Inday Sara’s Cosplay and Snub By BBM

Days after President Bongbong Marcos’ second State of the Nation Address, I still find myself gagging over the en faire tout un fromage over our political elite’s so-called red carpet pageantry.

I don’t recall when traditional news media started featuring the fashion statements of this country’s politicians, but it should stop because it detracts from what in most instances is a non-event for the most part — as it should be.

The yearly SONA is after all, just a report of what was accomplished by the country’s leaders in the previous year and what it intends to achieve in the year ahead. It is merely ceremonial and, let’s face it, what a third world country’s leadership says really has little or no effect on the rest of the world.

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It is a checkbox long list of checkboxes that must be ticked off by the President.

So, adding a “red carpet gala” to this already tedium doesn’t improve it at all and has the effect of drowning a chewy steak with barbecue sauce. It just accentuates its banality even more and haunts you with an acrid lingering taste.

The bangaw on top of this bureaucratic affair in the nation’s House of Representatives is the appearance of Vice President Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio in a moro costume. Her NPC (non playable character) followers are all agog about how much better it is from former Vice President Leni Robredo’s samurai costume.

If it did anything at all for her, the moro cosplay only displayed her banality and accentuated her dumpling-esque shape.

But it’s really no wonder that she displays this craving for attention and I do pity her for having suffered neglect as well as abandonment from her father during her childhood years. It’s just so sad to see her “daddy issues” having to play out using the country’s money.

I also feel both pity and sense of relief for President Bongbong Marcos. I pity him for having to put up with Inday Sara, as it was necessary for him to create a political alliance with her and now that such an alliance has already achieved its purpose, he must distance himself from her unless she drags him down when much still has to be done for his nation.

The so-called snubbing of Sara is indicative of the state of her plummeting political capital. It was unfortunate that her NPC publicity people had to accentuate it even more with photos of her arm in arm with House Speaker Martin Romualdez.

Watching her going through this rigmarole of pretending to still be in the good graces of those who footed the bill of her rise from provincial despot to the vice presidency has all the charms of a dog eating its own vomit.

To be honest, I understand Bonget more than Inday and because of this, it is natural for me to sympathize with him. Unlike Sara who has an innate insecurity because of poor parental upbringing and being a Mindanawon who feels compelled to show superiority to the Manileño, Bonget has never used public events to call attention to himself or salve some childhood trauma. He represents his early education well.


3 Replies to “Inday Sara’s Cosplay and Snub By BBM”

  1. There’s really nothing wrong about getting creative with what you wear. Why can’t something be beautiful and inexpensive at the same time?
    Dumb economics (the context) is the real problem.

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