Yellowtards want Filipinos to believe that Leni Robredo was sent by God to lead them!

I really find it revolting how the opposition can use the name of the Lord God in vain for the sake of politics. In his PhilSTAR piece “Getting what we deserve?” today, columnist Boo Chanco suggests that “maybe God is using Duterte not only to punish us, but also to make us realize there is a better alternative if we only repent and change our ways.” He then calls to the heavens beseeching the Almighty to save the “good” but utterly desperate Yellowtard camp.

There are those of us who think that if we get a servant-leader who is God-fearing and with the competence to run our government to replace Duterte, our problems are solved.

If that’s all we need, let us make sure [Vice President Leni Robredo] is elected next May because she is all that… competent and a servant leader with the common good as her only motive to be in public office.

We can pray for God to intervene and let VP Leni lead now.

What happened to all the religiosity which was one of the hallmarks of the Cory Aquino administration? Did that put a stop to corruption? Did her appointees think twice about entering into deals with cronies of former President Ferdinand Marcos and other scams which defrauded taxpayers? Did the emphasis on religion have any effect on the oligarchs who replaced the Marcos cronies? Not by any minuscule measure.

The Opposition has really run out of ideas because they’re running plays from their old playbook. This is why Marcos is at center stage again in comparison with President Rodrigo Duterte. It’s guilt by association. You can’t help the feeling of deja vu when you see the success of Build, Build, Build and the biggest increase in spending for social services post-Marcos and, yet, the Opposition is still bent on demonizing the President.

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Chanco asserts that Leni Robredo is the leader we need. Not for anything but isn’t Robredo committing a sin by engaging in a relationship with a married man? They can try to bury this all they want but it’s an open secret as far as the public is concerned. This doesn’t make Robredo any different from our other politicos who are Lotharios in real life. At least, they aren’t hypocrites like she is.

In 2015, Rappler came out with a story that it thought would be enough to damage Duterte’s reputation — a piece about the accusations leveled by his wife when she filed for a declaration of nullity of marriage. It became a non-issue with Duterte coming clean with his relationship with Honeylet Avanceña and their daughter, Kitty. End of story. The public accepted that reality of Duterte’s personal life. In fact, they identified with it because some of them are in the same boat due to the absence of a divorce law. Robredo, on the other hand, is being packaged as a saint by people like Chanco when she doesn’t even come close to being one.

The Opposition uses religion whenever convenient. They have a special dispensation from the Catholic hierarchy in the country, specifically from Soc Villegas and Broderick Pabillo. This is actually very disrespectful of the Filipino whom the Opposition regard as stupid enough to fall for this kind of propaganda up to now. We fell for that when Cory was up against Marcos — a time when the Church was still very influential. The “good” versus “evil” narrative is worn thin to the point that it’s so sheer that Pinoys can see through it now. The truth is the Duterte administration has achieved more in five years than the thirty years the Yellowidiots were in power. It is not about form. It is about substance and impact on the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

God has a way of rendering justice to the oppressed and to those who use His name in vain. But you have to give it to the Opposition to be so evil to the point of being unconscionable. This is their true character. Diabolical.

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  1. Punishing the people with modernized infra, peace and order, and rehabilitated public spaces. What exactly is this Chanco dude sniffing?

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