Nobel laureate Maria Ressa permitted flight to the US: proof that the Philippines is not a “war zone” that is ruled by a “tyrant”

Maria Ressa is in the news again or, rather, her “social news network” Rappler of which she is CEO made her the news again. This time, the “news” is that she has been granted permission by the Philippines’ Court of Appeals (CA) to travel to the United States to “deliver a series of lectures at the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston.” Such is the importance of this “news” that, for good measure, a videographer accompanied her as she made her way through the airport to assure her Twitter fans that she did, indeed, make that flight.

Ressa is the “news” according to Rapplerette Lian Buan who filed the above story. However, the real news here is that the Philippines is not, as Ressa claims, the horrible “war zone” that is ruled by an “evil tyrant”. In late 2019, however, this is what Maria Ressa said about the Philippines:

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The situation in Manila is far worse than any war zone that I’ve been in. In a war zone you know exactly where the threats are coming from. I plan my way in and we plan our way out and you’re there for a limited period of time. We’ve been living through three years of this kind of hell.

“This kind of hell,” Ressa said back then. One wonders if she will be able to repeat that appraisal of the situation in the Philippines when she speaks before her audience at the Harvard Kennedy School. What kind of “hell” of a country after all would allow due process to run its course even for a person its government has every reason to deny travel overseas? Buan herself writes of the consideration the CA applied to Ressa’s case in this instance; “the CA Eighth Division said the Harvard lectures were proven to be urgent and necessary.”

As to the Philippines being ruled by a “tyrant”? Buan “reports” how “[the] Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) tried to contest this travel grant, citing among others Ressa’s alleged flight risk, but the CA did not agree.” What tyrant would subject himself to the law as dispensed by an agency of the judiciary and defer to its ruling even if it runs counter to his attorney’s wishes? Last we heard, most tyrants simply shoot anyone who disagrees with them. Clearly there is none of that “tyranny” in the Philippines that Ressa talks about to anyone who cares to listen.

The fact is, Maria Ressa is a bag of lies. She gallivants all over the world making herself Nobel “Peace Prize” worthy at the expense of the Philippines, its people, and their government. One can only hope that this “Peace Prize” medal pinned to her sleeve makes her and her stories an even bigger target for long-overdue scrutiny.

5 Replies to “Nobel laureate Maria Ressa permitted flight to the US: proof that the Philippines is not a “war zone” that is ruled by a “tyrant””

  1. The show must go on…Maria Reesa, who is not even a Filipino citizen, is the heroine of the show…I wonder , who are the puppeteers, who are pulling the strings, in the background…

    Duterte is the , “pain in the ass”, for those who want to control the country…

  2. Oh boy, Maria Ressa..This is Philippines, not North Korea ffs. Just because you got arrested for you’re lying arse, doesn’t automatically turned Philippines into communist country.

  3. With the whole world watching, the ‘tyrant’ has no choice but to abide by the CA decision to grant travel permit to a Nobel Prize winner. They are not dealing with a lowlife here that they can dispense with in a dark alley. They know this is not a poor downtrodden vagabond that they can easily erase on the face of the earth just like that and not worry about anything. They cannot just tag her a drug peddler/user, the usual alibi to get rid of someone, for obvious reason.

    So, what do they do? They have to use the seldom utilized office, that supposed to be regularly dispensing justice, as a prop to show proof there’s no tyranny here. Wise.

    Ressa’s celebrity, in a way, made her untouchable. : )

    1. Now, now. That “poor downtrodden vagabond that they can easily erase on the face of the earth just like that and not worry about anything” is stepping on the line of conspiracy theory, it’s just unbelievable but I don’t blame you for thinking about that, vigilantes are everywhere and they can be such a headaches.

  4. Maria “American lesbian tyrant” rissa is the real tyrant, who also happens to be a firm american believer in lesbianism.

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