The future is not female. The future is PEOPLE

According to Teddy Baguilat who is running for senator under Leni Robredo’s Yellowtard flag, “the future is female”. This moronic idea he pushes in a tweet he recently fielded.

Indeed… the future is female. Murals in Villasis, Pangasinan by the volunteers there. #Baguilat4Senator

Why is the future “female”? Why it’s because Robredo is a woman and, therefore, female just like her daughters. Of course, right? This is presumably why they are branding their campaign “pink” — to appeal to the idea that the Philippines is in the market for a female president. Perhaps too they take some wisdom form the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who once suggested that the next Philippine president should have a vagina.

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We’ve had 13 male and only two female presidents so far. The Philippines has had a total of 15 presidents. To achieve equality between males and females, since we have had 13 males, the next 11 presidents should be female.

Sige na nga, babae naman. This is basically the campaign motto of the Yellowtards. Indeed, I wrote back then, “If I were a woman, I’d feel monumentally insulted. This sort of talk is implying that a woman’s qualifications and abilities will have nothing to do with her prospects of becoming President or a Philippine senator and will, instead, be dependent on the success of this moronic appeal to peoples’ nebulous notion of what “gender equality” is all about.”

It’s hardly surprising that the Yellowtard campaign in these elections miserably failed. Rather than appeal to people, they appeal to “gender equality”. Gender equality is not a concept that is top-of-mind for most ordinary Filipinos. Rather than listen to people, the Yellowtards’ chi chi campaign “strategists” were busy exchanging high fives with their high-horsed pals in their air-conditioned echo chambers up that hill.

It’s not too late to reform the Yellowtard campaign. There is still time — or so the Yellowtards lead themselves to believe. Hence they go off and campaign harder. But are they campaigning smarter? Ask bozos like Baguilat and he’ll tell you; no need to campaign smarter… the future is female.

53 Replies to “The future is not female. The future is PEOPLE”

    1. Actually the future of a next Philippine president is a non-binary or non-conformity. It doesn’t care if he/she/gay/lesbian/transgender person for as long as if he/she have big brains, strong leadership and no BS or WTF attitude. If he/she doesn’t have that then sorry, Prof Clarita Carlos would file an impeachment case against you or she would Summon you a lesson or two through her so called “terror defence thesis” rants. ?

  1. There are alot of good female leaders but Leni is not one of them, that’s for sure. But what bugs me is that “Ugh, it’s all male leaders, can’t we have another female leader? We only have 2.” narrative. What we need is a good leader who has what it takes to run a country properly and it’s not because of what’s between your legs. If that’s what it should be for becoming a president of this country, we’re pretty screwed.

      1. bruh. stop the cap. A lot of credible sources show why Bongbong is not fit for President. Let’s say all of the negative things about him are not true for example, what makes him fit to become the President of the Philippines? He doesn’t have a concrete platform, avoids debates, and lied to people. Don’t bring up the SMNI Debate because they are clearly not accredited by the COMELEC and the owner is wanted from the FBI. You’re giving claims that he will be our strong leader like his father without any proof. The only thing he inherited from his father is being a thief. He kept on preaching about unity but can’t apologize on his father’s behalf to the Martial Law victims. I’m not saying vote for a specific person but my point is, what makes him worthy of your vote?

        1. Now about that FBI case…
          There’s also something fishy about that FBI report when I read it, not to mention the word “alleged” means without concrete proof that Quiboloy did those things. Up until now nothing happens. Are we even sure that these has nothing to do with current election?(Basing on Philstar’s article)


        2. Also on further research about Quiboloy’s FBI case..This is not going well for him. This seems really has nothing to do with election, SMNI will be over when US chose to pursue his case here which so far, DOJ haven’t received anything from the US. I also don’t trust US government to even prioritize Quiboloy’s case and the worst, his FBI case will gone cold like any other FBI cases and we will never have a closure.

        3. Because all the rest are worthless.
          Lacsoy – tried to be a soldier, once
          Manny – got hammered by juan manuel, met his maker for seven minutes, came back all sparkley.
          Isko – putting on a show, used to entertain the showniz faghots for a living
          Leni- was a kind of lawyer who does not get paid, is looking for her payback this election season of joys
          Ka woody – closed down factories so workers can have better livelihoods – elsewhere

  2. This topic just shows the reality of how wokeness and identity politics can take in destroying the stability of the Philippines, much how wokeness and identity politics had ruined the stability of western nations like, America, Canada, and Europe.

    1. Mario,
      I dont see any unstability in my country (Netherlands, Europe) and the Netherlands have a far more liberal view and liberal laws than the Philippines has.

      1. That’s because most of Europeans especially on the Western part of that continent are very well civilized and elite unlike the rest of the world, but on the East Asian side they’re very conservative, disciplined and pragmatic. When in Europe, do what the Europeans do but when in an Orient region, do what the Orientals do.

        1. mrericx,
          “When in Europe, do what the Europeans do but when in an Orient region, do what the Orientals do.”
          Why should you behave differently – as a Filipino – when you are here? When I am in the Philippines, I will follow/copy their behavior untill its going against my senses, rationale and personality. So, will I behave in a religious way when being in PH? No, never. Will I drive a motorcycle with 2 other people (regardless of their age)? No, never. And I can keep on making that list longer and longer.

  3. By having Leni as their nominee, they are not moving forward but instead they set themselves back for another 12 years. She and her supports made little or no effort at all to expand their base and try to win over the voters of the Marcos-Duterte coalition.

    They’re still trying to run on the ghosts of Ninoy and Cory Aquino to keep themselves in power and their rhetoric has become a re-hash for the last 36 years. It has been at least 2 generations of Filipinos who grew up after EDSA and they have little to no attachment of the events that happened in those 3 days.

    1. “By having Leni as their nominee, they are not moving forward but instead they set themselves back for another 12 years.”
      – – – – –
      The problem with that statement was it gave a picture of having two contending political parties instead of many. I’m not seeing Leni setting back the opposition party, what I’m seeing is the opposition party getting competition from other parties in relation to running against Marcos. Unlike during the time of BBM’s dad, the opposition back then was solid. There may have been several parties but the bottomline then was, you are either for or against Marcos.

      Back in the day, we could even hear people say ‘Kahit aso tumakbo against Macoy, mananalo ang aso’. That’s how unpopular the dad was back then.

      Today it’s a different story. The son rises, while the opposition fritters

      “They’re still trying to run on the ghosts of Ninoy and Cory Aquino…”
      – – – – –
      I don’t know about that. Ninoy, Cory and even PNoy doesn’t resonate anymore in the opposition rank. In fact, the yellow color, the official banner of the Aquinos, was completely obliterated when VP Leni chose to replace it by pink.

      Yes, political ghosts mobilizes and galvanizes voters every election time. Proof of that is the opposition, for decades, has capitalized on the ghosts of Ninoy and Cory for political purposes. The loyalists of today think it’s about time the Marcoses do the same. Do you know whose ghost is hot and popular right now? Macoy. People see an apparition of him in BBM.

      Talking about ghost and their pull during elections one would wonder why is VP Leni not making an effort to mention or memorialize the memory and legacy of another prominent ghost, that of her husband, Jesse? His influence could have been a good campaign material.

      Don’t bother, that’s just my finicky mind talking.

  4. I think both benigno and megget are right: females are people, hence, the future belongs to them.

    benigno titled his piece as ‘the future is NOT female’ only to take a dig on a Leni follower and to emphasize his abhorrence to Leni. Of course, we cannot deny the future is female. (Ok, Cory is a woman but we all know she’s a mere creation of errors of men or history. Gloria is a woman too but she don’t count because she did what men usually does: cheat and lie. ) ?

    It may not necessarily be Leni or Sara but a woman will surely come along in the future to take the cudgels from the men in running the country.

    The only question is, will she be better than those who preceded her?

    1. Teka lang Juan. Akala sabi mo Leni is breathing down BBM’s neck?

      Suko ka na ba?

      Matagal ko sinabi sa iyo na walang pag-asa si Leni pero puro kagaguhan lang ang laman ng mahahabang mong mga payahag.

      Sino ang bulag ngayon?

      1. @Marcelo
        I’m sorry if my saying, ‘Leni was breathing down BBM’s neck’ bothered you. I just hope you understand what it means. Definitely it does not mean BBM was losing.

        When I made that statement the survey was just out showing BBM leading the pack with Leni coming in second. I cannot say Lacson was breathing down BBM’s neck. Get the point? If that offends you or gave you sleepless nights, hindi ako sumusuko, instead I’m offering my sincerest apology. I didn’t mean to stress you out.

        1. Oh my God you have selective amnesia.

          I stated then and I will state now that Leni has no chance of winning. Not because I am anti Liberal or Anti Yellow, but because she is the Worst Candidate I have seen in my life.

          And I asked you if I was blind or you? And you said that my eyes are not open yet?

          You are backtracking now because it has become obvious that Leni has no chance of winning, something that I have consistently been saying from the beginning. You refuted my statements then but you are now changing your tune.

          Don’t fool yourself “Juan Luna” people in this forum remember your long senseless posts (why even bother?) that have all been proven to be BS. Go ahead bro, keep it up. You are not fooling anyone in this forum — nagmukang tanga ka lang.

          Sige lang ‘tol , keep up your delusion. You have zero credibility now.

        2. @Bert Marcelo, este, Del Pilar, ?

          “I stated then and I will state now that Leni has no chance of winning. Not because I am anti Liberal or Anti Yellow, but because she is the Worst Candidate I have seen in my life.”
          – – – – –
          Well, I have no issue on that, that’s perfectly fine. We all have our opinions here and we are all entitled to express it. You may be wrong or right but time will tell. We still have an election to conduct and no winners have yet to be officially announced. Pirmis ka lang ‘celo!

          Leni is the worst candidate, ‘ika mo, why? Where’s your proof? Don’t expect people to agree on your hallucination. You may be right about her but you have to lay down your cards and show people why.

          In the mean time, chill, bro.

          “You refuted my statements then but you are now changing your tune.”
          – – – – – –
          Ah, you’re hurting because I refuted your statements. Again, sorry for that and whatever statements you made. I didn’t know you are super sensitive to statements you don’t agree with. Kung alam ko lang na balat-sibuyas ka, dinahan-dahan ko sana. ?

          Kidding aside, if you have anything against me, right now, it’s not clear to me. I suspect you are a diehard BBM and you don’t like my analysis. Sorry, I’m just being honest. If I see something I don’t agree with or something I can comment about, I contribute my two-cents regardless if somebody agrees or disagrees with me.

          But to be frank, I never imagined that somebody will get verrrrrry, verrrry mad at me. Cool lang, bro. It’s not election time yet for you to froth in the mouth. This is a long battle, reserve your energy and temper.

          Bawal mag-collapse dito!

      2. Agree with you 100% – “…puro kagaguhan lang ang laman ng mahahabang (at paikot-ikot na) … mga pahayag” ni painter. Kasi balak ‘atang mag-apply as writer dito sa blog. Hehehe.

        1. Another onion-skinned dude. Guys, let’s talk issues. “Justice” pa naman ang name mo but you don’t look nor sound it. Why resort to cheap shots when we can all reason and discuss issues?

          Kung na-correct kayo in the past, don’t be hot-headed. Why blame me when you put up posts that are lame and nonsense?

          I say, go back to topic and discuss and share what you have. Ano mahihita ninyo sa away? Juan out!

        2. The balat-sibuyas, pabago-bago and bilib-sa-sarili answered 🙂 Correction please, ikaw ang na-correct ni Marcelo to which I agreed. And you’re out. “Temporary insanity” saved Juan Luna from his insecurities. Hehehe.

  5. Leni is definitely the worst candidate.
    Desperately theyre trying to build up the leni iconography with che guevara posters and murals, but are failing to gain any sort of traction.
    Its pathetic, making an icon out of a non-factor and insignificant politician..kabayan noli de castro was more of an icon than this leni garbage.
    Grasping at straws, they are.

  6. Only real icons are befitting of the stylized poster treatment..diego maradona, michael jordan, mike tyson, rodrigo duterte, even manny pacquiao ( as pugilist not economic adviser ).
    Leni on the other hanf, is trash and will never be an icon even if she humps a humpback whale.

  7. Now manny , just because he is a gazillionaire from getting his face all beaten to a pulp, now thinks he has the answer to the fiscal deficit and is an energy and housing czar as well…we can all blame juan manuel marquez for this, in their last fight he sent manny to heaven for 7 minutes and he came back all shiny like moses with the ten commandments.

  8. To juan manuel, if you reading this, please take the fifth fight..and knock some sense back into manny pacquiao’s brain,
    and some money back in his pockets as well.
    Perhaps this time you can send him to his happy place for 7 minutes and he can come back like happy gilmore and his fluffy midget and forget all this man of destiny nonsense.

  9. The future is people… When you realize your role and thus your power, you’d raise the standards on how you treat your own kind.

  10. There is no such thing as true gender equality. If there was, then female athlete’s should have been given equal rights and slots to play in the same court with men in every field of sports – basketball, boxing, wrestling, weight lifting, etc. Just imagine how inhumane it would be to witness Manny the Pacman pounding Leni the Lugaw Queen in the chest in a world boxing title match. There’s a reason why women are referred to as the weaker vessel, and why they should be handled with care (and a similar line of reasoning behind why blacks dominate basketball rather than brownies).

    Traditionally women do not take on leadership roles because they give birth, have monthly cycles, generally more emotional (than logical), etc. Exploration, pushing human limits, wars etc. have been the sphere of men (not women) because men are built differently. Imagine if an army was under attack and the general was not available because she was still in labor pains.

    The future may be people, but leadership will more often than not be the role of men. Until the day being “under de saya” is no longer frowned upon or when we see a lioness (rather than a lion with a mane) leading the pack in sub-Saharan Africa, we will likely have more men at top positions in any organization for a very long time.

    1. Physically men are stronger than women. But that’s not gender equality, that’s physical or natural inequality. Men are different from women in physical and mental abilities as established by nature. There is inequality in health, strength and intelligence.

      Gender equality is about all genders having EQUAL rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

      1. Equal rights? In almost every civilized society, why do fathers have the sole right to be head of household (rather than the mother)? – no questions asked. Why do children take on the last name of the father rather than the mother? I am talking about “TRUE gender equality” – not the gender equality that society only dreams to achieve but pathetically fails to implement.

        Society will always be biased towards men, in the same way airlines will be biased towards hiring pretty young people over old hags for flight attendant positions. There is no such thing as Genuine Equal Opportunity.

        Why? Because responsibilities and opportunities are tied very closely to a person’s capabilities – what the individual can offer. And because men are naturally stronger than women, they have more job opportunities. Have you ever seen a shirtless lady unloading a 50kg sack of rice from a truck in your Palenke? Construction worker jobs are mostly for men too. It’s all just logic. Equal opportunity is a myth, in the same way people are never really “born equal”.

        Freedom in society is also a delusion sold to us by the powers that be. But I won’t get into that; that would take an entire article to explain. Sing the Constitution and every other magna carta for what have you all you want but a lot of it is really just what the hoi polloi want to hear.

        1. @zaxx
          You sure opened a can of worms there.

          “…why do fathers have the sole right to be head of household (rather than the mother)?”
          The ‘sole right’ of being head should not be taken as an inherent right that men expects ownership of and women should defer with. There is no creed, rules or maxim according the title of ‘head’ that men has a ‘sole right’ with. Men are heads of the family simply by tradition or because of gender inequality through force or strength. ‘Sole right’ is actually a misnomer and nonexistent specially nowadays when we see single women taking the role of the head of the family.

          Traditionally, parents are the heads of the family but for practicality, there should only be one head to define the scope of responsibility, limits of authority and avoid frequent butting heads. So, the father is the head and the mother, the light. The father supports, the mother nurtures the family. Equal responsibility.

          “Why do children take on the last name of the father rather than the mother?”
          Because the law requires it.

          Republic Act 386: An Act to Ordain and Institute the Civil Code of the Philippines

          Title XIII. – USE OF SURNAMES (n)

          Art. 364. Legitimate and legitimated children shall principally use the surname of the father.

          Not because the father is stronger than the mother.

          “Society will always be biased towards men…”
          That is basically the reason why there is clamor for gender equality.

          “There is no such thing as Genuine Equal Opportunity. Why? Because responsibilities and opportunities are tied very closely to a person’s capabilities – what the individual can offer.
          That is where you lost me. The purpose of gender equality is to treat everyone on equal footing without discrimination, especial on the basis of sex, race or age. What an individual can offer falls on qualification category not on gender equality.

          “And because men are naturally stronger than women, they have more job opportunities. Have you ever seen a shirtless lady unloading a 50kg sack of rice from a truck in your Palenke? Construction worker jobs are mostly for men too.”
          That maybe true on jobs that requires physical power and muscular strength, the domain of masculinity. The feminine gender also have their own field of dominance when it comes to employment. When you cite physical differences between sexes, that’s physical inequality because, by nature, they don’t have the same physical make-up.

          “Equal opportunity is a myth, in the same way people are never really “born equal”.”
          How so? Babies, boy or girl, when born have nothing on them but stark nakedness. You have to give an example of being ‘born not equal’ to prove that we were ‘never really born equal’.

    2. Do you think that girls would be reduced to maid work and nurse and women won’t join politicking anymore?

      It would be sexism. Only men were allowed to be priests and cardinals and popes/

  11. Juan Luna,
    in the Netherlands, the wife can opt for keeping her maiden name when she marries. And all the kids can opt for choosing the family name of the female/mother. The latter is even quiet obvious because all kids are born from the mother’s/female’s body. It is even a question who the biological father is.

      1. Just from a personal opinion (and fact):
        I never understood and understand why a wife wants (legally and/or culturally) to carry the husband’s family name for the simple reason that she doesnt have one gene/blood/flesh nor bone from that guy.

        1. I think it stem from tradition or long standing custom where women are treated as property of men (under his protection and influence). It’s called coverture (law). And then on the surname issue, there is also the necessity of establishing ‘ownership’ of the child if you are the father.

        2. Culturally speaking at least, from what I know/understand.
          There is a term in Chinese called gua (out) or lai (come/in). This is a term used in how a family member is addressed by the culture.

          As long as you are single, you are still “lai”. But, as when man marries a woman, the woman (outsider) becomes part of the family (or lai), therefore, since she is part of the family, she takes on the surname of the husband.

          For a sister who marries a man, she now becomes a “gua” and thus, your sister will take up the surname of the male as she has become part of their family.

          It has less to do with ownership but symbolizing of which “clan” your loyalties now lie.

  12. Juan,
    yes I agree. Long standing tradition/custom. And having power over a wife. Peculair word, you use: ‘ownership’. A man can only ‘testify’/prove that he is the father by a DNA test and then in case of a divorce, the judge will decide who will/can keep/have the ‘right’ to raise the kid(s). In case the kid(s) have reached a certain age (dont how old) the judge will even ask the opinion of the kid(s) with whom he/she/they want to stay/live or there will be decided for a dual phase: one week the father, the other week the mother.

  13. If the female race were just a bit more faster, stronger, and made better weapons and devised better war strategy, they could have ruled the world.
    Instead theyre stuck on mtv singing about female empowerment in their underwear.

  14. 17Sphynx17,
    that also means that she has a caring obligation to the parents of the guy?

    In my neck of the woods, two people marry each other and NOT to the parents of the guy.

    1. Culturally speaking, that is the ‘accepted’ norm from what I know. Injection of western influences have of course caused those in the culture to question whether it is acceptable, some but not all.

  15. The future is male strongman, BBM…

    Okay, Pro-Marcos loyalists and Benign0. Marcos apologia must be hip for its good.

    Then girls and women must not enter politics, but men must be politicking.


    the future should be what the people want it to be…in the Fail-ippines it just is not possible. The most outwardly corrupt country I have ever lived in, the concept of what the people want is actually absurd….

    The Filipino will get what the USA State Dept. gives it. Until such time as China tells the Fail-ippines what it will have….its that simple, everything else is just window dressings of various sorts…

    Case in point, the country still has Marcos Family members in the political landscape….perhaps it is a good thing? Lets face it, the only reason Ferdy was deposed is because he dared to stray from what his USA State Dept. Masters told him to do. Aquino was shot on the tarmac because the USA did not want him to lead the country…and the only reason his Wife lived to ‘RULE’ (LOL !) the country is because the powers that be did not want to murder a Female, and she pretty much did what she was told to do anyway.

  17. Logically, having to physically carry heavy items only means that nobody has figured out a better way of moving things. I don’t know if I want to live in that kind of society. And I don’t know if it’s called an opportunity where slave work is considered normal and acceptable.

    1. Leni is Cory and son Aquino down to a tee. Incompetent and resembles the kind of leadership Joe Biden also possesses in U.S. Seems like whatever U.S., Philippines just apes it blindly. Like, as a nation, we have yet to grow a spine and the way Leni is with no clear policies or vision for this country, she might be like another puppet of the old oligarchs and I know that during great crises (be it calamities and/or conflict in international affairs, she will not be able to handle it [I’ll cue in for you Noynoy’s response to the terrorist attack on Hong Kong tourists in the bus incident or the terrorists in the southern Mindanao region]). She is as corrupt as she is incompetent. Her approach so far is not even mature or objective. Good luck Philippines if you have her under an era where China and Russia are literally progressing further as superpowers.

    2. Oh and let me add, I’m a staunch anti Marcos person. I go for candidates who show and not just tell that they can do and also, I don’t support the long continuing political dynasties especially when they’re under influences of the church and oligarchy.

  18. Come april , leni and her crew of idiots will be so desperate, they will literally be willing to have her try to hump a humpback whale..but only someone like ellen adarna can do fact, if ellen adarna were on the ballot, i would vote for her. she can be senator easy.

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