Red tagging is not a crime. Communist genocide, on the other hand, is.

It’s just a tag just as “reactionary” is a term used by communists to label their enemies. Imagine for a minute a future where the communists had successfully mounted their violent “people’s revolution” and installed their “dictatorship of the proletariat”. Why, the first thing these crooks would do is hunt down these “reactionaries”, drag them from the nice houses they built with their hard-earned money and put them in front of firing squads.

Communist ‘activists’ routinely identify themselves using the colour red.

This is exactly what the commies did in Cambodia. The communist party of Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge, went on a massive killing spree that resulted in the deaths of millions of “reactionaries”. So bad was this massacre that Cambodian journalist Dith Pran coined the term “killing fields” to describe the thousands of mass grave sites that were used to bury the victims of this “revolution”.

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Mr. Dith saw his country descend into a living hell as he scraped and scrambled to survive the barbarous revolutionary regime of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979, when as many as two million Cambodians — a third of the population — were killed, experts estimate. Mr. Dith survived through nimbleness, guile and sheer desperation. His credo: Make no move unless there was a 50-50 chance of not being killed.

Back then, and in many other parts of the world that they infested, communists engaged in the very same activity they claim to be victims of today. Their rabid supporters merely pointed a finger at a person they summarily deemed a “reactionary” and their respective Gestapos took it from there. The very same “revolution” is being mounted by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) through its terrorist group, the New People’s Army (NPA). In an interview published in Esquire magazine in 2017, the late founder of the CPP-NPA, Jose Maria “Joma” Sison, articulated his vision of the armed revolution his people are waging…

The people’s war answers the central question of revolution, which is to seize power. Even before nationwide seizure of power, local organs of the people’s democratic government are already being established to displace the reactionary government. Socio-economic revolution is going on through genuine land reform, promoting cooperative production and favoring Filipino-owned industries. The cultural revolution is going on. It is advancing the cause of a national, scientific and people-serving cultural and educational system. Revolutionary educators, writers and artists, scientists, and technologists and other cultural workers and the great mass of activists of the national democratic movement are waging a cultural revolution.

As recently as 2020, the then soon-to-croak founder of the Party described the nefarious objectives of the NPA

Combatants are rotated so that everyone has combat experience and contribue to the drive for increasing the arms of the NPA by launching tactical offensives to wipe out enemy units. The long-running plan of the CPP is to raise the armed strength of the NPA from 10,000 high-powered rifles to 25,000 in order to reach the strategic stalemate and launch tactical offensives with companies and battalions.

The key difference is that, today, the Philippines is a democracy with a functioning criminal justice system and a civilian police force. Any political camp is free to label the other something — “Yellowtard”, “Dutertard”, “DDS”, “Lenitard”, “fascist”, bayaran, “troll”, and, yes, “communist”. It’s no different to how other woke communities like feminists and “gay rights” activists come up with all sorts of terms to categorise people based on their sexual orientation and reproductive equipment (whether natural or artificial). It’s just part of the human condition, the human mind being a wondrously complex classification engine and our species being one that is tribal at its cultural core.

Nowadays, labels — and pronouns — are handy tools available to reinforce the many invented ways one can now “identify” as.

Communist “activists” make it sound as if they are a special class of people — one that is exempt from being labelled and tagged. Thus, they now come up with the idiotic notion that being “red tagged” is a crime. Well, all we can really say to these “special” people is this: Welcome to the club. There is nothing special about being a communist.

7 Replies to “Red tagging is not a crime. Communist genocide, on the other hand, is.”

  1. In as much as people want to label for the sake of ‘convenience’ or perhaps ‘identification, the issue here is not behind the labelling or red-tagging, but on the painful realities that these Communists–particularly those that adhere to the Marxist-Leninist, as well as Soviet and Maoist kind, did (and still do, as with the case of the CPP-NPA). True, they, in paper, want to create a better life for the so-called ‘proletariat’ by adhering to a planned, centralized economy which all but failed in the end–only to be replaced by what you may call the ‘reformist’ brand of Communism spearheaded by the late Deng Xiaoping who affirmed that ‘to be rich is glorious’ and who initiated those economic reforms that has made China what it is today. On another angle, think of how the revolution by armed struggle by those die-hard Marxists created the killing fields in Cambodia during the late ’70s, as well as the brutalities during Stalin’s regime between the ’30s until his death in 1953. These two repressive measures the world must never forgive–as well as never forget.

    1. The problem with red-tagging is that it accuses people unjustifiably of something that may not be true at all.
      And because of something that happened in the past does not make red-tagging justifiable.

  2. I think they would prefer that police or military barge down their door without announcement and take them into the precinct or base outpost for investigation and questioning. If they are certainly reds, I would agree with that. lol

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