Duterte Quiboloy Cultists In Despair Over Inday Sara

Followers of the politico-theological super cult created by former president Rodrigo Duterte and pastor Apollo Quiboloy are in despair over the waning political career of Vice President Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio.

Still addicted to the gravy train of power and money that flowed during the Duterte presidency, a huge number of them are worried over the coming end of their happy days as both their leaders are bound for either death, jail, or death in jail.

The International Criminal Court is undeterred from making Duterte answer to the charges of rampant human rights abuses and killings during his term as mayor of Davao City as well as the thousands of extra judicial killings perpetrated that he allegedly commanded.

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On the other hand, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a wanted notice for pastor Apollo Quiboloy for “conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion, sex trafficking of children; sex trafficking by force, fraud, and coercion; conspiracy; bulk cash smuggling.”

The Duterte Quiboloy politico theological super cult has its roots not only in the psychopathological traits of both leaders, but also perhaps in a real friendship founded on commonalities and mutual benefit.

The friendship between Rodrigo Duterte and Apollo Quiboloy can be traced back to their early years in Davao City, Philippines. Duterte, known for his tough stance on crime and his successful tenure as mayor of Davao, first encountered Quiboloy when he sought spiritual guidance during a challenging time in his life. Quiboloy, a prominent religious leader with a large following, offered his support and counsel, sparking the beginning of a profound bond.

The friendship between Duterte and Quiboloy has had a significant impact on both the political and religious landscape of the Philippines. Quiboloy’s religious sect, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, has grown exponentially in recent years, attracting followers from all walks of life. This increased visibility has led to a greater influence for Quiboloy and his teachings, as well as increased scrutiny from skeptics.

In the political arena, Duterte’s association with Quiboloy has provided him with a strong support base, particularly in the southern region of Mindanao. Quiboloy’s endorsement has helped Duterte garner votes and maintain popularity among his followers. However, critics argue that this association blurs the line between religion and politics, potentially compromising the separation of church and state.

Followers of both Duterte and Quiboloy were hoping that Inday Sara would be able to thwart both the ICC and FBI from capturing their leaders.

However, the failure of Inday Sara’s ploy to wrest the presidency from Bongbong Marcos fatally damaged her political capital.

It was hoped that she would be able to support and field candidates for various local and national government positions in 2025 as a preparation for mounting a presidential campaign in 2028.

But all of that was scuttled when she revealed her treacherous hand all too early. The plan had been to first unseat House Speaker Martin Romualdez, after which she would install former president now congresswoman Gloria Arroyo, and then move to impeach then oust President Bongbong Marcos.

It was a foolish and brash ploy that backfired and burned up crucial alliances that would have enabled her to more effectively support the Duterte Quiboloy cult machinery and hold its reins onward to victory in 2025 then ultimately in 2028.

But, now, the Duterte Quiboloy politico-religious cult is staring down a rapidly emptying barrel as it is for certain that the horrendously huge funds given to the OVP, DepEd, and NTF-ELCAC is on its way to be throttled down via the DBM and then cut considerably by 2025.

Infact, we see Inday Sara being made to resign from her position as Education Secretary, while the NTF ELCAC — which is struggling to access its budget — will be disbanded. These two organizations house and support the operators of the Duterte Quiboloy politico religious cult.

The OVP satellite offices will be next on the chopping block as the Commission on Audit clamps down on more violations and the relevant oversight committee in the House of Representatives moves to re-align or outright cut its budget.

Without government money to sustain the Duterte Quiboloy cult and its leaders about to get arrested, it would be logical to speculate that Inday Sara would attempt to take over its leadership. This would enable her to still wield power based more on some form of fealty.

However, even that may be out of her reach. Even if Duterte and Quiboloy themselves, perhaps before their impending arrest, were able to anoint her as their successor.

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