Sara Duterte’s VP candidacy: Yellowtards will be crying bloody “mockery of democracy” over the next six months!

What else would one expect from a crybaby Opposition of no substance other than to see them criticising the rules of the game they had signed up to when they realise they are losing? Whatever news that would have come out as the week ends with the Commission on Elections’ (COMELEC) “substitution” deadline today (they don’t work Sundays), you could bet your pwet that the Yellowtards will be out on a shrill tililing rampage to end all tililing rampages whatever the outcome.

With Sara Duterte now running as Vice President for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s Lakas-CMD, the Yellowtards will be going into a fit. This is, of course, just the latest episode of a long tradition of games of musical chairs that have long been perfectly legal — not the shocking “assault on Philippine democracy” that Yellowtard “thought leaders” make it out to be. If the Opposition had only really understood that the objective of elections is to win popularity, not God’s “graces”, they probably would not have been stuck today with Leni Robredo — the dud at the apex of media adulation campaigns — and the ill-conceived Pinkoloid brand she is in the midst of that had so far done nothing but rack up cringe points for the Opposition.

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With Bongbong Marcos’s presidential campaign effectively being complemented by Ms Duterte as vice president, the election is a done deal. In the vernacular, tapos na boksing. The Yellowtards and communists have played all their aces — 30 years of Martial Law Crybabyism, years of ill-gotten-wealth-envy, millions of inches of victim porn blurbs on countless newspaper columns, using a Nobel “Peace Prize” to buy credibility — Filipinos have seen and heard it all, and still they continue to reject Yellowtardism and its handmaid communism. What other anti-Marcos and anti-Duterte drivel can the Yellowtards and communists cough up in the next six months?

Well they can either ratchet up the inventiveness of their negative campaign chops further or, wait for it, focus on uplifiting the quality of their campaign. They will have to match the eloquence of Marcos, the sheer strength of Ms Duterte’s presence, and the tandem’s formidable collective gravitas. More radically, they could ditch or throw under the bus the bottom-feeders among their lot — Robredo and, possibly, Ping Lacson and channel all remaining resources to the most winnable — very likely Isko Moreno. Anything but a Marcos or Duterte in 2022, right? Well now’s the time to really find out how badly the Opposition want that outcome.

And as to the communists, where are they in all this? Having tried a lukewarm participation in legal politics and having been burnt badly by attempts to get in bed with the Yellowtards, the commies have their tried, tested, and failed fallback — terrorism in the hinterlands packaged as a “people’s revolution” that aims to install a “dictatorship of the proletariat”. At least the commies are consistent in their anti-Marcos and anti-Duterte moronism. Can’t say the same for the Yellowtards though.

14 Replies to “Sara Duterte’s VP candidacy: Yellowtards will be crying bloody “mockery of democracy” over the next six months!”

  1. Oh, no worries. They can cry all they want and I’m quite expecting pinklawans acting like Evangelical Hardcore Trump fans and start blaming the whole Philippine population, just because their Queen Leni didn’t won.

    1. I think the Duterte-BBM coalition (not necessarily the families but the coalition of voters they assembled) would dominate Philippine politics for the next 12 to 24 years.

      The Yellows/Pinks are seen by the Filipino people as indecisive, whining, whimps with an incoherent message except opposing Marcos and Duterte.

      They haven’t learned their lessons in 2016 and 2019 by fielding Leni and Kiko as their candidates.

  2. First off, congrats to 17Sphynx17 for getting it right. He speculated, spot on, that Sara will run with BBM as his vp. I think the guy has a crystal ball. Now, my next question to him is, who’s going to win the presidency & vp? ?

    Surely the Marcos-Duterte tandem presents an intense effort to galvanized to the max the administration ticket going forward to 2022. Both are presidential material and both came from well-known political families that have their respective bailiwicks and loyalists. In short, we can say a lot of positives about the combo and I’m sure a number of people here can add some more to highlight the advantages of the two.

    While it appears a formidable, the Marcos-Duterte team may also present difficulties, in terms of promotion, along the way. Coming from political families whose respective fathers have left an infamous and notorious tracks in the political arena, they are expected to confront pointed and incisive inquiries about the past.

Questions will definitely focus not only on their knowledge but also their participation in the events and circumstances that took place during their fathers’ tenures. And I’m sure everyone here knows that it will not be a stroll in the park.

    Their response will be crucial because it will reflect the frame of mind they have, that will really put them on the spot. I’m sure some of the questions will require them to defend, deny or rationalize the controversies and scandals that happened in their fathers’ respective tenure. How they respond and present themselves will reveal to people whether they are the real thing or just a mere carbon copies of their elders.

    We will also learn in the process, in unveiling their platforms, whether their ideas and programs of governance will be different from their dads. Or will it just be a recycle of their talking points and imitation of their style of politics? ?

    So, it is really too early to celebrate. There’s a lot of work to do. And then there’s the other parties to contend with which by now I’m sure are planning a counterpunch to the Sara turnaround move. ?

    1. This will be stroll in the fact bbm and sara can have a fvck in the bushes, get dry, and still be home in time for the coronation..

    2. Strategically I just felt that was the most prudent for Sara Duterte to do while still avoiding his dad’s party or show she is not under his “thumb” so to speak.

      There is still some noise. I think it is a show/act now with regards to Bong Go- Duterte to replace Bato-Bong Go. Bato was already expected to retreat. Did not expect they’d play the back and forth card again with PRRD being fielded (Again” as the VP for their party. I expect he will follow through with his statement that if his daughter runs in national elections, he will step back.

      Framing of the party for BBM-SDC I would say the strategy would be not a “vocal” one, but during Q&As or debates, they would welcome those who are opposing them to come and talk, instead of outright saying they are the correct choice and the others are the wrong choice. But that will not be a slogan, if I have that right.

      Robredo-Pangilinan really have to up their game if they want to show they are a unifying party/candidates as what they say and what they (actually) do, are in conflict and I think that is a major problem if their party and candidacy. Even if we do away the perception of their “exclusivity” in terms of supporters, but that unifying ability to work together with others in government/politics is what is needed to continue moving forward.

      At present though, it does not appear to be a strong suit of Robredo-Pangilinan.

      Assuming the BBM-SDC tandem bears fruit in the surveys, I would think the most prudent action would be Lacson and Pangilinan step back, give way to Robredo-Sotto to consolidate the base better. But Leni really needs to learn when to talk. I think this is a flaw she has when I see her in interviews. Its an unintended statement causing her to look like having Foot in Mouth during the interview. She needs training and accept that she doesn’t know how to present herself and her ideas coherently.

      If Leni-Sotto become a thing, I think Isko and Pacquiao will need to consolidate as well. I would think since Pacquiao is pigheaded in his stance (publicly in media) that he will run for president and he is financially dug in already, he will need to find a way to combine with Isko to make it a Pacquiao-Isko tandem because to be honest, Atienza and Willie are really just placeholders. They don’t stand a chance at all.

      That’s how I see it consolidating to be a more proper 3 way race.

      Bong Go will be fielded until the last minute because the party needs to just maintain a presidential/national candidiate in the books. If PRRD back outs, it would be silly (but I wouldn’t put it past him to put party over person) that Bato will be now fielded as VP candidate. Then before the actual election day, a week or 2 before, we might have a rug pull moment, especially if we see the national campaign spending/force being done for Bong Go-PRRD/Bato be weak. That means, the party is not really spending but has to spend something for show. They will then say to unify the people, they will throw support behind BBM-SDC.

      Again, we see how staged it will be but narratively speaking, it keeps party and persons pride in check to a degree while maximizing use of what the “system” allows.

      1. What can I say? You got it the first time, maybe you could do it again. ?

        Anyway, there are parts in what you wrote that I go along with and parts that I have other opinion of. Here’s my response:

        If the elections next year will be like the 2016 elections, odds are in favor of the BBM-Sara team. In a five cornered fight, the administration has the advantage because of plurality of votes. Four or three opposition parties is just too much to overcome the advantage of the incumbent.

        I believe it will not be 2016 all over again. Of course, knowing Pinoy politics, selfishness will always stand in the way. A three-way race is also possible. I’m pretty sure the parties are very much aware what happened back then and they don’t want to repeat it again. I hope. ?

        I share your view about the possibility of a Robredo-Sotto tandem. That’s the only step to counter the BBM-Sara team. It will be an interesting match-up. One, it will be a rematch for BBM-Leni in another level. Bongbong fanatics cannot get over the lost handed to them. They still raise it up even though its already irrelevant being a race for a spare tire. Two, the VPs are a match made in heaven (for Sotto, I think). Both are survey-hugging candidates. Lastly, for obvious reasons, I’m calling the contest as the fight between the defensive team of BBM-Sara against the offensive machine of the Leni-Tito team.

        The Bong Go – Bato matter is a non-issue. Both are mere political creations that was put there for emergency purposes. The two are just two-bit political stooges of Digong that serves as spoilers. After Sara’s decision to join the race, Go and Bato became poppycock talk. ?

  3. This is what happens when one is detached from reality..i bet bam is now in his room, doodling hearts and magic ponies and girly dresses on his wall..

  4. The silly cory constitution really is to blame for all this mad scramble for the loose ball.
    It should be amended to allow for a second presidential term..

  5. Hindi nakakatuwa yung dirty tactics at parang feris wheel na nag me merry go round ang mga candidates. Dapat tapos na ang filing of candidacy noong Oct 8 pa.
    Sa filling of candidacy pa kang obvious na obvious na ang pagiging unfair at tricky attitude ang nag merry go round sa filling of candidacy.
    Paano pag nanalo na kayo? E di paiikutin nyo na naman sa mga palad nyo ang mga tao alang alang sa self interest nyo kaya nagkukumahog kayong manatili sa pwesto?
    Anong klaseng pamamahala sa gobyerno ang pinaiiral nyo?
    Panloloko at panlalamang sa kapwa para sa sarili nyong kapakanan para kumikita kayo ng limpak limpak galing sa kaban ng bayan habang napakaraming tao ang naghihirap at namamatay dahil sa walang ka kwenta kwentang pamamahala sa gobyerno? Puro drama at pakulo magkamal lang ng limpak limpak na salapi?
    Magandang ehemplo ba iyang ginagawa nyo at ipinapakita sa tao at talo nyo ang mga kapwa nyo kandidato sa dirty tricks?
    Lumagay kayo sa patas na labanan para may dignidad naman kayong panghahawakan sa sarili nyo.

    1. We may not agree with how they are “abusing” the substitution rule of Comelec, but since Comelec has ruled it isn’t illegal (for now) then it isn’t really a dirty tactic.

      The other traditional politicians how the “abuse” of the substitution rule can ruin an opposing party’s strategy being built up after the initial submission (pre-deadline of substitution) so they are now working to plug that gap or at least limit the abuse.

      It won’t come in time for 2022 since that’s already past, but they “could” fix it in time for the next mid term elections… unless they are also just grandstanding now only for their own parties to use the same tactics in the next elections.

      Patas naman labanan. Mas marunung lang bumasa right now yung mga admin bets to maximize their strategy. Wala na tayong magawa dun. At most, rule bending ginagawa nila, not rule breaking.

  6. Desperation – when the opposition pins its chances of winning on the fvcking escalera brother tito sotto pairing with the hapless pink widow.


  7. Careful… much as I wanted Sara-BBM to win, we need to make sure that there wont be a fraudulent election like what happened in US and Israel, we hate the idea that powerful figures will try to steal the elections just to impose their puppets.

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