Ph Opposition in desperate search for a leader as failed presidential candidate Leni Robredo flags

Should Senator Risa Hontiveros now be considered the de facto leader of the opposition as Inquirer columnist Richard Heydarian proposes? Heydarian crowns Hontiveros Leader of the Opposition on the sole bases of her being “the only dissenting voice in the Senate” in the face of overwhelming support for the passing of legislation to implement the Philippines’ first sovereign wealth fund dubbed the Maharlika Investment Fund (MIF)…

Even after a supermajority of her colleagues tried to spin their version of the MIF as sufficiently safeguarded, the fiercely independent-minded stateswoman maintained that “the fund is not what we need now” and is yet to “pass the test of economic viability” before being taken seriously. She also made it clear that she “will be watching intently” the implementing rules and regulations of the MIF, once signed into law, to “ensure that the prohibitions we put in place and the wins we were able to secure during the plenary deliberations are not lost.” Far from grandstanding, Hontiveros’ latest intervention echoed her unquestionable track record as the leading “fiscalizer” in our legislature.

To be fair, Hontiveros did win her reelection bid as opposed to former Vice President Leni Robredo who got buried in an avalanche of votes in the 2022 race for the presidency that rival Bongbong Marcos went on to win. Yet Robredo continues to project the image that she’s still the leader of the opposition with Angat-Buhay, which is on a donation soliciting binge with its recently launched website. However the most recent SWS survey shows Robredo lagging behind in the 2025 senatorial race. She’s not even in the top 12 which all but confirms her humiliating defeat last May 2022.

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Realistically, between Robredo and Hontiveros, it’s not much of a choice as neither of the two exude intellectual depth and charisma which can sway public opinion to their side. The opposition is wanting for a popular leader which is why they have their sights on neophyte Senator Raffy Tulfo. Tulfo is a masa idol and while he doesn’t have intellectual depth either, his common sense approach to national issues makes it easy for the D and E demographic to identify with him. However, Tulfo isn’t inclined to side with the opposition any time soon because they don’t offer him any specific advantage. He won his seat independently. He was an adopted candidate of the Lacson-Sotto slate but that didn’t offer him much of an edge either as the coalition broke up in the end when Bebot Alvarez jumped to Robredo.

This opens up the possibility of either a third party or a Tulfo alliance with Vice President Sara Duterte should a break occur between Marcos and his VP before 2028. The 2025 midterm election will have an impact on the 2028 presidential race. It remains to be seen how realignments will play out. What sure is the opposition is still dead in the water. Neither Robredo or Hontiveros, is capable of making it rise from the dead.

6 Replies to “Ph Opposition in desperate search for a leader as failed presidential candidate Leni Robredo flags”

  1. Leni is the best leaders this country ever produced. Filipinos don’t deserve her because the people are easily brainwashed by propaganda. Only in modern and enlightened countries can appreciate great servants like Leni.

    1. Leni is trash. At least she isn’t Jose Romualdez, who needs to be suffocated in bed with a pillow.

  2. Many people would probably choose an arrogant ex-convict who pretends to be very anti-corrupt over candidates with real qualifications and experiences. Many people there hate proper qualifications, credentials and of course, and of course, intelligence and competence, no wonder Philippines is ranked at 111th place in IQ rankings with a score of below average IQ, smart shaming/anti-intellectualism is very real in that country, not to mention if you correct them or offer real solutions to their problems and tell them the truth about them, they just throw insults and ad hominem at you.

    I never vouched for Leni, but she’s more qualified than senators who are ex-cons and never studied law. One banned Plane movie all because of emotions, and he clearly doesn’t know the definition of treason by law when he talked about it. The other is just arrogant who doesn’t have any expertise about the law, and commits and defends trial by media or by publicity and when someone argues with him even if that person arguing with him is correct, that senator will just resort to disrespectful ad hominem and will brand that person as disrespectful and arrogant.

    If people want Philippines to be great, they should start by raising their standards in choosing a candidate. The reason I didn’t vouch for any presidential candidate is because none of them passed my high standards although Ping Lacson is the one I respect the most.

  3. While I’m both amused and happy that the Yellows have been barred forever from power, I’m disgusted and outraged with the actions and conduct of Jose and Martin Romualdez.

    Jose, you are a Boomer who deserves to be Day of the Pillowed so you can meet your Father the Devil. America is a falling power which won’t exist after 2033 due to a sinking economy and internal group strife coupled with a kangaroo court legal system. Yes, you will always win betting against America now. And importing their policies of bringing in Afghan rapists and terrorists (Soros Approved) is the last thing we should be doing if we want our country to be a developed nation as opposed to a Haiti Style Shithole.

    Martin, you are bansot and suck American dick. You deserve to be tarred and feathered, and set on fire like that f@gh0t Mitch McConnell.

    We need a dictator to fix things. Preferably one without any nostalgia for the old days, be they Marcos, Ninoy, or prior to that.

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