The Yellow Cult — turned #KakamPink scum — are the REAL threats to Democracy!

If you can’t beat ’em, mass-report or bully online, threaten with a lawsuit, cancel, or silence them.

The shift from yellow to pink, to be fair, could have been a very sound strategy. It’s just that, the Yellowtards forgot the most vital aspect of their supposed transformation – becoming a better alternative brand for Filipinos. The upcoming 2022 election has become but another channel through which the unravelling of the true color of those masking elitism and hypocrisy as champions of freedom of expression is exhibited to the Filipino people. That simple yet glaring flaw right there is where it all stinks, that even those who they classify as “type D and E” can smell a mile away. Such is the truth the cult of yellow-turned-fink-scam/scum are very much aware of; well at least some of them — which is why they take so much effort to reach out to the marginalized sectors with hopes of increasing their following and voter base.

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Then again, how can they increase their dwindling following if they keep insulting the majority from which they are supposed to gather new allies? I do believe that they also recognize that challenge, which is why they are in a panic and going all out to shut the majority including prominent bloggers and vloggers with narratives different from theirs, through all means possible. So much for that “freedom of expression” they profess to be fighting for within an “oppressive, dictator’s” regime. The habit of shutting people down also says a lot about their already reduced number of followers. If they really did have the numbers, they would have been able to just ignore everyone who harbor opinions counter to theirs. For decades they held a monopoly over the power to ram their narratives down everyone’s throats. If their stance were indeed foolproof during those happy times (for them), their ideas could have have stood the test of time and seen them through the lead up to 2022.

If theirs is the sole truth, why are they so insecure as to habitually shut down dissenting opinions and constructs? Are they afraid to be proven wrong and called out for being frauds? Such is the biggest mistake the yellow cult is committing right now, which is driving the Filipino public to the point where they no longer care to explain their stand, because once people reach the point of ‘ah basta’ it’s pretty much checkmate — game over.

Take the supporters of Bongbong Marcos online. Despite the black propaganda being hurled from left and right towards the man, the trending comment of his supporters on even the most hostile posts against him is (sic) ‘ah basta, BBM kami.’ The people that they insulted and cancelled for more than five years are now turning against them and are cancelling them on a massive scale. Thus unfolds the nightmare right before their eyes — of their growing irrelevance and shrinking credibility as a political force. But as Sun Tzu puts it, never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake — which is why people are now laughing their hearts out at this curious sight before us of the Incredible Shrinking Opposition.

11 Replies to “The Yellow Cult — turned #KakamPink scum — are the REAL threats to Democracy!”

  1. In Facebook, it’s easy to get your account deleted for not slightly agreeing with them. Just like any fandom, political fandom are the worst.

  2. In Facebook, it’s possible to have your account in risk of being disabled. This means China will crack down on global Facebook globally as it dominates the Earth, as mass censorship…

  3. Sabihin ba naman ng poon nilang si Leni Robredo na dapat harangin ang Duterte at Marcos. Obviously, she’s the cancel culture queen of the pinklawan kingdom.

  4. Try as hard as I can, I couldn’t understand how something diminishing in strength and experiencing declining influence be a “real threat” to democracy? Can somebody explain this?

    What I actually gather from reading the article is an attempt to literally cast fears on people about the Yellow Cult/KakamPink group on their suppose menacing manner towards the enemy. Well, unfortunately it didn’t convince me for reason of inaccuracy and overstatement.

    Demasiado. : (

    1. The Pink Cancel Culture is scary, especially for those who are in the business world. Those pink partisans have that tendency to boycott businesses and ruin personal reputations for supporting BBM (e.g Shopee). BBM supporters are trying hard to keep their silence just to avoid being boycott. In fact, majority of the major influencers are in the left pink side. Its f*cking real. Pinks won’t understand this because they themselves are trying to destroy the country just to prove they are right. Check-and-balance? They are even blaming a 3rd world president on this global recession. I would say, how desperate they are to find peace of mind after that humiliation they went through after the elections. In spite of all the support from academes and celebrities, it was their behaviour that lead them to their humiliation. Acceptance is the key, but since they put themselves in the higher pedestal, its hard for them to accept that fact they lost over trolls and justify that disinformation is the only culprit. Why don’t they try to self-check themselves rather than fact-checking others? Good governance is not equivalent to arrogance, even it means being under the banner of truth.

      1. Many supporters from both pink and BBM can be problematic. Remember when a BBM supporter in US stalked Leni? The problem is many of them seem to be more loyal to the politicians they support than their country itself.

  5. We have Freedom of Speech, but some people forgot , we have this freedom…so, they shut up those who disagree with them…

  6. The real threats to Democracy is the Democrazy of late Santa Cory Kurakot sa halos lahat ng Government owned controlled corporation yellowtard color that turn into kakampink, that is fooling and dumbdowning the Philippines for thirty five years of mass media manipulation!!

  7. I wouldn’t mind their charming belief in L*ni fixing anything – what I DO mind is their sneering contempt of “lower” class people who just happen to root for the other camp, along with their willingness to do boycotts and lawsuits just to teach them a lesson.

    (And to that think a week before, the very same people were all for “eDuCaTiNg tHe L0wEr cLaSs”! Bipolar much?)

    Reveals very much about their character. They aren’t interested about improving the lives of people, or even a platform – they just want the power to do Duterte-like things, but color it pink and give it a Girl Boss® branding. You can bet your ass they would be silent if a L*ni Administration was doing all those touted EJKs and dolomite-ing up Manila Bay shorelines.

    Behind the flimsy “progressive” façade is just good old-fashioned elitism, the notion of putting those damn uppity probinsyanos in their proper place as katulongs and yes-men.

    1. We shall see who will be canceled in the upcoming 2022 elections. They’ve pretty much canceled themselves by ditching their own y*llow brand.

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