Continued Shrinking of VP Inday Sara’s Political Capital

Vice President Inday Sara Zimmerman Duterte Carpio was probably under the delusion that she is anything like her father when she tried to ape his penchant for bold and daring moves only to fall on her bloated, mannish face.

Only former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte can be called a “rockstar” president because he was reasonably assured that his outrageous and colorful antiques would not make a dent on the political capital he had nurtured over decades of public service. Having established good relations with almost every major political elite family and mastered the common touch, Duterte’s antic of cursing the Pope and questioning the wisdom of God himself reaped more applause than the pious rancor of so-called God fearing elite Filipinos.

Now, emerging out from under her father’s wing, VP Inday Sara is soon realizing just how greatly her political career was buoyed by her father’s political capital.

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Being a brash and immature political player in the national scene, her attempt at wrestling power from President Bongbong Marcos through a coup of the House Speaker and then an impeachment complaint that would lead to his ouster mortally damaged her relations with the incumbent administration.

Her resignation from the ruling party, Lakas, was not out of some manner of delicadeza but something she was forced to do after being outed as the architect and chief beneficiary of the failed power play.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the International Criminal Court has threatened to issue a warrant of arrest should she refuse to respond to its summons.

This further diminishes her political capital as she as well as her father is now at the mercy of the President and perhaps even both houses of congress — lest they allow the ICC to come into the country and take them into custody.

I can only imagine how the sight of VP Inday and former President Duterte in handcuffs would affect their followers.

For sure, much indignation will be shown. But in time, this will die down because no follower or fan — however loyal — would ever want to share the fate of their “idols”.

But more than that, I don’t think it would be prudent for the Marcos administration to lay it all down the line just to keep the Duterte’s outside of the reach of the ICC. That would mean staking their own political capital for the Dutertes, one of which had shown treachery despite the gracious treatment accorded to her.

Moreover, continued harboring of the Dutertes would imperil the good will of the internaitonal community and this is something the Marcos administration — nay, the country itself — needs.

Even if, for the sake of argument, the Marcos administration risks its own political capital for the Dutertes, how would Inday Sara campaign effectively in 2028 as she is badgered about being an international fugitive?

Some would say, “The Marcoses did it and they committed even worse atrocities.”

To which I would say, it took them four decades to rise back to power and perhaps a considerable portion of their wealth.

The Dutertes, on the other hand, have neither the benefit of the passage of time nor the immense resources necessary to mount an effective comeback into power.


2 Replies to “Continued Shrinking of VP Inday Sara’s Political Capital”

    1. It is true that pictures paint a thousand words, but what it represents is open to a thousand debates.

      I am not at all so naive as to believe that this really represents that all is forgiven and forgotten.

      It may be truer that this photograph was published just for show.

      Perhaps to backstop any further political flak from the followers of Marcos and Romualdez over Sara’s betrayal of the two.

      Also, perhaps, to lay the foundation for Sara later to claim that Romualdez is vindictive if he chooses to exercise his immense power over the country’s purse — which includes the budget for the OVP, DepEd, and NTF ELCAC.

      All in all, the photo doesn’t convince me that Marcos or Romualdez has or will or should forgive betrayal.

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