Yellowtards CANCEL national artist F. Sionil Jose just because he disagrees with Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize award

Altermidya is a known communist front organization. Yet, the way Washington Post hack Regine Cabato highlights one of its jailed correspondents Frenchie May Cumpio in a tweet, you’d think they’re a bunch of heroic “revolutionaries” fighting for a noble cause.

So people like Cabato think government doesn’t have the right to protect itself against its enemies or those who undermine it? We have a new generation of woke “journalist-activists” who wear their ideology on their arms. To begin with, they should be objective in the practice of their profession and just report the facts. It is the public which makes the judgment. But in the new order of things as espoused by Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa, journalists practice “truth to power” to fight for liberalism against illiberalism.

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The country that sticks out like a sore finger at this practice is Singapore where media is state-controlled and protests against the government are not tolerated. What basis did the Nobel Committee have in awarding the prize to Ressa given Rappler is still operating and its reportage not being curtailed? Why was there no similar outcry against former President Noynoy Aquino when he demanded the heads of Noli De Castro and Ted Failon from Gabby Lopez for being critical of him and his administration? Recall that Aquino publicly rebuked the two during ABS-CBN’s anniversary celebration.

The leftist-militant-liberal wokes are hypocrites and traitors because they sell out their country and countrymen for the sake of their social status and compensation they receive from media organizations controlled by oligarchs and foreign news companies which maintain news bureaus in the country. Leftist-militants are supposedly patriotic but look at how they cancel the national artist for literature because he has a contrary opinion about Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize (excerpt follows).

The real test for journalists was made during the Marcos dictatorship when he imposed censorship, closed all media and jailed journalists. Now, let us look at Maria Ressa’s credentials. The most important is she worked with CNN. I haven’t read anything memorable by her. She had developed important connections as this award has shown and was able to get foreign support for Rappler. Duterte was not serious with Maria Ressa, else he could have nailed her like he did with Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and Senator Leila de Lima.

F. Sionil Jose has never sold out his country to foreigners. He makes his living off his books and his bookshop. The continuing existence of these social elitists is what fuels the rise of populists because it’s only through the likes of Duterte that the masa has found their voice and their champion. When elitists lose elections they describe the masa by the pejorative “bobotante”. And then they bitch and whine to no end. This is typical narcissistic behavior.

This is why I don’t see much of a future with the millennials and the youth who are constantly having one form or another, of existential crises. They are weak-willed weak-minded and are dispossessed of leadership qualities. It is easier for them to sellout than take a stand for their principles, if they had any, to begin with.

3 Replies to “Yellowtards CANCEL national artist F. Sionil Jose just because he disagrees with Maria Ressa’s Nobel Peace Prize award”

  1. Narcissists? Those are the worst kind of people to associate with. The worst kind of people to lead a country. The worst kind of people to have a relationship with. The worst people to have a discussion with.

    Narcissistic millennials? The worst combination. True enough, those who support, associate with or count themselves as Yellowtards are narcissistic millennials. Good for nothings.

    Fuck ’em.

    1. Beyond the fact that these cocks**kers are narcissists, these goddamned yellow son of a bitches are the elitists, corrupt oligarchs and the corrupt political establishment that has only had the interests on themselves and NOT on the people. At worse, the woke elitist cocks**kers also treat the people like a dumb idiotic motherf**kers.

      On top of that, millennials themselves are not just narcissistic for they’re also aligned with wokeness agenda that is ruining the country.

      Like, it’s better for the f**king SJW liberal woke bastards to go f**king woke and go f**king broke, and had the goddamned motherf**king corrupt establishment like the goddamned liberals “to be drained of their goddamned motherf**king swamp” like these liberal cocks**kers.

  2. Prostituted Media, is for politicians, who can pay them , to “sing praises for them , to high heavens “….it is one way of getting rich…become a journalist, and sell your morals to corrupt politicians…

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