Various Opposition factions led by the Yellowtards and communists are trying to out-WOKE each other

It seems that amongst the warring factions of the Opposition, the contest seems to be about who is the wokest of the lot. The bickering between the Yellowtards and the communists, for example, was about who is really genuinely against the anti-terror law. They quibble over the oxymoronic notion of a “humane” counter-insurgency program. And despite supposedly sharing a common hatred for “fascism”, they are not above accusing the other of being an “enabler” at even the slightest hint of an inclination towards heavier handed approaches to dealing with the country’s most pressing social issues.

Virtue signalling seems to be the main competitive currency amongst parties within the Opposition. It is always about who is the most “helpful” to “the poor”. It’s like they scramble over one another to mount all sorts of “feeding” and dole-out initiatives that alleviate the many miseries of the wretched. Many observe that they do this with the intent to outdo the other in some sort of wokeness contest before the cameras. This race to the bottom seems to account for the increasingly ridiculous stunts to prove who is the downest to the earthest. Who cooks the most nutritionally-bankrupt dish and who delivers the most baduy dance moves. The assumption that seems to underlie these stunts is that the masses demand mediocre products to be assured of authenticity.

The approach to reach out to and engage with the masa being employed by the Yellowtards — specifically Robredo’s “KakamPink” campaign today — seems to follow the Eat Bulaga template of overt working-class entertainment meant to give a “home” to the C and D classes. This may have worked in the early days following the “restoration” of “democracy” (or so we are told) in 1986 following that “revolution”. Back then, the idea of erstwhile high-up-there politicians and officials hamming it up with the hoi polloi was still a novelty which made stunts involving contrived down-to-earthedness effective mind tricks in political campaigns.

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Evidently Robredo’s strategists have failed to gauge just how much the Philippine electorate had matured since and how ineffective these tricks have now become. The communists, for their part, have remained consistent with their extremist worker-is-king dogma and, as such, likely take offense at the Yellowtard maka-masa act that comes across to them as a disgusting perversion of their ideology.

Bottom line is that the Opposition seem to have lost sight of their formidable “enemy” and are, instead, expending precious energy and time bickering among themselves. Imagine what it would be like if these bozos were in power. The orgy of mutual sniping and out-woking then continues. And Filipinos will, yet again, be left sitting outside of those chi chi echo chambers within which the the best humblebraggers and the loudest ambag-givers crown themselves toasts of the town.

17 Replies to “Various Opposition factions led by the Yellowtards and communists are trying to out-WOKE each other”

  1. Try to view it in another perspective:

    Maybe the reason that they are bickering internally is because they know they are guaranteed presidency courtesy of “fortification”. It worked well for vice-presidency remember? No amount of complaining or appeal will reverse that if ever otherwise the result of 2016 vice-presidency election fraud case should have been settled long time ago.

  2. They bicker because thats all they do..on specific dates, from mayo uno to mendiola massacre day to independence day to linggo ng wika to the birthday of judas iscariot, you can be sure they will be on the streets like clockwork, bickering.
    Requisite noise barrage, alay lakad, burning of effigies..are these guys automatons?

  3. “Philippine electorate had matured…”
    I don’t know about that. When we say, ‘matured electorate’ does that mean advance stage of knowledge regarding voting? If so, I don’t think that’s an accurate description of the term. Filipinos keep on electing criminals and dishonest people in office. That is not maturity, that’s degeneracy.

    And if people still gripes about the 2016 vice presidential elections where one candidate lost, fair and square, to another candidate, that’s not maturity, that’s imbecility.

    And when people continue to resort to name calling, curse and obscenity, that is not maturity, that’s indecency. ?

  4. A part of me sees this play out but at the same time have to scratch my head that Robredo is again, only now, coming out to be vocally hoping to establish unity with other “factions” after all the posturing to be “better”. Hopefully their team finally stops with it and just continues with a more “positive” campaign rather than resort to putting down other candidates or parties.

    At any rate, I still do not see the genuineness and only see how “staged” her press tour is (based on clips I saw yesterday in the news. Granted, all other candidates also “stage” their press tours but her just appears the least authentic. Is it her delivery? Her body language? both?

    Her team also needs to stop with the motherhood general statements of “what they will do?” instead shift gears to actually how they can even do it in the first place. What’s the game plan? Rather than just parroting in a ‘we will win this sort of deal’.

    There is effort, I’m not denying that. Just that I think it is being put in the wrong place. Maybe she can learn from Tito Sotto since she is no Lacson? She can’t gain anything from Kiko because he isn’t going to win the majority of the votes, no matter what position he runs in. Tito Sen is the closest I can think of that Leni can try to emulate in how she carries herself, not too jokingly but approachable.

  5. Unifying goes against the mantra and platform of the Leni Robredo camp. Their politics is built on animosity and black propaganda against other politicians. It’s too late for a turnaround for them.

  6. Name calling :
    Marcos – dictator
    Duterte – fascist dictator
    Bbm – son of dictator
    Arroyo- plunderer
    Erap – plunderer
    Binay – black plunderer

    Pnoy – full retard

    Sounds about fair

  7. Pro-poor stunts won’t work to ensure victory in elections these days since the poor constitute less than 20% of the population. The vast majority of Filipinos are not poor; so why do these opposition groups keep courting the wrong crowd to jack up the numbers they need on Election Day?

    And even dole outs are a hard sell to the poor who would rather go for candidates with a clear plan and vision for job creation and economic progress.

    Lastly many of the poor don’t think they are poor because they enjoy much of the same perks as the rich: access to FB, YouTube, TikTok, eating at malls and fast food chains, and occasional vacations to the beach.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Elections are for the poor. It’s the only time they are given the second look, the importance and value as citizens who are about to ‘render a decision’ the country desperately needs. Talking, listening and catering to the downtrodden is what elections is all about. You remove them from equation, election is nothing but just naked selection.

      Without the poor, to whom the politicians will explain their plans and programs and platforms to make the country better? Without them, what’s the point in campaigning? We all know elections is ‘bolahan’ (lying), lots of cheap talks and empty promises made meant to put the people in a trance. And who is the better docile and submissive audience to have in that kind of racket?

      ‘Yup, it’s true, elections equals poor. If you are a politician and you disregard what was mentioned above, say goodbye to your political career. ?‍♂️

      1. There’s this saying (paraphrased): “If the election is indeed for the poor/masses, the rich/elites won’t allow one in the first place.”

  8. On one side, you have people trying to out-woke each other.
    On the other, you have people trying to out-stupid each other.

    No hope for the Philippines in the next six years, it seems.

    1. More likely, no hope for the opposition in the next 6 years.
      The future however,remains bright for the philippines, with the obstructionists and terrorists out of the way.

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