, but was merely an artificial creation funded by the billions of confidential funds she had access to when her father was still President of the Philippines.

President Bongbong Marcos Junior and his allies in both houses of congress would have allowed her the use of these types of funds had she shown the intent and capability to use it legally as well as judiciously. For one, she would have been useful to the Marcos Presidency by taking on the burden of being the face of frontline government services, i.e., education.

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However, given VP Inday’s treacherous attempt to grab the House Speakership and then instigate an impeachment move to unseat Marcos Junior, she proved her inability to act even with the most basic bounds of loyalty — for what is a dog if it bites its master’s hand?

Now, having spent the last of her previous supply of confidential funds, the expensive political and publicity machinery that made her a fearsome public figure has ground to a halt.

Without her father in power and now without money to fund her artificial control/influence, she is a worthless and toothless political dog ready to be kicked in the backside.

Her approval numbers have slid and will continue to slide in the coming days. Moreover, we predict that she will eventually lose her appointment as Secretary of the Department of Education and even lose her position as the Co-Vice Chair of NTF ELCAC.

This is notwithstanding the fact that her satellite OVP offices might soon shutdown. Because, of what use are these offices anyway if not to serve as hubs for organizing and maintaining a campaign for her Presidential bid in 2028? Without the money to fund political operations, these satellite offices serve no purpose but to bleed out whatever remains of her political war chest — something which she must now try to save or… get away with?

Finally, the country will be spared from the buffoonery of Senators Bato Dela Rosa, Bong Go and Francis Tolentino. These senators, whose elections were funded out from ex President Rodrigo Duterte’s untrammelled discretionary powers, will now have to spend whatever they have left to fund a re-election. But, probably, being greedy — will only make a show of running for re-election and then slip away from view when their numbers don’t show up.

This is notwithstanding the fact that ex-President Duterte, VP Inday Sara, Senator Bato, and Senator Go are bound to face charges against them at the International Criminal Court as well as an assortment of cases connected with the Pharmally scam and others of the sort.

The most entertaining bit of this unfolding political drama will be the part where Inday, Bato and Go start going at each other’s throats as ex President Rodrigo Duterte watches them under an oxygen tent.ca

11 Replies to “VP Sara, a Toothless Dog without Confidential Funds; Go, Bato to lose re-election bid”

  1. What becomes a situational irony for Vice President Sara Duterte and concurrent Education Secretary is that her considered enemy happens to be a Teacher.

    Indeed, it’s a tale of the unexpected…

    1. Communist activists infiltrated the Education sector and disguise themselves as teachers. But in reality they are brainwashing our youth to join their activities. I believe these things are the target of our VP, and prove me if I’m wrong.

      1. @ligawnabala:

        Don’t you think, with the department’s limited resources, she should follow her original mandate as secretary of education and refrain further from spending more outside the realm of her office?

        It would it be best to save her department’s resources and leave that matter to the appropriate agencies tasked to pursue such things concerning intelligence and national security?

        1. The education departmant cannot move forward if it is plague with communist activist brainwashing our children by their political ideology. To infiltrate them she lead the department and started purging them from inside.

        2. Leonor Briones was pushing 80 years old when she accepted to serve as secretary of education (from 2016 to 2022) under then President Rodrigo Duterte. She’s now 83 years old.

          With a much smaller budget than what VP Sara Duterte has today, that did not stop Sec. Briones from accomplishing what the position had mandated her as head of her department.

          Compared to the VP, who is much younger and able, the octogenarian secretary not only had to deal with this so called plague of infiltration of the communist ideology from the inside but she also managed to weather the pandemic problem during her term.

          If the excuse of the education department under Sec. Duterte’s leadership is that it cannot move forward without the ‘confidential funds’ then isn’t it more prudent to just give the helm of the department to someone who can.

  2. May amboy na pala dito sa website mo, benigs. Pero ano pa bang nakakagulat eh pro-Israel nga naman kayo. With an otdated view of Good vs Evil.

    1. Hindi ako pro or anti sa VP pero masyado yata galit ang Author na ito sa VP at puro negative lang ang nababasa ko sa article nya.

  3. VP Sara Duterte’s serving as a proxy to an OFW’s student daughter in her moving-up ceremony; giving away lipsticks to educators to make them feel special on National Teachers’ Day; and bringing and including young students in her meetings with various high-ranking officials abroad, as part of the special project of the OVP, called “You Can be VP,” which aims “to give learners a glimpse of her job” are all just meant for VP Sara Duterte’s image building campaign.

    Now actually holding very important positions, the above campaigns are not the sort of things that she can be proud of as her would be legacy being the VP and as Secretary of the Department of Education.

  4. The entire article that the terrorist Oman blogger made in getrealphilippines website is full of dogs**t. It really begs to wonder of why benignO blogger haven’t banned that Oman blogger son of a b***h on this website, for making such a bulls**t articles.

    1. While I’ve seen that the author hates Sara according to his articles, why did you even call hin a terrorist? Do you even have a legal basis for that? Accusing someone of being a terrorist is a huge accusation. Why did you even cuss at him as if you’re offended? His articles are about lambasting Sara, not you.

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