Why Bongbong Marcos should stop campaigning RIGHT NOW

Why should Bongbong Marcos continue his campaign? He has been leading in all the popularity polls for years without lifting a finger, without having to be visible, without having to engage in publicity stunts, without having to do pa-kuwela things on TikTok. Marcos supposedly lost the vice presidency in 2016 in what we are led to believe was a neck-and-neck race against Leni Robredo. Yet, following that, Marcos’s popularity numbers persisted. Robredo’s, on the other hand, vanished mysteriously — as if her popularity never existed. It leads us to wonder now: Did Robredo actually garner the votes to pose a challenge to Marcos back in 2016 to begin with, much less beat him? The answer to that question will be shrouded in mystery forever just as the murder of Ninoy Aquino Jr. in 1983 remains the same despite his widow and then his son becoming presidents in 1986 and 2010 respectively.

Now, despite Robredo and other Opposition candidates enjoying two- to three-month head starts in their respective campaigns, Marcos continues to top the polls, specifically in two Publicus Asia surveys and one conducted by Social Weather Stations (SWS). Marcos topped them all despite Robredo and her “KakamPink” following mounting one of the shrillest campaigns in Philippine history. In his piece “There will be no cheating in May 2022” published on The Freeman, veteran columnist Jerry Suico Tundag warns…

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When you are ahead and ahead this big, your greatest enemy will be your own self. Bongbong has to do something particularly crazy, stupid, and hare-brained to spoil and compromise his enviable position. The disqualification cases against his candidacy that are mushrooming left and right of him are the surest signs of a desperation by his enemies that can only stem from the realization of imminent losing.

Indeed, it is likely that the people who originally voted for him in the vice presidential race of 2016 form the bedrock of Marcos’s voter base. It is likely that this bloc of original voters are so convinced that Marcos had been cheated out of the presidency back then that they are the most unlikely to be converted to other candidates. For this bloc of voters, there is still a score that needs to be settled. With a rock-solid base like that and what the survey numbers seem to be telling us is further growth on top of that means a Marcos presidency is all but inevitable. Even if the Yellowtards somehow manage to pull an extra-electoral derailment of Marcos’s run towards the presidency (i.e. if at least one of the disqualification petitions they are lobbing from all angles manages to hit its target), the vindication of the Marcos’s is all but sealed.

Tundag writes, “[disqualify] Bongbong and the next president will be very weak, not because he or she inherently is, but because we shall have weakened the only real foundation we ever had.”

…May 2022 will pass judgment on the Marcos legacy through Bongbong. Let us allow that to freely happen. The other reason is that it is too scary to contemplate disqualifying a candidate enjoying such a lead as Bongbong has now.

Winning a basketball match because you had your opponent’s best player kneecapped isn’t very satisfying — an empty victory at best. Of course, sportsmanship and seeing a game resolved by the better team is just not how the ethical compass of the Opposition is calibrated. The Yellowtards, after all, want power at all costs, even to the extent of weakening or altogether destroying Philippine democracy. They’ve done it before. These elections makes it imperative for them to win at all costs. We will find out soon to what extent they will assure themselves that outcome.

25 Replies to “Why Bongbong Marcos should stop campaigning RIGHT NOW”

  1. You cannot predict the future…Lugaw Robredo won the Vice Presidency , because of the manipulation of the COMELEC, thru Andres Bauista…
    Now, the Aquinos are gone; Bautista s hiding in the U.S. There are no COMELEC manipulators in sight. Mar Roxas is no longer in politics…

  2. I should say, the heading appears to be a mixture of pure hubris sprinkled with just the right amount of sarcasm. Now, the only thing that remains is if whether it is grounded on reality which will make it more credible than how it was presented in a Disney-like fashion.

    Now, to the main issue. First things first, the vice presidential race was ancient history. It’s like talking about the classic battles between the Celtics and the Lakers in the ‘80s. Let’s get it out of the way, please. ?

    I know It’s a battlecry for the pro-BBM supporter who don’t want people to forget the walloping BBM got from Robredo in 2016 and it is time to take revenge. I get that. But again, this is not a race for the vice presidency; not a fight to be a spare tire. This is the jackpot prize, the moola of all moolas, the presidency. Why waste time on something that has already been deliberated upon and acted on with finality? Whether you like the decision or not is beside the point. The game for runner-ups was over. You are about to play in the championship and you still whine about a lost game six years ago? ¡Qué barbaridad! ?

    Accusing the other party of cheating (on a case that has found legal closure) and at the same time lie why it was so is tantamount to hypocrisy. There’s no shame in losing. Everybody, once in a while, gets to experience it. We should move along by now.

    On the second, it’s true, those who voted for BBM in 2016 gets to have another go at him next year. And they will do so, I believe, not because they felt he was cheated the last time but because they know he’s just the right guy for the presidency. If the intention is for revenge, mababaw. The focus should be finding the best leader that will lead us in the future.

    To celebrate prematurely on the ground that revenge is forthcoming is not a wise thing to do. There’s still that disqualification question hanging on BBM’s head. Also, there could still be some surprises coming in the days ahead. Lastly, nothing in the horizon indicates that the race is already in the bag for BBM. Not so fast, as they say. ?

    About the vindication of the Marcoses? Clearly, the Marcos loyalists are trying to frame the coming elections in that context. Sorry to say but that is impossible. Macoy is gone. Dead. Was not even tried when he was alive. So, how can you vindicate something that has not undergone conviction? How can you vindicate not only a non-existing entity but one who has not been subjected of a personal inquiry? Again, it’s a campaign slogan that will surely resonate among the diehards. Fine.

    If BBM is disqualified, that’s it for the Marcoses. The diehards and the loyalists will surely feel orphans once again, even if say, Sara moves up in place of the disqualified BBM. If not, everybody happy and the show must go on. But (there’s that but again), he must not lose out of focus and continue to outwork his main rival, Robredo, to seal the deal. The war dance is fine but it’s no guarantee of victory.

    In other words, don’t count the eggs before they are hatched. Baka bugok ang laman in the end. ?

  3. The cat, definitely in the bag..all the pink onanists can do at this point is pleasure themselves til theyre blue in the face.

  4. Lugaw Robredo won by the COMELEC manipulation of Andres Bautista….Bautista is hiding in the U.S. The Aquinos are all “tepok”. No more COMELEC manipulators…we must not forget this very dark issue in our Philippine politics.

    Unless, you are a diehard YellowTard…you will tell people to forget it…Lugaw Robredo, will never win in any national election…it is because she is a Law Bar Exam Flunker, 3 times; and a stupid woman…I don’t want my leader to be an exam flunker ! Lugaw Robredo is just a political puppet of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis !

    1. Litigating the 2016 race is not the right approach to run one’s election campaign. You don’t want to be the crybaby in the race. In the case of BBM, people around him, advisers as well as followers, should start to looking forward because the battle is in the future not the past. Debate what lies ahead not what’s lying prostrate behind.

      If you cannot forget an inconsequential lost, you’ll never appreciate a worthy victory. If you live hurting because of insignificant defeat, you’ll never understand what real winning is.

      Or maybe the campaign has really nothing worthy to offer that is why the wounds and the pain for the lost suffered six years ago keeps coming back? ?

      Kapag ganyan, wala talagang ibubuga. ?

  5. It was a fake victory, and the pink widow is nothing more than a twittering puppet..come may 2022, she will not even get more votes than manny pac, who has solidly been giving away money for the last 20 years.
    people remember.

    1. It may be fake but who served the term? She may be a ‘twittering puppet’ but she’s the vice, and that’s the problem. Yes, I agree, you should do good in 2022 so that you can defeat her. But you cannot do that if you will not stop whining and grumbling. ?

      1. It was for the better that she ‘served the term’ for people to see how OA and divisive she is. Her only reason for running is because BBM filed his candidacy. So, her Smartmatic win should still be an issue this time around for people not to forget how BBM was cheated of the vice presidency. We will see who really has the solid votes, the ‘fake’ or the ‘cheated’.

        1. Her winning against BBM is water under the bridge. No use swimming over it. Whatever one says about it, it’s done. BBM never became a vice (which is really very important to his followers!). Cheated or not it’s time to look forward. The cheating yesterday is nonsense today.

          Ang mahirap na nito, baka matalo na naman si BBM. Another hinagpis and cry-cry na naman? ?

  6. Manny may not register much in luzon, but will get votes in visayas and mindanao.
    The pacquiao story is too emotional and heart warming to be ignored.
    Manny knows this, and being the crafty pugilist, will patiently wait for and take advantage of any opening or opportunity.
    He knows how the masa mind works.

      1. EVEN pacquiao will beat the pink widow senseless, and will finish a far SECOND come may 2022..this robredo is not even relevant, i dont know why you all fron ncr are hyping this dead horse up to be a contender, when all shel get is dick come may 2022.

        1. Yea you heard it right, after elections she will receive, not the gift from smartmatic that she has gotten accustomed to, but a shiny shimmering boylet dick in a box.

  7. Here in the visayas and mindanao, no one really knows or cares to know who robredo is..thats partly because she has been camping out at the edsa shrine for the past 6 years, like a deranged crack whore..buts mostly because everyone knows that shes only a twittering puppet and a bogus public official with a fake mandate.

  8. The tide of history has turned.one cannot control it.
    a great leader merely recognizes the change and rides the flow. Better a turncoat than be on the wrong side of history.
    Only delusional fools,like the puppet widow , will deny it.
    EDSA IS NO MORE than a footnote in the history books, of the sad tale of an overly ambitious fool-boy from tarlac.

  9. Painter, Please read and understand my comment and swim. We’ll see who will cry after May next year. The ‘fake’ or the ‘cheated’. Hehehe.

  10. No need to see who will cry, my friend, because right now people who were hurt in the 2016 election lost are still crying and they cannot move on. That is why if they are still stuck in the past and crying continues it gets worst if they lose again next year.

    I say, if you fell down, get up, brush yourself and continue the fight. Don’t just cry and do nothing. ?

  11. Well, no one is crying right now, my dear painter. Maybe the dilawans who were abandoned by the pinkians. By the way, I remember, ‘temporary insanity’ saved Juan Luna from his insecurities. Hehehe

  12. Well, no one is crying right now, my dear painter. Maybe the dilawans who were abandoned by the pinkians. By the way, I remember, ‘temporary insanity’ saved Juan Luna from his insecurities.

  13. As long as the ghost of the 2016 election lost keeps popping up, crying will never stop.

    That’s the problem with me, I don’t care whether I’m talking to a dilawan or pulahan. I’m color blind. But I want to be friends with everybody. ?

  14. The 2016 election will haunt the pinklawans forever – it was the one they cheated on but even then,still lost the presidency.
    mar certainly got fewer votes than grace poe and no one in the visayas and mindanao ever remembered voting for robredow.

  15. I recommend the opposite. BBM and Sara should campaign as hard as they could and should set high standards for their campaign team. It easy to be complacent given their huge lead in the polls but I think they should not just go for the win but to destroy them electorally.

  16. They will be destroyed..but unfortunately, the hapless and desperate pinklawans are irrelevant..if i were bbm-sara, the one to be wary of is the tireless manny pac, who is going around giving CASH.
    He may not be much smarter than a trained chimpanzee, but he is well known for superior stamina and fighting spirit.

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