Are the Yellowtards and communists capable of assassinating Bongbong Marcos?

News of an assassination plot against administration presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos is making waves. The plot was reportedly uncovered on TikTok. On TikTok. Sounds ridiculous of course but then supporters of Marcos’s rivals in the Opposition aren’t exactly the brightest of the lot. It’s like this most recent video of Leni Robredo doing the “finger heart” gesture like an idiot that went viral on the Net recently. It seems to have been made as part of the same shoot of that equally-idiotic Hadouken video that came out November last year.

The point is that much as the Yellowtards and communists try to keep their internal operations and conversations under wraps, there will always be the the odd idiot or two among their lot who just has to put something out on social media. As an old pal aptly puts it, KSP is the root of all evil. Another video possibly coming from the same production that, by now, is widely-recognised to have been astoundingly ill-advised somehow making it into social media again could be just the tip of the iceberg. A trove of rotten plans and initiatives — including, perhaps, an assassination plot or two, or three — may lay hidden behind the closed doors of the Yellow and Red camps of the Opposition, just a social media KSP away from being exposed.

An assassination plot is something that is hard to put past the strategists of the Yellowtards and communists. Over the last six to eight months, after all, they have tried everything to sink the BBM juggernaut. From traditional garden-variety demonisation, international demolition jobs, disqualification petitions, and debate baiting, the Yellowtards and communists have tried it. Yet they have so far failed to gain any ground. Marcos remains set to bag this year’s elections and, guess what, only death could stop him now.

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Last week’s forming of an alliance between the commies and the Yellowtards is an interesting development. This is effectively the prayerful “good guys” getting in bed with people who are associated with the terrorist New People’s Army. Members of both groups would be hard-pressed to deny that they wish Marcos dead. It is difficult to imagine that, within their chi chi echo chambers, assassination hasn’t been brought up even at least once over the last 12 months.

A Second Marcos presidency is, indeed, unthinkable — if you are a Yellowtard or communist, that is. The loss of face would be inconceivable. Put yourself in the shoes of a bunch of people who’ve only known a world that sees them as the “good guys” and the Marcoses as the bad — no, evil — guys and you could at least begin to understand how so upside down and inside out the world has become for these bozos. So unnerving, perhaps, as to consider that final solution.

Just like how their pals thought the Hadouken and Finger Heart videos where good ideas at the time, assassinating Bongbong Marcos may be a temptingly good idea to them now. Same thinking applied to the same problem — preventing a Marcos return to Malacanang. Filipinos deserve an Opposition that think a bit further ahead than that — not just further ahead but differently. Surely, one might be tempted to think, assassinating Bongbong Marcos is too hideous a thought even for people like the Yellowtards and communists. Then again, look at Leni Robredo’s Hadouken and Finger Heart videos and the question “What were they thinking?” so naturally jumps out. How could they have even thought of coming up with such videos?

5 Replies to “Are the Yellowtards and communists capable of assassinating Bongbong Marcos?”

  1. Oh, it’s very unlikely. The Yellows have already tainted their reputations and the assassination of BBM would be the final nail on the coffin that even big corporates won’t cover their butts against the blazing rage of majority. I trust that even the hardcore Yellows will turn on them as no one agreed on assassinating political opponent, that’s just below the belt thing.

  2. Is it true his name is Bongbong because he shoots people with a gun and when he shoots it sounds like ‘BONG BONG!!!!’? That sounds pretty civilized. Keep it up, you’re the best!

  3. The Marcos and Aquinos dont run much of anything in the Philippines other than what they are told to do by Uncle Sam…..the fued may continue, after – all: What comes around goes around, Like Father like Son and Like Mother Like son in the Aquino household…….but the crooks in the Philippine Archipelogo remain the same since 1965…….a bunch of crooks that have raped the country and kept the population poor.

  4. The audacity of the yellowtard liberal scum to commit such a goddamn despicable act [attempted assassination plot] while playing the victim card narrative [such as the Ninoy Aquino assassination] is despicable, let alone the fact that their hypocrisy and double standards is unmistakably sickening.

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