Vote for Noynoy because he’s an Aquino, don’t vote for Bongbong because he is a Marcos

Aren’t Filipinos already tired of the primitive logic of the Yellowtards? That camp misled Filipinos into voting no less than two Aquinos to the presidency on the sole merit of their being respectively spouse to and son of former senator and “national hero” Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Now here they are again misleading Filipinos with the notion that Bongbong Marcos should not be an option for president just because he is his father’s son.

Basing one’s vote (or non-vote) on who one’s father was seems to be the preferred intellectually-bankrupt ideology of the Yellowtards. This is likely the reason why former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile and former President Fidel Ramos have gone scot-free despite being directly complicit in the execution of the alleged Martial Law “atrocities” that the Yellowtards keep whining about. It’s because the Yellowtards who lorded over the national narrative for 30 years conveniently turned a blind eye to the accountability of the Martial Law Defense Minister and his then Armed Forces chief.

The Yellowtards, instead, set their sights on the Marcos children — Imee and Bongbong specifically. That was both dishonest (considering Enrile’s and Ramos’s clearer accountabilities) and, more importantly, a waste of their time. Despite the constant potshots they took agains the Marcos children, they nonetheless went on to become successful politicians. The most recent culmination of the political success that the Marcos kids scored was Bongbong’s coming really close to the vice presidency in 2016. Indeed, many Filipinos remain convinced that the “winner” back then, “vice president” Leni Robedo, only scraped past Marcos’s numbers with the crooked help of then Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Andy Bautista and his Smartmatic henchmen.

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Today, Bongbong Marcos stands as the most winnable amongst this crop of presidential candidates counted among whom are an inarticulate former That’s Entertainment boylet, a possibly-concussed boxing champ, and a “United Opposition” leader wannabe. Thirty years of demonising the Marcoses was, indeed, a colossal waste of time and energy. Worse, all that energy spent by the Yellowtards on propagating their fake version of historical context for three decades could have instead been channeled towards a forward-looking agenda. This neglect to build a strategic vision is evident today. The Yellowtards have no platform other than to demonise Bongbong Marcos for the merely being “another Marcos”. That is about the biggest insult to the intelligence of the Filipino voter on exhibit.

It’s payback time. The Yellowtards will have to come to terms with the fact that the decades-long intellectual dishonesty they had perpetrated together with their cronies in Big Corporate Media comes at a cost. The intellectual bankruptcy of their politics, the one-dimensionality of their rhetoric, and the vacuousness of their value proposition to the Filipino people are on display today for all to laugh at. Their presumptive “leader”, Leni Robredo, is no more than a quaint punchline in the memes and tweets that proliferate calling out her Madumb-ness.

12 Replies to “Vote for Noynoy because he’s an Aquino, don’t vote for Bongbong because he is a Marcos”

  1. I am about to post yet another encyclopedic filler rant because my inherently chi-chi stomach just naturally hates Marcos guts….

    Or I can first do something about my own camp’s WINNABILITY first, because it is the popularity of a candidate rather than the length of a comment that ACTUALLY wins an election.

    1. You shouldn’t be using the words “my own camp” and “winnability” in the same sentence. Your camp has none.

      Also, nobody ever said that comment lengths win anything. But don’t hold back. Go ahead with the rant. for the sake of your chi-chi.

      1. Thanks for the reply! Oh btw you might want to chat up my buddy “Juan Luna” should he pop up in the Comments section of this post.

        Have a nice day, sorry just whooshing by!

  2. The bitter discourse is mostly fueled and directed by the mainstream media allied with the so-called opposition. As one analyst said on tv recently said, the narrative has to change looking forward.

  3. Even if Opposhitionists convince people not to vote a Marcos or a Duterte, it does not necessarily translate to a vote for Robredo. That’s how futile their smear campaign against Marcos is. They’re wasting too much time throwing mud instead of building up their own credential. And let us never forget how many times the tentacles of Robredo and the Opposhition has labeled us “trolls”, dehumanized us, belittled, insulted, tried to take down our social media accounts, violated our freedom of expression, even went as far as invading our private lives, sending death threats, bomb threats, posting bounty on the head of the President, wishing ill to the family of the President, abusing the minor members of the Marcoses and Dutertes, UPLB sending death threats to their own members and blaming it to the government, stealing photos of Marcos/Duterte supporters and making them memes, contacting employers to have you fired due to your political views, and you tell me if I missed anything else. Because honestly, those are the actual abuses I have experienced. I never lived through Martial Law to tell anything about that era. But I have lived through the era where the Opposhitionists were so desperate and evil that they committed a lot of abuses to the people they cannot convince.

    I would rather give my vote to an independent candidate than vote any Opposhitionist puppet.

  4. The true measure of success in one’s bid for the OVP is NOT if you actually won the VP seat; it’s if more people will vote for you once you finally make your presidential run 6 years later. Why? Because the only use of the VP position (spare tire) is as a STEPPING STONE to the presidency (the running tire). The VP position is never the end goal in itself. By some interesting twist, at the end of the day, Bongbong trumps Leni in terms of winnability this coming 2022, on the basis of every political survey out there. So who stood to gain more from the recent 6-year VP term and capitalize more on the accompanying electoral protest circus? It was eventually Bongbong who now gets more sympathy votes being viewed by the general public as the VICTIM of cheating by LP/Smartmatic and ill-conceived relentless ML-fear-mongering harassment by Yellowtards, and Leni being viewed as the fraudulently installed, underserving, unwanted, ever trying-hard, disgusting “queen” of gaffes. Leni will always be the ONLY “Vice President” in Philippine history that requires double quotes every time we refer to her position/office. That’s the only legacy she will be remembered for. The End of her political career will be likened to that of a super-lolo firecracker that turned out to be a dud.

  5. Noynoy Aquino and Bongbong Marcos in a way shares similar destiny. They belonged to prominent families; both have politician fathers whom they both grew up watching as they made their future in politics. Having the same role models, understandably, both eventually ended up seeking public office and getting elected in the process. One became president, the other aspiring to become one.

    Noynoy Aquino ran on a “Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap” campaign slogan during the presidential race in 2010. That line combined with the Aquino surname made it possible for him to capture the presidency. That and the fact that his mother and father were also well known personalities in the country’s political and social life definitely helped him get voted into office.

    Same with Bongbong. When he ran for public office, he also made use of slogans such as ‘Progresibong Bukas’, ‘Tayo ang Bukas’, to name a few. And with those catchy one-liners and with the well-known Marcos brand no further introduction is necessary. But unlike Noynoy, however, memories of his father, the former president, (and mother) tend to put Bongbong on the downside. And that is where their path go their separate ways.

    I pity Bongbong more because Noynoy do not have the same handicap. Of course, Noynoy gets the regular attacks, diatribes and criticisms that comes with the territory for bungling and other failures before, during and after his watch. Normal. On the other hand, Bongbong before he opens his mouth is already bashed, tounge-lashed, slammed, attacked etc. for merely existing! Sad but true. He has a cross to carry, so to speak, to be able to huddle the challenges ahead. Unlike Noynoy, who practically was aided by the cross, pun intended, he has to fight his way to prove that he has nothing to do with the excesses during his father’s watch nor that he is a Ferdinand clone.

    Now will one vote for Bongbong because he is a Marcos? I’m sure a lot of people will say yes regardless. Will they not vote for him for the same reason? I think the answer to that is also resounding yes. Clearly, the Marcos brand still carry a punch. It still have the charisma it once had. The question is, will the brand, like what happened to Noynoy, propel Bongbong to the presidency or will it sink him? Stay tuned.

    1. So how’s 1Sambayan doing now?

      I hope your word count can directly convert to vote count, because that’s what you guys are having a little difficulty with right now.

      Anyway, congrats because my good friend Don Quixote has read your comment and is well-convinced by your eloquence and HE will be the one to ride out against Marcos and save us all, in case 1Sam goes on a day off.

      Not sure about the other voters, but at least we have a KNIGHT on our side.

      Mabuhay sa ating lahat.

  6. Doesn’t the concept of liberty imply limits? You can’t separate the two when it’s one reality. The glass is both half-full and half-empty. Am I wrong?

  7. Both Marcos and Aquino families failed the Philippines from becoming a first world country. I don’t see any good reason why we have to choose between these two. We should get rid of these two names from national politics and find a new and fresh one who has modern and forward looking ideas, and who can unite Filipinos, not full of throwback indignations and revenge in the past! Only stupid ones will vote either of these two names or their allies. They are looking at these politicians as infallible that they don’t see anything wrong with these two or they defy real science that’s why they don’t rely on actual and accurate evidence but rather only their childish emotions or worse they are getting paid or dole-outs from these two names so that their rational thinking is completely blocked. The result is these scenarios don’t bring genuine value to their lives. They don’t make themselves proud of these decisions.

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