Literal Martial Law Crybaby: Lorenzo Legarda Leviste’s shrill tantrum vs. mom Loren published by Rappler

Opposition “social news network” Rappler has pulled Philippine “journalism” down to a new low after it featured an “open letter” penned by Lorenzo Legarda Leviste, son of Senator Loren Legarda. Legarda is currently running for re-election under the banner of administration presidential bet Bongbong Marcos.

Reading his “open letter”, one could almost picture the Leviste boy rolling all over the floor pounding his fists in a monumental fit of expression of his self entitlement. Leviste writes how “for weeks” he has “been paralyzed in [sic] pain”…

For weeks I have been crying every day, screaming every day until I spat out blood. The decision she’s made is so profoundly unthinkable, unconscionable, unforgivable. In the last month, my entire life has collapsed. It is beyond a nightmare. I still cannot believe it and will never be able to accept it.

The poor Leviste boy’s “entire life has collapsed”. How horrid. Did someone call an ambulance? For a Yellowtard who likely caught wind of his mother’s political activities from the emotional blackmail served to Filipinos for breakfast everyday by Big Corporate Media outlets like Rappler and ABS-CBN News, the Leviste boy seems to still not get what poor people go through. A “collapsed life” is certainly not one led by some whiny kid who grew up in a comfy mansion in a chi chi private subdivision. Master Leviste only need consult his publisher — preeminent purveyor of Filipino poverty porn — to gain a bit of that latter insight.

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The 30-something Leviste boy then proceeds to banish himself from House Legarda-Leviste screeching “I need everyone to know that Loren Legarda lost her son forever because of this.” Well, dude, everyone certainly knows now. Mission accomplished. Now what?

It is hardly surprising that Lorenzo became the man (to use the term loosely) that he is today. According to a 2004 Arab News report, Legarda was involved in a tiff with the Ateneo dr Manila Grade School after it refused a request from her to “adjust the grade of their son in one subject from 84 to 85 so that he could graduate with honors from Grade Seven.” The report quoted a parent who went on record to state that they “were saddened by the values that Loren and her [then] husband [ex-Batangas Governor Antonio Leviste] are teaching the boy.”

Chalk another one up for the high society world of Yellowtard politics. It seems that turning kids against their parents and cheering their quaint alborotos has become a proud tradition of this degenerate political camp. The Yellowtards, after all, are only too quick to latch on to anything that could make anyone associated with Marcos look bad specially in these desperate remaining days of these elections’ campaign period. The irony that flies way above the pointed heads of the Yellowtard lot is that it is ultimately their brand and their partisans that are made to look like idiots by their dishonest practices.

I am in utter grief. F*** my mother for abetting this. Their crimes are her crimes now. Make her defend them.

We’ll see you around, boy.

72 Replies to “Literal Martial Law Crybaby: Lorenzo Legarda Leviste’s shrill tantrum vs. mom Loren published by Rappler”

  1. It is best if Sen Legarda just pull from UNITEAM Now Marcos can’t handle another criticism ,,,,baka ISISI NA NAMAN KAY BBM IF EVER MAY GAWIN YUN ANAK like suicide,,,,,,,,,,,it my motherly advice to Loren Legarda ,,,,,pull yourself away from UNITEAM RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Why will she pull out? Just because her disgusting son (who have not lived in the country since he was 18, and probably she spent millions for his maintenance) disagreed with her with her choice of political party does not make her automatically wrong. To the contrary, the bastard son is mistakenly doing a dumb thing.

      I read the letter and it was very clear the son has no clear and concrete idea of what he’s talking about. Oh, yes, he knows the ‘villains’ of the story (he made up) and apparently his effort to distance himself from his mother is to put himself on the side of the ‘heroes’. But the problem was, he admitted ignorance of everything real from the country because, as he acknowledged, he has not lived in the country since he was 18 and ‘did not know who was running.’ He hasn’t seen her mother a long time and rendered judgement against her because of her political choice? Son of a……. ?

      The boy is dumb, plain and simple. ?

    2. Hindi naman na malilinlang ang taong bayan sa katotohanan, and for you to say na mag Pull out siya sa Uniteam para lang sa stubborn niyang anak?effect nun ke Loren hindi na ke BBM.

  2. lol

    I’m not sure about back in the PH, but it’s been documented here in the U.S. that liberals are more likely than conservatives be mentally-ill.

    Does the persistent victimhood-mentality & spoiled-brat, degenerate ugali lead to some sort of mental-illness(es) or do their specific strains of mental-illness(es) manifest themselves in said behaviors? Is an outside factor causing it? Or is the correlation a coincidence?

    Whatever the case, it seems best that the PH is drifting out of it.

  3. LOL benigno the clown!

    If BBM wins the blood of the murdered children will be in your hands! You spew bullshit while living comfortably in Australia!

    If BBM wins you must relocate back to the Philippines so you can suffer the bad choices you are pushing for everyone.

    Good for leviste for putting country over family. Right over wrong. Unlike you coward sell out who lives in Australia far away from the consequences of your own shitiness

    Woe is us the Filipinos who are now faced with the prospect of living in a dystopian nightmare of BBM while benigno is hiding away like a coward.

    I hope the money was good benigno as you have blood on your hands!

    1. Oh Darth, I know that you would make a comment about Loren Legatda’s son and I do believe that both of you and Lorenzo should go to a psychologist or get an online life consultation from Better or else if BBM would really win on this year’s election, then either both of you will go on a berzerk mode or commit suicide or becoming a inhuman assassin or terrorist that would spark a civil war in our country. Dude, you and Lorenzo need a help!

      1. All I ask for is for the fake news master benigno the clown to leave Australia and move back to the Philippines if BBM wins.

        Otherwise he should shut the hell up.

        1. Darth r u looking for such a thing you called FAKE News? well then visit RAPPLER, YAHOO, CNN PH. you belong there. go away and find your home way!

      2. Mrericx,

        As far as “Darth the Dumbass” is concerned, a body cannot possibly commit suicide when the brain is already dead. The only thing you can do is turn off the switch on the machine that keeps the body alive. Or just ignore the “Dumbass” as if he’s already gone.


    2. benigno,

      Uh-Oh. The spoiled brat (Darth the Dumbass) is awake again. This time with sticky and smelly fingers he stuck inside his diaper while sleeping, the same fingers he was using as a pacifier when he was awake and hungry, sticking up in the air and waiting to rub on you. Look Out!


    3. You woke liberal motherf**kers better go woke and go f**king broke when that Pink Lady and the Pink idiot senate slate piece of s**tholes lose the elections big-time!!

      That kid was just being horribly influenced by that woke bulls**t that those pink woke liberal son of a b***hes. These pink woke liberal son of a b***hes are beyond despicable and are an utter piece of s**t, who thinks that they’ve got moral ascendancy WHEN IN FACT, THEY’RE F**KING NOT.

      And also, it makes this argument one-sided, and condescending as s**t.


  4. N192K0001,

    What happened in the U.S. during the 2020 presidential election is similar to what is happening in the Philippines today.
    The Liberal Yellow Party members, with the help of their influential media (including Catholic Churches and elite institutions) network, is going to try to clinch another victory for their stooge candidate (Leni Rebredo) as president, like they did in 2016 when they helped install her as vice-president using the “Smartmatic” voting machines, the same way the Democrats did using the “Dominion” voting machines in 2020 to make Biden a U.S. president.

    With the Democrats in power promoting wanton Socialist liberalism across the U.S. for the next 4 years, a similar situation has been taking place in the Philippines for the past 36 years. The Yellow Party has been empowering political and business dynasties to brainwash the population into a liberal mindset of elitism, aristocratism, and individualism of shopping malls, condominiums, and other products and services these Yellow oligarchs are peddling through their “Big Businesses” that monopolized the government and economy.

    The brainwashing strategy compelled the population to resort to extreme means of surrendering their rights to their own country by working abroad, sending their remittance monies back to the Philippines so they can emulate their favorite celebrities’ lifestyle portrayed in those entertaining, but equally mind-numbing, movies and television shows that are also controlled by the Yellow Party’s ABS-CBN and GMA network.

    I guess the age-old saying is true: “The fleecing of a nation begins with the mind.”


    1. “…the same way the Democrats did using the “Dominion” voting machines in 2020 to make Biden a U.S. president.” – Aeta
      Oh my God, a conspiracy theorist (CT) on the loose on this blog?!!!

      What’s the next scenario, attack on Malacanang or Congress if your bet loses?

      What’s worse, this CT is also a clown and a troll. ?

      1. Juan Luna,

        What’s the matter, Yellowtard, trying to debunk the “Conspiracy Theory” that actually took place to protect your oligarch masters? The problem with you Yellowtards are the same: you’re always making your yellow masters holier- than-thou, with a handful of “Donkey Tails” to try to pin on the opposition. Only to realize at the end of the day that you’ll have to put them back on when you go back inside the barn.


        1. Those yellowtard/pinktard elitist liberal oligarch fools are nothing but a pathetic piece of s**t . These motherf**king woke fools think that they’ve got the moral ascendancy and thinking that they’re so “morally righteous” and had all the goddamn decency, when in fact, THEY’RE F**KING NOT, let alone that their messaging about “decency and good governance” is all but STUPID PHONY BULLS**T and a pathetic S**T FARCE.

        2. “The problem with you Yellowtards are the same…” – Aeta
          Yes, the same problem as the Marcos looniest like you! ???

      2. I heard Hunter Biden left a laptop in a repair shop. And that this story is real.

        Something about Ukraine recovered from the hard drive.

        This was a “Conspiracy Theory” a month or so ago… Hmmmmm

    2. “What happened in the U.S. during the 2020 presidential election is similar to what is happening in the Philippines today.” – Aeta
      Really? But we have yet to have a presidential election. What’s the point of that dumb statement? That a Trump-like or Biden-like person is running for the presidency in the country? Hilo na yata itong troll na ito ah!

      Where’s the comparison? Real comparison ha, not hallucination.

      Nothing happened in the US 2020 election except Trump lost and Biden won. What’s that got to do with the Philippines?

      It’s hard to troll when at the same time you’re also a clown. ?

      1. You’ve proven yourself to be a elitist motherf**king fool living in an elitist liberal bubble bulls**t, let alone you’re a pathetic woketard stupid SJW son of a b***h.

        What currently happened in USA under Sleepy Joe Biden as president was a total dogs**t, and should Leni Lugaw Robredo win, her supposed presidency WILL BE AN UTTER DISASTER AS WELL, just like USA.

        1. “What currently happened in USA under Sleepy Joe Biden as president …” – Mario
          Nakupo, nabuang na! ???

    3. “…like they did in 2016 when they helped install her as vice-president using the “Smartmatic” voting machines…” – Aeta
      Is that still the official gripe of BBM’s party or you are just whining like a dog again for losing the bones you thought you can chew?

      I mean, I never hear BBM talk about it in rallies. I even think he already forgot about it because he knew he lost it fair and square. I can’t blame him if he already consigned it in the dustbin of history because, I mean, whine and spend hours crying over the vp post? Really, troll?! ?

      1. Juan Luna,

        Nothing is official to you, Yellowtard elitist, unless it comes down as a decree from your Yellow propaganda; that’s how high you’ve elevated your delusions about yourself and your Party. “Dogs,” “Bones,” “Chew?” Are those the words your Yellow masters use at feeding time, when you get your regular serving of liberal narrative to feed your elitist mind?

        Attending a BBM rally for a Yellowtard would be like attending a rehab clinic for an addict. You’ll hit the highs and lows of your Yellowtard delusions and, after a few of those BBM sessions, you’ll return to reality with only a few relapses to old Yellowtardiction habits, as long as you don’t attend anymore of those dwindling Yellow-Pink rallies, where many former addicts like you have already left and sought help.


    4. @Aeta,

      I get what you mean, but when on the specifics of the political clusterf— here in the U.S.… the apparent election-steal of 2020 is the beginning of my will to abandon/ignore the political-news in the Union as much as I can. The coverage has been increasingly crazy, fiction-like, and inconsistent. And to make things more convoluted, the only 2 major sides hallucinate, so separating the “outrageous” truths from “obvious” misinformation even more difficult.

      Just recently, Biden laptop full of damning information (decreed “Russian misinformation” by the Biden campaign, U.S. intelligence officials, White House spox, most of media, etc. for more 1-2 years, with all other accounts cancelled-out or smeared as unreliable sources) that proved pivotal to the Biden… was proven true.

      And the contents thereof‽
      (“W.T.F.‽ Please, be false!”, right?)

      And on the apparent election-steal: National media again declares there’s no proof, so it’s a conspiracy theory. But local? State & local reports of voter-fraud can easily be found. But the conclusion that matters (enough to overturn results?) pretty much depends on the source’s political leanings. I can only hope it’s false, and wait for the truth to later be revealed definitively… though I have my suspicions, given how many “conspiracy theories” these days has proven true (though that could also just be my learned great mistrust in any U.S. news coverage).

      And reporting here was weird: When Pres. Trump’s lawyer introduced Dominion & Smartmatic to the foray, Smartmatic was mentioned as a Venezuelan company (as we in the PH were introduced before our PH 2010 Elections… & before Washington declared Venezuela’s election of their Pres. Maduro “illegitimate”). Then (as per U.S. media), suddenly Smarmatic was ALWAYS a U.S. company, even founded in Florida! Trump’s lawyer said it, so it must be wrong. Their founders are Venezuelan, but their company was always U.S. W.T.F.‽ Was PH media, PH Congress, and COMELEC before the 2007-decision wrong all this time? Where we imagining the “Venezuela” mentions? (Then, mentions of Smartmatic dissipated for Dominion only. Then, ONLY January 6th & related trials! Forget the old topics! Nothing to see here!)

      But never fear: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.)’s newly-founded Disinformation Governance Board is here to stomp down “misinformation” so only “truth” will prevail! ? God help us in the “Land of the Free”!

      But no doubt, the Yellows’ leadership (& their Washington-backers) are up to something. Perhaps, a Venezuela-model: declare our election “illegitimate” for whatever reason, prompt-up an alternative “Pres.” Guaidó/Leni, and force international bodies to both sanction Caracas/Manila and turnover all taxpayers’ foreign-based assets to the “legitimate government” kuno. God forbid, a Syrian-model: declare Damascus/Manila’s “loss” of legitimacy and openly support armed militias to take over the government. God forbid. I pray to God I’m wrong.

    1. I hate that they’ve been using Martial Law for so long as propaganda crutch, it’s real meaning and it’s purpose got lost to them. Remember when Gloria and Duterte used Martial Law for a bit? They over reacted to that and they react like it’s End of the World. It’s so ridiculous. ?

  5. The way I see this is that Lorenzo has been building up his frustration for many years on his feelings of neglection. Loren seems to favor his younger Leandro more as he has his own startup company that produces solar panels and is considered an achiever. His father is of no help either as he and her mother separated when they were young and was convicted and sent to jail for killing his aide. But it doesn’t excuse him of what he and Rappler did; humiliate his mother in public and turn it into tabloid fodder for cheap political points. What he did will haunt him for the rest of his life and will not solve the inner conflicts he’s had right now and instead making it worse. I hope Loren and her family would resolve this issue.

    1. There is something called morality and the greater good. To put family aside and fight for country is a HEROIC act.

      Like when Luke skywalker rejected his fathers call to join the empire. It is a fight against evil!

      Unfortunately you Marcos cock-suckers know nothing about that. Your either too dumb or too motivated by greed and the tallano gold.

      You Marcos apologists are the scum of the Philippines. Especially benigno the clown who lives in Australia.

      Why don’t you relocate to the Philippines then benigno if Marcos wins you cocksucker

      1. Did you just compare real life to fiction? Yeah, it’s no wonder you have this hero complex that makes you blind to everything. You only see evil without even knowing what you’re doing is the same thing that you are fighting against. Also when did Carlos bring up Marcos? What the hell dude?

      2. Hmm…why is the spoiled brat giving a sermon about “morality” and the “greater good,” when he’s been peppering the pages on GRP with obscene language and personal insults, each time someone takes the proverbial “pacifier” out of his mouth, stick in his soiled diaper, and put it back in his mouth?

      3. Both you and benign0 are wrong in framing this as politics. Lorenzo Leviste didn’t do this to be on the good side of history nor he’s a Martial Law crybaby but payback to his mother’s neglect on him. If he wants to be on the good side of history, he should also condemn his father as well. Tony Leviste was Governor of Batangas as member of Marcos’ party KBL and was convicted and jailed for shooting his aide.

        PS: I don’t live in Australia

      4. @Sarth mortis
        「It is a fight against evil!」
        And you’re on the good side? Are you a child‽ Do you seriously think the Yellow (Cojuangco, Lopez, Aquino, etc.) dynasty of politicians & the Catholic Church are innocent saints & angels?
        (Hint: Hacienda Luisita massacre! Child-abuse coverups worldwide! Catholic boarding-schools!)

        This is nothing but a clash of clans & dynasties (which isn’t new to history), plus the interference of foreign-governments for geopolitical & economic interests. In the larger picture, the Yellow dynasty is most likely to lead us to destruction, as the world marches to proxy-war, and both Ukraine & the PH seem like the perfect proxy-battlefields against the intended targets (poorer, oligarch-dominated, corruption-ridden nations with plenty resources to buy-up post-war, while rich, 1st-world neighbors can watch and assist from a safe distance).

        The PH must resist: remain as neutral as possible, copy India (playing-off the Washington, Moscow, and Beijing for the best options), strengthen its national-security apparatus, and (in the meantime) properly govern! I’ll give credit to Pres. Aquino for slashing the budget and cutting the debt, but the rest… ? Duterte has outdone him by far. His stellar ratings validate it. The track of reform must continue. Only then have we a chance of surviving this.

        1. You think BBM can continue the reform? Duterte waged a war on drugs yet you will elect a crack addict and weak leader? Not to mention from an evil evil dynasty?

          Give me a break. Duterte doesn’t even endorse BBM.

          Leni has a better chance of continuing the reforms. She already mentioned continuing build build build and the fight on drugs.

          Vote RoSa if your inclined

  6. that leviste had his mouth cock-free for a few hours.

    Then proceeded henceforth to write a hateful letter to his mother.

    I feel bad for the mother to have such an ungrateful faggot for a son.

    1. Lol you only think about sucking dicks megget

      I bet your super gay for BBM. Is that why you vote for him. You want some of that martial law sodomy? Up in the ass?

      1. Megget,

        Perhaps “Darth Mortis the Dumbass,” “Juan ‘Gwapita’ Luna,” and “‘Yellowtard’ Propaganda Boy” should be the ones to get a room together, to figure out which one will be on top, middle, and bottom of their Ménage à trois, since they enjoy ingratiating each other with their obscene comments.


        1. Juan “Gwapita” Luna,

          It must be exhausting getting plugged from both ends. Goodnight.


        1. I overheard Megget talking to Aeta. This is how the conversation went:

          “I feel bad for your mother,
          to have such an ungrateful faggot for a son.” – Megget

          (Aeta was speechless!) ???

        2. Juanita “Gwapita” Luna,

          At least I have a “mother” and a father. I don’t see how you came about with two fathers in the same household, “Gwapita.”

  7. @Darth mortis,

    Remember the time V.P. Leni given a chance to reform the drug-war via an assignment from the President himself: to comprehensively study the campaign, diagnose the problems, and prescribe her solutions? She marched right to the U.S. Embassy… not our own P.N.P. H.Q., not or own P.D.E.A. H.Q., not the local police-stations involved in the famous police-abuse cases, not the related neighborhoods to interview witnesses, or anywhere else for an independent study! And how many days was she receiving orders inside the embassy before she was fired… again?

    That’s not what we need. As stated earlier, we need someone independent, who’s familiar with our security-forces, and an experienced administrator. Ex-Sec. of National Defense Lacson also would have worked, but would essentially be of the old politics, which we don’t need. (And wasn’t he a wanted fugitive for a time?)

    True, the Pres. Duterte hasn’t explicitly endorsed as of late, and even insulted him… but I suspect that’s a tactical decision of political theater. The PH Inquirer also thinks he’s endorsed him indirectly.

    Marcos is already part of the administration’s machinery, so it seems certain that a vote for him will continue what’s already being done.

    Do I have my concerns? Sure, yes. But, that’s our menu. At least it isn’t like here in the U.S., where ONLY 2 options are accepted: Republican & Democrat. Yes, other options are on the ballot, but they’re all “wasted votes” and any votes for them will earn wrath & blame from the losing accepted party for indirectly voting for the winner. The 2 accepted parties don’t even bother to impress voters with their party-leaders’ candidate-selections (crazy, dirty old man chronically sabotaged by his own subordinates vs senile dementia-patient now using war in Ukraine to clean-up his druggie son’s crony Kiev-deals), so 41% of potential-voters don’t even bother voting.
    And 62% of voters want other options,
    … but (and here’s the crazy part) DON’T actually vote for the other options, lest they “waste their vote” kuno. Yes, that’s the majority! The 62% vote themselves back into the very cycle they hate and want liberation from with EVERY election, when the other options are right there on the ballot in EVERY election! The current is always “THE most important election” ever, so it’s way too important to risk voting for another option. Next election, perhaps? (Can you imagine my relief and joy at my 1st PH, MULTI-party overseas mail-in vote‽)

  8. Gwapita..get some rest now.

    You dont really have to vote but you should.
    Then afterwards you can sip a mocha latte.. maybe fire off a few disgusted tweets..suck a few cocks.

    Like you always do.

    If its any consolation, six years is not too long a time.

  9. @benigno/ aeta / megget human centipede cocksuckers

    Did you see the attendance on Leni rally. 1 million people.

    BBM rally lagaw. Get your tears ready shit eaters.

    Good will triumph over evil. This is the arc of history.

    The only way BBM wins now is via cheating with smartmatic. Not surprising he is conditioning people about that. He will try to cheat. But the pink watch dogs are vigilant. (If not there is always the people power option).

    Prepare for the most embarrassing defeat in Philippines politics ever. Eat shit

    1. a million cocksuckers, actually, if the 1 million figure is correct ( it is not ).

      You were there, right?
      with your cocksucker friends.

      And you danced and you shrieked and..thats all of it.

      you shrieked.

      1. “a million cocksuckers, actually…” – Megget the clown
        That’s your expertise Meg. Aside from Aeta, you’re unrivaled on that area. ???

    2. Darth Mortis the Dumbass,

      I thought you and your boyfriends (“Juanita ‘Gwapita’ Luna, “Progpaganda Boy,” and “Jason”) were cuddling in a hotel room together and unloading your frustrations on each other over an inevitable BBM-SARA victory (unless you Yellowtards cheat). I didn’t expect any of you ladies to come out before May 9. Well, since you’re awake to share your delusions again, we might as well put up with them, so you can give us a preview of how you’ll “shit” in your diapers before you “eat” them after the election.

      One (1) million Leni supporters showed up at their last rally? Wow! I’m really impressed, Yellowtard, and very proud of you for trying to hold on to the last glimmer of hope that your “stooge” will win the presidential race. That news, and your boyfriends pumping you with much-needed enthusiasm, should fill you with enough energy to keep the charades going even after May 9. That means more baby formula and diapers because you’re going to be shitting more often and wiping them on everyone, after you and your candidate lose the election.


      1. ???! That’s a nice little story. As Justice, my fan boy, would love to say, make pa more!

        You’re good Aeta! ???

        1. Juanita “Gwapita” Luna,

          You’re good, too, “Gwapita.” Just ask your boyfriends.


      2. Lol. Kawawa ka naman @aeta

        Won’t be making any money anymore after the election. It’s obvious that you are nothing more than a paid troll.

        Hope you enjoy that 500 pesos. It’s obvious from your crass mouth that Wala ka pinagaralan.

        It’s so obvious that you are squating and JEJEJE. People like you will suffer if BBM wins.

        Me? I vote for Leni to be on the right side of history. I made my first million pesos when I was 24. And now own a seven figure business. Go enjoy jacking off to porn aeta you squatting jejemon

        1. Darth the Mortis the Dumbass,

          Don’t give me your pretentious sympathy, “Dumbass.” You’re the one who shits in your diapers, and try to wipe your hands on anyone who disagrees with you, by accusing them of being paid trolls.

          If you bothered to read my previous posts, as far back as 4 or 5 years ago, you’ll see I came from a family of rice farmers who lost our land to Yellow Party influence.

          Along with other former rice farmers, we were driven out of the agricultural sector so these Yellow oligarchs can start importing foreign rice from other Asian countries, making this once abundant and affordable agricultural product of the Philippines harder to afford by the poor.

          “I vote for Leni to be on the right side of history. I made my first million pesos when I was 24. And now own a seven figure business.”— Darth Mortis the Dumbass

          Now I know why you’re a diehard Yellowtard. You benefitted greatly from the Yellow Party, perhaps even through their oligarchs, and you want to keep that streak going for as long you can, even if your own people are suffering.

          You’re not only a “Dumbass,” but you’re also an arrogant and self-serving dumbass who only cares about fattening your bank account, regardless of what happens to the Philippines and its people.


        2. You just proved that you’re the worst than those two above me, I usually don’t agree with them on their cause but you’re on another level. A typical, arrogant rich kid who will step on anyone that is lower than them. Poor people are just cockroaches to you. Is this what freedom and decency to you? BBM or Leni? It doesn’t matter who will win, they won’t change your ugly personality. You just shown who you really are, what a disappointment.

  10. LOL at aeta

    The only reason why your family would lose a rice farm is because it’s too large. Read about agrarian reform dumbass. You need to split up large track of lands to give the poor farmers.

    I’m sorry you lost your hacienda and now have to resort to whoring for Marcos to pay the bills.

    The freedom EDSA gave us means you can make your own business. Not like during the Marcos crony years where your business is stolen.

    Sorry to you and gman for being a bunch of losers. Need to pick yourselves up by the bootstraps.

    BBM will not give you any of that tallano gold. Just some sage advice for some shit eaters

    1. Yeah and anyone who disagree with you is automatically a BBM supporter/Kakampink supporters, you, Megget and Aeta are all the same, vice versa, you’re not an exception here. Don’t you see that, Darth? That EDSA you’re spouting, only few individuals benefit to that “Freedom”. Individuals like you. You profited from that. How is that even different to Marcos Dictatorship then? Yes, were free but at what cost? We really didn’t recover after that EDSA shenanigans and your beloved leaders started pocketed all those “Freedom” money.

      And you have a gall to say this,

      “The freedom EDSA gave us means you can make your own business. Not like during the Marcos crony years where your business is stolen.”

      Stop pretending that you care about people when you have this condescending tone mixed in.

      1. Lol. @gman

        BBM can’t even ride a plane if not first class. Yet you pretend to care about the working person. Get the fuck outta here.

        I’m telling you Leni is the only choice. Unless your brain dead like megget or aeta

        1. “BBM can’t even ride a plane if not first class. Yet you pretend to care about the working person. Get the fuck outta here.”

          Come on, that’s a ridiculous assumption. Tell me, how a working person will benefit from BBM riding a plane? What’s even the connect to choice of plane? He would be just a same passenger as other people. Get outta here.

          “I’m telling you Leni is the only choice. Unless your brain dead like megget or aeta”

          I don’t care about BBM nor Leni. You can just shove that “my fave candidate is the only way, no others” mentality up to your butt. I can as well tell you that Lacson the only choice then. How’s that?

  11. @gman

    Shut up with your crab mentality. Problem with Filipinos is they always want a handout. Continue hoping for that tallano gold.

    1. Oh? So, stepping on them is the solution? No one gives a crap about that Tallano gold bullcrap. How is calling out on your crass personality even a crab mentality? Are you that high?

  12. Darth Mortis the Dumbass,

    There is an old Filipino saying about a fly on the water buffalo’s (carabao) dung on the ground. One fly hated the smell of the dung so much and being around other flies, he flew up and out of the dung and landed on top of the water buffalo. The fly likes the feel of being on top of the water buffalo, and looking down at his fellow flies so much, he now considers himself a water buffalo and not a fly.

    That fly is you, “Darth Mortis the Dumbass,” who’ve been brainwashed by the aristocratic (arrogant) and individualistic (selfish) mentality of the Yellowtard elitism for so long, you forgot you came from the same pile of shit that the other flies came from. If you don’t believe me, go check your drawers. Your shit looks and smells the same as ours, or worse.


    1. @aeta tell that to BBM who is embarrassed if he’s not first class.

      Sorry the yellows redistributed your hacienda. It’s for the benefit of the poor rice farmers. Doesn’t mean you have to suck cocks aeta

      1. Darth Mortis the Dumbass,

        Don’t even try to be witty, Dumbass. You don’t know anything about farming nor get your hands dirty, except when you stick them inside your boyfriends’ drawers to farm for mushrooms.


        1. I bet when he brags he was a millionaire at 24, i bet he means pesos.

          Quit bragging, cocksucker wannabe millionaire.

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