By acting like an idiot in a TikTok video, Leni Robredo proves she sees the masses as a bunch of idiots

Opposition partisans associated with the “leading” Yellowtard bloc within it that directly support the presidential candidacy of “vice president” Leni Robredo are scrambling to justify the thinking behind a recent spate of low-brow campaign materials that have gone “viral” — for the wrong reasons. Partisan camps opposed to the Yellowtards are having a field day converting these ill-thought-out campaign graphics and videos into memes that, themselves, are going viral — for the right reasons. A particularly ill-thought-out piece of campaign collateral that somehow made it into the public space and caused a monumental cringe is a TikTok video of Robredo doing some sort of interpretative dance to communicate her so-called “platform”.

While these stunts attracted a tidal wave of ridicule from communities aligned with the administration camps, they also elicited serious inward reflection from within Opposition circles. Some Yellowtard partisans and “activists” expressed dismay over how these stunts may actually be setting back the “cause” and bringing across the wrong message to voters whose preferences they seek to convert to their camp.

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Opposition volunteers coming to the defense of these cringeworthy campaign materials argue that the bigger base of voters come from the lower-income C, D, and E crowd over which these sorts of low-brow entertainment are traditionally expected to resonate. This is a typical perspective taken by chi chi private school types and Big Corporate Media execs who see the lower classes as worthy of no more than trashy entertainment and over-simplified messaging that reveals the condescending or patronising way with which the social elite regard them. Esteemed dermatologist, presumed “beauty” expert, and “human rights” advocate Winlove Mojica asserts in a recent tweet

Napakaliit ng botante sa Class ABC kumpara sa D and E.

Kaya nga ang mga activities ng mga kakampink ay karaniwang nasa kalsada at hindi sa mga malls tulad ng Powerplant Rockwell kasi nasa kalsada ang target audience.

Nasa kalsada ang mga botong magpapanalo kay VP.

Translated: “The ABC class represent a small subset of Filipino voters compared to the D and E classes. This is why KakamPink campaign activities are performed in the streets and not in malls like Power Plant in Rockwell because the target audience are on the streets. The people who will account for the VP’s victory are on the streets.”

Logic like these can be interpreted in many ways but one thing’s certain. A presidential candidate acting like an idiot in a video because she seeks an audience with the poor may just as well be saying that the poor are idiots. The irony in all this is in how the Yellowtards had, for so long, crowned themselves “champions” of “democratic ideals”. In these instances, they are coming out first in perverting the spirit of democracy by using dishonest and intelligence-insulting measures in their desperate efforts to gain traction with a public that had long ago issued an indictment of just about everything they stand for.

In an age where Facebook is being taken to task for feeding trash to its hapless users, it comes across as a bit of a laugh that a community known for their shrill whining about all the “disinformation”, “trolls”, spam, and clickbait that pollute social media are, themselves, engaged in the production of this sort of rubbish. In her piece “I Made the World’s Blandest Facebook Profile, Just to See What Happens” published on The Atlantic, Kaitlyn Tiffany writes of the outcome of her experiment…

After just two weeks on the platform, consuming only content that Facebook’s recommendation systems selected for me, I found myself at the bottom of a rabbit hole not of extremism but of utter trash—bad advice, stolen memes, shady businesses, and sophomoric jokes repeated over and over. Facebook isn’t just dangerous, I learned. It doesn’t merely have the ability to shape offline reality for its billions of users. No, Facebook is also—and perhaps for most people—senseless and demoralizing.

Want to cleanse your timelines of trashy content that Leni Robredo’s campaign are polluting it with? Take some advise from communist activist Katrina Stuart-Santiago…

…after I removed myself from the Leni campaign groups, my newsfeed on FB has ceased to be pink. I took only about 10 days for that algorithm to change, and it’s an important thing to consider whenever you think, or imagine, that the numbers on our side are growing, or that there is “public clamor” for anything at all. Know that algorithms make us think that, for a reason.

If we want an intelligent vote prevailing in these elections, we need to remove not just the noise but the crap from the discourse. We can start with our respective social media timelines and we can follow-through by calling out people like Leni Robredo who actually produce and propagate crap. It’s really that simple.

33 Replies to “By acting like an idiot in a TikTok video, Leni Robredo proves she sees the masses as a bunch of idiots”

    1. Those elementary comments of simple body languages are just specks to delude attention to cover up the logs of issues on their patrons eyes. Are those sign languages more than the tax evasion, anomalies, lies, deceptions and troll farms of BBM? Their candidate publicly said that he is against negative campaigning but in reality, the underground trolls are working as fault finders and not responsible critics and truth seekers. BBM Loyalists making and expanding this kindergarten bruit are more than idiots in their own ways!

  1. Publicity is publicity, sure it’s makes her look like an idiot but if that what it takes to gain idiot voters, why not? Let the results speak for itself at the end of election.

  2. Is that supposed to be a hadouken?
    Fishmongers dont even know what that is.
    So its aimed at gamers, then ?most of whom are either not old enough to vote, or dont care enough to leave their consoles to even cast a vote.

  3. How about Duterte , Ping Lacson, and BBM what have they done in life? Do these politicians know what hard honest work is? Have work in the fields or actual paying labor job. That is the person. The real President wil get us out of UN WHO and World Bank or IMF. Get us out of BS Climate change swindle. Great Reset swindle, Covid19 scamdemic of the positive of what? No one really ask the real question of the future of humanity. Rockyfeller, Bill Gates of hell, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg Metaverse Twitter, Google, etc etc all the billionaires are bad evil swindlers. Your life and humanity is gone because of your politicians stupidity. Look it up before you accuse of someone. I was at the funeral of Jesse Robredo. Presidents and all politicians are not important…. where do they get their salaries? Most important is your family your neighbor, and friends. Get a real productive jobs because at the end PEOPLE are only important during ELECTIONS. After these BS elections…. back to Covid2.0 lockdowns and BS protocols. Remember no Freedom no Prosperity.

  4. A presidential candidate acting like an idiot in a video because she seeks an audience with the poor may just as well be saying that the poor are idiots.
    This time the Robredo camp overdid the gimmick. ?

    Unlike those gigantic murals about her, the video shown here failed to pass muster. It is just terrible. The idea of exposing yourself through various media is to reach out, attract and inform voters/public about you as a presidential aspirant.

    That’s the reason I took no offense in those gigantic murals of Leni her camp brought up. Murals being art spreads awareness in the public consciousness. As such, it is an effective way of attracting attention and achieve the desired results in terms of political goal, plans, issues and other election related matters.

    My interpretation of the video is not that Robredo, (in making herself appear an idiot, not just acting like one) was well in saying the poor are idiots. The poor knew in so many ways they are idiots compared to those they look up to come election time. They are idiots compared to those educated ones who are attempting to govern and rule their lives. They know it because idiots may have low intelligence but they are not bereft of it.

    And this is the thing with Robredo in the video. She’s practically saying she’s a moron they can count on. No pretense on art, no attempt on glamour, not even a taste of class that will make the poor imagine, admire and aspire that voting for her will improve their lot.

    If you happened to skip past the portion where it says, ‘Lalabanan natin sila’ and start on the part where she’s caressing her hair with the accompanying ‘Handa ka na ba’ caption, you feel like she’s inviting you out to some sexual activity. I have to admit I got a hard-on to that. ?

    This TicTok thing is not for everyone. It’s actually the thing with the idiots and morons nowadays. Robredo, in trying to be hip, ended disastrously outside of her own sanity. Forget about the ‘Kalma lang pero matapang’ call to arms. After the video, just be content on the real and exact slogan for her.

    Kalma pero Tanga! ?

  5. Now.
    Karylle padilla doing anything- instant boner.

    50 year old,almost ugly pink widow flipping balding hair- instant boner kill.

    This is ridiculous, and pathetic.

  6. The thing is, the poor actually think they are cleverer than the rich, just less lucky.

    You and fools like you will never get the point.

    1. In fact, poor christians actually think they are the smartest of all, being that a rich man will never get to the kingdom of heaven, camels and eyes of the needle being what they are.

      Fools, running a foolish campaign.

  7. The robredow campaign, and that fool of a campaign manager, bambi..who doodles girly dresses in his free a bunch of delusional fools who will be destroyed and will cry in shame come may 2022..

  8. “In fact, poor christians actually think they are the smartest of all…”
    And that, unfortunately, is not the smartest thing to say. One, that is not true. Second, it’s a lie. Lastly, it’s utter BS.

    “The thing is, the poor actually think they are cleverer than the rich, just less lucky.”
    There goes another sham. It’s like saying, Megget is more clever than Juan (who actually is handsome in person), he is just less pangit. More pangit or less pangit is the same, pangit pa rin! ?

    Seriously, the poor will never think they are ‘less lucky’. Being poor does not fall in any category of being lucky. More, less, or a bit lucky is the same, one is still poor. Are they really more clever than the rich? Well, their situation in life belies that claim.

    So, again, the poor are idiots to a certain extent, but they are not morons like how Robredo depicted herself on that video.

    Let’s learn from that, please. ?

  9. Actually thinking of being and being actually cleverer than are two different things.
    Hence, completely missed the point.
    Hence, doomed.

  10. Even riding on her signature hair wave hoping it catches fire in viral land, Leni is the embodiment of an empty politician with no real content to offer attempting to make a pa-uso effect just to get attention and talk-of-the-town status even for just a single day. Desperation can really take some to entirely new levels. Was even the recent “P100K sham grocery orders scam” their own doing?

    What’s next Director? Leni sporting a pink bikini while doing the otso-otso dance? Please have mercy!

    1. The recent “P100K sham grocery orders scam” seems doubtful. You would think the unnamed delivery company would double check with the OVP, since they’re dealing with a suspicious order.

  11. A robredow and bullet banal f*ck tape should get them viral right now, and going by their twisted logic, should get their “message” across all demographics..enough to win it all in may.

  12. The pink campaign seems to be run by amateurs, student assembly types with cute slogans, idealistic peasant posters, murals on the freedom wall..trying to relive their college days.
    A confused collection of communists and opportunists and downright wonder their messaging is confusing.

  13. These godless, self-loving self-pleasurers only want to manipulate the poor to usher themselves back into power..
    all the victims of the tyranny of edsa have now banded together to obliterate the memory of the fake revolution. Marcos estrada macapagal arroyo, 5 presidents in all.

  14. To the pink widow and her ilk : there is no shame in quitting, or better yet, joining the other side…the tides are shifting it cannot be stopped by any man.
    better a turncoat than to be on the wrong side of history.

  15. Quitting is the honorable shame in that , pinklawans..hide in the mountains, wait it out for 30 years – until a credible savior comes along..thats not lenny, who is dumber than rocks.

  16. Vast majority of Filipino voters are complete idiots and should be treated as such.

    Same retards will vote for a corrupt son of a dictator (Marcos) who ordered rapes and murders of thousands but that’s just Filipino normality for you.

    You guys deserve what’s coming. Condolences to any Filipinos who see through this idiocy.

    1. Your opposition also deserves what is coming for treating the majority of Filipinos as idiots. Make sure to relish the loud, sucking sound as the pink-coloured turd flushes into the inidoro of history.

    2. Says the actual retard who chose to stick with the sick and tired “Martial law crybabyism” rhetoric. The same retards who love to put Enrile (who was the ‘architect of Martial law”) and Ramos (who was the head of the Philippine Constabulary) on a pedestal and hailed them as “heroes”.

      Filipino normality for you is that you love sticking with the stupid belief that “everything is better after Marcos left”. It’s hilarious that you put up this shitty “Marcos ordered rapes and murders of thousands” rhetoric but still enjoying stuff like the Mendiola Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, and even the SAF 44 Massacre as if you don’t really care.

      In fact, you exposed your own idiocy due to your Yellowtardism. You already saw what really after 1986 but you don’t really see anything since you keep on wearing your Yellow-tinted glasses and you let your emotions get the better of you.

      Condolences to Filipinos who would suffer another 30 years of Dilawan rule.

    3. @Peelepeens It’s ok if they vote for dictators because they move abroad anyways so who cares? Ever heard about the crab mentality in this culture? That’s not a myth. The Secret of Happiness in the Philippines is to see the pinoy neighbor getting punished by their Strongman. All reasons are good for this. Filipinos have very little empathy for their countrymen. You know what they do when they see another pinoy getting dying in a car accident or gunned down by thugs? Nothing at all. There’s no concept of helping someone they don’t know. They just pick their their cellphones, film the scene and post it on social networks. I filmed someone dying. I am so cool!! Now look at these intellectuals making fun of a candidate who posted a video on Tiktok.
      What is the problem exactly? A video on Tiktok or the Bill 5224? Is it a nation of Idiots or nation of Retards?

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