Why Rappler should be BANNED from covering Malacañang

President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. ran under a “unity” platform and it seems he is making good on this. He is now putting together a diverse team to help run the new Philippine Government and has even included a strong economic team with a good number of noted and highly-qualified technocrats. This is contrary to Chief Yellowtard “Economist” and Rapplerette JC Punongbayan crowing some time back that he expects the Marcos administration to experience huge challenges cobbling together an economic team because “at least 273 of the country’s leading economists backed [“vice president” Leni Robredo’s] campaign”.

Punongbayan has evidently eaten his words (or, in this case, his tweet) since then. The Inquirer today reports “Business groups nod as Marcos forms economic team” noting that Felipe Medalla, former dean of the University of the Philippines (UP) School of Economics (Punongbayan’s supposed alma mater), has been nominated Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) governor.

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Local business groups on Thursday welcomed the economic team taking shape.

“They are all seasoned and competent economic leaders. We believe they would do good in managing our fiscal affairs,” said George Barcelon, head of the country’s biggest business group Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Barcelon said such leaders were needed as the Philippines faced critical issues, such as the huge debt, budget deficit and the need for postpandemic reforms and programs to sustain recovery, among others.

Punongbayan’s hastily-taken position on the matter of Marcos’s economic team illustrates the whole trouble with his employer, “social news network” Rappler to which he contributes his “expertise” on matters of national economics. Rappler has long made no secret of its mission to be an agent for the undermining of any administration that is not friendly to its preferred partisan camp — specifically the Yellowtards under the banner of which failed presidential candidate Leni Robredo ran her ill-fated campaign.

In short, Rappler cannot be trusted to cover the administration of President Marcos with an objective lens. Its “news” team and panel of so-called “thought leaders” habitually backward-engineer “stories” from the party playbook and will likely keep their audience gaslit on the idea that Marcos is out to perpetrate “evil” over the coming six years of his presidential term. Given the challenges Filipinos face, a media organisation that has been found to be harbouring — and possibly concealing — links to foreign funding and influence is best kept out of the loop on government matters of national consequence.

There are also many other large, well capitalised, and highly-experienced media organisations in the country that employ mature and seasoned professionals. Rappler, on the other hand, is of questionable fiscal soundness and, worse, is staffed primarily by sophomoric amateurs who bob like little corks on a roiling sea of often misleading politically-motivated sentiment. It is thus not surprising that Rappler is, according to a Reuters-Oxford report, among the least-trusted news media organisations in the Philippines.

Indeed, it is a no-brainer. Why even bother with Rappler when it is essentially an inconsequential parasitical media organisation of questionable value to the public interest? There are limits to inclusivity specially when one considers an organisation with possible foreign ties, is headed by a US citizen, and that holds an extensive track record of propagating divisive — often seditious — messages. Rappler is free to compete for attention in the free market of ideas. Nobody is denying them that “right”. However, it and its dishonest “reporters” are not entitled to privileged access to Malacañang which is now headed by a person they had, for many years now, viciously demonised at every turn.

71 Replies to “Why Rappler should be BANNED from covering Malacañang”

  1. Why even bother with Rappler? Why even give attention to them when no one gives a crap about them except for certain groups whose same feathers as them? Just ignore them, the majority chose to ignore Rappler anyway. Moving on.

  2. Wow so opposition media shouldn’t be allowed? Only propaganda friendly to the regime am I right benigno the clown?

    Kinda want to be like North Korea where the media only sings glowing praises of dear leader. A propaganda for the dictatorial regime to feed cum and dick sound bites to idiots like megget and aeta tae.

    Benigno fails to understand really basic concepts like press freedom and the role of media in a free society.

    It’s also hilarious that he accuses rappler of allegedly being foreign funded….. while living in AUSTRALIA!!!!!

    GRP is such a fucking joke. Benigno you are such a fucking joke. People like you are why the Philippines is so dumb. GRP = fake news!!!!!

    1. Precisely my point. That you’d describe Rappler as an “opposition media” highlights that they actually are a biased “news” media organisation. Media should not be prefixed by anything. They should just be media (no qualifying prefixes or suffixes). There should be no “opposition media” or “administration media”. There should only be media whose job it is is to report news exactly as observed.

      1. Lol don’t give me that pretend act of impartiality.

        I don’t see you calling for the banning of SMNI and net 25. In fact you should ban yourself as a pro-Marcos wankfest of a website.

        Furthermore rappler backs up all their sources. Either by studies, scientific papers or academics.

        While GRP can’t even provide basic sourcing for any of its hairbrained dumb as shit hot takes?

        Why do you write about the Philippines when you live in Australia benigno? Why don’t you answer that?

        1. “Furthermore rappler backs up all their sources. Either by studies, scientific papers or academics.”—Darth Mortis the Dumbass

          I’m curious without trying to engage you in baby tantrums, could you tell us the “studies, scientific papers or academics” that Rappler uses to back up its claims? I would like to see how objectives those sources are.

        2. “Why do you write shit..do you live in a shit hole?” – Megget
          That’s Megget talking in front of the mirror! ???!!!

    2. If GRP is such a joke and fake news then what are you doing here? Getting attention from your crush, Benign0? That is some dedication there. LMAO

    3. Well, I think a moron like you deserve to be ignored as well… Like Rappler, you are obviously anti Philippines… Covering Malacanang should be pro Filipino, and does journalism professionally… Rappler who is fond of accusing the Marcoses plays amnesiac about their CEO Ma. Ressa who’s a convicted libel criminal!

    1. Not really. It’s mostly opinionated like any other blogs. Even I wouldn’t recommend GRP as news source either.

  3. Raffler is an absolute joke.

    Their content is mostly fluffy opinion hack jobs masquerading as real news.

    No one trusts that libellous lair of lesbians.

  4. Why bother with the least trusted? Nobody listens to a bunch of amateurs and bias journalists who intention is to promote US interest and its puppets here… that is if you call them journalist… better gossip and intrigue writers…though Cristy Fermin and Lolit Solis are miles apart from Rappler reporters.

  5. No need to ban them just call out bullshit whenever it’s spread. Part of the game right! I mean Duterte let them be, the majority see right through it anyways! They have been straight losing 6 years running now long may it continue.

    1. Amen to that.
      May it continue for 6 more centuries.

      We dont need these overcomplicated fags in government.

      Government should be easy, small, behind the scenes, but effective.

      Not upfront and doing circus tricks and trying to impress you every single day.

  6. The best government is one we dont even know is there, but works like clock work.

    And we are going in that direction with bbm.

  7. “The best government is one we dont even know is there, but works like clock work.” – Megget
    If you don’t know it’s there how come you know it works like ‘clock work’? ?

    Nagbobolahan na naman ba tayo dito? ?

  8. Banning news media is definitely not any sort of answer, but Benign0 is too dumb to understand that. Freedom of information and freedom of the press is good. If rappler is lying they should be called out on those lies, just like how government officials should be called out when they lie. The Philippines has a big problem with transparency, yet Benign0 would probably argue less transparency is good, based on this article. More information is a good thing. Again, if they are lies they should be called out on those lies.

    Instead of continually writing about some media organization that has very little influence or readership, maybe Benign0 should write about how dumb it is for groups of economists to support a candidate. Pointing out the flaws in that practice would be something real. Why that type of decision from economists (who have the job of studying business and government, not supporting politicians) is harmful to the country.

    Also, pointing out how business groups are gathering for Marcos is hilarious, of course they are going to support the new president… next can we point out how water is wet.

    It boils down to Benign0 writing the same tired articles over and over about yellows and about rappler. There is plenty of stuff to talk about and analyze with the new administration…. yet that won’t be talked about. Let’s just keep talking about the same things that very few people in the country care about (yellows and rappler)…

      1. That kind of one-line disrespectful and irrelevant to the issue reply should be disallowed on this blog.

        When did it become that, if you disagree with somebody, you have to engage in uncivilized discourse? ?

        Again, you are VERY, VERY LUCKY you are being tolerated on this blog at the cost of its credibility. ?

        How much do you contribute financially on the maintenance of this blog, I don’t know, but you sure are a lucky dog! ??‍♂️

        1. “You, pussy, should write your own fucking blog.” – Megget
          Megget telling his mother what to do. ?

      2. “Instead of continually writing about some media organization that has very little influence or readership… [blah blah blah]”

        It’s simple, really. Those are the topics I want to write about. As some people have demonstrated here, contributing an article here is as easy as simply requesting permission to do so. Then we will see what separates the men from the boys.

        So far, all I see here are a bunch of pussies.

        1. Lol!! Benigno the clown What a joke. This is all you write about because it is all your low IQ brain can produce.

          Just endless articles saying the same thing over and over again. Vomiting the same dumb shit!

          Cmon boy. I accept your challenge to write an article for this chi chi zombie brain infested blog. Who is the pussy ass now? You need to accept. Unless you once again show you are chicken shit!

          Cmon pussy. I would be happy to write a counter article for GRP. My first topic will be “Why someone in Australia should shut the fuck up about the Philippines”

          Cmon pussy boy. Let’s see how much of a “man” you really are.

        2. @Darth mortis the wise

          LOL Get a room. Have some decency with your unrequited lover, Benign0. DAYUM!

        3. “I can already see how that article will have zero reads and zero comments.” – Megget
          Nostrababoy predicting? ?

  9. “Banned” is such a strong word for any incoming administration to make as a war chant against perceive enemy especially when nothing has been establish yet as an offense by the imagined foe. And if it’s going to be the mantra, for what purpose? Is it to scare those who do not run in accord with what the government is saying? When you propose banning someone or some entity, and in this case media, you should have a clear and legal reason why you are advancing such a radical step. Are they making subversive or anti-gov’t statements meant to destabilize the administration? If yes, then, the call to ban is justified. However, if there is NOTHING there and the call was just an expression of intent to exact vengeance on a perceived offense or there is a growing feeling of inflicting retribution just because they do not belonged or not with us, then that’s another animal that we have to deal with.

    My point: Again, the idea smacks against the intent of the incoming administration to forge unity amongst its people. How can the administration start on a better footing if you’re going to adapt something that can be seen as an aggressive and unlawful act?

    Thumbs down. ?

    1. andyn lang naman sila para manghusga at hindi ang ibalita lang kung ano ang napagusapan, andun sila di dahil para iparatibg sa tao ang nangyari kundi ang huagahan at laitin lang ang taong ayaw nila. tapos sasabihin mo di fair, e sula ba mga ginagawa nila, fair va un s taong hinuhusgahan nila? balik balik lang yan sa kanila, kung ginagawa nila ng tm ang trabaho nila malamang doble pa ibibigay ng Diyos sa kanila

      1. Sino ang hinusgahan? Be specific para malinaw kung ano ang tinutukoy natin. At saka ang panghuhusga nai-tatama kung mali. Kung hindi ito maitama, maraming paraan para mabigyan ng hustisya ang nahusgahan ng mali. ?

    2. Time flies so fast. When this GRP was an opposition during the time of Noynoy Aquino (2010-2016), benignO and other GRP writers were cheering on those critical media and journalists who were critical against the government. And even congratulated them as job well done and encouraged them to continue and fight for their press freedom to be critical against the government. They even welcomed and be delighted to see opposition rallies from activists who were also critical against the government at the time and advised them here in their articles to do that consistently even to the point of not going home like what other opposition of democratic countries did against their leaders. Now when the table turns on their favor, they are now calling those same ideas of critical media and opposition rallies to be banned.

      Benign0, I admire your hypocricy and double standard. How far are you gonna be bias and dishonest in your cause just to go against the “yellowtards” even at the expense of your own conflicting opinions? Those people who followed you all throughout the years should not believe in your stories anymore because of your flipflopping narratives.

      1. Benign0 is turning into the thing that “yellowtards” been doing before. It’s sad to see him going like this.

        1. True. benign0 and Ilda Ignacio are turning into the same characters and standards of “yellowtards” that they so hated before. Now we realize that they were just pretenders and all for the show. That they were like the same as yellowtards even before. Their true characters are so exposed especially now that BBM is the president-elect. If next time opposition president will win that they don’t support, I’m sure they will go back applying their critical standards at the time of Noynoy Aquino. Hahaha!

        2. It wont be sad if you write your own blog.

          Then you wont be whining in somebody elses blog

        3. @Megget

          You and Darth Mortis don’t even make this blog any better. I’m just stating my observation here and somehow it’s “whining” to you.

        4. So you say its a shit ass blog.

          If that were not true, then stop whining.

          If it were true, then you can always write your own, not shit-assy, blog.


  10. Oh..i know why these faggots dont write their own blogs..

    Because NO ONE reads liberal faggots @ blogspot.com

  11. Of course narratives “change” through the years.

    Its called progress and discovery.

    Or would you rather insist the earth is flat?

  12. Or you kind sir, can write your own fucking blog.
    You, pussy, should write your own fucking blog.
    It wont be sad if you write your own blog.
    If it were true, then you can always write your own, not shit-assy, blog.
    The best thing for these faggots is to write a counter-blog to GRP
    Oh..i know why these faggots dont write their own blogs. – Megget
    See the KABABUYAN on this feral dog’s mind?

    What’s “writing your own blog” got to do with the topic of banning the Raffler media? Nobody’s suggesting writing his own blog, not even the writer of the article, so what in BABOY’s name that is being raised?

    The article was written to invite discussion, even debate, CIVILIZED debate, or critique to explore and shed light the different angle of the story.

    And then THIS BABOY will enter and ruin everything. ?

    Because of prolific postings of KABABUYAN on the part of BABOY Megget it is very clear who should be writing his own blog and reading it by himself.

    Alone. ???

    1. Your comments sound bloggy long..

      You should write our own blog.

      Not troll the comments section of someone elses blog.

      1. Your comments sound bloggy long..
        You should write your own blog.

        Not troll the comments section of someone elses blog.

  13. “President-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. ran under a “unity” platform and it seems he is making good on this. He is now putting together a diverse team to help run the new Philippine Government and has even included a strong economic team with a good number of noted and highly-qualified technocrats.“
    I say, that’s a good start.

    To the BBM fanatics and Marcos loyalists congratulations! ?

    That was a hard fought but convincing win on the part of your candidate. And unlike the elections in 1986, there was no incident of ballot boxes snatching, voters disenfranchisement, tampered election returns, intimidation of voters or vote-buying. The election was a success or as free people would say, democracy works!

    Now to the nitty-gritty on the aftermath of the exercise. While it is true that we were able to have our voices heard in the just concluded elections, where majority of our people elected the leaders they want us to lead, it was evident that some people in that majority seems to be not content on just winning a fair and honest elections. BBM’s success was payback time for them. They are gearing to make his presidency as the principal vehicle to exact revenge against the other side or their perceived enemies. Which is really sad and sickening because we are wasting time and energy trying to create a problem BBM wants to avoid.

    Instead of heeding his call for unity and conciliation, these people that belonged or claimed to belonged and believed in him appears to be doing the opposite of what he wants to happen. I say, let’s all be constructive. We can criticize, of course, even aggressively for that is what freedom is for. But to be abominable and evinced hate as your version of a victory lap is is just hitting the rock bottom.

    Majority of our people are willing to give the new administration a chance to prove its mettle to take us where we want to be. Majority of them expects and wish the new administration to be a success.

    We expect nothing less from the BBM followers. ?

    1. @juan Luna

      For the bbm sheep “unity” means join the cult or die. It’s the same sort of dictatorial mindset that permeates the Marcos way thinking.

      You can see on how they call for banning rappler. That is not unity in what you and I think. But rather unity to follow bbm the dictator or get shut down.

      It’s the same type of intellectual dishonesty prevalent here in GRP. Benigno isn’t interested in a debate. He thinks of himself as an intellectual but in reality is nothing but a con man and a clown.

    2. @juan luna

      Are you kidding?!?! There was massive massive evidence of vote buying. Php 300 pesos per hatak

      Why do you think “hindi kami hatak” became a popular rallying cry.

      What about the massive troll network and the campaigns of disinformation. It’s documented that vbloggers are paid a hefty sum.

      Marcos bought the election with the money they stole. Now they plan to steal it back. Too bad pieces of shit like benigno hide this fact.

      1. @Darth Mortis The Wise,

        You NPA communist LGBT Pinklawan Dilawan Faggot Gay Transwoman! And your hip is stupid!

      2. If the Marcoses are thieves, why are they not in jail?
        I thought your country had a functional judicial system.

        As for the topic: News outlets should be unbiased, unless it’s the Opinion section of the newspaper. Rappler’s manipulative twisting of facts and circumventing rules to serve their sinister agenda of toppling their enemies harm the sacred nature of journalism’s very foundation: balanced reporting of the truth.

        GRP is an opinion blog – you can be as biased as you want within the bounds of civilized mutual respect. Opposing views are encouraged – that’s were the action is.

        If Rappler is a foreign instrument that undermines national security, peace & order, and progress, the government has every right to protect itself and bring it under control. It’s the same thing as the Ukrainian gov’t banning news outlets from reporting sensitive troop movement. Like anything under the sun, free speech also has its limits. Free speech is like a license to own a gun; use it responsibly.

        1. “Rappler’s manipulative twisting of facts and circumventing rules to serve their sinister agenda of toppling their enemies…”
          One just cannot throw statements like that in wild abandon without supplying the necessary proof establishing the veracity of the allegation.

          The fact that Raffler is still operating, existing and continues to perform its task in accord with its mandate contradicts whatever sense the allegation pretends to have. ??‍♂️

  14. Benigno the clown has not yet responded to my acceptance of his challenge.

    Where you at boy?!?! Challenge was as you said to separate the men from the boys… who is the boy now??

    Where you at Benigno?!?! Don’t be scared homie. I know you are nothing but a pussy boy.

      1. benign0, do NOT listen to “Darth mortis the wise”, he is the anti-Marcos, pro-LGBT Liberal Pinklawan Yellowtard!

  15. At this point, what is there to write?

    Bbm has won.

    Sara is waiting in the wings.

    The opposition has been decimated, beaten senseless,
    like a hapless fattened dog at an ifugao tribal rite.

    We have entered a period of Pax Filipina, with a stable and steadfast government working hand in hand with a supportive and hardworking citizenry.

    1. Don’t worry, DepEd, CHED and Sara will rewrite the entire Filipino history by removing and censoring all of the references and mentions of Martial Law abuses, EDSA revolution, Aquinos, Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio to make Marcos look good and Martial LAw peaceful, and to have Marcos War Medals and Tallano Gold come true.

  16. Dissenters in this Pax Filipina, will of course be listened to..

    Like a psychiatrist listens to the mentally disturbed.

    It will last 20, 30, a hundred years of peace and stability and progress.

    1. Dissenters and the untermensch will be purged, like being imprisoned and tortured…

      We need pro-Marcos conservatives to defeat pinklawan and yellowtard forces to purge LGBT, communism and promote military junta.

      Let’s hope for return of the good old glory days of martial law.

    1. You are here, and we were not like Marcos loyalists or yellowtard or pinktard either. Wished Ngek Ngek would come back…

  17. Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralin Marcos Sr. (September 11, 1917 – September 28, 1989) was a Filipino politician, lawyer, dictator, and kleptocrat who was the 10th president of the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. He ruled under martial law from 1972 until 1981 and kept most of his martial law powers until he was deposed in 1986, branding his rule as “constitutional authoritarianism” under his Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (New Society Movement). One of the most controversial leaders of the 20th century, Marcos’ rule was infamous for its corruption, extravagance, and brutality.

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