VP Inday Sara is Thick as Thieves with cGMA, Drops Fellow Visayan Frasco Over Tourism Branding Fiasco

A Cebuano friend messaged me and said that he felt betrayed by Vice President Inday Sara Duterte Zimmerman Carpio’s deafening silence on the smear campaign against Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco — daughter of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia.

Yang si Inday Duterte nga dali ra nga nagpabutho sa iyang kaparehong Bisaya nga si Christina Frasco, anak sa Gobernador sa Cebu nga si Gwen Garcia, pinaagi sa usa ka panghasi nga kampanya apan nagpabilin nga suportahan ang korap nga Kapampangan nga dugong aso nga si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo bisan pa sa kalisod ug kalisang.”

(English translation: Vice President Inday Sara Duterte Zimmerman Carpio easily drops her fellow visayan Christina Frasco, daughter of Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, over a smear campaign but sticks with corrupt kapampangan dugong aso Gloria Macapagal Arroyo through thick and thin.)

Having been Duterte Carpio’s spokesperson and practically kinfolk, it would be but natural and also expected of her to at the very least re-affirm her belief in Frasco’s capability to lead the Department of Tourism.

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But, alas, her unwillingness to come to Frasco’s aid only reveals the deep narcissistic streak in Inday’s character — a feature of her psychopathic persona. After all, Frasco no longer serves any use to her and as things go with people appointed in the BBM administration, she may be on her way to getting unceremoniously booted out. You see, starting from the time that former Executive Secretary Vic Rodriguez was kicked out of the palace, it seem that it has become a recently started tradition for appointees targeted for getting the boot to first get scandalized for either corruption or gross ineptitude.

In stark contrast, Inday Sara sticks close or, in a manner of saying, thick as thieves with former president and congresswoman Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

In 2018, they joined forces with former Ilocos Norte governor Imee Marcos to remove then-speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, marking their first and most notable collaboration.

Their strong relationship is once again in the spotlight following Arroyo’s unexpected demotion from senior deputy speaker to deputy speaker of the 19th Congress. This move surprised even some members of Lakas-CMD, the dominant party in the House of Representatives.

Just two days later, on May 19, Duterte publicly declared her “irrevocable resignation” from Lakas-CMD, the party that had facilitated her ascent to the vice presidency.

In the realm of politics, hypocrisy can be a prevalent and disheartening characteristic. It is essential to hold our leaders accountable for their actions, especially when they claim to champion the interests of their constituents.

Perhaps the following analysis would shed light on the alleged hypocrisy and exploitation surrounding Duterte Carpio — undoubtedly the most prominent figure in Visayan politics.

One of the allegations against Inday Sara Duterte is her alleged manipulation of regional sentiments for political advantage. While she claims to be a champion of Visayan rights and interests, her actions often contradict her rhetoric. Critics argue that she uses her Visayan identity as a tool to gain support, yet fails to address the core issues faced by the Visayan population. This raises questions about her sincerity and commitment to the betterment of her constituents.

Another aspect of Inday Sara Duterte’s alleged hypocrisy lies in her lack of transparency and accountability. Despite being a public figure, she has been accused of operating behind closed doors, making decisions without proper consultation or public input. This lack of transparency raises concerns about her commitment to democratic principles and the welfare of the Visayan people.

Critics argue that Inday Sara Duterte has used her position of power to further her own political ambitions rather than focusing on the development and progress of Visayas. They claim that she prioritizes personal interests and alliances over the needs of her constituents. This alleged exploitation of power raises questions about her true intentions and commitment to serving the people.

She has been criticized for her failure to address pressing socioeconomic issues faced by the Visayan population. Critics argue that her focus on personal and political gains has overshadowed the urgency of addressing poverty, unemployment, and inadequate infrastructure. This alleged negligence further strengthens the argument that she is more interested in personal gain than in genuinely serving the Visayan people.

10 Replies to “VP Inday Sara is Thick as Thieves with cGMA, Drops Fellow Visayan Frasco Over Tourism Branding Fiasco”

  1. The worst feelings in this life are none other than being ignored. Sure, you’ve been a pariah in your country for writing shit. If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m the only one who read your “paid” rants. Having taken refuge in the Philippines and doing what you did in the desert, you will soon be an outcast here as well!

    Sorry & Assalamualaikum (I am a Tausug and Muslim who originally came from Jolo), JFYKI, the Dutertes are the only political clan in the Philippines who genuinely care for the Filipinos. In Davao, they don’t care what religion you follow, or political affiliations you belong to, etc – as long as you don’t break the law, you can live in peace and prosperity there. Look at Sulu province, it’s now beginning to prosper once again because of the Duterte effect. Because the Duterte are honest and take to their hearts the position they hold. Unlike, 99.9% of other politicians in the Philippines, they care only for their own interests.

    1. 100%. 99.9% of Phil pollys care about 1 thing. Pesos. They emulate the USAins, whereby money is everything. capitalism, hustling, huckstering. Sickening and vile.

      1. The Chinese are said to worship money too. In fact, their New Year’s greeting means “hope you get richer” or something to that effect. And guess what? Pinoys are mostly descended from the Chinese.

    2. Honest? Then explain why Sara implied that honesty shouldn’t be an issue in the last elections as well as the DepEd confidential funds. Talk about lack of transparency.

    3. @BadWillJam: “the Dutertes are the ONLY(?!) political clan in the Philippines who genuinely care for the Filipinos.”

      Is it possible for just one family, one political clan to monopolize such genuinely care for the Filipinos?

      What are your arguments to convince the Filipinos in general?

  2. I didn’t know the tourism secretary was Garcia’s daughter, now it all makes sense. Before she was indays spokeswoman and the mayor of Liloan, now she is failing as the tourism secretary.

    It is all hilarious.

    Nepotism will never work, which is why the Philippines will never progress compared to other countries.

    I like Mr. Duterte and thought the daughter world be better than Marcos, but now I am questioning that.
    Essentially nepotism always is a terrible choice that no one should ever vote for.

    Anybody who supports nepotism does not want the Philippines to progress.

    1. Former president Duterte made a mess of foreign relations and had little or no idea of where to steer the country economically.

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