Bongbong Marcos banned from travel to the United States and Switzerland: What this means for Filipinos

Members of the Opposition Yellowtard bloc are making it look like presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos’s being banned from setting foot on the soil of the Philippines’ former colonial master is a bad thing. It could be because of their recent falling out with the communists and, now as a result, are opposed to the single biggest pillar of the latter’s “activism” — the fantastical idea that every Filipino president is a tuta (lapdog) of the United States.

To remain consistent to their moronic ideology then, the communists should be throwing their support behind the first evah Philippine president who will be leading a government that will, out of necessity, have to operate outside of America’s sphere of influence. A Marcos presidency should therefore be regarded as a gift to Philippine communism. Shortly after President Rodrigo Duterte came to power in 2016, Joma Sison, founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), reportedly said in “online interviews” that “[if] deemed necessary by the revolutionary movement, I will return to the Philippines to fight the Duterte puppet regime of US imperialism”. Indeed, communist “activism” has remained consistent to this ululation since time immemorial.

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The Philippines has long been the United States’ Mini Me. It is a quaint legacy of American aspirations to create a beacon of democracy in the region to assure a world fearful of the communist onslaught that at least one southeast Asian domino will remain standing as the others (as the thinking at the time went) fell.

Filipinos of a certain generation — particularly that of Sison’s himself — continue to cling to the obsolete notion that their duty as a people lies in upholding that mission to be instrumental to the containment of any threat to America’s hegemony in the region. This is a notion Sison and his communist henchmen have been battling for decades; to the extent of perpetrating terrorist activities in the countryside through its terror arm, the New People’s Army (NPA). Still, beyond the perverse ideology Sison and his ilk espouse, many traditional Filipino politicians have long demonstrated a cockiness that far exceeds their country’s ability to stand on its own two feet both economically and militarily. Recall in the early 1990s how twelve senators duly elected by the popular vote (and as such presumably representing the Filipino people’s “will”) voted to boot the American Military out of Philippine shores

Thanks to the 12 bozos who voted against US military bases in the Philippines in 1991 — Senate President Jovito Salonga, Sens. Wigberto Tanada, Teofisto Guingona, Rene Saguisag, Victor Ziga, Sotero Laurel, Ernesto Maceda, Agapito Aquino, Juan Ponce Enrile, Joseph Estrada, Orlando Mercado, and Aquilino Pimentel — Filipinos have, right in their faces today, a sad lesson twenty years in the making in what it is like to languish outside the American sphere of what is globally relevant.

Well herein now, by all accounts, is presented a candidate in Marcos Jr. who, whether he himself likes it or not, promises to slam the door on any further “imperialism” the United States presumes to effect on its former “brown brothers” in the Far East. What then of the old Cold War rheroric of the CPP-NPA? The other day, Inquirer columnist Ma. Ceres P. Doyo issued a veiled threat writing that “[a] Marcos win will fuel the armed insurgency. 1980s redux, a déjà vu.” That will be an interesting circus to behold indeed specially the part where these commies engineer further convolution into their propaganda in their continued lame attempts to navigate the landscape of inconsistencies they’ve laid before their “cause”.

9 Replies to “Bongbong Marcos banned from travel to the United States and Switzerland: What this means for Filipinos”

  1. I think Russia and China will be our ally of BBM. Putin and Xi Jinping must deal with Western powers and Western lapdogs such as South Korea, Democratic Europe, Germany, Japan, Singapre, etc…

    1. You guys attack the NPA all the time but have no problem being allies with the worst communist countries, LOL. Damn hypocrites.

        1. it’s 2022 and people are still excusing the massive violations of human rights in russia and china just because they aren’t western powers

  2. Your article should be called “JOMA” the real issue with idiots like me DDS supporter lol.

    Of all the whining you made about Joma Sison has nothing to do with your title. What kind of a columnist are you, a paid troll?

    But you did not even mention why BBM is banned from flying to US and Switzerland lol, nothing at all except your own anti-Western narratives to say we are well favored by China while fighting CPP-NPAs here at home lol!

  3. What I miss in this article is the notion of even one single fact to support the allegations and claims.

    As such commenting this article is close to impossible as the author refuses to get into the details to support his opinions.

    If I go to the doctor and tell the doctor:”in my opinion looking up at the moon the moon is blue”
    There’s not much for a doctor to do, except for giving me the advise to go back to school and learn the different colors.

    If I however go to the doctors with facts – I know the moon isn’t blue, the light being emitted is of the whole spectrum obviously but of different intensity of course as light being reflected isn’t 100% throughout the spectrum so it can’t be only 400-500nm that’s being reflected to earth and I know also for a fact since we still have our atmosphere the breaking index of 400-500nm is higher than let’s say 600-700nm and thus even if it were it must be dispersed much more than the other bands within the visible light spectrum and thus it couldn’t be blue – but my eyes don’t catch the other bandwidths between 600-800 nm for some reason but the 400-500nm seem them emphasized because of the lack of the other colors…

    Now the doctor has a great deal of facts – pointing out you know what you’re talking about and can consider options what’s wrong with the eyes, since it’s obviously not your education.

    The doctor will now send you not back to school – but to specific test laboratories to examine your M and L cone cells – because in your wisdom analyzing what even my 6yo can do already obviously you lack the wavelength observations by these cell types and thus it’s plausible something might be off with it.

    This I noticed is generally why people support folks like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Marcos, Putin, Xi, Mao, Saddam, Qaddafi, Assad, etc…

    The lack of education resulting in people voting for the authoritarian dictatorial rule. Instead of properly observing the problem, having a solid foundation of knowledge to analyze the problem, having a solid foundation of mathematical and analytical skills to evaluate cause and effect and then the whole process of coming up with reasonable hypothesis and then test their hypothesis on the variety of tools we have available ranging from statistical verification to test the hypothesis all the way to physical, mathematical, economical or other means to verify the hypothesis and come to a correct logical conclusion – resulting in the best vote you can make.

    Sadly because the lack of these capabilities among the supports of folks like Hitler, Marcos, Putin, etc. and even more sadly because the vast majority of people lack these skills – that’s how over time again these authoritarian rulers cease power and find a whole bunch of trolls online promoting their incompetence selling it as something good.


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