Leni Robredo should be asked to comment on her role in alleged electoral fraud in 2016 and on Andy Bautista’s flight

As poll after poll conducted by reputable survey firms over the last several years confirm beyond reasonable doubt the dismal voter base of of Opposition “leader” and presidential candidate Leni Robredo, the question of her role in the alleged electoral fraud that marred the 2016 election comes back to bite. What happened in 2016 remains shrouded in mystery. Short of conspiring with the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to cover up many instances of suspicious circumstances that surrounded the tallying and counting of election returns back then, Robredo was at least a potential beneficiary of said fraud if it did occur.

Most telling is the flight to the United States — in the midst of the controversy — of no less than the COMELEC chairman at the time, Andy Bautista. How he managed to leave the country and, to this day, manage to fly under the radar of public and media scrutiny leads many to speculate that the conspiracy to whitewash the stink of electoral fraud that may have occurred in the 2016 elections transcends partisan camps — from President Rodrigo Duterte’s own seeming ambivalence to electoral reform and under whose watch Bautista managed to escape to the US to the Liberal Party and today’s Opposition keeping mum on the matter. Manila Times columnist Antonio Contreras back in 2019 wrote in his piece “Again, where is Andy Bautista?”…

Until now, it is not entirely clear how the State could allow Andy Bautista to just roam around in comfortable self-exile, when there is compelling evidence that the election process that he presided over was full of anomalies. And it is not just about straight lines of otherwise random votes, or of abnormally high percentage of undervotes which would have already sounded the alarm bell to any election scientist. We are talking here about actual evidence that points to tampering not only with the results but also with the process itself. Election fraud whistleblower Glenn Chong presented to the public a procession of damning empirical data that screamed at the need for validation through a serious investigation, and which could no longer simply rely on the denials by Comelec officials. Vote counting machines that have already been tested and sealed were already transmitting a day before the elections. An illegal fourth server was established and has not been vetted properly, even as the source codes were not properly vetted according to procedures prescribed by law. Shading thresholds of ballots were unilaterally changed by Comelec without informing the parties. Scanned ballot images are missing, or were apparently tampered with, causing the sequence number to exceed the total number of ballots cast. Signatures of those who voted did not match those who are registered. Ballot boxes were deliberately opened and tampered with, some drenched not only with water but with chemicals, and others stuffed with dirt, which was but apropos to the fact that our elections have been dirtied by fraud.

Fast forward to today. It is under the harsh light of these unresolved allegations of electoral fraud that blights 2016 that the mystery of how Leni Robredo, who supposedly beat rival Bongbong Marcos to the vice presidency then, could possibly trail the latter by such an enormous margin in poll after poll baffles so many. Where is that voter base today that could at least lend some semblance of credibility to her supposed victory over Marcos in 2016? Where are those supporters who supposedly voted for Leni Robredo in 2016? Do they even exist?

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Such is the enormous burden of proof that rests on Robredo’s shoulders today. No less than Opposition “social news network” Rappler itself “reports” that “Leni Robredo says defeating the dictator’s son in the 2022 presidential race will put to rest his lie that she cheated him in the 2016 vice presidential contest”. Indeed, this is further proof that Bongbong Marcos is a key pillar of Robredo’s campaign and that without him, Robredo’s bid for the presidency literally has not a leg to stand on as she herself admits that she has to beat him to clear this whole mess up.

“Kailangan talagang talunin siya sa susunod na eleksyon para once and for all, mahinto na yung ginagawa niya na pagpapapaniwala sa tao nung narrative na gusto niyang i-push,” Robredo went on.

(He has to be defeated in the coming elections so that once and for all, his narrative [that he was cheated in the 2016 vice presidential race] that he is pushing will stop.)

Perhaps then it is time Robredo be queried on what she really knows about why Andy Bautista managed to escape to the US, remains at large, and is a subject matter that seems to be a no-go-zone for her allies in Big Corporate Media. What really happened in 2016 and what accounts for the discrepancy between Robredo’s apparent performance in the 2016 elections and her dismal preference ratings today? The mystery persists.

10 Replies to “Leni Robredo should be asked to comment on her role in alleged electoral fraud in 2016 and on Andy Bautista’s flight”

  1. Since the smartmatic incident, it’s hard for me to ever trust Comelec again, so these deliberate tampering ballots are no doubt they’re capable of doing this. Leni’s role in this and the sudden leave of Andy Baustista to U.S. is just sounds too suspiscious. This lingering issues of unresolved Leni’s electoral fraud is also one of the reason why everyone would rather vote for BBM or other candidates who they deemed lesser evils. Aside from Leni’s issues. I hope this time, please Comelec, do better. What’s the point of even voting for candidates when you can just elect your favorites instead?

  2. Leni and her donkeyface, need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.
    That is definitely not a presidential face.
    Well if the underspends this campaign, she might get to keep a cool 100million as her personal income, like isko..she can retire comfortably.

  3. Wow, it’s like reading straight from a Robert Ludlum thriller!

    The electoral fraud alleged to be shrouded in mystery, the tampering of the ballots as well as the process, the manipulations of vote counting machines, vote ballots being shaded and missing, the culprit exiling himself to evade the law, etc. anything that represents a perfect recipe for consumption of conspiracy theorists.

    But one thing is missing to make it credible and believable to unbiased spectators: a live witness that can pinpoint the actual commission of the crime and nailing the actual perpetrator/s.

    There’s no there, there.

    Proof? The SC, acting as PET (Presidential Electoral Tribunal), after five years of stringent and rigorous hearings, five years mind you, dismissed the election protest of Bongbong Marcos against VP Robredo. Kaput!

    And Andy Bautista? What about him? As far as the decision of the court is concerned, he is innocent. He was not even a central figure in the case. Nobody has actually and legally pinpointed him, except from the Marcos group, to have done the wrong thing he’s being accused of. All innuendos, all aspersions in the name of politics.

    The vice-presidential election protest was a done deal. It was legally settled fair and square. It was simply a case of a losing party refusing to accept that he lost. It’s normal because it always happened in politics.

    Bottom line, there is nothing one can do to make a dead issue come alive.

    1. So if its not fraud, then its a massive case of buyer’s remorse..with 90% of those who voted for leni, realizing that leni is a worthless piece of shit..you choose the scenario that suits your twisyed reality, dickwad.

  4. With isko giving out hints that he is just in it for the money (ping clearly is) , leni should do the same.
    Stop pretending its disgusting.
    Just take the money, and go away.

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