Disqualifying Bongbong Marcos will make him the president Filipinos were DEPRIVED of by the Yellowtards

Do the Opposition really think that removing Bongbong Marcos from the presidential race will actually solve their problems? Perhaps they need to ask themselves a simple question: Is Bongbong Marcos the cause of their dismal performance at the polls? The answer to that question seems to be one that the Opposition — specifically the leading Yellowtard bloc within it — don’t want to confront.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that the Yellowtards succeed in their petition to disqualify Marcos or have his Certificate of Candidacy revoked and Leni Robredo gets elected president. And then what? It is likely that over much of her six-year term, Robredo and her party will be derided as the people who deprived Filipino voters of the man who should have been president. How then could she possibly govern with that hanging over her head specially so that she is already widely-regarded as someone who earlier had cheated the same man out of the vice presidency?

It is clear from poll after poll that Bongbong Marcos enjoys the mandate of his people. A big proportion of the electorate plan to vote for him and they do so knowing who his father is and what his father is said to have done. How could they not know? The Yellowtards have been drumming the narrative of Marcos the Dictator into Filipinos’ heads over more than 30 years!

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If the Yellowtards aspire to validate their place in Philippine history, then they must be willing to face Marcos in the battlefield to earn that place. The trouble with the lot of them is that earning that place is all but an alien notion because they see themselves as entitled to victory on the basis of their self-appointed goodness in a battle they framed as one fought between “good” and “evil”. Why earn something that was mine to begin with? That there is the sort of thinking the Yellowtards apply to their campaign.

Will a Second Marcos Presidency be the “death” of Philippine democracy as the Yellowtards warn us it will be? The Yellowtards say it is so because any system that does not yield a result favourable to them must be broken. Filipinos deserve better than this sort of Crybaby Opposition. The only thing that will die if and when Bongbong Marcos becomes President of the Philippines is Yellowtardism and that will be a true cause for celebration for a people who deserve better than to be regarded as mere victims for another six years.

11 Replies to “Disqualifying Bongbong Marcos will make him the president Filipinos were DEPRIVED of by the Yellowtards”

  1. The opposition is in big trouble if BBM gets disqualified bcoz of them. There’ll probably be a protest against it. Plus the pinklawans will forever be remembered as the scum who never really cares and the ones who took the future of the country.

    1. There are now only a handful of these yellowtards left.
      they know its over.
      bam knows.
      drilon knows.kris knows.sharon knows.pnoy looking down from retard heaven knows..they know bbm coming in on a black horse like zorro..he going to take the hacienda back.

  2. If BBM is disqualified he’s out of the race. Nobody is deprived because he was not even officially in the race. That’s the only thing that will happen. However, if he ran and won but eventually disqualified, then, that’s the time we can claim that Filipinos were deprived of a president they deserved. Until that happen all we can do is debate whether or not the complaint filed to disqualify BBM merits consideration. ??‍⚖️

  3. Pipe dream.
    No one is getting disqualified, no sane democracy (or self respectin oligarchy) has ever allowed itself to be dictated upon by a bunch of godless communists and relentless power hungry onanists..

    1. “No one is getting disqualified…”
      I didn’t know the BBM disqualification case has already been resolved in his favor. ??

  4. Matagal na dapat disqualified si bongbong, buong pamilya nila dapat disqualified, lalo na si imelda, ang mga ginawa nilang kababuyan sa bansa dapat pag bayaran nila sa kulungan.

    1. Spoken like a true Yellowtard.

      It’s people like you ang nangbaboy sa bansa at hindi ang pamilya Marcos. Dahil halatang lagi mong binababa ang iyong dignidad para magmalimos lang.

      That’s the sad reality. Because THAT is exactly what happened after 1986.

  5. All aquinos should likewise be disqualified.
    Especially pnoy, except that hes dead and is now in retard heaven.
    the pigs.

  6. “Disqualifying Bongbong Marcos will make him the president…..”
    ‘Him the president”? ?

    I think we have to have elections first and then BBM winning in that elections to say that sentence. ?

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